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 Alex's Characters

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PostSubject: Alex's Characters    Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:33 pm

- EVAN -


NAME: evangeline fox, but she prefers to be called evan.
DATE OF BIRTH: 13th of july in 1998
GENDER: female
a black rabbit called ingrid:


MORTAL FAMILY: evan is the only daughter of former model, olivia, and vineyard owner, conner. olivia and conner have two sons together, logan and sebastian, evan's half brothers.
ROMANTIC RELATIONS: currently, none. evan isn't a big fan of commitment, just in general

camp statistics

CABIN: 10, aphrodite
CLAIMING: yes. although evan always knew who her true mother was, she was claimed on her thirteenth birthday.  
TIME AT CAMP: less than a year
CHOICE WEAPON: a dagger she always has strapped to her thigh, though she has never actually used it
CELESTIAL GIFTS: like her mother, evan has infallible visual acuity, she sees flaws most others cannot.
FATAL FLAW: evan's fatal flaw is her insecurity. she strives for perfection and cannot handle failure. this often causes recklessness in her pursuit of perfection. because of her insecurity, she also struggles with social acceptance and strives for other to recognize her perfection.


BACKGROUND: conner fox, heir to the family vineyards, met olivia clark junior year of high school when he was transferred to a boarding school. he pursued the young model for the better part of the year before they started dating.
shortly after graduation, the two married. conner accompanied olivia to photo shoots across the world before his father died when he was twenty-four. conner returned home to run the vineyards and olivia continued traveling, alone. as years past, the two began to grow apart, conner resenting olivia for constantly leaving him and olivia resenting conner for not accompanying her. the couple finally agreed to take a break when they were twenty seven. the break lasted for nearly a year, during which time conner began hosting more and more parties. he began a tentative, casual relationship with aphrodite during this time, but called it off as soon as olivia called, wanting to get back together.
four months after conner and olivia had gotten back together, aphrodite showed up at their door, giving the couple evangeline, their first child. surprisingly, olivia took the infant in willingly and accepted her as her own. the three, aphrodite, olivia, and conner, came to an agreement. aphrodite would have no part in her child's life and olivia would adopt her. in exchange, the couple agreed that evangeline would always know about the gods and that aphrodite was her mother. it was agreed that she would only go to camp half blood if it was absolutely necessary.
after evangeline came into the picture, olivia quit modeling and mended her relationship with conner so she could be the mother she felt evangeline deserved.
four years later, evangeline got her first brother, sebastian. in true spoiled, only child fashion, evan resented her brother as he received more attention and stole from her spotlight.
by the time she was eight, evan had developed an unhealthy obsession with perfection. everything had to be perfect and she wanted to be perfect. she thought it was only logical that if she was perfect, her parents would love her more.
when evan was twelve and sebastian eight, logan was born, whom evan resented even more than she had sebastian.
in an effort to get her parents attention, evangeline started going to parties and sneaking out. her friends consumed her and she did anything to please them. evan wanted to be the most popular and most loved in school. so, of course, when the yearbook was released, she was devastated to see she hadn't won 'most beautiful', 'fashionista', or 'everybody's friend'. over the summer she turned thirteen and was formally claimed that day, making her the absolute, uncontested most beautiful at her party. evan loved being the center of attention and feeling completely perfect. so after the blessing faded, evan became determined to look like that again and win next year. she started eating less and less and spending more and more time in the gym in order to lose weight so people would pay more attention to her and say she was the most beautiful. and they did. that year she won 'most beautiful'. at this time, evangeline started a beauty and fashion blog, occasionally making videos as well as she wanted more people to love her and see her perfection she had worked so hard for.
summer before high school she was severely underweight and her parents started to worry, especially olivia who had struggled with an eating disorder before she met conner.
evan reached an all time low when halfway through freshman year her body went into shock and she had to be hospitalized for months. olivia and conner decided after the school year and once she was healthy enough, their daughter would go to camp half blood, in hopes that being around her other family would help her.
in the months since she has come to camp, her habits haven't changed at all. if anything, they have gotten worse. in fact, she has been known to sneak out of camp to go to parties or shopping with the small stipend her parents send her.
evangeline agreed readily as her reputation at school was now shattered.
PERSONALITY: evan is an absolute perfectionist. she has a habit of waking up at three thirty in order to go running before getting ready and cleaning her room to have everything looking perfect by seven, when she officially starts her day.
evan hates meeting knew people as she is constantly afraid of what they will think of her and she stresses over making a good impression. once she is secure in her position with someone, however, evan feels perfectly comfortable and loosens up quite a bit.
she has never really had issues with a temper. for the most part she is rather calm and doesn't let things bug her, internalizing what does. secretly, she is incredibly jealous, though she tries to hide it and usually succeeds. evan is a world class liar as well. few are able to see through her well constructed lies.


APPEARANCE: the typical daughter of aphrodite. evan's waist length, naturally straight, blonde hair is periodically highlighted for maintenance. she spends a lot of time tanning during summer and uses self tanner during the winter so her skin is always 'glowing' as she likes to say. evan's blue eyes are usually accentuated with mascara and eyeliner. she is almost always wearing some form of lipstick to make her occasionally whitened teeth appear whiter. she is average height at around five feet four inches, but well under average weight, though she as been slowly gaining it back.
BODY MODIFICATION: evan has pierced ears from when she was a baby, but they have mostly closed as she hardly wears earrings anymore. most of her body modification takes the form of diet and exercise, as she is a big fan of both.

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PostSubject: Re: Alex's Characters    Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:59 am

Evangeline Fox is now accepted!
Happy Roleplaying!
I had a character in progress that was named Evangeline but everyone called her Evan. This is what I get for procrastinating... Anyways, great job!

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PostSubject: Re: Alex's Characters    Tue Nov 19, 2013 7:00 pm

-  -





camp statistics






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Alex's Characters
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