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 [frey/son of apollo]~~f3

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PostSubject: [frey/son of apollo]~~f3   Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:08 am


That's what he calls himself, anyways. Many aliases have been used and forgotten, but this is the one that's stayed, and this is the one he'll go with. It suits him, doesn't it? Frey doesn't know what name his mother would have given him, and he doesn't want to know, not particularly. He remembers her, and he'd rather forget the fragments of memory he holds (so precious, so dear) than anything. So what? He doesn't (want to) care about the past, he doesn't lament over the life he could've had with his family (in another world, but that world isn't this world), and he most definitely doesn't regret anything he has done.

And oh, Frey has done so much.


Brown hair, green eyes.

But it isn't that simple. No one can be properly described using words, and Frey doesn't even have a legal birth certificate.

Medium length dark chocolate hair curves around his pale skin, and his eyes are a bright, alluring green. When he stares at you, it's as if he knows something you don't-- as if he's smarter, quicker, better. As if he's mocking you, taunting you, telling you to say something. It's unsettling, and the scar near his left eye doesn't help. But if you see past that, you'll see that he's very attractive [s]and he needs hugs with so much weariness and wariness in his eyes[/s].Loose bangs cover his forehead, and he usually wears white. White leather jacket, white pants, white shirt. White, white, white. It's because he doesn't want to wear black anymore, not when he's had to do so for his whole life to avoid being seen in the night.


Pride is going to be his undoing. It's what everyone says. Frey is ever so confident and has the ability to back it up. He is often seen wearing a smug smile and taunting eyes. Arrogance in his ability to win fights, both physically and intellectually.

Therefore, obsessed isn't a strong word to describe Frey when he sees something or someone he doesn't understand. When he loses, he'll do anything and everything to chase after the victor, to match the victor and to defeat the victor.

It isn't that simple. It's not only a blow to his pride. It's not only because Frey has childish moments. He is not childish and he hates it when people think so. Frey can't stand losing because he has to be the best, because the best don't have to hurt. Because Frey doesn't want to feel loss anymore. Because he'd been hurt enough already and he wants to Be free.

And that's why his name is Frey, isn't it?

He's a liar. He's a good liar, by that, because his lies always have a sliver of truth in them. But that's just the thing. Frey can't tell truth from lie in what he says, even he can tell when others lie. He doesn't know if he's really as confident as he is or not. He doesn't know if people are actually tolerant to him or not. Frey just doesn't know.

Frey hates boredom, but he appreciates silence. Loud noises remind him of shooting bullets and people dying. Sometimes, Frey sits by the lake, and loses himself in his thoughts of worlds other than this one. Despite his jabbing and provocative demeanour, he isn't as shallow and narcissistic as they think. He's more insecure about his identity than he should be. He's more afraid of falling than anyone else. He's more scared of dying alone than any warrior.

That leads to the next point: trust issues. It's not his fault, but out on the streets, trust is a backstabbing, evanescence thing. Paranoia and suspicion are what kept him alive.

And just like his mother, Frey doesn't abide to rules. He makes his own rules, and promptly breaks them. Frey hates being oppressed by those haughty and self-centred people (and isn't he so hypocritical?).

Frey does have a caring side, though, and when he loves, he really loves. He's tried his best to refrain from doing so, and he's succeeded so far. The only one he cares for is Absol, his cat, and he's gentle and protective. But not to other demigods. It's too hard. They've all led better lives than him.

When and if Frey gets mad, he's furious. He lashes out at everyone and glares the heck out of the world. His words, usually playfully poking turn venomous and cold. And due to his usual calm demeanour, it scares people. It's not like him at all. And he'll just say, they never knew him at all anyways.


If you ask Frey about his past, he'll never give you the whole story. He makes his snippets sound so ridiculous and simple that you don't know what to believe, because he says something completely different everytime. Maybe it's because he doesn't know the truth himself, maybe it's because he feels vulnerable when giving information about himself, maybe it's because he doesn't know who he is. Or maybe he's just such a liar (he's convinced himself that the lies are real).

This is how the story begins--

Once upon a time, the god of the sun fell in love with a rebellious, clever woman with dark hair and bright eyes. In his own way, he courted her with compliments and sweets, knowing that she was prideful and loved The woman liked the god, but she didn't know he was a god. How could she? She wasn't anything special. And two years later, when she figured his identity out (no one could hide anything from her forever), she was devastated. Gods simply do not look upon her with admiration and affection. She was tainted, an orphan abandoned on the streets who managed to steal and lie for food, who managed to climb up the street hierarchy and fight and kill for survival. She had originally meant to trick the new mark, but he'd been so charming and caring and loving that she tricked herself, in the end.

