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 BronzeSword's Characters

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PostSubject: BronzeSword's Characters   Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:59 am

Name: Corbin Hunt
Age/Birthday: 18, 5/15/1995
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hephaestus
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Delmar Hunt (Corbin's Stepfather, Deceased), Martha Hunt (Corbin's Mother, Resides in Canada), Bruce Hunt (Corbin's Stepbrother, Resides in Canada)
Years in Camp: three years
Brief History: Corbin was a gentle, shy youth who has been always interested in mechanics and everything which is made of metal and  fascinated by volcanos. Since he was 15 years old, he'd never suspected to be a demigod and he'd always thought that Delmar was his real father. But Corbin changed his mind when a Chimera, razing his home, killed his stepfather. Luckily a satyr and a group of three boys killed the monster, saved his mother and his brother and drove him to the Camp Hal-Blood. Here he stood in Hermes Cabin only a night, because Hephaestus immediatly claimed him.

Physical Appearance: Corbin is tall 1,90 cm and he is sturdy, because he continually hammers in the forge. His eyes are light brown and his long dark brown hair falls on his shoulder, but his skin is pale. He always wears a red T-shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of red Converse in his summer quest; whereas in his winter quest he wears also a sweatshirt and a duffel coat.

Personality: Corbin is shy and prefers to be alone reflecting and working to his new weapon, althought he has a lot of friends. He's touchy, very pride and holds grudge; but he's also loyal, noble, brave and generous. He's a bit stubborn, but he considers it a virtue, because it permites him to carry on his aims.

Fatal Flaw: His touchiness brings him to go away during a quest, remaining alone, thus weaker.
Pet: A peregrin hawk, called Helios.
Talents: He's immune to everything which is hot and changing the shape of the metals.
Weapon: A Sword called Flogos, a Golden Shield and Thrown Daggers.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round.
Aspirations: He wants to be the most expert blacksmith discovering an indistructible and all-monster-slayer alloy.

Name: Lexi Clarke
Age/Birthday: 16, 7/17/1997
Gender: Female
God Parent: Nyx
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: James Clarke (Lexi's Father, Resides in Pasadena,California)
Year in Camp: six month
Brief History: Before going to the Camp, she used to pass all day searching something in the night sky, as if she was dragged from it. One day before the other campers came to pick her up, while she was looking the night sky, a beautiful long-haired woman appeared next her, telling her she was her mother, Nyx, the Goddes of the Night, and that Lexi would have come to the Camp. So, still astonished, she left her lovely father and her home, the day after.

Physical Appearance: She's not very tall (1,60 cm), but her slender figure makes her seem taller. She's very athletic, because of her love for jogging. Her eyes are darker than the night and her hair too. His skin is so pale, that you can think she's made by marble. She loves wearing blue singlet and a pair of shorts with a pair of sneakers; whereas a pair of blue trousers, a blue shirt, a sweather, a raincoat and a pair of leather boots in winter.

Personality: Lexi is very sociable and open-minded, a bit dreamer. She gets angry very quicly when she doesn't get what she want. She hates loosing. She's very clever and loves riddles. Her loyalty for her friends is so unconditional that she would give her life for them.

Fatal Flaw: She can't think when she gets angry.
Pet: A female owl, called Selene
Talents: She can blind a foe a time with the darkness, but for a minute only.
Weapon: An onyx spear, a long-bow with burning arrows and a silver dagger.
Aspirations: She wants to become a famous astronomer.

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PostSubject: Re: BronzeSword's Characters   Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:19 pm

corbin hunt & lexi clark
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BronzeSword's Characters
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