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 [open] ash and dust

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out of town girl

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PostSubject: [open] ash and dust    Mon Jul 15, 2013 5:29 pm

your blood staining into my skin
Charley didn't want to die; he really didn't. But as he hobbled along on his broken ankle, a sword gripped tightly within his bloody left hand and holding a bandana to his stomach as he tried to stop the vast blood-flow, he felt himself becoming weaker and weaker. There was so much he could take, and he knew that he shouldn't have left his cabin; he should have left for the confinement of the Ares cabin, instead of just dumping Dog there and going off the find someplace for himself where he could be safe without worrying if one of them was going to turn around and take a bite at him.

He could only make it a few more steps however before practically collapsing against the door leading into the Big House, although it had been ripped nearly off it's hinges so Charley was surprised that it was even there. He tentatively pushed it open, his golden-brown eyes widening as he proceeded forth silently into the house, trying not to think about the pool of sticky liquid he stepped into as he went. There had to be people in here, and even if Charley wasn't exactly on a rescue mission unless he got something out of it, he could still try and help so they could help him. He just needed medication, and this had been closer than the infirmary.

He knew as soon as he'd made it two metre however that entering the Big House was a mistake. He should've paid more attention to the damage around the exterior instead of just limping inside. His weak foot kicked at something as he moved forward towards where there may be supplies, causing both a creak to echo throughout the grim some building and a cuss to escape out of Charley's lips. It didn't take long before Charley saw a mangled, destroyed body fire itself at him from the darkness, and Charley barely had enough time to fling his sword and just his shoulder away to avoid teeth. He knew then that coming here was a mistake, yet he was too far in to run back, so he ran into the first door he could, having to throw all his weight against the wood at first to actually get it open. He slammed it behind him, finding himself trapped in a room that was no bigger than a eight feet tall and wide; like a broom cupboard.

Leaning back against the only door to try and keep it closed tight whilst he felt the undead beating on it from the otherside, Charley finally got a glimpse of his surroundings, his breath stopping when he realized that he was not the only one in the room; he caught sight of a figure in the blackness of someone leaning besides one of the walls, yet Charley couldn't tell if they were like him or like the others. "Hello?" He questioned out, raising the tip of his blade towards the silhouette yet not being able to move away as he the weakening eighteen year old fought to keep the door closed. If the person was alive, he may have a chance; if the person was one of the summoned, however, he was a dead man.
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a. hams
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PostSubject: Re: [open] ash and dust    Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:41 pm

And I wanna tell you who I am...

  Can you help me be a man?

Jack Cyrus- Son of Apollo
Jack had gotten in trouble with Chiron again. He really didn't know how he managed it- getting caught every time he did something wrong- that is. There had to be some trick, maybe the campers were spies and tattled on Jack. This time he'd blown up the toilets while the Aphrodite campers were in there. They'd come out wet and with their makeup running. Not even five minutes into laughing had Mr. D and Goat Legs come up and scolded him for potentially putting other campers in danger blah blah blah. Jack had heard it all before and didn't need to again. Ever since Helena left for the summer... Well, Jack just didn't feel whole, like a piece of his heart had flown away. They didn't date or anything, but it felt as if they were made for each other.
Every chance he got he wreaked havoc and had soon gained the Hermes respect. He liked being the bad boy of the Apollo cabin. It felt good to be noticed again, like he did in NYC. Jack sighed. He was never going back there, he knew it. His grandmother, Genevieve, had been murdered a couple of months back, and grief was still fresh in Jacks mind.
A while back Mr. D and Chiron left to take care of some more important business other than Jack. Apparently there was an undead problem. Jack stayed here, thinking it be best if he didn't get himself into further trouble. So here Jack sat, listening to the ticking of the clock and the scratching of the pocket knife he was using to carve his name on the bottom of the desk. He wondered why they didn't send him away already. He deserved it, he knew he did. Jack heard a creak and an echo. Shrugging, and telling himself it was nothing more than a mouse, he went back to vandalizing Goat Legs's property.
When he was finished, he decided to find something to hunt and shoot, as the undead were completely taking control of the camp, and that included the big house. Jack took down about five, snapping their necks and stabbing some of them with his pocket knife. He walked down the seemingly quiet hall, and found himself in a broom closet. He leaned against the wall, flipping the bloody knife between his hands when someone walked in, holding a piece of cloth to his stomach. The boy said hello.
"Hello." Jack said, feeling quite brave. He continued to flip the knife. "You're bleeding, you know that?" He said, gesturing to the boys bloody stomach. He could hear the zombie like people pounding on the door. Fear gripped at the side of his mind, but he pushed it down. He wasn't built to be afraid.

They can't break me,

As long as I know who I am...

steal your freedom
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PostSubject: Re: [open] ash and dust    Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:28 pm

daughter of hephaestus
     There was only one word on my mind when I reached the Big House: crap. Darkness had taken over camp once again, but today I hadn't found somewhere to hide. The Big House seemed like the most logical option at the time-it was closest and I assumed that it would still be intact. It was, however, not intact at all. The door was barely on its hinges, and the blue paint was scratched off the walls. Windows were smashed and there were drops of blood on the ground.
    I knew that I would have to hide in here since it was already too late to try and find another hideout. I slowly crept into the house, subconsciously holding my breath. I prayed to all the Gods that this would not be my last night, and ventured more into the house.
    As I walked, I noticed something gleaming on the floor. Upon further examination, I discovered that it was blood-that was still fresh. I decided to follow the trail, hoping it would lead me to other campers. The trail lead right up to a door of what appeared to be a closet, and then disappeared. I cautiously placed my hand on the handle, twisted, and tried to push the door open. The door wouldn't move though, almost as though someone were leaning on the door to keep it closed. I was about to knock on the door when I heard something behind me. I whirled around and let out a small scream.
    There were at least five zombies in front of me, closing in on me. I gripped my sword in front of me, knowing that I wouldn't be able to fend all of them off at once. I had no idea if the person behind the door was human or not, but I called out to them, "Please, if you're human, I need you to help me," my voice wavered a bit but otherwise I sounded confident. I stepped away from the door and towards the undead, my sword still in front of me. This would be a really great time for the person in the closet to come and help me.
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PostSubject: Re: [open] ash and dust    

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[open] ash and dust
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