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 Trevor's Characters

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PostSubject: Trevor's Characters   Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:10 pm

New to these sort of sites, hopefully I didn't screw up too bad, haha.

Name: Trevor McGraw
Age/Birthday: December 7th, 1994 (18)
Gender: Male
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Sister: Amelia McGraw (13 years old), mother: Jessica McGraw (descended)
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Trevor McGraw was born in a snowy December night in St. Johns, Newfoundland. The strange thing about him was he didn't get into much trouble as a kid, nor did he have monsters chasing him, he was a outgoing but rather normal child. This all changed when he moved to Montreal, Quebec in Grade 8. He started having strange nightmares about losing his sister and best friend, Amelia and once had a man chase him in the park. He couldn't make sense of it all, and refused to believe this "foolish god parent non-sense" that a satyr at his school told him. Gods? Psh! Who believes in gods?! But what could of killed Trevor's mother, who died of an unknown cause in their apartment 3 years ago? Trevor's school went on a trip to New York City to "study" some American history as it led to the creation of Canada. But the trip went terribly wrong when the flight attend ended up being some crazy physio path (that's what mortals called it, in reality it was a Scythian Dracanae) ended up killing the driver and steering the plane into it's certain death in a lake. Trevor found out it wasn't his classmates she was after, it was him and his sister. Trevor was on a mission, to keep his his classmates, him and most importantly his 11 year old sister alive. After killing off the monster, Trevor narrowly steered the plane from the water. Police were called by locals and most of the class was saved, expect for one boy that a Dracanae killed, thinking it was Trevor. The plane crashed on Long Island, New York. When Trevor and Amelia looked over the lake they saw a camp. No one else saw it. Trevor and Amelia, extremely curious of course, swam across the lake while the crash was being looked at and thus, found Camp Half Blood. Apollo claimed his children after a dreading 2 months, 2 months of uncertainty and fear for Trevor. He became well respected around the Camp quickly after single handily winning Capture The Flag. He never met any girl in his life which was unusual for a son of Apollo, and never got to go on a quest. He seeks adventure and is patiently waiting for his chance.
Physical Appearance: Light green eyes, shaggy black hair, looks like the opposite of a normal child of Apollo. Stands at a healthy 5'9" and only 139lbs. Being so lightweight however, he isn't exactly buff or has muscles popping out of his veins. Just slender, skinny and a short layer of muscles that came from archery practice.
Personality: Old habits die hard, or that's the case for Trevor. Even since pre-school, talk, talk, talk, talk! He was never at a loss for words, even in the most inconvenience situations for him to open his mouth. Trevor has a good sense of humor and is able to laugh and make people laugh effortless. Humor solves everything, at least to him.
Fatal Flaw: The fatal flaw is his hot temper. He can be made furious so easily, and doesn't exactly understand how to control himself just yet. Instead of saying "I want to punch something!" he will punch something, or someone.
Pets: One kitten named KitKat.
Talents: Bows and Arrows, smooth talk (he's very charismatic and charming.)
Weapons: A bow. Nothing too speical, wooden in fact
Year-Round or Summer: Year Round
Other: No.
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PostSubject: Re: Trevor's Characters   Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:57 pm

        * birth certificate

          Name: Bailey Bridges
          Nicknames: "Bridgey"
          Age: 17 (birthday: October 23th, 1996)
          Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario
          Godly Parent: Athena
          Mortal Family: Unknown
          Claimed or Unclaimed: Unclaimed

        * camp life

          Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year Round
          Years at Camp: 0 (This is Bailey's first year)
          History: Bailey was always the outspoken one, the one to anger people with her opinions. The odd one out, she was always "different" to say the least. Surrendered by her unknown father at the age of 2, Bailey was adopted by Kaylee Bridges and her husband, James Bridges. Bailey preferred her own company and perhaps with her cat, Newton. She liked books, writing and drawing. Add this in with fairly good grades and a love for sports, she must be a wonder child right? No. Bailey got herself into mischief one way or another, she never meant any harm, but something-- or someone was after her. When a satyr at her school, Jason explained the situation to the Bridges family, they understood what could happen to their daughter if she was not send to camp, and just like that poof! Bailey Bridges, a stranger, an outsider who thought she didn't belong in this freakshow, was now one of the freaks.

        * the psyche

          Personality: Witty, comical, calm, and being extremely mature compared to her peers, yeah that's Bailey. Like previously mentioned, Bailey feels most at ease by herself, preferably in her home. She doesn't like meeting new people and has a social anxiety.(which is completely unrelated to her being a demi-god.) Bailey doesn't believe in romance, and it may take a lot to convince her other wise.
          Fatal Flaw: Like previously mentioned, Bailey can't open up to new people and if she can't get along with someone, good riddance.
          Likes: sports, books, cats
          Dislikes: people her age, kids, dogs

        * the appearance

          Physical Description: Black hair down to her shoulder and big hazel eyes. She is on the short side at 5'4" and 121lbs with freckles. No one is getting a seizure from her beauty all right, but she likes to believe she's fine the way she looks and doesn't waste her time on getting all dolled up, which is one of the main reasons she got bullied as a kid. The best feature of her is by far her smile. She doesn't smile a lot, but when she does, it's really hard not to want to smile back.
          Dressing Style: N/A

        * the defensive system

          Demigod Talents: sneaking around, running
          Weapons: a golden shield
          Pets: None, for now.

        * the puppet master
        (for new members only)

          Name/Alias: ?
          Interests: Hockey, roleplaying
          How you found this site:

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PostSubject: Re: Trevor's Characters   Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:54 pm


well done

ty cookie


swag swiggity swag.

ty cookie

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PostSubject: Re: Trevor's Characters   

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Trevor's Characters
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