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 Two sides of the same coin [gryff]

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PostSubject: Two sides of the same coin [gryff]    Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:36 pm

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It had been a couple of months since the ZA had ended, and most of the campers had gotten over their PTSD or depression. Jace Howards was a survivor of the entire ordeal, and he wondered how everyone could just go about their daily lives like nothing had ever happened. You couldn't do that, it wasn't how it worked. At least not for him. Granted, there were times when Jace could slip away from that part of his life and focus on life, trying to be more happy and self conceded. But sometimes he just slipped into unresponsive mode where he did nothing but sit right where he was and think. Think about how many kids had died because he had failed to protect them. Think about how many times he had come an inch away from death because of his recklessness, and then some other selfless camper had to save his life.

Jace sat on the beach, feeling the ice cold water lap onto his feet. The chucks he had painted with Green Day's American Idiot logo on them sat beside him in the sand. He wore the usual jeans and his favorite leather jacket. Even though it wasn't sunny out, he had aviator sunglasses on, giving the water a darker tint to it. He had a cat on his t-shirt. No one had said hello to him at all today. But that was partially his fault. All Jace did today was wake up, get dressed, and come here. 

He was about to stand up and walk away from the beach when he felt another's presence beside his. Without looking at who it was, Jace slipped into sarcastic mode. "Well I'm glad somebody had the common sense to talk to the fabulous Jace Howards today. I was beginning to think that my fan base had died." It was better to forget what happened with the zombies in Jace's mind. But he knew that no matter what he said or thought or did, those memories would never ever go away.

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ooc- okay so i'm sorry for not replying to our first topic. But i made a new one cause i promised on the river styx i would and sly keeps her promises. 

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Two sides of the same coin [gryff]
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