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 The Amazing World of Pinky

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PostSubject: The Amazing World of Pinky   Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:42 am

Note: This is a new topic of characters, and I will delete every one of my old charries (excluding Aramis, Syria, and Artie)
By the way, Artie and Syria are adopted


Name: Aramis "Ara" Davis

Age/Birthday: 16/August 23

Gender: Female

God Parent: Phobos

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Sophie Davis (deceased)

Accepted: Yes

Years in Camp: she was raised at camp, so at least 15 years

Brief History: Phobos met Sophie Davis, an enthusiastic daredevil who performed various (albeit dangerous) stunts like bungee jumping, extreme sports, etc. Phobos was intrigued by her fearlessness that they began dating, well, what would you expect? after a few months, Phobos eventually told her that he was a god but she remains unfazed, revealing that she suspected that he was different, but nevertheless, they still continued dating. After a year, Aramis was eventually born and Phobos disappeared without reason, though he regretted it, he still watches over Sophie. After a year, Sophie died in a motorcycle accident. Phobos was in grief, but he loved his daughter, hoping that she would be as fearless as Sophie.  Aramis was around a year old when she was placed in Camp Half-Blood by her father. She was on Half-Blood hill playing with a butterfly when a camper noticed her and took her to Chiron, where in his office, she was eventually claimed.

Physical Appearance: She has long, dark brown hair, Dark brown-almost-black eyes, pale skin. She stands at about 5'8, and she also has a slim build. She usually wears dark colors, so you would be surprised if you see her wearing something colorful. She is usually seen with a book and earphones. She also has pink-almost-red lips which kind of strays from her pale skin. She loves wearing combat boots, and she hates wearing make up, she says it's unnatural. She is almost always seen with a deadpan expression on her face.

Personality: Well, she is very... different. She is an introvert, despite being known by almost everyone camp. She hates socializing, she'd rather go somewhere dark or in the forest, but prefers to stay indoors. She didn't have a mother to raise her, but the camp was her family. But despite her preferring to stay indoors, she loves outdoor sports and can sometimes spotted wind surfing. She does not like noise, and is actually very fond of singing despite her personality.

Fatal Flaw: She has the following flaws

  • She does not socialize,so being with her is kind of awkward

  • She does not trust somebody instantly, so it would take time... and patience to gain her trust, if you did then your lucky.

  • She is very insecure

  • She does not communicate with people very well, so working together with her is a bit difficult


Talents: She has the following talents;

  • Illusions - she is good at illusions, with her dad being the god of fear, she will look normal on the outside, but in the opponents eyes, she could take form of their worst nightmare.

  • Aura of Fear - She just has that aura that can send a chill down your spine or at least shiver a bit in fear in her presence.

  • I don't know what to call it, but she can tell what your worst fear is.

  • Fighting - She is pretty adept at fighting, but she can only kill one monster at a time though.

Weapons: She has a Celestial gold sword, that can turn into an anklet which her mother gave her before she died.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Other: None


the basics,

        Full Name: Syria
        Nicknames: Shade
        Age: 18

          Birthday: 11/03/1994

        Claimed: Yes
        Camp Stays: Year-round
        Camp Experience: 4 years.

the family,

        Mortal Parents: Sandra DeDarko (mother) and Alex DeDarko (father)
        Immortal Parent: Erebus, god of darkness.
        Siblings: none.
        History: Syria used to be like every normal teenager once, but that all changed after her powers began to manifest. Because of the side-effects of her abilities, she initially became very depressive, and began to shun away from sunlight, which many people took notice of. People began to pick on her, and hardly anyone stood up for her. It got to the point where one day, when no one was there to protect her, several bullies basically ganged up on her to teach her a lesson about being what they thought of as a "freak". They got in a couple of good punches and were ready to leave her there all bloody and bruised, but then she finally decided to stand up for herself. This only served to anger this group of misfits, who by nature hated being opposed, and they prepared to serious wound her.

        In the heat of the fight, her abilities finally activated themselves in full, and without even realizing it Syria's shadow throttled one of the bullies and killed him instantly. The rest of the bullies began to run in fear, but she ended up pulling all of them into her "shadow realm", trapping them there. After fleeing from the others, Syria was stuck there for a while before she finally figured how to get out by herself, leaving the bullies trapped in that dimension forever. She found when she escaped however, that it was days later and she'd been classified as missing.

        When she finally found her way back home, she told everyone that she'd gotten beaten up by some of the kids from her school, but couldn't remember anything since then, save for waking up and coming home. The police couldn't disprove her story and pin the murder and disappearances of the kids on her, so she was released from custody. But because of the the suspicion and rumors however, her parents relocated the entire family to New York.

        After arriving in the huge city, Syria made contact with another demigod, and an unlikely friendship developed between the two. Through this friendship, she became a member of the Hideout, a company of demigods, people who like Syria, had abilities. While at the Hideout, she experienced several tribulations, ranging from all out attacks to infiltrations and such, before she finally left, promising her friend that she would follow her ex-boyfriend, Jimi Johnson, and protect him which he embarked on his own suicidal mission.