She didn't run. She accepted the deity into her life, but before their son ever got to remember more than the blue eyes of his father, the woman died in a fire. A burning flame that engulfed her apartment. Furious at her lover, who wasn't there (he was 'busy' chatting with his friends, about his new son)-- furious at herself, who wasn't thinking straightly enough to have fled the place before her enemies caught up, she gave her life for her son.

and this is how it goes--

This is when a boy wanders in the streets, ash covering his skin, prickling his eyes. This is when a boy is taken in by an orphanage and grows up reading every book in the library. This is when a boy ends up selling stolen objects for a living. This is when a boy meets a cat, and he makes a friend.

This is when he kills for the first time and can't go back to the pure boy with wide, innocent eyes.

A few months before his seventeenth birthday, he's hunted down by a group he doesn't recognise. He flees Brooklyn, but the strange people keep following him. This is when his cat is found dead, skin pulled off by teeth and blood pooling everywhere, and this is when he doesn't care anymore. Irate, a boy rushes into a den of flying, inhuman monsters and nearly dies. All that's left when he wakes up is a scar on his left eye, never to be healed.

This is when he's saved by a man with black hair and blue eyes named Lukas. This is when he spends the next year with Lukas. This is a boy wanders away from Lukas to think about everything, about why Lukas cares so much (why he cares so much about Lukas). This is when a boy gets attacked again, when Lukas runs away never to be seen, and darkness claims him.

and this is how the story ends.

Until Frey wakes up in a camp of demigods with major messiah complexes.

Talents and Miscellaneous and Fatal Flaw:

Able to forge writing. Is that a talent? It's helped Frey out. So has his memory. He's great with numbers, too, and reads when he has free time. He knows random trivia and a lot about weapons, but does not share what he knows with anyone.

Frey's been at camp for about a month. He doesn't like his cabin that much, because most of the people worship Apollo like he's some god. Which, yeah, Apollo is a god. But still. He's not flawless and perfect and all that great if he's abandoned all of them and played with their mothers' feelings. Therefore, Frey slights the demigods who look up to the Olympians and listen to whatever they say.

His preferred weapon is the dagger. Frey has a pair, one Celestial Bronze and the other from mortal metal. He wields them in reverse with the blades' edges in. It may look dangerous to others, but he has never injured himself with them, and he never will.

And yeah, Frey is lonely. Very lonely. But he doesn't care want (need) their company, anyways. Not really.

His fatal flaw is that he's terrified of being defeated or bested, and he underestimates the enemy. Severely. And when he gets angry, he cannot control his emotions-- like they say, when a bottle bursts, it's impossible to pick up the shattered pieces (unless you have super-glue; in this case, hugs and words of comfort and support).


Absol is a she-cat with white fur and bright emerald eyes. Absol is a friend only loyal to Frey and no one else. Absol is Zeta's kit, and you don't know how glad Frey was when he found Absol, curled up beside Zeta's dead body.


~.the puppet master.~

Hello~ I go by the alias f3c: (which coincidentally is pronounced 'free-smile'). My hobbies are drawing, playing video games, reading fanfic (does that count), and rping.

It's kind of hilarious (or nostalgic, either way you look at it). I was here when chb first opened. Or around that time, at least. This account was registered in September of 2011. Since then, I've dropped by, trying to rp. I've watched the site grow from a small group of members to what it is now. Countless people are on this awesome site, new ones joining every day. Sadly, for some reason or another, I never settled in the community.

Now, I will. I promise. I've quit roleplaying for a year, but I'm back! And I'm back with, stuffed polar bear. Yes. I shall shock the community with me, myself, and my polar bear named Sheep.

Did I mention I'm random and weird? xD

Hope to make new friends and stuff! Also, sorry to whomever's had to read my bio. It's kinda long c:


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PostSubject: Re: [frey/son of apollo]~~f3   Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:44 am


I wish I didn't have to say pending; your character as a whole is quite brilliant. the only downside is that you're not allowed your child to have any contact with their god parent, before they come to camp as it is "against the rules". Sorry, F3. And also, what was the name of your old account? I've been around a while myself c:

ty cookie

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PostSubject: Re: [frey/son of apollo]~~f3   Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:12 pm

Haha oops. Edited. It's okay, my bad-- and history is easier to revise than anything.
I used to I by 'lavynder', I think. I doubt you'd remember me xD
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PostSubject: Re: [frey/son of apollo]~~f3   Sun Nov 10, 2013 12:43 pm

ACCEPTED, even though I think he already was.

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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PostSubject: Re: [frey/son of apollo]~~f3   

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[frey/son of apollo]~~f3
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