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 Drake's Characters

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PostSubject: Drake's Characters   Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:40 am

Name: Drake Argentus
Godly Parent: Son of Phobos
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Claimed: Yes
Mother (Mortal): Unknown woman
Has been at Camp Half-Blood for four years

He was on the run from an orphanage when he was attacked by a horde of rogue Cyclopses. They wanted to cook him and eat him, but somehow, he put them all to sleep, and was able to escape. But soon, in the clutches of another orphanage, he realized that his powers were not just making people sleep- they were more powerful than that. He could cause nightmares, a trick Drake used on a local bully. When authorities arrived, Drake was nowhere to be found, having run away, whence he was found by satyrs and led to camp half blood.

Eventually, Satyrs found him, and took him to Camp-Half Blood.

Powers: Is surrounded by an aura of fear, which makes ALL enemies slow and scared around him. It does NOT work on people he loves and cares for.

He also automatically knows what people are scared off, and is immune to all magical and most literal fear.


Personality: Easygoing and amiable. A bit talkative, and has a greta sense of humour. Rather ironic, considering his powers. Drake is also a smart person, and is not easily fooled. He likes Theatre, Reading, and playing with his pet. Drake is also very judgemental. If he doesn't like someone, it takes a long time before he forges a friendship with them.

Appearance: Slightly hazel skin, with brown eyes, black hair, and an easygoing smile. Fairly muscular, yet he is 5 foot 9'

Fatal Flaw: When he has his heart set on something, he will pursue it forever (Stubborn).

Weapon: A sword of  Stygian Iron. It is just a sword, and to mortals, looks like a badminton racquet. It does not transform.

Skill with weapon: Drake is just somewhat over-average with his sword. He relies on his ability to spread fear as one of his main weapons in battle.

Pets: A tabby cat named Shadow. Shadow is just a cat, and is very cute, but she doesn't have any powers whatsoever, and spends her time in Drake's private room in the cabin.

Year round or summer: Year round. He gets his education through his dreams.

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PostSubject: Re: Drake's Characters   Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:08 am

Check your PM's

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Drake's Characters
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