        While with Jimi Johnson and Jimi's father, Joseph, Syria helped hunt down the man that had tried to kill Jimi, and during that mission committed her first willful act of murder. This served as the breaking point for her, fully unleashing her dark side and awakening a hunger inside her that could only be satisfied by killing. Under the alias "Shade", Syria began her reign as a serial killer, with murders ranging from New York to California, where she followed Jimi and his father.

        Jimi's mission met with tragedy however when the man they were hunting gunned down Joseph, mortally wounding him. In a rage, Jimi burned the killer alive, leaving Syria to clean up the mess. After a short burial and funeral, Syria experienced an unlikely closeness with Jimi (amidst a fair amount of alcohol), and the two came together that night in an unexpected turn.

        After that night, Syria left everyone and everything she knew behind, choosing to live alone and refine her talents. She eventually teamed up with other demigods, normally for dark purposes, but in the end wound up walking a lonely path of path and destruction. She left the Hideout having enough of the killing of normal humans which would do no good. She was after the monsters now. She'd go through a battlefield taking them down by the bunch using her powers and basically cheating.

the psyche,

        Personality: To say that Syria is a mere sociopath is a severe understatement. Cold, calculating, and narcissistic to the extreme, she can in many instances be considered the ultimate epitome of evil. She is far from greedy like most other criminals, and she only has one true goal; to watch the Titans burn. Pain, agony, and chaos drive her to do what she does, as well as the pleasure she attains from watching all of the above. That not to say she doesn't enjoy a fair helping of other well noted sins, such as lust and wrath, but her main one is gluttony, for the simple fact of how much she pleasures herself in the suffering of others.

        At first glance, Syria might seem like a simple jerk, with a fair helping of sexy thrown in to boot. She enjoys seducing people for the most part, and deceiving them as much as possible. That illusion, which allows her to trick others and toy with their emotions, is probably her favorite game to play on a daily basis. Though when it comes to convoluted schemes and dastardly plots (both of which Syria has a natural talent for), she is a stickler for details, and is easy enraged when her plans are foiled. And when Syria is angry? Well, lets put it this way; you'd be hard-pressed to find where all the itty-bitty pieces of the last person to piss her off are stashed...

        •   Rash
        •   Depressed
        •   Lonely
        •   Pessimistic
        •   Sinful

        •   Her ability; obviously, her ability is her most important asset.
        •   Sociopathic; her lack of emotions gives her a rare sense of objectivity, which can give her the upper hand and free her of the unwanted complications associated with emotions.
        •   Devious; she has a talent for creating facades, and pretending to be things she's not.
        •   Determined; once she has her mind set on a goal, anyone set against her would be hard pressed to deter her from what she wants.
        •   Athletic; with all the things shes's been through, Syria's body is pretty toned, and trained to be both flexible and quick.

the physical body,

        looks: Syria has a very petite build, almost skeletal as if she is underweight. She's not exactly short, not tall, standing at an average height of 5'6. She's lean all over without an ounce of fat, and maintains that by working out vigorously to stay in shape. Her hair is usually messy, falling in silken dark brown strands that form natural ringlets to frame her angelic face. Those locks drift past her shoulders and rest just on her collar bones. Her skin is unnaturally white, but kissed with freckles along the bridge of her nose and the height of her cheeks, which she is rather embarrassed of and tries her best to cover it with make up. Her lips are full and rosey pink, she has an appealing normal nose and her eyes are almond shaped and blue in color.

        Syria is very finicky when it comes to her clothing. She isn't the type of girl to go out and spend all her money on the latest new scarf, she is rather the opposite. A bit grungy, in a punk rock type of style. Her casual jeans are worn and purposely torn. Her shirts would be stretched until they were over-sized and baggy. Coats she wears would be adorned with buttons and badges, along with being frayed and the hemming. It might come off that she's poor or doesn't take pride in her appearance, but she does. Nor is she unwealthy. She's just following the trend of the underground, trying to pull off 'I just woke up' look. A style she gets very creative with, uncaring of what others will think of her. Never would she be seen in anything hot pink or what would be considered 'girly'. No frills or collared shirts, her clothing all very low key and vintage.
        •   murdering people quickly
        •   swords fighting
        •   very fast and a good cheater and liar

the camp information,

        weapons: Syria owns different weapons, each is good for a type of monster or mortal. She has mortal guns in her house in New York and swords hidden under her bed at camp.
        pets: none.
        talents: Umbrakinesis

        Syria's umbrakinesis allows her to manipulate darkness, but her ability to deactivate photons to create darkness is concentrated in her shadow, which acts as a physical extension of her mind. This concentrated deactivation of photons within her shadow results in a concentrated mass of extraneous energy that is bound in the form of her shadow, essentially creating a darkness that when activated has mass and is tangible. Her ability also allows her to essentially create a stable black hole/wormhole (by deactivating photons which creates an influx of light that can bend space) that leads to another dimension, specifically a shadow dimension that is linked to the deactivation of photons/light. By habit, Syria calls this alternate "shadow" dimension the Gloom.

