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 if you wanna

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PostSubject: if you wanna   Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:31 am

we'll give it a couple months or so
and then you'll be


here is my character topic. i'll probably make this too deep.
hopefully. if only. feel free to look through. see you around Guest.

that's what all the friends i don't like
as much you

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:52 am


FULL NAME - Iris Eileen West


AGE -17

GENDER - Female

PLACE OF BIRTH - Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

DATE OF BIRTH -June 12th, 1997


MORTAL FAMILY -Joni West [mother]

GOD PARENT - Hermes, god of travelers

YEARS AT CAMP - She visits camp on and off, but all together she's been there about two years.


HISTORY -Iris was born on a rainy Tuesday evening. Her mother was a lonely, broke, musician, playing on the streets for money. Joni was ashamed for having a one night stand and ending up pregnant. She was worried about her daughter, because she didn't feel like the right person to be a mom. However, she couldn't bring herself to give this baby up. When she was handed her daughter for the first time, she noticed how her irises were her favourite colour, chocolate brown. So, Joni called her Iris.
Joni never got used to being a mother. Iris could tell that her mom wasn't a normal mom when she was growing up. Her mom never had any rules besides, "Don't get arrested" or "Don't be stupid".
Iris had a very free childhood in other words. She liked adventure and traveling. She would wander the streets of Austin hopelessly everyday. She'd arrive home around dusk, and her mother and her would eat cake for dinner and discuss politics and music. Iris was always happy, being in her own world.
Some of Iris's earliest memories are being taken to a playground by her mother. Iris would meet new friends and have a marvelous time playing pretend. However, even the friendship was pretend. Often times, she would ask if her new friend and her could play again. The new friend's parent(s) would take one look at Joni, a say no.
Joni had been a hippie for years, and still stuck to her roots. Parents looked at her oddly, wearing long skirts and headbands. Iris never thought oddly of her mother, considering she was raised with oddness. She was of course willing to accept it without thought. However, other parents considered Joni irresponsible, for often she would be writing song lyrics, a letting Iris play by herself. However, this freedom allowed Iris to learn responsibility at a young age. She became very mature.
She was essentially "home-schooled" by her mother until age ten, when Joni finally got a full time job as a waitress. Iris was nervous, as she was driven to a big private school by her mother the first morning. She asked why she had to go to school, and why her mother could just go back to her old part time jobs, the ones where she had time to see her. Joni explained that the school and the job was going to be better in the long run, and it would probably take a few years for Iris to realize it.
Iris never did though, at least the school part. She got used to her mother not being around as much fairly quickly because of her upbringing. She understood that she was just trying to make their lives better. However, school drove Iris mad. She never made any friends, because most of the girls were frilly and rich, and they disliked her for being poor. She didn't let it get to her though, she just ignored them, and tried to focus on classwork. However, she couldn't do that either. She had ADHD, making it almost impossible for her to sit still and focus. She eventually started begging her mom to let her be home-schooled again. Her mother said she would if she could, but she sadly could not.
School caused anxiety for Iris. She was always filled with dread each night, knowing in her mind that she would have to get up early and pay attention to subjects she didn't and get teased about how she didn't have the latest fashion trend or technological device. Her classmates didn't even realize she was poor until they were eleven. A few girls heard the headmistress discussing Iris's payment method. The rumors spread, and Iris's already bleak social life turned worse. Her classmates tormented her even more now. They backed up their "you don't have this" teasing with statements of her being homeless, her mother being a drunk, or her being an orphan. None of what they said was even a tinny true. She finally told her mother of the lies and bullying, and Joni called the school, infuriated. The bullies were reprimanded verbally, which only made things worse. They called her the childish name of "tattle-tale". When girls started to push and shove Iris at recess, they would taunt her, asking if she wanted her mommy.
By now, Iris had fallen into a deep depression. She stopped her hopeless wandering. She was getting dreadful grades, shutting her mother out, and thinking she must have done something to cause this. However, she never could figure it out. She spent months wondering "Why? What did I do wrong?"
Joni was completely overwhelmed by all this. She knew she couldn't take Iris to a doctor; they lacked insurance and money. She was working overtime once again so she could try to afford one session with any kind of mental health doctor.
This stressed and depressed period lasted a little over a year for the Wests. Iris was sulking in her room one bleak Saturday morning, when the why question came back into her mind. However, her thoughts were different this time. She wondered why she was letting this continue. She was suddenly confused as to why she was letting these bullies get to her in such a way. So, she stopped sulking.
Iris hopped out of bed, and came up with a plan. When her mother returned that night she asked if she could transfer to a different school. Her mother was relieved and overjoyed, and said of course.
Iris spent the next year running around Austin with her new friends. Things were looking up for her. She tried to be positive through stressful times, and her depression was fading. She looked at life with a new found respect.
Still seeking adventure, Iris hopped aboard a train for Manhattan when she was thirteen. She wanted to see the world. So, she did.
Iris discovered she was a demigod relatively quickly during her travels. A caduceus appeared above her head one night, and it started to move. Going on pure adrenaline, she followed it, all the way to Long Island. She spent a few weeks at Camp Half Blood, then grew bored of it. She went away again, traveling across the country, and eventually the world. She went to Europe, Australia, South America, and tons of other places. She would stop by Camp and Austin occasionally, but she never has stayed in the same place for longer than two years.

