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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 today is a special kind of cancer [crisps *smooches*]

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Head Satyress

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PostSubject: today is a special kind of cancer [crisps *smooches*]   Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:24 pm

"There was a time where Lady Gaga didn't attract the gays, you know? I wonder how that happened."

I've got a suitcase full of a night or a day's trip, and my violin case clutched by my other hand. My sweater was consisted of beautifully well aged holes under my stylistic captain's blazer and my glasses had fogged up slightly from the tedious autumn breeze. I grunted, taking the pair off my eyes and wiped the wet condensation that had formed and put them back on to see if Jay had come around.
Soon enough, I was going to have to come there myself and jab him with his big ass sword.
Trust me, I'm not the most patient man when the only song stuck in my head is the new hit single of that Lady Gaga chick. In secret, the only reason why it's stuck in my head in the first place was because it was secretly my new jam session song. Shh.
At least it isn't that horrid Super Bass song anymore, right?

Well, that doesn't matter now, I'm still waiting and summoning quietly for his freckled ass to come around and finally drive us to New York with his (hopefully) borrowed Toyota.
It was ages since I've visited the Big Apple. And I was sure I was going to end up morphing myself into a tree if I stayed here a little longer. Long Island isn't as long as I thought I thought it would have been, and it isn't as exciting to look at either.
I will look forward to spend nights in a grungy 2 star hotel, truthfully and honestly. Because it just doesn't get any better then this!

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Crispy Bacon

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PostSubject: Re: today is a special kind of cancer [crisps *smooches*]   Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:15 pm

Ada had seen better days but she had seen worse too. Her blue eyes were bloodshot but it was hardly noticeably unless you were specifically looking for it. Her hair was up in a messy bun because she couldn't be bothered to deal with it lately. It just seemed like there were more important things to deal with. Mostly training - a lot of training. Her first few months at camp had been mostly fun and games and she figured it was time to get a little more serious.

The change in attitude was mostly because of the zombie apocalypse. The zombie apocalypse had changed nearly everyone's attitude. Ada wasn't as rattled as some people were, but she was a little more concerned. She had been so grossly unprepared, she'd had to stumble off to a safehouse almost immediately...

Shaking off the memory, Ada sighed and turned her eyes skyward. She'd always hated this time of year, when the days got shorter and the nights longer. She always felt tired. Although, she knew now that was because of her mom. Ada tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear and then lowered her eyes again. A mass of curly hair in her peripheral vision caught her attention as she did so, and as she curiously turned to investigate, a slow grin spread across her face.

She quietly sidled up next to the satyr and tilted her head at the bags he was carrying. "Hey Fuzzy, it's been a while since I've seen you and your goatly self." She chirped, beaming at him. She gestured to his bags and violin case. "Are you blowing this popsicle stand?"
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today is a special kind of cancer [crisps *smooches*]
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