        Quote :
        Umbrakinesis is the ability to mentally extinguish visible light and surround oneself or others in darkness and shadow. One with this power could or surround foes in pitch black space making all light in that area stifled and the person unable to see around them. One with this ability can physically control a shadow by creating them where they should not exist or simply moving them, a power which on its own is very innocuous unless one is easily spooked or afraid of the dark.

        Note that one with this power does not have the ability to animate the shadows into beings of their own physicality. They cannot harm tangible objects or organisms because a shadow is merely the absence of light. It is, itself, not alive nor can it be used as a weapon outside of its capabilities of removing light.

        Few with this ability are gifted with the extraordinary ability to travel through shadows (called Umbrageous Teleportation, accomplished by deactivating light particles and converting said particles into a dark version of a wormhole) and even fewer shift into an alternate dimension. Only one known case of this has ever existed.

          limits:  Despite the strength of this power, Syria carries a hefty amount of limitations too. For one, in terms of how physical her ability is, only her shadow is tangible. She cannot "construct" anything out of darkness, and with the exception of her shadow, the most she can do is create a massive blackout that only she can see in. And since her shadow is an extension of her mind, and uses up so much of her concentration and power, any wounds it sustains can be reflected upon her as well.

          And at the same time, her ability to create and manipulate darkness is severely limited depending of the amount of light present in her surrounding environment. As her power functions by deactivating photons, it can require varying amount of energy/concentration to come into affect. If she were to try to create darkness on a particularly sunny day for example, this would take substantially more energy for her to do so than if she were sitting around in dim room. And at the same time, the opaqueness (and by extension tangibility) of her shadow is dependent on the amount of light present, as maintaining her shadow as active takes constant concentration and energy on her part.

          And probably the most debilitating aspect of her ability is simply the physical ties she has to darkness, and the affect it has on her body. Physically she can't tolerate extreme light, and long-term exposure to light without an adequate amount of shadow or cover can actually drain her of energy enough to possibly kill her. Energetically she feeds on shadows and the absence of light, and is dependent enough that without it she becomes lethargic and weak.

          With respect to the trans-dimensional aspect of her ability, it is basically a form of Umbrageous Teleportation, but instead of being instant it lingers in the "in-between" between point A and point B, allowing her to interact within this shadow dimension. Using or activating this aspect of her ability is just as restricted as her other abilities; the massive deactivation of photons necessary to create this "wormhole" requires varying amounts of energy, which can limit the size and stability of it. It is easiest for her to shift into Gloom herself simply by melding with her shadow, which is already active enough mostly to maintain a stable and energy efficient wormhole. Within this alternate dimension however, Syria is essentially powerless. As a dimension that is construed of shadows (which mirror our world), Syria cannot interfere with the normal dimension, and within the Gloom has no shadow to defend herself. Her only defense is the ability to shift out of the Gloom, which can trap a person there with no easy means of escape.

Emily Artie Morgan
Seventeen years of age
February 16, 1995
Godly Parent:
Hormes, Spirit of Eagerness and Effort
Years at Camp:
A little over Three Years

Mortal Family:

    Emily's birth mother died when Emily was actually quite young. The gods didn't want her to slip into the hands of a regular mortal because of how strong her fighting skills were meant to be, so Hormes decided it would be safest for the mortal world to not have to deal with her occasional rage. Hormes consulted with the Big 12 before deciding on an appropriate family to place the young orphan with. Her first family, consisting of her dead birth mother and Hormes, is hardly even remembered anymore.

Marcus Morgan (Adoptive Father):  Yes, M&M. Marcus Morgan, Emily's fake father. He's strict, which is why he tends to make a good father for the rambunctious Emily. Marcus used to be in the army, which can explain most of his actions, and he came back from his military base because of the birth of his first child, and his only son. Marcus is a rather old, middle aged man, who doesn't tolerate nonsense, but has a kind heart deep down. Through it all, he really does love, but sometimes it's easy to forget that.

    "My dad has always been very tough. Even whenever I was supposed to think he was my real dad, I never thought we were related. He was always a very "by the book" kind of guy, I never really was. But my mom always said that we were both stubborn, which is sort of true. Me and my dad, when we fought, neither of us ever gave an inch. Most of our arguments went unresolved and were just put on hold by my mom. Overall he was a good fake dad, and he really did care about me and my brother and sister, it's just a little bit hard to see sometimes."

Juliet Morgan (Adoptive Mother): Juliet is Emily's fake mother, and the World's Best Mom, according to her worn down coffee mug. She, unlike her husband, is gushing with love and affection, though she finds it hard to be strict like Marcus. She isn't afraid to lay down the law, but she doesn't like restricting her three children in any way. Juliet is younger than Marcus, and sometimes it's noticeable, but they love each other as much as any married couple can. The gods saw this in them when they were chosen to harbor the feisty Emily.

