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 [PRIVATE] fire away

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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: [PRIVATE] fire away   Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:32 pm

Neo was slacking off.
It wasn't like him to do so, especially when training and especially when he was angry but currently, his anger was more distracting than anything else.

He half-heartedly threw a knife at a nearby dummy and missed by several feet, only succeeding in increasing the number of throwing knifes imbedded in the ground around the aforementioned dummy. He tilted his head at the pathetic collection of knives and then walked over to one of the many benches lining the perimeter of the arena to take a break.

As he took a swig from his water bottle, he felt a flash of irritation as his thoughts deviated to the cause of the anger that was derailing his progress in today's training sesson. Raziel Swift. Even when he repeated the name mentally, he got a bad taste in his mouth. She was just another socially needy girl who loved attention so Neo didn't understand what bugged him so much when it came to her.
Probably the fact that she could hit the bullseye of an archery target from a mile away, or the fact that she could shoot off fire balls, or probably because of the fact that she beat him in a spar.

Neo hated losing.

To be fair, she hadn't exactly been a gracious sparring partner after she won - although he might have said some things he wasn't proud of too. He had been in shock over losing a spar (to a girl no less) and not exactly open to being teased, no matter how light-hearted. She might have been a tiny bit justified in being unpleasant back afterwards.

Either way, he didn't like her. Not one bit.
Finishing off his water bottle, he stood up and plucked a spear from a nearby rack before hurling it through the heart of the same dummy that he had missed so many times earlier.
Now, that was a little better.
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Sardonic Twin

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PostSubject: Re: [PRIVATE] fire away   Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:26 am

Raziel Swift was a cheery little devil today, and it showed. With a huge grin on her face and an arrogant spring in her step, she shot her nth arrow and watched it hit a dummy's forehead. It joined the other arrows sticking out from various joints and body parts, all of which was her doing. No one could beat Raz in showcasing her archery skills. All her years of training had paid off. Now she was pretty much just whiling away her time in the arena intimidating others with her skill in long-range weapons. (You won't find her anywhere near swords though - Raz thinks she's too cool for that. Pfft. Of course that's the reason.)

Positively glowing with pride and glee, Raziel went to retrieve her arrows when the first clang of metal hitting the ground grabbed her attention. She turned, and her grin grew even wider. Well well, what do you know? It was Neo Foster!

See, once upon a time, she ended up sparring with this Ares guy named Neo Foster. He had a pretty face, but his head was up in space and he needed to come back down to earth. (Pfft, she totally did not relate him to that certain song, nope.) Basically one thing led to another and then she won that little spar (as she had expected). Raz snorted just thinking about it. The look on his face when she kicked his ass... priceless! No wonder she couldn't resist pushing his buttons even more with her gloats and taunts. He was beaten by a girl! He wouldn't be able to show his face in Cabin 5 in pure shame!

All thoughts of showing off practice forgotten, Raz just stood there and watched from a short distance away. However, it soon turned out that it wasn't worth much. Every knife just kept landing in the dirt. The last one even missed spectacularly by several feet.

Good gods, she thought, he's even more terrible than I thought.

Raziel pretended not to notice the irritated look on his face as he downed his water, and that he had obviously been distracted as he made those throws. Her knuckle went to her mouth, muffling the laughter that instantly followed. It wasn't loud, more like giggles actually, or just quick puffs of sharply exhaled air.

But then a spear suddenly sliced the air and for a moment Raz froze, watching it pierce through the dummy's heart in a blink of an eye. She dismissed it quickly enough. Everyone's bound to get lucky at one point, she thought. But still she found herself slinging her bow around her shoulder to free her hands - hands that were now raised high and applauding the boy that made the lucky shot.

"Bravo! Took you long enough!" Raziel glanced at the spear sticking out of the dummy. Then her eyes went to the cluttered mess of knives on the ground and she clicked her tongue in mock disappointment. "Honestly, I thought it would take you years to hit it. Just curious, are you 100% sure that you're a son of Ares? Because I'm pretty sure that Ares' spawns are skilled at the whole weapon thing."

She winked, her lips twitching into an unmistakable smirk.
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[PRIVATE] fire away
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