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 Only hoping as time goes... (Rachie's Characters)

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PostSubject: Only hoping as time goes... (Rachie's Characters)   Mon Sep 30, 2013 12:00 am

Name: Aeris Rivaille

Age: 16/November 23rd

Gender: Female

God Parent: Eros; god of love and attraction

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: No record of family

Years in Camp: 16

Brief History: With not much of a story to tell, Aeris was dumped in front of Thalia's tree only to be found by Chiron. She was taken in and taken care of. At the age of three, she was claimed by her father, Eros. She never really had any memory of her mother, since she was dumped only a few months after birth. With no recollection of family, she had no one. She grew up anti-social and secluded, holding things inside and keeping them bottled.

Physical Appearance: Aeris has long, curly black hair that flows down past her shoulders to her mid back. Her skin is pale and smooth like a porcelain doll, she stands at a striking 5'7 she's fairly tall, she thinks. She has an average figure, but nothing that sticks out too much. Aeris has shocking violet eyes, as she has a disease that causes her irises to be violet, as for has no hair on her body expect on her head and eyebrows.

Personality: Aeris is a very secluded girl. She doesn't stand out, she doesn't, or tries not to, draw attention. She prefers to stay inside, listening to music, reading and drawing. She sings sometimes, but not enough to sound fantastic. She's the person who's picked last for teams, or not even playing at all. She's found alone at a table reading while others are with friends. You could call her a loner, but she prefers it that way since she was pretty much born with trust and abandonment issues. "Better to be alone than find company and then lose them," she says.

Fatal Flaw: Her poor ability to communicate is her fatal flaw. Since she's grown with little to no company, its hard for her to work in a group or to follow directions, and not following directions could very well kill her.

Talents: The talent she has is a talent she hates. At any given time, since she is the daughter of a god of attraction, she can draw people near her, seemingly interested in her. She's trying to control this power, so she doesn't have to constantly have people around her.

Weapons: Just a dagger she keeps inside her right boot.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round.

Other: picture found on deviantart, edited by me

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PostSubject: Re: Only hoping as time goes... (Rachie's Characters)   Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:47 am

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Only hoping as time goes... (Rachie's Characters)
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