    "My mom, even though she's not my real mom, is the sweetest person alive. She has all of the love and affection that my dad has, but she doesn't hide it like he does. But she's not exactly the strictest person around. Actually, I don't think I ever remember her enforcing the rules of the house at all. If you wanted something, then you went to mom. All of us kids knew that. She was just too nice and giving to say no. Sometimes I tried to help her to be stricter, because I've seen my brother and sister take advantage of that kindness that she has, but she's never able to. She's just too sweet."

Thomas Morgan (Adoptive Brother): Thomas, who is five years older than Emily, making him 21, is Emily's best friend, hands down, and her fake brother. Thomas is a loner like Emily, but when they're together, the sibling duo brings out the best in them. Thomas has no secrets, and he likes to display his emotions through song. On his free time, since he's finished with college and only has to worry about his future and his situation, Thomas writes music and preforms it on one of his guitars. Thomas is really a nice singer, but his guitar playing is seriously a gift. Each Morgan seems to have their own gift, as if they were each blessed by a god. Thomas strongly represents Apollo, and though the tattoos on his arms might deny it, the Morgan boy resembles the god of music, too.

    "My brother was always my favorite relative. He was always so nice and sweet and protective of me. He's my big brother, and I'm his youngest sister. We have the relationship that big brothers and little sisters all over just imagine. We don't fight, we don't bicker, we just get along. He was just always so mature that I can't see it being any other way. He's one of the only people I still try to keep in contact with. "

Sarah Morgan (Adoptive Sister): Sarah, who is two years older than Emily, making her 18 years old. Sarah enjoys reading, and she actively participates in everything that her senior year has to offer. Though she's the only blonde in the family, Sarah isn't the cheerleader, little Miss Popular everyone expects her to be. Even at school, her friends always try and pull her away from her smarts, but she seems to be influenced by Athena. Sarah wouldn't dare leave behind the comfort of learning to wear a short skirt and shake pom-poms. Sarah Jane Morgan is obviously expected to be the valedictorian of their class, which fills the entire Morgan family with pride. Since Thomas and Emily don't try as hard in school, Sarah was their chance to do achieve.

    "My sister and I have just always acknowledged each other. We don't fight or anything. And we get along just fine, we're just so different. She's all about studies and school. I was never really much of a school person. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do horribly. I got mostly B's in school. But I didn't get straight A's like she did. And so effortlessly too. You'd expect her to be the popular girl, considering how pretty she is. And people try and turn her into that. But I truly admire her for saying no and sticking to doing what she loves, and that's academia. If I ever need help with something smart and school-y, I know who I would call."

Brief History:

    "My history is pretty normal. For a demigod that is. Well, maybe not. According to dreams, I was in Olympus for a while, but I don't know if that's true or not. I don't remember any of that. But I was just with the Morgans until I was 13. It wasn't anything particularly fantastic. It was just...easy almost. Like everything was set in place to make my life as easy as possible. But that can't be the case."

Emily was originally born to a lady named Trixie Shalieh and Hormes, god of effort and eagerness, but everything changed one night. Emily was only a few weeks old, and Hormes had just left the family to grow on it's own when Trixie went out for the night. Hormes could always sense the lady he fell in had a child with wasn't quite fit to raise a child, but his love blinded him. The god let himself be lured into her trap, and when she died that night in a drunk driving incident, Emily was immediately protected by her father. The little demigod was already a fighter, and anyone could guess what kind of warrior the baby would turn into as she aged. Hormes and the Big 12 decided they couldn't let her go to an orphanage, so Emily was taken to Olympus for a short period of time.
Her time on Olympus was wiped from her mind, along with any memory of Trixie Shalieh she still possessed, but that was for good reason. For Emily had a strong destiny ahead of her, and the gods and goddesses that encountered her knew that the moment they looked into her crystal, teal eyes. Many of the goddesses, including Artemis, were drawn to the girl. But they were all drawn to children, especially those with a strong destiny. Artemis yearned to make the girl a huntress, but due to the future she saw in her eyes, she knew that would not be possible. Adventure, pain, sorrow, happiness, friendship, and love were in the young girl's eyes. The other gods, not wanting the girl to be stripped of her destiny, forbid Artemis of allowing the girl to become a Huntress. All of these memories of Olympus and the short time Emily spent there were wiped from her memory the moment she was placed on the mortal family's doorstep.
Mr. Morgan wasn't sure what to do with the child, and Mrs. Morgan was the reason Emily was allowed to stay. Apollo himself had predicted this happening. The couple was the perfect combination to house the young fighter. Both Marcus and Juliet's talents would come in handy when dealing with their new child. Thomas, the Morgan's first born, was more than happy to welcome a new sister to the family, though he did always wish he had a brother, and Sarah was still too young, at age two, to register what having a new baby meant. This was also part of what Apollo predicted. If Sarah had known she might be getting replaced by a new little girl, she would have protested, and the Morgan's would have rethought just keeping the young girl.
Emily aged normally, of course, though she always showed signs of being special. When she was six, the learned how to fire a shotgun like her father did. When she was eight, she could fish by herself. When she was 10, young little Emily seemed unstoppable. She fit in with the Morgan's as if she really was one herself, which was the final thing Apollo had predicted. Everything had fallen into place perfectly enough for all of the gods and goddesses to relax. The young girl's life was on track and her destiny was still set in place. She was scheduled to arrive at Camp Half-Blood on her 13th birthday, and the day was fast approaching. The Morgans did what they could to allow Emily's life to fall into place. They did their best to nurture her, to keep her alive, healthy and happy.
On her 13th birthday, Thomas, Emily's favorite relative, took her for a drive. Thomas's new car went fast, and he wasn't afraid to push down the pedal with Emily in the car. He was confident they could keep each other safe. That was the way it had always been. Thomas drove Emily to Camp Half-Blood. He drove her all the way and never stopped once. If they stopped then there was a chance that monsters could find them and hurt them. Two days of driving later, the two arrived at Camp. Emily has been there happily ever since.

