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 SOS [Private]

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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: SOS [Private]   Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:28 pm

Kalina Nikolova, Daughter of Hyperion

Like the moon we borrow our light.
I am nothing but a shadow in the night,
So if you let me I will catch fire
To let your glory and mercy shine.

Crap... crap... what have I done... crap...
I was running as fast as I could. Physically, I had pushed myself to the farthest I could. Mentally too. The last rays of sunshine were peeking over halfblood hill, and any second the sun would be down fully, and the monstrosities would be out, hunting. Zombies. Just when Demititans and Demigods thought they had seen it all, the attack began. Every night, armies of the undead moved through Camp, trying to get inside the safe houses set up, destroying the Cabins and other places. But, during the day, they were still, unseen, and quickly everyone moved about, trying to gather supplies before another night terror.
I had chosen to stay inside the Armory, due in large to how there were more weapons in there than anywhere else. It was as secure as it could be, and even at that, I didn't trust the barricades and metal to keep the hordes of undead out. If they wanted in, they would surely get in. I didn't want to be cynical, but there was only so much one person could take, and I had reached my limit long ago. The other people staying within the relative safety of the Armoury would probably all be inside right now, preparing, stacking supplies and getting ready to close the heavy doors.
And here I was, running as fast as I could, when even I knew it wouldn't be fast enough.

'Come on Kalina, come on!'
I was unconsciously trying to push myself further, trying to get to them doors, them doors that marked the safety. How stupid could I have been? I had stayed out. I had spent the day preparing, getting supplies. I'd rushed around all day, filling my large hiking rucksack. It was filled with water, food, weapons, Ambrosia, Nectar, lighters and matches. It had a rain coat tied on the back and other assorted goods, everything which I thought I might need for a night like this. However, the one thing I hadn't prepared for was being late. The one time (Okay, maybe the second or third) I had to be late, and this was it. I'd been trying to find more bottled water, cause I only had a couple, and if others needed them, there wouldn't be spare. So I'd spent too much time searching for water, and by the time I had emerged from my final search spot with some more bottles, the sun had been well on its way too going down.
Stay up in the sky Sun. Stay right up there, and do not do down. Whatever you do, do not go down, for just a few more minutes. I'm so close, please just stay up.
And I was close. I was not an idiot, and I hadn't spent my four years at Camp with my eyes closed. Everything I was seeing indicated that the Armoury was close, and all I needed to do was last just that little bit longer.

Then the sun was gone.
What? No! No no no no no no no! You horrible stupid Sun! Couldn't stay up for one more minute, just one, could you?! One more freaking minute! Crap...
And there it was. The Armoury doors were already shut tight, the people inside preparing for the soon to arrive Zombies. They'd shut the doors! I continued to run until I was right there, right at the doors, and I pushed without luck, hoping against hope that they had left them open for just one more second.
They obviously hadn't. I banged my hands against the door, the metal making a dull clunking noise, but nothing else happening. No one came to help. No one decided to open them doors and let me in before the undead came.
'Come on! COME ON! Open the doors! Just OPEN them! Nothing is here yet, I swear! IT'S JUST ME! Please! Please, please, please, PLEASE!' I shouted as loud as I could, trying to get through to them.
If they heard, they didn't let on, and I was left shouting and smacking the door.

A sudden rustle behind me, that I barely heard over my own noise, made me shush, turning around to see what it was.
No, no, no, please. Not now, crap... crap... please...
From the gloom came two shuffling figures, and I had to gulp against the scream that bubbled up in my throat. Their clothes were hanging off of them, rags really, the colors dulled. One wore a Camp T-Shirt, ripped in shreds and muddy. Their skin was grey and pulled tight across their bones, and their faces were just as bad, hair gone in clumps, while what was left was dry and straw like. I looked away, not wanting to see features of Campers I might recognize, not wanting to see the full gruesomeness of the things as they would come into more focus.
Okay okay okay I can do this I just need to get away. Another safe house will let me in... right?
Turning on my heel, I didn't give another glance to the Zombies behind me, even though I knew with utmost certainty they would be following. Prey was hard to find when most Campers were locked up tightly in safe houses, so they wouldn't be letting a lone girl get away if they could help it.

