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 Down by the water's of the Lake (Graceyac)

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PostSubject: Down by the water's of the Lake (Graceyac)   Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:13 pm

"Ugh....Instructions suck....I know I shouldn't be here." Zoe says, as she looks out over the still water, hands upon her hips, shaking her head slightly. Her foot lightly tapped against the mud and sand beneath her, she rolled her head slightly. "My legs are aching" she mutters to herself shaking her head in mild annoyance. Deciding to rest before she tried to find her way back to the dinner table, Zoe plonked herself down on the ground and stretched her legs out before her. Zoe rolled her head around slightly and sniffled, looking out across the clear water of the lake, her mind wandering to some far off fantasy land.
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Down by the water's of the Lake (Graceyac)
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