Physical Appearance:

    "I don't know, I guess I look...normal? I don't have any tattoos or anything. I have freckles, though. And curly brown hair. But I have to say, the one thing I like about my appearance is my ability to make the most extreme facial expressions. You can thank my dramatically moveable eyebrows for that one."

Emily stands at about 5'6" in height. She has a petite build with long arms and legs. Her torso is rather short in comparison to her limbs. Emily has slight curves that are average for her small build. However, most of her frame is muscle from her training and from simple genetics. Emily has thin, bony shoulders that are actually quite strong and broad for a girl. Emily's arms are thin, but muscular. That's why she tends to stick to sleeves, because the fact that her muscles are noticeable when she bends her arms is not appealing to her. Her legs are also quite muscular, though mostly her calves. Her extremities, her hands are feet, are average sized. Her hands are on the smaller end of the size spectrum and are delicate and petite. They are hands you would not expect to be wielding a weapon. Emily's feet are slightly above average and clock in at 10.5 in size, though her left foot is slightly larger than her right.
Emily has a long, thin, heart shaped face. Her jawline is soft and delicate, giving her a pixie-like appearance. Her chin comes to a gentle, rounded point that gives her a strong profile. Her lips are thin and delicate and are often curled up in a cat-like smile. They are a pale, unsaturated pink in color that blends in with Emily's tanned skin. Emily is the kind of person that just has naturally darker skin. She doesn't tan, her skin just holds that sun-kissed color from her genetics. Emily has strong, but delicate cheek bones. They make the apples of her cheeks round and give her dimples when she smiles. Her cheeks are spotted with a light layer of freckles. These freckles case her to look much younger and more innocent than she really is. Her nose comes to a button-like point and curls up in the bridge, which only adds to her delicate, pixie-like appearance. Her nose is petite and sits in the center of her face.
Emily has almond-shaped, child-like eyes that have a curious, innocent gleam to them. They are not too large, but not overly thin and are usually decorated with light amounts of make-up. Her irises are teal in color with flecks of blue and green. Around her pupil is a layer of gray that seems to give her a wiser glint when you look into her eyes. Emily does not hide emotions well. Everything she's feeling is shown in her eyes like an open book. She has long, black lashes framing her eyes, though they are naturally brown and match her hair, she coats them with mascara to make them stand out more. Above her eyes are her arched, mildly tweezed, brown eyebrows. Emily takes pride in being able to wiggle her eyebrows separately and this ability adds to her talent for extreme facial expressions.
Emily's hair is long and reaches all the way down to the small of her back. Ever since she was little, she had this idea in her head that only boys cut their hair. So, for seventeen years, she has only trimmed the edges of her hair and never cut it drastically. She's let it grow to the point its at now. Despite her hair being long, Emily almost always keeps it down and lets it cascade down her shoulders. She only pulls it up when she's going into battle. Emily's hair is a rich, chestnut brown in color with hints of red in direct sunlight. Her hair is very curly and twists into perfect ringlets. Though her hair grows frizzy from the humidity in the summer, Emily does not stress over it. She's usually able to keep her hair well contained.
Emily has a very simple, typical clothing style. She likes a wide variety of clothes that goes from dark, almost punk clothing to girly, flowery clothing. It all depends on what kind of mood she's in. Though usually she stays somewhere in the middle with sweaters, mild colors and print blouses. Emily also likes to dress up every now and then and has a few dresses hidden in the back of her closet.


    "I guess I'm pretty stubborn, at least that's what I hear all the time. People say that they don't expect me to be the way I am from looking at me. I think that means that I'm supposed to look sweet, quiet and innocent. I think it's the freckles and long hair that's throwing them off. But I am a nice person, at least I try to be. I don't like putting my issues on other people, though. I tend to keep my personal problems to myself, I don't really vent very much. Why? Because people have their own crap to deal with, no need to make them have to worry about mine too."

