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 red because it's a color

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PostSubject: red because it's a color   Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:20 pm

i just have a lot of feelings okay.

and like faye okay she blames herself for everything that has happened to everyone like ugh and it's kind of sad. is it self pity if it's your character? i don't know but she thinks she's the reason why so many people are dead.

then there's james and i know i should be speaking for cerys because james isn't mine but from what i've gathered these teenagers are like some of the most messed up people on the planet okay. he just thinks he did everything wrong and like ugh feelings.

and then there's red which i think is ironic because the topic that he was supposed to get his arm chopped off in was called 'painted red to fit right in'. then you have faye losing it whenever she sees that color because it brings her back to james' blood, or vinnie's too and it's just ugh. and then she compares it to being a human thing, and saying that they're human because of this color, and like they're alive because of eac other and stuff and feelings omg.

like does that even make sense to other people? like... red, it's pretty darn human isn't it? it's the color of blood and love, and anger. i think that just fits jaye so well because they've fought, loved, and screamed at each other, all in the same day most of the time. i don't know. i'm just a girl behind a glowing screen with feelings oops.
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red because it's a color
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