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 kendall's Characters

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PostSubject: kendall's Characters   Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:19 pm

        * birth certificate

          Name: Michelle Donovan
          Nicknames: Mitch, Mick
          Age: 18
          Place of Birth: Dartford, England
          Godly Parent: Nyx
          Mortal Family: Miles Donovan (Half-Brother), Maria Poston (Mother), Alan Donovan (Step-Father). All other family members are deceased
          Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

        * camp life

          Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-round
          Years at Camp: 5
          History: Despite being born in England, Michelle had moved to Michigan when she was eight months old, with her pregnant mother and step-father. Michelle attended the local public elementary school until she was eight, when her baby brother was born. When Miles was born, Michelle went insane. She hated that her parents gave him so much more attention than they did to her, and she was too young to understand exactly why he needed so much attention. At her school, Michelle began to act defiant to the teachers and would bully her classmates as well, causing several visits to the principal and parent conferences.
          A couple months passed since Mile's birth, and Michelle's parents had chosen to enroll her in a private school for 5th grade. She hated it, she hated the uniforms and she especially hated her classmates. She would come home in a terrible mood, and would say that her classmates would make fun of her for her boyish haircut and her long "giraffe" legs. Michelle hated school, but continued to attend the private school until she started seventh grade. In seventh grade, Michelle had stopped going to school altogether. Her parents started noticing her strange behaviors, when she would cover her windows with black duct tape and stay in her room hours at a time, in complete darkness. She would occasionally climb out her window during the night and fall asleep on the roof, and her parents began to get worried about her, and eventually sent her to see a therapist.
          But one day at school, during lunchtime, Michelle made a new friend. There was one other girl who ate lunch in the bathroom as well, and her name was Sierra. Michelle had become good friends with her, and would tell her her weird habits and why she liked the darkness so much. One day, Sierra took off her abnormally large shoes and her orthotic braces, and Michelle almost passed out. She was part goat?? Michelle was ecstatic that she was best friends with a half-goat girl! Immediately after school that day, Sierra had told Michelle that she knows a camp where she would fit in perfectly, and that if she went with her on a long journey to there, she could stay there for the rest of her life if she wanted to.
          Michelle gladly agreed, and filled her backpack with clothes and toiletries and after school, she boarded a train to Camp Half Blood with Sierra. They had no complications on their way to CHB, and arrived there safely. However, Michelle was in a state of awe and shock when she arrived at Camp, as she had no idea she was related to a Greek God or Goddess, nevertheless that any of the Greek Mythology creatures existed! [/b]

        * the psyche

          Personality: Michelle isn't necessarily a very social person, much less somebody who shares a lot of information about herself. She's secretive and keeps a lot to herself, increasingly so as she gets older. Other people would say she's mysterious, but Michelle completely denies it, and prefers not to associate herself with the "goth" stereotype. Michelle only has a fairly small group of friends, and avoids other groups, but secretly wants to have a larger group of friends, but is afraid of making new friends because they might think she's a little odd. Michelle is a constant worrier, but rarely ever expresses it, and though she might seem like the person to be not afraid of anything at all, with a completely steel heart and no emotions, she's quite the opposite. Michelle is openly terrified of swimming and open bodies of water, and also usually breaks down if something goes wrong or if she feels like she messed up in some way. She can't stand it if somebody calls her a prude. Michelle is an avid alcohol drinker, and makes frequent trips to mainland New York to go partying or to buy some more liquor. Michelle also smokes cigarettes, but refrains from doing so. However reckless her bad behaviors may be, Michelle loves younger children, and is usually relatively quiet if she's in a group of people, regardless if they're her good friends or not. She only relaxes if she's around one or two of her close friends. Michelle's polite, sweet, and has a devilish sense of humor. If she's snappy or rude to anybody, then she's either just having a bad day, or she must not like that person. Michelle, being a descendant of Nyx, also enjoys darkness quite a bit, and believes she can think clearer in the darkness, and she just overall enjoys being out when it's dark.
          Fatal Flaw: Michelle suffers from addiction, and is uncoordinated and untrained when it comes to weapons. She also handle's pressure and intense situations poorly.
          Likes: Sour food, Grunge music, driving, sleeping, the darkness, birds, trees, sand, warm weather...
          Dislikes: Spicy food, large crowds, jeans, running, crabs & other sea animals, large bodies of water, swimming, cats...

        * the appearance

          Physical Description: Michelle is a lanky, skinny, and relatively tall teenager, considering her mom was rather stocky and short. She's 5 feet 8 inches tall, and naturally has thin dirty brown hair that reaches just above her waist. However, she dyed her hair a dark brown and keeps it styled the same way every day, down and parted on the side. She's pale, and has freckles scattered all over her arms and legs, and she has hazel eyes, green on the outside of the iris and brown on the inner iris. Michelle's style isn't necessarily different, but other people would say so. She usually wears black combat boots or a pair of dirty black converse. Her wardrobe practically consists of leggings, patterned or solid colored, tee-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Michelle wears heavy eye makeup, and has 4 piercings, double lobe piercings on each ear, and a cartilage and a snug on the right ear. She prefers to wear comfy clothing, and rarely ever wears jeans because she can't stand the feel of the material. Michelle also wears quite a few bracelets and necklaces, and has one leather jacket that she wears most of the time. Michelle has a little upturned nose and full lips on the thinner side, her eyebrows are thin but not overly plucked as well.
          Dressing Style: N/A

        * the defensive system

          Demigod Talents: Michelle has increased night vision, and becomes somewhat stronger and more alert and in a better mood when in the darkness. She also has the ability to become translucent and less easier to spot in the darkness, and only when it's a new moon, she can summon her daggers if she doesn't have them with her. Weapons: Michelle only owns two small hand daggers in which are cleverly disguised as a ring on each hand.
          Pets: N/A

        * the puppet master
        (for new members only)

          Name/Alias: N/A
          Interests: N/A
          How you found this site: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: kendall's Characters   Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:06 pm

Happy Roleplaying!
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kendall's Characters
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