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 catskill chill music festival [pink]

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PostSubject: catskill chill music festival [pink]   Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:41 pm

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Halona cranked the volume up on her portable stereo, blaring Young Galaxy's "New Summer" through the Hermes cabin. Today was the day she would finally go to a music festival. With travelling pretty much her whole life, she never got the opportunity. Halona was supposed to go with this girl she'd met during lunch the day before.

She whipped through her closet, searching for a particular outfit. A black skirt, about mid-thigh length and a floral crop top paired with a light pink cardigan. She wore the only pair of shoes she owned, vans with a denim like material. After finishing her make-up, which was all nude colors with a bit too much winged eyeliner, Halona put on an abundance of necklaces and her flower crown, which her mother bought her not too long ago.

After ten minutes of wandering aimlessly around camp looking for her festival buddy, Halona decided to just wait on the bench closet to the Hermes cabin.
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PostSubject: Re: catskill chill music festival [pink]   Thu Sep 26, 2013 6:52 pm

Azalea Felicity Barcelona
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Azalea looked searched through her closet looking for the perfect music festival outfit. She had quickly pulled out her favorite black skirt and a random pair of leggings with her teal Pink shirt tucked into her skirt to make it look like a dress. She slipped that on while putting on her varsity jacket. She put on her earrings containing her weapon incase they happened to run into any monsters. Azzy already had on her makeup, but put on her brown boots and quickly did a quick braid into her hair with some temporary highlights she did the day before to make her hair look festive.

Azalea had just arrived at camp about a few days ago. She didn't know many people, but she was happy she had Halona at lunch the other day. She didn't know exactly know where she was going so luckily Hal had helped. She had thought Hal was a nice person, probably a person she would become best friends with. Az didn't really know what she was talking about it because it was mostly of the stuff they have now. She had just come form the Lotus Hotel and Casino about a week ago so she didn't know what most of the new stuff was. She did come from the 1900's. But at least her clothes were in style. Her Aphrodite powers of fashion had kicked in and she went on a shopping spree buying all new clothes.

Azalea quickly finished the rest of her braid so she wouldn't be late. She didn't want to make a bad first impression. She quickly ran out of cabin 10 looking for her friend. She found her sitting on a ben nearby. She ran towards her. "Hal-" She was saying before she got cut off before face-planting into the dirt and grass. "Ouch." She said spitting out some grass. She quickly got up and dusted herself off. "Hey Hal!" She said jogging over, making sure she didn't fall again on her face in front of her friend. "Do you wanna grab some lunch before we go? We could go to a Five Guys. They have hamburgers there if you want to go. I'll pay for it." She said making up for being late. She put her hand in her jacket pocket making sure her money was there just to make sure she didn't forget it and make her friend pay for it.

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catskill chill music festival [pink]
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