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 Mattio's Awesome Characters

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PostSubject: Mattio's Awesome Characters   Sun Oct 27, 2013 2:40 pm

I'm new at this.. well.. this template, so yeah XD

Name: Carter Rails
Age/Birthday: Seventeen, Born on May 4th
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Ares
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Gina Rails (She's like 44 by today..) and she's not alive anymore.. died when she was 40..
Years at Camp: About Four
Brief History: Carter started his life just thinking he was average. He wasn't better or worse than anybody, just plain average. He felt alone, since it was only him and his mother. Carter's mom didn't talk much, she just asked simple questions like "How was school?" or "What do you want for dinner?". Gina Rails always seemed bummed out. But as Carter aged, his mind just changed. He wanted control. Carter became more controlling over his mother, and he asked for her to get him stuff. It got him lazy, so he wanted more with his life. So at school, he really changed. Carter turned out to act cooler and cooler over time. He started to just ask his friends favors, saying he'd return them. It usually took him months to repay them, if he repaid them at all.
Right when Carter thought all was right in life, was when everything changed. When he was about thirteen years old, Carter's mother found out she was going to die soon. She didn't want to tell Carter, but instead, she took him to Camp Half-Blood. On the car ride, Gina explained this and it made Carter realize how grateful he was for her. And once Carter walked in those gates, he never saw his mother again.
Now that Carter was at Camp Half-Blood, he found out about all the Gods, especially his father, Ares. Carter likes to really duke it out with all the other demigods.
Physical Appearance: Carter has shortish dark brown hair with dark brown eyes. His height is 5'10 ( About 1.70 meters ) and he weighs about somewhere is the 110's/120's. Carter has a nice smile that matches his eyes, and his skin tone, which is a tan shade. Carter doesn't really have any facial features (beard, mustache, freckles.. etc.)
Personality: Carter's very outgoing and tries to be like cool. Even though sometimes he's just really mean, he still tries to act cool (he's weird..). However, he's really naïve, in order to get people to like him. Carter doesn't want people to not like him, he's likes to be cool. On the other hand, Carter likes to have control over himself and other people, even though it doesn't always work. Sometimes, when he doesn't get his way, he's really nasty to people. He tries to act like he's better than them (which obviously if you want control you're not.). Carter's third trait (Well, third main one) is that he likes to have fun.
Fatal Flaw: Carter likes to be control hungry.
Pets: A small dog named Bitz, he likes to bite.. sometimes.
Talents: Anything related to war or fighting really.
Weapons: A sword that has a curve towards the end
Year Round or summer: Year Round
Other: FC is Austin Mahone
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PostSubject: Re: Mattio's Awesome Characters   Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:45 pm

Happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: Mattio's Awesome Characters   Fri Nov 01, 2013 4:32 pm

Name: Malakai Packer
Age/Birthday: He's 17 and was born on 4/4
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family:
Alexandria Packer (Mother, Age 38), José (Stepfather, Age 44)
Years at Camp: 2
Brief History: Malakai's family was always on the richer half of the world. After all that long and boring stuff about him being the son of Apollo and all that stuff, things changed. It wasn't just Malakai and his mother anymore, Alexandria married. The man she married was named José. José and Malakai made great friends. The two were active as they both grew up. Malakai, as José said, had a talent he couldn't describe (which was his lack of aim).
Whenever Malakai was at school, he always worked hard. Well, that was his second responsibility. His first was really having a social life. Friends were really his life. He took friends first, schoolwork second. Even though his mother didn't think it was best, schoolwork second was still a plus. When Malakai had to leave to go to CHB, he didn't like it. Having to start all over didn't really appeal to him much. Although he thought he could do anything, this was the only thing he thought would set him back; having to start all over.|
Physical Appearance: Malakai has curlyish blonde hair and big blue eyes. He's pretty tall, about 5'9 or so, and weighed similar to that (110 pounds or something like that). Malakai's skin is a pretty regular kind, just a light tone. Malakai doesn't really have a beard/mustache/any other facial features.|
Personality: Malakai is pretty nice and kind to people he meets, pretty much so he has a life. He's cocky though, he always thinks he can do anything he can put his mind to (determination Malakai ;D). But sadly, when he finds out he can't do something, it makes him freak out. Malakai can also be sometimes that perfectionist that starts all over if he makes a mistake.|
Fatal Flaw: Malakai doesn't like when he doesn't get his way, and get's really emotional and awkward about it. He makes like a scene.
Talents: Fast Runner.. and like.. yeah..
Pets: A Tabby Cat named Mister
Weapons: Faded Yellow Bow and Quiver of Arrows
Year Round or Summer: Year Round
Other: FC is Cody Simpson

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PostSubject: Re: Mattio's Awesome Characters   Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:24 pm

Malakai Packer is Approved!
Happy Roleplaying!
You might want to make the descriptions a different color so it is easier to read.

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PostSubject: Re: Mattio's Awesome Characters   

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Mattio's Awesome Characters
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