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 i can't so i rant

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PostSubject: i can't so i rant    Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:34 pm

sometimes i really hate characters, but other times i really love them, like seriously my emotions are just too much at the moment okay? so i'm just going to rant about a few of the newer characters that have aggravated me or kept me awake at night okay, okay.

Jason -

this kid is weird okay. i don't know if i like him or if i hate him, because the line is so thin it just kind of passes back and forth. i hate him for seeming so perfect, but i really like what rick did in hoh to make him less perfect. i don't know if i like him or not, but he's alright i guess. however, jason will never be a percy.

Piper -

sorry to offend all of you piper-lovers, but i can't stand this girl. she may be powerful, and strong, and trying to break the typical daughter of aphrodite stereotype, but it just isn't enough for me. maybe it's that she's pretty, and i don't like that. i'm not exactly sure, i mean, i know everyone's broken in some way, but she just seems.... to perfect. i can't really stand it.

Leo -

this child is perfect okay end of discussion

Frank -

uh hermaherm i don't know yet. he's super powerful too, which could be one reason i don't like him very much. i guess there's nothing wrong with frank, he's perfectly likeable and has flaws, but i'm not sure about him. he's not my lest favorite, but he isn't my favorite either.

Hazel -

hazel's nice, i guess? i don't know, i like how everyone's developing more in hoh but i won't talk about that. i think she's definitely trying to prove herself in her second life, which is great y'know go girl, but i hope she makes the best of it.

Reyna -

i think i can empathize with reyna a lot. she's gotten her hopes up for two guys, and they've all been either taken or just, left i guess. and i know jason lost his memory blah blah blah but that's not the point. she's been through a lot emotionally, and is praetor, to top it all off. she has to keep a strong exterior, which is admirable, but is broken just like everyone else. it's the flaw that make these characters relatable...

yeah that's about it
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i can't so i rant
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