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 cher's characters [v.4.0] [need acceptance]

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PostSubject: cher's characters [v.4.0] [need acceptance]   Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:16 pm


        * birth certificate

          Name: Emilia Reyna deVane
          Nicknames: Emily, Mia
          Age: 15
          Place of Birth: New York
          Godly Parent: Hebe
          Mortal Family: Richard deVane, Father;
          Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

        * camp life

          Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-Round
          Years at Camp: 2
          History: Emily was born to Hebe on Olympus on the 18th of December. She was brought down by from Olympus on Christmas. She brought Emily up to Richard deVane's duplex apartment, dropping the baby off inside the apartment beside the elevator door. Her father came up the stairs minutes after the goddess had left, and found Emily, cooing at the sight of her father. Her father told the people around them that he had adopted her from a relative that had passed away, and that he was her uncle. The girl grew up not knowing that her parents weren't dead and that she lives with her real father. However, she was still happy about her life. She was an incredibly obedient child and made lots of friends at school, becoming the sweetheart in her group of friends.

          A month after she turned thirteen, her father finally revealed to her that she was a demigod, and that she was actually Richard deVane's biological daughter. She resented her father for a while, but came to terms with it. The following summer, she decided to give Camp Half Blood a try, and she fit in perfectly. Deciding that it would be the best for her, she started to stay at camp year round, occasionally visiting her father during one of her seasonal shopping trips. She now spends her time at camp spending time with the more musical Apollo kids and sometimes with the Aphrodite kids.

        * the psyche

          Personality: Emily is a naive girl. She is incredibly persistent and often gives her trust away easily, so many people end up taking advantage of her. However, she often realizes that she's been manipulated soon after it's happened, but sometimes it's too late. Although sweet, she isn't incredibly innocent and has done some things on her vacations away from Camp Half Blood that most people wouldn't expect her to do. Most people don't get to know her enough to see this side, though.
          Fatal Flaw: Her trusting nature makes her incredibly susceptible to manipulation.
          Likes: Skating, music, shopping, cherries
          Dislikes: Not getting what she wants, Manolo, The Vampire Diaries

        * the appearance

          Physical Description: Emily has hazel brown hair and bright blue eyes. At the height of 5'6\5'7, she's at a quite average height. She weighs about 112 pounds and has naturally tanned skin from her time at Camp Half Blood. She has plump lips. Her face is round and youthful, due to Hebe's abilities. Sometimes her hair may frizz a lot in the morning, but she has a solution that she uses provided by one of her friends in the Aphrodite cabin.
          Dressing Style: It's a blend between street chic and preppy.

        * the defensive system

          Demigod Talents: When she turns 16, she'll stay looking like that until she dies. Her life will not extend to any extent, and she can die just as easily, but her youth will not fade.
          Weapons: A dagger that retracts into a piece of metal that fits on the rim of a gold ring. Emily often wears it on a necklace.
          Pets: None
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PostSubject: Re: cher's characters [v.4.0] [need acceptance]   Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:54 pm

Emilia Reyna deVane is Approved!
Happy Roleplaying!
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cher's characters [v.4.0] [need acceptance]
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