PERSONALITY - Iris is impressionable and receptive, and she often feels the misfortunes of others very keenly. However, she's very awkward, and can't really express her deeper thoughts and feelings with finesse and diplomacy. She has a candid, sometimes blunt, manner of speaking that creates misunderstandings with others. Being somewhat self-centered, she learns through her own experiences. Iris rarely takes advice from others. Yet, she's sensitive and very easily hurt and offended. Sometimes Iris longs for praise and appreciation, having not ever received it from anyone but her mother, but others find it difficult to understand her and her motives. Iris dislikes monotony and system. She also enjoys being creative in an inventive way whether it be in music, art, or other endeavors that require versatility and skill. She's imaginative and visionary, somewhat of a perfectionist, yet the results of her efforts often fall short of her high expectations. She's not the type enjoy leadership, but she'd rather direct than be directed. Iris dislikes commitment, which is part of her reasons for her constant travel. She's very independent, and is not very good at making new friends. She likes to present herself a mysterious and interesting, when she's just a girl with a ticket to the world.

APPEARANCE - Iris is a very pretty young woman. She has tan skin, with not many spots or freckles. She once had lots of freckles on her cheeks near her nose, but they faded away over time. Her head is oval shaped. Her eyes are a lovely chocolate brown. After a year of braces, her teeth are slightly perfect, though they have slightly gone crooked over time. She weighs in at about 135 pounds, and she's a whopping 5'6. Iris used to not care much about how she looked, but after her experience with getting bullied, she's been a little more self conscience. She likes wearing exciting, loud, and attention seeking clothes. However, she's very stylish. Her style is like her personality. Loud.

TALENTS -Stealing, Manipulating

FATAL FLAW-Her lack of commitment. Iris is very lazy sometimes, and also does not like to pick sides. She's a wanderer, and is unlikely to team up with people, which leads to very few fighting skills.

PETS - None

THEME-Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons

QUOTE- "I don't know where I'm going but I hope it's great."

OTHER - Iris's colour is #00CC99.

PLAY-BY - Jenna Coleman

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:03 am


FULL NAME -Agatha Jane Morrow


AGE -16

GENDER -Female

PLACE OF BIRTH -New York, New York, U.S.A.