I had been out of breath before, when I'd been running to the Armoury. Now my lungs were burning and my breath was coming in ragged puffs, cause I hadn't given myself any time to get some more oxygen.
"Hadn't given myself any time to get some more oxygen". Please tell me, when were we actually given the choice to be chased by two Zombies, and why in the hell did you say yes? If it had been your choice, you would have been straight inside that Armoury hours ago.
They might have been a lot slower than me, but the whole thing where there were armies of them meant others would be here soon. And if it wasn't them two, it would be another few. Running a long I knew it was only a matter of time before I ran into another couple, and that those ones behind me were still following.
'Nearest.... safe house.... library,' I whispered to myself, rushing along to where there would hopefully be some people who would let me in.
But the darkness of the night meant everything suddenly changed, and where a few minutes ago I had been confident I knew the way to the Armoury, I wasn't so sure anymore. There was also the problem about the Zombies that could appear any moment. That too.

There was no time to pull out a torch or anything of the sort, and absolutely no chance of me tapping my bracelet to get my sword either. If I did that I'd probably end up stabbing myself by mistake. I needed to not be running.
Easier said then done...

OOC: I got sort of carried away
Clothes: I didn't think to make one. I will soonish.
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RP Partner/s: Summer <3

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: SOS [Private]   Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:50 am

Son of Bia | Spirit of Force

“We're all part of this insane world, so let's enjoy it yeah?”


Whoo yeah I'm playing Minecraft live, only I can't dig down or fly in emergencies. Now just let me find some zombies.

Seth had come from the library, one of the last secured areas of campus. Campers who got the library as their hiding place knew more about the zombies than others around camp: there was a pile of serious zombie-related books to enlighten them. They were running out of food though, so the son of Bia had volunteered to take a trip to the camp store. Some campers there had tried to prevent him from leaving, knowing him that he'd probably end up distracted by zombies, and that it was almost dark. He was to get the supplies from the camp store and come straight back. If he came too late, he'd have to try his luck getting into other safe buildings, but Seth went out all the same.

The real reason he risked going out was that he was troubled about the campers stuck in the infirmary. Word about different areas of camp traveled around throughout the day by campers who visited the various safe buildings and sometimes by IM at night. Every hour campers turned up, bringing supplies, news about the latest deaths or information of buildings that were no longer safe. The campers in the infirmary had been struggling to survive since day one. What little supplies they were rationing in that building was running out, and most were too injured or sick to obtain food and water, much less defend themselves. He wanted to help them defend against the night attacks and bring them supplies, but Seth knew the campers in the library would never allow him to leave for that reason, for the library doors were locked fifteen minutes before sunset. There were already too many deaths, and the library contained a lot of valuable information that could not risk being destroyed when fighting the zombies.

But they were right about one thing, Seth was getting distracted from his mission -both the fake and real one- by the thoughts of encountering a zombie. He was kind of excited, but then remembering that they were simply mindless bodies inhabited by the force of some Hades kids, and that it could be someone he knew, his excitement faded. However, the feeling of being hunted, having to be constantly on the alert was danger to him. Seth craved for adventure; he couldn't stand sitting around waiting for something to happen. The way his pulse quickened, how his senses heightened when he was in a potentially dangerous situation; it was like an addiction. He would put himself at any risk just to experience the flurry of emotions coursing through his body. The only reason he hadn't met his end yet was because he was always able to think on his feet and get out of trouble.

As he drew near the Armoury, Seth head a desperate voice pleading to be let in. "...Just OPEN them! Nothing is here yet, I swear!  ...Please, please, please, PLEASE!" It was then he noticed that the sun had already set. Oops. Just as that realisation hit him, something else hit him from behind, causing him to trip and tumble into a bush and a pile of dead leaves. A body had risen from the other row of bushes behind him and stumbled into him. Seth could tell that it was a zombie at the first glance. Or the first smell. It had a rancid, foul smell. The face was unrecognisable - months of decay under the soil had left its flesh rotten and infested with maggots. Only its teeth seemed untouched, a striking row of white, drawn in a grotesque smile. The son of Bia was somehow glad for that, for he didn't have any reason to hesitate. "But ew you just touched me didn't you," Seth complained as if the thing could comprehend him. "Dude you could have just whacked me with a stick or something. Yuck." The whistle clasped in his hand immediately elongated into a long, straight, elegant staff. The zombie lashed at him with bone-thin fingers the shape of claws. Seth slid half the blade out to block the clawed hand, the gleaming metal bright in the moonlight against the dark wood of the staff. The lower arm struck the edge of the razor-sharp blade, and was sliced off, falling to the dirt with a thump. Amazingly, it flipped itself over and crawled towards him. He hurriedly scrambled up and kicked at it, sending it flying into the bushes.

