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 Serena Mason's Characters

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Serena Mason

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PostSubject: Serena Mason's Characters   Tue Jul 23, 2013 1:32 pm

Name: Serena Mason

Age/Birthday: 14

Gender: Female

God Parent: Dionysus

Claimed: No

Mortal Family: Irelia Mason and Gary Mason

Years in Camp: 0

Brief History: Serena was born to Irelia and the god of wine Dionysus though he left when she was born. Her mother then remarried and her new stepfather was originally a gambler and due to his gambling they ran out of money and had to move into an apartment. She was around 5 years old at this time. She started up at a new school and continued to go there until she was ready for high school.

During her time in elementary all through middle school, her father's gambling addiction turned into a drinking addiction and he would berate her at every chance he got causing her to become very shy and feel as though she wasn't worth much. She didn't have very many friends and the one or two that she did have never found out about how cruel her father was due to the fact that up until she was in her last year in middle school he never actually physically harmed her.

In her last year of middle school her father began accusing her of sleeping around with every boy in the school which wasn't true in the least. She didn't even have a boy friend. She would deal with this just as she had dealt with the abuse all her life up to this point. She would draw or paint when her father had passed out after beating her until she fell asleep crying. She had started wearing long sleeve shirts to hide the marks that her father had left on her feeling that if anyone found out she would only get hurt worse. Other than her painting she would sometimes sneak some of her father's alcohol into her room and drink it until she passed out just so that she didn't have to deal with the consciousness of what her stepfather was doing to her.

One day she had had enough and just ran she kept on running until it was night and she couldn't run anymore. She passed out from exhaustion and when she woke up she saw she had arrived at some sort of campsite.

Physical Appearance: She has brown hair that goes to her shoulders in length. She has tan skin but her skin has a lot of scars, cuts, and bruises all across it from her stepfather's abuse. She has amber eyes and has a very light build for her age due to the fact that she is malnourished not being able to eat properly and having to sneak food up to her room in order to eat anything at all.

Personality: Serena is very impressionable and can be hurt easily due to the fact that her father is abusive towards her and her mom. She wishes to one day become a psychiatrist and work at a clinic where she can help people who have grown up like she has. She fears sleeping at night due to her not being able to trust that she'll wake up in the morning or if her father will kill her in a drunken rage.

She is constantly looking for some sort of affection to prove to her that there is still a reason for her to carry on though once she finds it it will probably mean the world to her. She feels that if she had someone she could trust that all her problems with her dad wouldn't seem so bad. Other than anything to do with her father, she is a very shy soft spoken girl who would most of the time rather just be left alone than made to speak. She doesn't want others to worry about her so most of the time she wears long sleeve shirts to hide the scars and bruises that adorn her arms, legs, and back.

Fatal Flaw: Feels as though she can't do anything so she won't even try to get help even if not getting help will eventually end up hurting her a lot more than getting help would.

Pets: None

Talents: She is a good artist and can make wine very well.

Weapons: None

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Other: None
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PostSubject: Re: Serena Mason's Characters   Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:00 pm

serena mason
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Serena Mason's Characters
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