DATE OF BIRTH -January 1st, 1997


MORTAL FAMILY -Aggie's mother, Imogene Morrow came from a wealthy family in Florida. She never ever liked being polite, proper,or being ladylike. Her family always looked at her as the "runt of the liter". When she was seventeen, she went out and got tattoos and piercings, and started acting like a rebel to piss her family off. She left home straight after high school. She moved to an old, grimy apartment in Manhattan. She lived there for a year, but her rebellious and fighting attitude stuck with her. She still wanted to do something in the world as well. So, at age nineteen, Imogene enlisted in the military. She was mainly in the reserves though. However, she met Ares there. She was drawn to him, as any mortal would be drawn to a god. Ares liked her spunk and one night, they hooked up. Only, Imogene ended up pregnant. By this time, Ares had vanished. She had no idea what to do. She asked where he was, and no one seemed to have any recollection of him being there. Confused, scared, and nervous, Imogene worked quickly to get a discharge. She did, and went back home to Manhattan. A few months later, she had a baby girl. The girl didn't have a name for the first six  months of her life. Then, Imogene found out that her mother and grandmother had died in a hit and run accident. Grieving, Imogene decided to name her girl after her grandmother, Agatha, and her mother, Jane. Imogene never remarried. She worked many jobs to help keep her and Agatha going. As her daughter became more like she had, she said nothing, because she knew that her daughter was smarter than she had been.


YEARS AT CAMP - Aggie spent a summer at camp half blood when she was fourteen. She went back to Manhattan in September, but she grew bored of mortal life. She knew that there was so much more to the world, but she couldn't share it with any of her friends. She returned to camp on her fifteenth birthday and has been there ever since.


HISTORY -Agatha was born and raised in the city that never sleeps. She grew up very underprivileged. Her mother was constantly working, and was rarely home. At age three, she was tossed into a makeshift daycare, run out of Imogene's friend's apartment. There Agatha made friends that she kept her whole life, including her best friend Courtney, whom she did everything with. Agatha spent most of her childhood outdoors or at Courtney's house. She never liked or did well in school. She didn't have much ambition. She was extremely lazy, and she ended up quitting school when she was sixteen. She got a job working in a bar near her house. One night, she was home from work early, and she sat on the fire escape, watching the city lights begin to flicker on. Suddenly, she noticed a white van below. It said something about strawberries on it. Normally, she wouldn't question it, but the nearest food store was at least two blocks away. She peered down at the van. Soon, three teenagers popped out of it. One girl was on crutches, the other two carried...swords? Agatha tried dismissing the foolish thought. Then, she heard them mention her name. She called down, asking what they wanted. The three looked startled, but they told her how they were like her, and that there was a place for them. Agatha didn't quite understand, but  she saw this as an oppurtunity to escape her dead-end life. She went with the trio to a place called Camp Half-Blood, where she was instantly claimed as a daughter of Ares. Later in the month, Agatha returned to Manhattan, and explained how Ares was her father to her mother. Imogene was scared at first, but she slowly adjusted. Agatha lives at camp, but she often goes to visit her mother.

PERSONALITY - Aggie comes across as tough, cruel, and unforgiving. She presents herself as a harsh daughter of war. However, she's not like that all the time. In fact, she's against war a lot of the time. She's also not as confident as she appears. She's very insecure about herself, because she believes that she is not a good as other demigods, due to her lack of interest in anything that's not physical. She's quiet around friends a lot, but she can always be loud and fun when she's not sad. She has depression, so she's often sitting in the corner, trying not to break down. She is very upset about her past. She regrets a lot of her decisions, and wishes she could get a redo at life. She often feels useless and unnecessary. She's the opposite of perfect.

APPEARANCE - Aggie's natural hair colour is a lovely light auburn. She started dying her hair at twelve. At first, it was loud colours like blue, bright red, and purple. She eventually toned it down, and dyed it dark brown with a few ice blonde highlights., which is its current colour. She has very fair skin, which easily burns. She has two nose rings, and has gages in her ears as well as several cartilage piercings and rings. She likes painting her nails dark colours, and she wears dark eyeliner. She's not exactly goth, or emo. She despises those terms. She considers herself punkish.

TALENTS -Aggie never felt very talented growing up. Her friends were all artists, but she was always athletic. She loves running, climbing, and hiking. She is very good with weaponry. Her best area is swords.

FATAL FLAW-Lack of Ambition-Agatha does not know what she would like to do with her life, and she'd much rather sit and be a lazy hermit than fight in a battle.

PETS - Aggie never truly felt bonded with any animal, though she had a cat growing up.

THEME-Figure It Out by VersaEmerge

QUOTE-"Did you say something? I was too busy not giving a crap..."

