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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Don't be rude. I've been there too.{Non-Event}(Private)

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PostSubject: Don't be rude. I've been there too.{Non-Event}(Private)   Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:25 pm

Grace Jordan
Daughter of Demeter

Watching kids walk by me teasing me is hurtful, but when it comes to the arena they were scared because they know I won't go easy. They don't know what I have been through my life. I look up and walk over to the arena and grab some armor and put it on. I walk over to some kids and I start to battle. I had a sword in my hand, but what they didn't know was that I had a pebble in my pocket which i could reach for and a spear would appear only if i crushed it. I swung at the first kid missing him as he ducked. I watch her sword swing at me. I back away at he get my arm, but it wasn't deep. I then went crazy with my sword getting him in the leg and arm.

I look down seeing he was a kid of Ares. I give a small smirk and he jabs at my leg. I give a gasp and fall. I see him walk up and my hand goes into my pocket. i crush my pebble and a spear appears. I throw my spear as it scraps his face and it lands in the dirt. I stand up and look at him. He growls at me and he charges at me. I do the same and we throw our sword at each other so the blocked us. I swung my sword around as he ducks.   I brings his shield up and blocks himself. I feel my sword hit his shield and i kick at his feet as he falls. I grab his shield and throw it to the ground. I jabs his sword at me as I hit it and knock it out of his hand.

I throw my sword down and have some vines tie the kid down. I grab my spear and make it into a pebble again. i watch the Ares kid struggle "So why would it be fun to bully a girl who can kick ass?" I ask him as he just says " I can do what i want." I tilt my head grabbing my sword putting it at his neck "So i can do whatever I want?" I ask with a small smirk on my face my eyes glaring at him.

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Don't be rude. I've been there too.{Non-Event}(Private)
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