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 for crying out loud, settle down || plot:ares

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PostSubject: for crying out loud, settle down || plot:ares   Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:34 am

James Liam Carter had been ready to trek halfway across the country just as he had the dream; the dream that had first shocked him to an oblivion, followed by making him angry at his father, followed by just fatigue. He wasn't ready for this crap; he didn't want this man to just demand that James 'proved himself'. He hadn't been at camp for a good few weeks now, and it was a struggle trying stay alive in New York on your own; he had stayed at a cheap and run-down motel for the past while, and had been waiting for the go-ahead to travel to his family's house in Miami, only getting it a few hours before he had the fatherly-visit.

Although he would deny it, he wanted to know if he had done Ares proud.

It was raining lightly when James made his way to Starbucks, making his pull his leather jacket closer around his sweater and skin. He didn't just stand out at Camp, but also in the streets it seemed; a tall, mischievous looking teenager dressed in ripped jeans and a leather jacket would probably stand out most places, and most people tried to avoid him as he basically was the stereotype. He didn't really care; he couldn't be bothered with dealing with the bull of strangers right now.

It didn't take long to get to the cafe, and he found it packed as per usual. He waited outside for a moment, not really sure if he was meant to go in or not, before deciding that it was best to get out of the rain as he would only be complaining about how his hair was wet and making the rest of him cold. It stood by the door, his hands in the pockets of his jacket and leaning against the wall next to the glass entrance, not really sure what he was meant to expect.

ooc; ps this is before james left america obvo

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PostSubject: Re: for crying out loud, settle down || plot:ares   Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:11 am

There was an animalistic glint in June's eyes as she strutted down the New York street. She was absolutely livid, ready to punch a wall [or whatever solid structure had the incredibly horrible luck of being closest], and the only thing preventing her from doing so was the knowledge that within minutes she would be face to face with something much more worth of a good slap in the face. Daddy Ares, who had finally decided to give his daughter a ring! He was a real model father, that Ares.

People avoided June whenever she went out in public just as much as they did when she was in camp. This was something she knew she shared with at least one of her siblings, James, her favorite but most unpredictable relative. It was probably due to the fact that both of the demigods were, quite frankly, scary as hell. For such a little girl, standing hardly above 5'4" and weighing something like 120 pounds, June radiated a tormented aura. Even the bravest of the sleazes tended to let her pass by un-heckled. That was power in New York City.

June's dream from the previous night had left her with more questions than answers, but she was, for whatever stupid reason, compelled to give in to the feeling in her gut that told her to chase Ares—to play his game. Maybe there would be pay off. Maybe her life could finally be left alone if she was able to prove herself. No matter her excuse, June had started on her way to the coffee shop almost immediately after waking up, hardly even batting an eye at the rain.

The last thing June had excepted to find waiting for her at the Starbucks was her brother, James. She hadn't seen him in what felt like weeks, but just as she approached the store she could confirm that it was definitely her brother standing outside. Confused and more than a little taken aback, June stopped walking abruptly. She was wearing an oversized black hoodie, an ill fitting, forest green t-shirt, a pair of washed out jeans, and worn-down combat boots, having thrown on whatever she could in the few minutes she allowed herself to get ready, and the clothes stuck awkwardly to her now because of the rainwater. Her hair had looked decent leaving the house but now, even with the light rain, it was beginning to curl messily. And she still considered herself to look more presentable than James, but that was just the natural sibling rivalry she felt with the boy for no real reason.

A smile crept onto her face, replacing the look of confusion, and June ran to her brother. "James Carter," she announced, loud enough for James to hear, but careful not to shout. "Why the hell are you at Starbucks? Or, er, wh are you standing outside of a Starbucks in the rain? Don't tell me your time on the road has made you go all hipster on me." June crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow at James. A sudden realization hit her just after the words left her mouth and she frowned deeply. "Oh wait, don't tell me. You, too?" June's jaw hung open slightly and she found herself scratching her head in actual confusion. "This entire thing just got ten times weirder."
OOC | i'm so horrible omg but i'm on break now yippee so i have like an entire free week so i will be good i swear. also i used this template bc it's so pretty and i lack ability to make anything pretty
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for crying out loud, settle down || plot:ares
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