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 darling everything's on fire [OPEN]

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PostSubject: darling everything's on fire [OPEN]   Sun Aug 18, 2013 7:59 pm

silena beauregard
Silena, out of pure luck and karma most likely, had wound up one of the few healthy demigods stuck in the infirmary. There were sick kids slowly dying without medication in the same room, and for once, Silena was trying to plan her own escape to get away from those who needed help. She had nursed a few other half-bloods for a short amount of time, but she had been trapped in the building for too long, and she needed to get out. It was driving her mad. Tough as nails, Silena was, but the stress of her current position was proving to be too much.
"Is there anyone healthy in here?" Silena shouted, her voice cracking at the word healthy. The question wasn't helping the guilt she felt. Having to ask someone else to escape with her, and knowing she was leaving people who needed her behind, made her feel sick. "It's Silena! Silena Beauregard, daughter of Aphrodite! I'm going to need someone's help." Upon shouting her name, the girl heard a voice moan almost happily. It was someone sick and dying, someone that she knew from before all of this. It had to be. The voice was extremely familiar. Silena shut it out, like she had learned to shut out the zombies' moans.
Pulling out a knife, Silena adjusted her jacket. She was dressed in all black, right down to her hair which was currently untreated. I'd been a long time since she'd been concerned with changing it's color. Before Luke. Gazing at her reflection in the knife, Silena held her breath. She looked kind of crazy, extremely wild. She looked cold, which was uncommon, and yet, above all else, she still looked pretty. Her beauty made people trust her, and it was something she hated. For once, she wished people would rely on someone else, but no. All of the sick kids in the infirmary seemed to think she was some kind of angel that could heal them.
She had to get out. Putting down the cold, wet rag she had been holding, Silena stood up and stretched. She just had to wait for someone to answer her plea for help. She had a plan, a dangerous one, that would require bravery to match her own, and that eliminated a lot of people from the room. "I'm going to need someone stupidly bold." Silena laughed, a sweet sound amongst the moans of agony coming from both demigods and zombies in the area. It wasn't right.
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PostSubject: Re: darling everything's on fire [OPEN]   Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:35 pm

Jace Howards- Son of Dionysus 
Help. That was all Jace could do now. He'd rather be outside, fighting the zombies until the first strokes of light shone through the trees. He liked fighting, it was his creative outlet here at camp now that his race car had been destroyed outside the boundaries by monsters that chased him and his friends. But fighting was not an option now, as most campers preferred to stay away from the conflict of dying. Jace couldn't blame them. However, he thought that they should want to protect the place that most called home. But deep down inside his warrior heart, he knew it was a suicide mission. 
Jace was where he'd be most helpful. The infirmary. Yes, deep down in that selfish and spoiled black heart of his, he was nice and comforting, ready to help those in need. There was something that triggered that part of him when he was tending to the sick and wounded. Maybe it was because one of his friends was seriously injured in the hospital because of Jace's doing. So even though it wasn't his friend, Jace felt some greif lifted from his shoulders every time he saw thanks and gratitude in a campers eyes when they were healthy. 
Even so, making kids feel better could get very tiring for Jace, who liked his other side, the mean and dauntless side, better. And he needed a break. So when opportunity came knocking in a form of a girl, whom Jace knew as Silena, he hoped on the train excitedly, waiting to feel the rush of recklessness again. "Well, that depends, Aphrodite." Jace said. "Physically healthy or mentally healthy?" He found himself leaning against a wall, flipping his medium sized sword in his hand. 
Of course Jace thought himself as brave. If he wasn't brave, he wouldn't have made it to camp. If he wasn't brave, he wouldn't currently be in trouble with the law in most states. So he didn't feel the nauseating feeling of nervousness creep inside of him when he thought of the zombies moans. Instead, he welcomed them with a quiet fury. He walked over to Silena's voice, draggin the edge of the bronze metal on the wood floor, but not doing any real damage to it.
"If it's someone stupidly bold you're looking for, I'm your man." He smirked. Whatever plan the girl had come up with, Jace would follow through gladly, just for something to do. 

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darling everything's on fire [OPEN]
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