OTHER - Aggie's colour is powderblue.

PLAY-BY - Sierra Kusterbeck

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:06 am


FULL NAME - Kimberly Michelle Breeze


AGE -17

GENDER - Female

PLACE OF BIRTH -San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

DATE OF BIRTH -December 21st, 1997






HISTORY -Kim was born in San Francisco on the coldest day of the year. Her father and Khione had been in somewhat of a relationship for the year leading up to her birth. Jake had hoped that after Khione gave birth to their child, he would propose to her. However, Khione disappeared a month after Kim was born. Jake called the police and they searched for her. Of course, nothing turned up. The police even said that there wasn't even a record of a woman named Khione Smith. Jake was perplexed. He decided to put it behind him and raise his daughter.
Kim had a very easy childhood. Her father wasn't rich, but he wasn't poor, so money was never an issue. Her friendly personality earned her many friends at school. She had ADHD for years without her father realizing it. She didn't get the best grades, except in math. For some reason, Kim seriously excelled in math. She said it was simple. "There's no words in math, just numbers," was her reasoning.
Kim was bullied for several years in middle school. People categorized her as the stereotypical blonde popular girl. She did seem that way because of what kind of friends she had. However, Kim would have just as easily been a nerd.
When Kim was eleven, she was out shopping with her father one day. Being in San Francisco, a couple monsters where near by. However, they had never smelled Kim because of her mother being a minor goddess. On the shopping trip though, one did smell her. A cyclops of all monsters cornered her and her father into an ally. Jake couldn't see the monster because of the Mist. He just thought they were getting mugged. Kim didn't know how to defend herself back then. The cyclops lunged at her, but Jake jumped in front to protect Kim. He was killed. Kim scared, and the cyclops confused, she managed to run. She ran for the nearest store and hid in there. Soon, a satyr from camp came wondering by, looking to see if any half-bloods were near, because of the cyclops. He found Kim, and immediately brought her back to camp. She has remained there ever since.

PERSONALITY - Kim appears innocent and simple. Her looks can be deceiving though. There's really two versions of Kim though. There's Kim before she was depressed, and Kim after she was depressed. Before depression hit, Kim was very upbeat and cheery. She was like the stereotypical popular girl. She seemed to be always happy and willing to help people out. People used to misjudge her as nosy and interfering because of that. Family and friends and just relationships in general meant everything to Kim. She loved going to parties and having fun. At the same time, she was hospitable and caring and liked to make sure if she was hanging out with people, everyone was having fun. One of Kim's weaknesses was the fact that she was deeply affected through her feelings for others and suffered through worry and disturbed thoughts over matters that she couldn't do anything about. This led Kim to believe that she wasn't a good person. The self continued, and eventually spiraled into full-blown clinical depression. Kim absolutely hated herself. She hated the way she looked,  the way she talked, the things she'd said, and the way she had acted. She was tired of being the stereotypical blonde, though she thought she could never change. Kim became very reclusive. She didn't go to parties anymore and rarely saw her friends. During this time she broke up with her boyfriend as well, because she felt she wasn't good enough for him. Kim wasn't just angry with herself, she was angry with the world. She began hating everything and everyone. This depression has lasted for a year. Kim now spends most of her time alone, reading old books or thinking about death. She continually believes that there's no point in life. She has lost the will to live.

APPEARANCE - Kim looks very young for her age. She has curly blonde hair with brown undertones. Her skin is quite pale, due to the fact that Kim rarely goes out in the sun. Her eyes are a piercing ice blue. She's mastered the art of the death stare. Kim's style has change over the years from very preppy and girly to very casual and simple. She doesn't care what she wears or how she looks anymore. She typically wears t-shirt with sweaters and jeans. She occasionally will wear her camp shirt, though she detests orange.

TALENTS -Kim has the ability, thanks to her mother, to freeze anything. Whether it's plants, animals, objects, or even people, she can coat it in solid ice. She doesn't have many talents other than that though. She is excellent at math, but that's about it.