 Emily is the type of girl that will surprise you. From just looking at her, you think you know her, and bam! Emily turns into the exact person you weren't expecting to see. The girl is a fighter, with quite the temper, as you could expect from someone with such inner power. Her father gives her most of her personality as he is stubborn and influencing, just like Emily. After hard work, the family of father and daughter always feels rewarded, and the two aren't satisfied and at peace unless they've put in maximal effort. Emily is the kind of person that will never give an inch in an argument. That's why Emily and her father fought and fought until her mother would step in and calm them down. Both are stubborn and hard-headed.
Once Emily gets an idea in her head, she never lets it go until she's seen it through. This is good in some cases because this determination causes her to accomplish things others can't. But this is also a bit of a flaw because, even if the idea is going to come back and bite her in the butt, she's going to see it through. Emily doesn't listen to reason from people if she's in this determined mode, even if they're just trying to help her.
Emily is very independent. She is the kind of person that never asks for help. When she has to carry a lot of things around, she gets everything in one trip without any help from anyone, even if it's too heavy and ends up hurting her. She doesn't ask for assistance, never gives an inch, and refuses to show any kind of weakness. She has this idea in her head that if she's not strong and together then people won't like her anymore. She thinks that if she shows others she has issues and problems then they won't want to be around her anymore because she's whiny.
Emily is a very opinionated person, and sometimes her opinions get the better of her. She's very sure in herself and her abilities and sometimes her mouth moves a little faster than her brain. Emily often finds herself throwing out a rude comment or remark and then regretting it later after she's thought through the fact that maybe it wasn't a good idea for her to say those things. Emily always tells herself to stop and think things through, but she's just to rash and eager to let that happen.
Emily has a bit of a temper. She can sometimes get a little too angry a little too quickly, especially when it comes to things she cares about. When something like her friends or her family is threatened, whether it be verbally or physically, Emily becomes quickly enraged. This anger that pumps through her veins is almost terrifying. Emily tries to control her anger, but she doesn't always succeed.
Emily, despite being angry and hard-headed, is a very kind and loyal person. She cares deeply for people and trusts them very easily. Once Emily considers you a friend, she is always there, by your side, no matter what crap you're going through. For even though that determination, protective nature, and hard-headed state of mind makes her the most loyal friend you could ever ask for. Not to mention the fact that, since Emily keeps her emotions and problems to herself, she's almost always in a good mood. Emily is very goofy, happy and sarcastic when those good times come around and there's nothing she has to deal with.

Fatal Flaw:

    "I learned after I arrived at Camp that everyone has a Fatal Flaw. People around me joke and say it's my stubbornness. But being stubborn can be a good thing. It's not always a flaw. ...Wait, that's what a fatal flaw is? A good thing that will end up being bad? Well crap."

 Aside from the fact that Emily seems to be obsessed with battle, she's also too stubborn for her own good. Things aren't as serious for Emily as they are for most of the population as she views her life differently, which makes her often disagree with everyone, and she doesn't like to give up. Her way or no way is what she likes to say. Each time she survives her fatal flaw, though, she gets stronger, which is why her theme song is Stronger by Britney Spears. This fact is startlingly true.


    "I love animals, but I don't own any. I've always wanted a dog though. A mixed mutt or something. There is a wolf that seems to be everywhere I am, though. He's tall, with golden fur. I haven't given him any sort of name though, because he's not really my pet."

Golden Wolf:

Though Emily doesn't own any animals, almost all animals are extremely fond of her. Wolves especially find Emily interesting. Emily loves all animals, too. She's very much an animals person. One wolf seems to always follow her. If she has any pets, this wolf, a golden furred large male, has no name, but Emily doesn't feel the need to give him one.



The Battle Ability:  Emily is an exceptional fighter. She is swift and dangerous. Overall, Emily is a force to be reckoned with, and a fighter that can really make the difference between a winning side and a loosing side. Though she is one of the best fighters you will come across, Emily is stubborn and very hard to agree with, making her rather indecisive and unreliable.
The Effort Ability: Most things come practically effortlessly to Emily, but the things that don't come effortlessly come with greater effort than any normal mortal, and most demigods, could ever understand. It's bitter sweet talent/power.
The Urge: Emily always likes change, and something inside of her always rushes her to try new things. It's the eager part of her father's title actually speaking to her, though.


    "I love sword-fighting, but I'm only allowed to use a sword when we're going into battle. It's part of my gift from Hormes to be gifted with a sword, and since sword fighting is best done with an opponent, Chiron decided it would be better to keep me swordless until necessary."

mily fights best with her bow and arrow, believe it or not, and she's most ruthless with a sword. (Though camp wouldn't all her to have a sword, because she's extremely deadly with one, and it was a safety hazard to give her one.) Emily doesn't own a shield, which is dangerous, but the daughter of Hormes knows it slows her down.

Year-Round or Summer:
Her color is lightseagreen. This character was originally created by Nico. Thanks for the character, Nico! And adopted from Angel, Good luck Angel!

