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 too cold outside for angels to fly [open]

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PostSubject: too cold outside for angels to fly [open]   Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:15 pm

katherine daisy may

Kate's dreams hadn't been pleasant since the camp's impending doom began. First, her thoughts would drift into a helpless view of the campers being taunted and killed by the zombies, and were slowly getting worse. Mentally seeing a young child's guts being thrown over it's blood body wasn't something Katherine often wished for, but the images seemed uncontrollable.

Blinking her eyes open, she found herself in a cold sweat, her vision blurry. Rubbing her face off, feeling the sweat cling to the back of her hand. Kate hadn't the slightest idea where she was, only that she was in a building. The demigod last remembered falling asleep around the Big House, but it had been in horrible shape. "Where am I?" she thought aloud, pulling her knees to her chest.

Kate pulled her damp blonde hair into a messy bun, feeling the chill of a morning air get to her. Goosebumps spreading across her exposed skin, she heard a rumble from her stomach. She hoped her food was somewhere around her, wherever she was. If whoever rescued her had brought it with them. Making her way over to a group of demigods, she tapped one of their shoulders. "Hi!" Katherine greeted, a smile forming on her face. "I was wondering if anyone's seen my bag? It's a black leather backpack, I must've misplaced it..."

She would never think it, but plenty of demigods would be ready to steal a bag stocked with food, ambrosia or any other supplies. "Did anyone go to the Big House recently? That's where I was but..." Kate muttered, rubbing her neck. "Oh, I'm Kate, sorry, who are you?"
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PostSubject: Re: too cold outside for angels to fly [open]   Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:35 am

Romeo Davis

Romeo had been awake for at least two hours, listening to the moans of the zombies outside and keeping an eye on the girl he had rescued. He had found her in the Big House, nearly overcome with zombies and sleep, and had protected her as she had faded out of consciousness. She likely didn't remember anything about it. He had wanted to get her to the infirmary, but there were too many zombies around that building, so he opted to bring her to the camp store for some peaceful rest.

He ran his hands through his dark brown hair, marveling at how long it had gotten. I really need to get a haircut, he thought as the girl finally woke up. He moved to keep her down, but she seemed content to just walk around with her amount of injuries. That ambrosia must really work.

As she walked up to him, he pulled out the black leather bag he had found with her. It had been a tough carry, but he had managed to carry the entire bag of supplies along with carrying her in a fireman's hold along with fighting off zombies. Yeah, it had been tough. Just the thought made him cringe with memories.

"This bag? Here," Romeo said, handing it off to her. "I hope you don't mind, but I used a bit of ambrosia to heal your wounds. You didn't look so good back at the Big House." He gave her a shake of the head and a smile. "You really should be more careful when the sun goes down. I'm Romeo."
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too cold outside for angels to fly [open]
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