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 An inside depth at the mind of Wicked.

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PostSubject: An inside depth at the mind of Wicked.   Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:34 am

For any of you who don't watch OUAT, leave. 
For any of you who hate Hook/Emma together, leave.
For any of you who hate spoilers, leave. 

Now that I have the others attention, I want to show you this (I will put it in spoilers just in case someone didn't listen to my fabulous wisdom).
And I'm dead. R.I.P Wicked.:
Can I just say how long I have waited for this to happen? I mean, next to Rumple and Belle, these guys are my OTP, so it's a no brainer that this happens. Let's face it; The Rumbelle ship has sailed and crashed and sank because of the Dark One's stupid decisions. But Captain Swan might just make it to the end of season three if one of them dosen't die. 
Honestly, Hook deserves better than Emma. I love them together, but Emma is just so... I don't even know how to describe her. Clingy? Stupid? I don't even think she believes in magic fully yet. Hook deserves someone like Milah, only alive and not married to the Dark One. Emma just isn't his perfect match. She really dosen't fit with any of the men on the show in my opinion. 
The only reason why I wouldn't ship Captain Swan is because of Henry. In that retrospect, because of him, Emma needs to be with Neal. I used to ship them, and my heart was ripped out at the season finale because of what happened between them. Neal really does love Emma, as does Hook, so when and if him and Hook meet up, and they find out that they both love Emma, there will most likely be a fight between those two, and Killian Jones CANNOT afford to have his pretty face messed up.
So sit down, wait for this to happen, and watch the Captain Swan ship sail.

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An inside depth at the mind of Wicked.
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