FATAL FLAW-Kim used to believe that she could make the world better if everything was up to her. That made her fatal flaw hubris. However, now her flaw is apathy. She just doesn't care about anything anymore.

PETS - None

THEME-Let It Go by Idina Menzel

QUOTE- "What is the point of living if you don't have something to live for?"

OTHER - Kim's colour is cyan.

PLAY-BY -Evan Rachel Wood

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:26 pm



FULL NAME - Erica Lydia Anderson


AGE -18

GENDER - Female

PLACE OF BIRTH - Albany, New York, U.S.A.

DATE OF BIRTH - November 23rd, 1995

ORIENTATION- Heterosexual

MORTAL FAMILY - Jeff Anderson

GOD PARENT - Panacea, goddess of healing.

YEARS AT CAMP - Erica has been at camp for about two years. She was only a summer goer while she was still at school, but now that she's graduated, she a year-rounder.


HISTORY - Jeff Anderson did not want kids. He just wanted to live his life and not have to deal with "the burden of children" as he said. When he met Panacea, he fell in love instantly. Jeff was a doctor, so the two of the got along wonderfully. Erica was an accident. Jeff and Panacea had been dating for a year when Panacea found she was pregnant. Jeff and her discussed an abortion, or giving the child up for adoption. Finally, Jeff decided that he'd have a child because he loved Panacea, he wanted them to be a family, even if it meant having a child.
Panacea stuck around longer than most gods and goddesses did. She went and did her duties but still maintained her relationship with Jeff and being a mother to Erica. When Erica was five, however, her mother finally left. She wrote a letter to Jeff, explaining why she had to go. She also said that later in life, Erica should go to Camp Half Blood. It took Jeff a while to come to terms with the fact that the love of his life was an ancient Greek goddess. He told Erica the truth when she was around eight. Erica had never been more ecstatic.
Erica was very nerdy. She was a bookworm, reading constantly. She knew random facts so well. She loved history as well. She used to get made fun of at school, but she always had a solid group of friends.
When Erica was older, her father asked her if she wanted to go to the camp. She kept saying no. She was pretty content with her current life. At age sixteen however, she went over the summer. She enjoyed camp so much that she went again the next year.
After Erica graduated, she began attending university. There she met her boyfriend, Toby. It turned out that he was a demigod as well. The two of them suddenly became prone to monster attacks, and both decided to move to a small house outside of the camp together. Erica still considers herself a camper, since she spends most of her time there.

PERSONALITY - Erica is very idealistic and generous. She enjoys helping others and is very modest and humble about herself. She can be very selfless, drawing attention away from her most of the time. She's very eccentric and humorous. She likes to see people smile. That's one of her best qualities. Erica tries to be as polite as possible. People define her as fake sometimes, although she strives not to be. Erica has her faults though. She can be nosy and oversensitive to things. She sometimes cannot take a joke. She is prone to have anxiety and panic attacks. She's dealt with that all her life. She overreacts a lot as well. Erica does try her best to be positive, but here are days, of course, where she just doesn't want to get out of bed.

APPEARANCE - Erica has bright red hair. She is proud of being a red head. She used to get teased about being gingery, but she doesn't care anymore. She also has blue-grey eyes. Her skin is pale, and tends to break out a lot. Erica doesn't like her nose that much because she thinks it's too large. Erica's style is very casual. She typically is in jeans and a sweatshirt, nothing really fancy.

TALENTS - Erica is very good with her double-headed battle axe. She also loves reading and is a very good singer.

FATAL FLAW- Erica's overreacting tendencies have led her to be a bit of a drama queen. Adding in her panic attacks, she isn't very good at handling critical situtation. She doesn't do well in battle because of this.

PETS - None

THEME- Monster by Imagine Dragons

QUOTE- "I'm a daughter of healing but look how much I've done! Huh? Huh?"

OTHER - Erica's colour is orange.

PLAY-BY - Karen Gillan

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Sat Nov 30, 2013 3:36 pm


FULL NAME - Josephine Lillian Marcus


AGE -14

GENDER - Female

PLACE OF BIRTH - New York, New York, U.S.A.

