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 RWBYlover's character(s) (RFA)

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PostSubject: RWBYlover's character(s) (RFA)   Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:39 am

Name: Lynn Raine

Age birthday: 12, DOB 7 October

Gender: Female

God parent: Athena

Claimed: no

Mortal family: Linton Raine father, deceased)

Years in camp: None so far

History: Lynn’s father died in an accident when she was only 3. She was placed in an orphanage until they placed her in foster homes. She hated it and ran away a couple times. She grew up all alone and had virtually no one to help her and had learn how to survive by herself in a young age.

Appearance: She has light brown hair that was tied up in a pony-tail, with some leftovers framing her face. She has slightly tan skin from being outdoors too much. She is 4ft 12’ and has a slight athletic build from running away too much. Her silver eyes are strange and no one knows how she got them.

Personality: Lynn is anti-social due to her up-bringing.  She hates being bossed around and usually does things at her own pace. She loves books, art and chocolate. She is aloof and is quick to reply with a sharp tongue or sarcasm. Because of that she usually gets into trouble and has no friends. She doesn’t let anyone get too close to her because of what happened in the past. She has a kind and sweet personality that is usually shown when she is alone with animals.

Fatal flaw: Inability to work well with people.

Pets: A black cat with a star on its side called Loki

Talents: She is talented at drawing and is also quick witted.

Weapons: Twin swords. She is also good with a bow but doesn’t use it often.

Year-round or summer: Year-round

Other: She is good at some sports but doesn't play.
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PostSubject: Re: RWBYlover's character(s) (RFA)   Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:07 am

Approved! Happy Roleplaying (:

throw ( roses ) into the abyss and say:
here is my thanks to the monster
who DIDN'T succeed in swallowing me alive.

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RWBYlover's character(s) (RFA)
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