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 Roses wonderful characters

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PostSubject: Roses wonderful characters   Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:28 pm

My first time using this character for a rp, anyway heres Farenne :)

Posting colour: yellow
Name: Farenne Srelador
Age/Birthday: 15, 17th july
Gender: Female
God Parent: Ares
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Ariana Srelador- younger sister, Esmerelda Srelador- mom, David Srelador- step dad.
Years in Camp: 2

Brief History: Farenne grew up in Seattle, living in her families small apartment. Being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 7 led to a hard time at school, unlike her sister Ariana she was allways a member of the bitchy gang. She never liked it though, finding that they would allways talk about her behind her back, and make her do things she didn't really want to do. She tried smoking at the age of 13, although never again. She shoplifted a few small items and has ended up waiting in the minor injuries department on a few occasions from fights. All things she regrets deeply.

As for her home life, it was alright. Her step dad would go to work and her mom would do small chores around the apartment and keep everything in order and have the cheap budget dinners allways on the table at precisly 6:30. She doesnt know her parents that well though, as she was often left alone with her sister shes very close to.

She is unsure as to why her 'darker side' allways wins, shed like to think shes stronger than that. Not physically, but mentally. Physically, despite her size she could take down the incredible hulk with her rugby tackle.

Physical Appearance: Farenne, in contrast to her neat and pretty little sister, shes got quite a messy look about her. She has dark chocolaty brown hair in a large afro and large stormy, dark coloured eyes. She has a fairly athletic and slim figure.

Personality: Shes really soft and caring, but on the outside shes tough and needs help from nobody. She has a short fuse and gets angry easily, but calms down quite quikly. Shes passionate about singing. She is also very caring, as shown when her mom gave her a pet rat for her birthday.

Fatal Flaw: Pride. She wont accept help even if she needs it, and will do stupid things to look good.

Pets: A trained rat named Claw.

Talents: Shes fast with a sword, and she can sing very well.

Weapons: She will carry a very ornamental shortsword around with her, she calls it claw, too.

Year-Round or Summer: Year round, occasionally sneaking out to visit her sister.

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PostSubject: Re: Roses wonderful characters   Thu Aug 08, 2013 2:36 am

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Roses wonderful characters
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