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 Visiting the River (ML, Wicked)

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Beautiful Chaos


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PostSubject: Visiting the River (ML, Wicked)   Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:01 pm

Sarah Bane ~ daughter of East River
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Waking up from a bad dream, mom had gone, Colin and I had survived. I didn't know how we survived at first, but now I know why. we were demigods. I was afraid at first, but now I'm thinking that mom died for a reason. But she didn't. I got up and took a  cold shower. I just stand there thinking of why we even went on a boat? I wasn't happy for this trip at all! I get out and put on my clothes after drying myself.

I put my shoes on and walk out of my cabin. I look around hoping Colin wasn't following me. he was really protective. I start to speed walk out of camp. I walk out and look around. I start to walk toward the East River. I was walking fast I bumped into people. I felt like someone was watching me. I turn around seeing no one staring at me. I kept walking and walked to the River.

I stopped at the river and fell to my knees crying. Mom was gone. I grab a rock and throw it into the river. tears falling down my eyes. It hurt not knowing where my mother was. I covered my face with my hands tears rolling down my face. I hear a noise and turn around standing up "Who's there?' I ask wiping my face.
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a. hams
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PostSubject: Re: Visiting the River (ML, Wicked)   Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:44 am

Colin Bane
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Colin hadn't meant to follow into his sister, honestly. Okay, he wasn't George Washington, he had lied. But it was hard to not be over protective over Sarah nowadays. Everything that happened to his family had been very traumatic. First his mother was dead, and if Colin wasn't careful enough, Sarah could slip through his fingers. He had assumed the older brother role as if he was years older, not a minute. After he woke up, he just pulled on the closet thing towards him, which just happened to be a bottle green shirt and dark blue jeans with black converse. America was different than Ireland, that was for sure. And Ireland itself was very different from the farm that Colin lived on. 

He had seen Sarah slip out before he was fully awake, and he decided to give her some room. There needed to be times when the twins were separated, though Colin trusted nothing and no one not to harm his sister. That ship wreck had stirred something inside him, but Colin didn't know if it was for better or for worse. He just wanted Sarah to be safe, that was all. 

So after a while he got out of camp without to much trouble. Some campers wanted to mess around with the demigod but Colin managed to get away. He sprinted into the city, dodging people by ducking and swerving. He didn't know what most things were in America. Like cell phones, for instance. Colin had no need for them. They had a wall phone back home in Ireland, but they rarely used it. And the bright screen that they called a television. What was the point of that when there was so much to do outside? Colin wouldn't ever understand them, but he was fascinated nonetheless. 

Then he caught sight of his sister, she was easy to spot. Colin knew where he'd find her because he often went there himself in times of need or stress. The East River. And then the young boy saw his sister kneeling on the ground and chuck a rock into the water below. Colin knew she was still grieving for his dead mother, and he was too, by shutting himself up and being reclusive, reliving the old memories at the farm. Sarah grieved in another way, which was crying and throwing things. 

Colin must have made some noise, because his twin turned around and called out. Sighing, he stepped forward, reveling his tall form. They looked nothing alike, Sarah having blonde hair and he having dark brown, but their eyes were the same shade of green. "Thought you could use some company." Colin said, and walked over, sitting himself beside his sister. He picked up a stone and turned it in his hands, which were already dirty, despite him taking a shower the previous night. The River was very calming, and Colin knew that somehow he was connected to it, though how he couldn't even begin to fathom.  

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Visiting the River (ML, Wicked)
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