DATE OF BIRTH -February 13th, 2000



GOD PARENT - Dionysus

YEARS AT CAMP - Lindsay has been at camp as a summer goer for five years. She is only just starting to stay there year round.


HISTORY - Jo was born in Manhattan. Her mother wasn't wealthy though. She'd just inherited their apartment.
Jo was always awkward and nerdy in school. She had a few friends, but the enemies she had outnumbered that. She was bullied all during elementary school. In middle school, she grew more of a backbone and stood up to her tormentors. When people realized how aggressive Jo could be, they backed off.
Jo spent the rest of her time fangirling. She was a part of many fandoms. She also had a deep passion for video games.
Jo also spent a lot of time writing. She would locked herself in her room with a bag of chips and a Coke and would just start writing on her laptop. She wrote stories, novels, fanfics, and more. She read constantly two. Because of this behavior, her mother would yell at her half-jokingly, remarking about how anti-social and lazy Jo was. Jo would laugh, but secretly the jokes hurt her.
When Jo was around eight, before the bullying and days spent writing occurred, her mother told her that her father was a god. Ellen had known about Dionysus. They'd dated for a month before Jo was conceived and he'd drunkenly told Ellen the truth. Ellen explained to Jo that her father ran a camp for people like her. Jo began going to Camp Half-Blood every summer for the next five years. She bonded with her siblings and her father very well.
When Ellen turned thirteen, she realized that she liked her life at camp far more than her life at home. She asked her mother if she could attend year round and she begun living at camp in September of 2013.

PERSONALITY - Jo is a very expressive person. She's very sociable and friendly as well. She can be dramatic, and she loves acting as a result of that. Jo is a writer though. She loves words and literature. While she's interesting and out there most of the time, when she's writing, she's very reclusive. Jo's friends describe her as loud with a tendency to swear and make dirty jokes. She can be a little overbearing sometimes. She can take things the wrong way as well. She lives for music, though she doesn't like her singing voice. Jo has a lack of self confidence. She's been bullied throughout her life because of her over the top personality, so she thinks she's good for nothing. Jo craves affection and understanding because of this. She isn't attention seeking though. She just wants someone to care about her. She is always worried about looking stupid, so she might not always express herself the way she would like. She sometimes can be aloof and in her own world though. Jo defends herself by wearing an armor of anger. Because of this, she can be perceived as tough.

APPEARANCE - Jo has straight red hair and bangs. It's cut very choppily. Her hair has never been perfect, but that's fine with her. She has grey-green eyes, which she's never liked. Jo always thought her eyes weren't very noticeable. Jo typically wears jeans and fandom t-shirts. Jo has always been slightly over-weight, one of the things she was bullied about. She likes her curves though and wouldn't want to be super skinny anyway.

TALENTS - Jo is a very talented swordsman, but she prefers hand to hand combat, even though she know that doesn't really help when fighting monsters.

FATAL FLAW- Jo's lack of self confidence has lead to her being reluctant to go on quests or leave camp. She isn't very experienced in other words.

PETS - None

THEME-I Burn by Jeff Williams

QUOTE- "Errrr where are the Poptarts!?"

OTHER - Jo's colour is red.

PLAY-BY - Lindsay Tuggey

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:06 am

extra slot

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:07 am



  • Jenna-Louise Coleman (Shared with Wicked and Angel)
  • Sierra Kusterbeck
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Karen Gillan (Shared with Vina)
  • Lindsay Tuggey
  • Alex Kingston


  • Emma Blackery (Shared with Colleen)
  • Alexandra Daddrio
  • Barbara Dunkelman
  • Tom Felton
  • Gavin Free
  • Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir
  • Michael Jones
  • Robbie Kay
  • Matthew Lewis
  • Ezra Miller
  • Carey Mulligan
  • Ella O'Connor
  • Jack Quaid
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Willow Shields
  • Mae Whitman
  • Arryn Zech

I am open to sharing claims. PM me if you would like to share one.

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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   Fri Jan 03, 2014 6:40 pm

Jo is accepted! Happy Roleplaying!

steal your freedom
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PostSubject: Re: if you wanna   

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if you wanna
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