Emily's Wardrobe

* birth certificate

    Name: Anya Clarkson
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September 20
    Age: 16
    Godly Parent: Mania, The godess of insanity and madness
    Mortal Family:
    •Dr. Dylan Clarkson - Dr. Dylan Clarkson was a brilliant biologist and pathologist. He often spends time in his lab dissecting specimens, or if was given permission, human corpses for forsenic purposes. As a scientist,he wanted to see the world evolving around him and considers something that doesn't change "boring". He enjoys dicovering new things by going throught them. But depite this mindset, he had a wonderful and compassionate personality and got along with his colleages very well.  
    Claimed or Unclaimed:Claimed

* camp life

    Year-Round or Summer Camper:Year-Round
    Years at Camp: 4 years
    Dr. Dylan Clarkson was a biologist and pathologist who had a fondness for dissecting. Animals or humans (preferably dead), big or small, he would be interested in going throught their guts and discover what interesting things he would find. But despite this, he has a kind and compassionate side and greatly values human life, despite his obsession. This personality of his attracted the eyes of a goddess, particularly Mania, the goddess of insanity. She was interested in the madness swirling inside him, his obssession of cutting though things to find out new things, but was also attracted to his kind personality. She knew that if they were together, he would get influenced by her madness and become insane, but still, she'd rather meet him than watch him from afar. She started courting him after they met. And needless too say, she felt happy with him. But there was a drawback, for every time she spent with him, he becomes even more and more insane. And eventually she had to leave him. Somehow, he managed to get to work that day and almost dissected his assistant alive. But his collegues called the nearest policemen, who shot him fatally on the head. When the police questioned his colleagues on how he even went insane, mysteriously, they didn't even know. All they knew was he started courting this certain woman whom they haven't seen before. But the thing is, they couldn't find this woman anywhere, no identification, no realtionships, no family members, no nothing. It was like she didn't even exist. And so since they couldn't find her, they dropped the case. A year later, Mania gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and named her Anya Clarkson. And sincr Dylan died before she was born, she had no choice but to leave her in front of an orphanage, with the note "Anya Clarkson" left behind with her.

    Anya didn't have the best childhood. Unlike all the other children in the orphanage, she was an outcast. A freak. The other kids didn't even forget to remind her. While the other kids were playing outside, she would sit in a room and listen to the radio. While they would have fun reading out loud, she couldn't even register what she was even reading. She was rejected by the other kids for merely being different than them. Other kids would make fun of her by forcing her to read something out loud, or by picking on her physically. She wasn't keen on making friendships with other kids because of this, but she did find comfort in Mr. Evans, one of the ophanage's caretakers who was disabled. He was the only one who could connect with her. He also know what she loves the most; Music. Though she doesn't play musical instruments, she just loves listening to it. In fact, she would always sit next to the radio and listen to whatever music that would play, which is something that he noticed, so, as a gift, he gave her an iPod with thousands of music in it. Something she still keeps with her up to this day.

    The most memorable, but haunting memory of hers happened at the age of 5. There was a new girl named Jess who was taken in by the orphanage at the age of 5. She quickly became friends with everyone, though she couldn't help notice the strage girl sitting alone at a table listening to the radio. She asked the other kids who she was, she was told not to talk to that "freak", though she thought that her title was a bit harsh. So ignoring the kids' instructions, she went and tried to talk to her. At first, Anya was a bit shocked that someone would actually talk to her. But as they talked more, Jess realized that she wasn't so bad and was wondering why the othe kids would label her as a "freak". Anya on the other hand was thrilled by the thought of finally having someone who didn't think of her as a freak. As they talked more, the other kids were muttering to each other. "Why would she talk to that freak?" "Why would someone like her talk to a weirdo like that?" would be some of the most uttered questions of the kids. As Jess and Anya were talking, 3 older boys at the ages of 7 walked up to them and yanked Jess behind them, saying that she shouldn't talk to a weirdo like her. Jess tried to defend her but she merely got pushed away by the boys. Anya kicked his leg on response. He yelped in pain. He raised his arm to deliver a punch in anger. "You little-" were the last words he could muster up before she dodged and delivered a painful blow to his arm, breaking it. He later found himself on the ground. He tried to get up, but the pain in his arm was too overwhelming. the other 2 boys then charged up to her, but later found themselves on the ground with devestating pain in one of their limbs. Jess's eyes widenened and the children screamed in terror at the sight before them. The caretakers were shocked! A little girl brought down 3 older boys that easily? They were horrified at that revelation. They quickly dialed 911. Anya slowly looked up at the kids faces. They all had a look of horror, and they were all staring at her. Even Jess, someone who she thought finally accepted her, looked at her with fearful eyes. She laughed softly, albeit softly, as she walked to her room, with kids stumbling out of her way in fear. Mr. Evans was the only one who tried to chase after her. She stepped into her room and locked the door behind her and sat on the spot while hugging her knees. She could hear Mr. Evans calling out her name through the door, saying that it's going to be alright, when really, it isn't. The next day, she wasn't getting picked on or bullied. Everyone just outright avoided her. Whenever she would enter a room, everyone would suddenly go quiet and look at her with fearful eyes. She knew to them, she wasn't a freak anymore, she was a monster in their eyes now.

    It got worse as she got older. When she started Middle School, it was exactly the same as it was when she was younger. People picked on and harrassed her beacause there was something wrong with her, bease she was different, and she didn't do a thing about it because she didn't want a repeat of that incident. So she refrained from creating friendships or relations with everyone. She would distance herself from everyone. If ever there were group projects, she would just keep quiet and go along with what was planned. She also wasn't doing well in school either. Her ADHD and Dyslexia made a bit hard for her to concentrate. Then "it" happened.

    A bunch of guys approached her as she was getting to her locker. Apparently, they'd think it would be fun pick on her and see how'd she'll react. Well, it's something they'd regret for the rest of their lives. They harassed her physically and verbally, up until she reached her breaking point. That's when things started getting serious.

    She pinned the leader of the group against the wall and started to jab him in the gut over and over again until he spit up blood. What's scary was that she did it with a menacing smile on her face. And what's weird was that his lackeys could pull her away from him anytime now, but they didn't. They were getting farther and farther away from the spot because of fear. The girl they were staring at wasn't the timid, unsociable girl they were tormenting, instead they were staring at a sadisic monster. The other students looked on in horror as she continues to beat and jab him. The punch-fest was stopped by 2 security guards who pulled her away from the bruised and bloody boy as a teacher calls an ambulance. As she comes back to her senses, she realizes what she's done, and tears stream down her face as she's taken to the principal's office. As she enters, she sees Mr. Evans sitting in the office as the pricipal tells him that she is expelled from the school.

    As they get back to they orphanage, Mr. Evans tells her to pack her stuff for reasons unknown to her. So the next day, she discovers he also has packed his stuff, as he says that they're going to a special "camp". Though she was a bit hesitant, she just went with it. So they traveled all the way to Long Island, New York without even stopping. On the way there,  he explained what the camp was and revealed that he is actually a satyr, which shocks her at first but later gets used to the the fact that he's half-goat. After they finally arrived (and luckily, they didn't encounter any monsters on the way). She was surprised by the diverse number of campers in the camp. And as she entered, she was claimed by Mania

* the psyche

Personality: Despite being the daughter of Mania, the goddess of insanity and madness, she is not a bad person. She's quite caring of people's lives and tries not to hurt anyone. She's the kind of person who you can count on to do her jobs carefully, even if she doesn't voice out her opinions very well.

She is very fond of music. As a child, she doesn't do well in the company of other children, so instead, she listens to the music on the radio to entertain herself. Also, when upset, listening to music often helps her calm down. This later gives her a wonderful taste in music.

She's a loner. She does not do well in a room with too much people and does not like going to parties. She is quite used to being alone, but she does not mind the companionship with a few people. She is also does not like drawing attention to herself.

She's the kind of person that doesn't show her emotions a lot, so it's very difficult to know how she's feeling. But the real reason for her not to show a lot of emotions is because she needs to control them so she will not revert to her insane persona.

Her 'insane' persona is a sadistic and intimidating personality that only shows up when she's on the breaking point of her emotional state or in battle. She smiles a lot in this state, but they are filled with psychotic intentions. If this persona is triggered by a crack in her emotional state, she will attack anyone, friend or foe, indiscriminately, which is why she needs to maintain control of her emotions. In battle, she can activate this persona, but keeps her ability to identify friend or foe. However, there is a limit to how much time she can spend in this persona. If she uses this for too long, she can loose herself to the madness.

Fatal Flaw: She somewhat believes that she is alone in the world. Due to her past experiences, she believes in the worst of people, so it can be very for you to befriend and full gain her trust. One of the only people who could break down that wall is Mr. Evans, her satyr and onlt paternal figure.

Likes: At least 3

  • Music

  • Being alone

  • Scenery of Nature

Dislikes: At least 3

  • Parties

  • Her Insanity

  • Attention

* the appearance


    Physical Description: Anya's appearance seems to be a combination of some of her fathers traits with her mother's build. She stands at 5'8 in height and has a tall, but lean build. She has dark brown hair with natural waves which goes past her shoulders a few inches. She has been described as attractive more than once, and does not like the attention. Some more of he attractive features include her defined eyebrows, warm, brown eyes, olive complexion, and full lips. She is also physically fit
    Dressing Style: Anya likes to cover herself up with sweaters and hoodies as she feels very uncomfortable in exposing skin. She also prefers dark colors at it draws away attention from her. She is also fond of wearing grunge style boots and loose clothing.
    Face Claim: Phoebe Tonkin

* the defensive system


    •Fighting Ability - She has a very unique fighting style. Her attacks are quite chaotic and unpredictable, which makes her a fearsome opponent.
    •Insanity - she can activate this persona in battle. This persona is quite powerful and merciless, and fighting her in this persona would be a regrettable decision. However, there is a limit for how much time she spends using this persona. If she stays in this persona for too long, she could get consumed by her own madness

    Weapons: She can adapt to any kind of weapon that is in her hands, however she mostly uses a polearm as her default weapon.
    Pets: None

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Anya is accepted
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The Amazing World of Pinky
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