Its like Thing from The Addams Family, Seth murmured, revolted but at the same time fascinated. Cool. And then another thought occurred to him. Well, now I have a new life resolution: I want to be in one piece when I die. Having my severed limbs chasing after people is just.. not happening. Twirling the other end of his staff over, he knocked the zombie's skull from its flimsy neck bones and backed away. He started towards the voice, flicking sticky damp soil from the sleeve of his dark blue shirt.

Seth was beginning to see a lot of difference between Minecraft and this real zombie apocalypse. The most important being that if you re-spawn you'd appear in the underworld behind a long queue of semi-transparent moaning people. At least from what he had heard about the dead. Seth suspected though, that if he died during the apocalypse within range of the Hades kids, he'd simply be reanimated as a zombie. He'd become an undead puppet who would attack his friends for food. And they'd try to cut his head or legs off so he couldn't come at them. I really hope I don't turn into a zombie. Because I don't particularly like the taste of blood. But damn, I should have kept the hand, it makes a creepy pet.

Turning the corner, Seth saw the Armoury's locked door, and a girl plowed into him, sending him sprawling into the bushes at the side of the path again. Behind her a pace behind were two moaning zombies. Oh no, you guys are not running into me. He instinctively rolled out of the way.

partner(s): vina :D | muse: 100%
OOC: rofl me too. there's just so much to explain. this is one of the best plots ever.

character's mood: eager anticipation
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a. schuyler
Vampire Slayer

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PostSubject: Re: SOS [Private]   Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:41 am

Kalina Nikolova, Daughter of Hyperion

Like the moon we borrow our light.
I am nothing but a shadow in the night,
So if you let me I will catch fire
To let your glory and mercy shine.

I am not dying meaninglessly. I'm not being killed by a long dead Camper who doesn't even remember who they are, I am not being eaten by something that does not need to eat me to survive. I am not dying tonight, because I am not going to let myself die.
It was a lot easier to tell yourself you weren't gonna die. That you weren't gonna let yourself succumb to monsters that didn't care about you much more than you'd care for a speck of dirt on the bottom of your shoe. Too them, we were all just the same thing, mounds of flesh that satisfied an insatiable hunger for a few moments before they were overtaken by it once more. They were driven by that hunger, and in honesty, dying at their hands was more than pointless.
It isn't that long to another safe house. Anyone with a soul would help a person locked outside. Anyone with a grain of compassion, a little humanity. Hell, I'd let someone in. If I knew they needed it, I would let them inside. Of course I would...

I was starting to accelerate as it all went wrong. My idea was if I could speed up and put more distance between me and those things, I'd have more time to convince (and probably plead) with the people inside the safehouses. More time to get inside and into safety.
One thing is for sure. I am never staying out late again. Ever. I will stay inside from five in the evening so as not to take any chances. Anything, as long as I do not need to put up with this again.
In the scenario that I lived through tonight that is.
Okay, stop thinking like that. I am not gonna die tonight. One mistake doesn't necessarily mean a fatal one. Just because I stayed out late doesn't mean I'm going to be punished by dying. Okay, there's a chance of that, but as long as I keep moving, I'll make it.
Although the whole thing where I couldn't see where I was putting my feet meant I was in more chance of falling and breaking my neck than I was making it too a safe house.

The suddenly I was colliding with another body. Seeing as though I was running as fast as I could and hadn't been paying attention to what might be in front of me, I hadn't seen the body I'd ran straight into.
I slid along the ground heavily, rolling once before coming to a halt, bruised and battered by the ground. But even that didn't bother me. The fact I'd probably ripped my T-Shirt and pants didn't bother me, or the fact I'd probably been destroyed in dirt and such.
No, the thing which is bothering me is that I'm being chased by two zombies and I'v just fallen and lost time in getting away.
A perfectly justified thing to be worried about, in fairness.
No Kalina, you really do have a short attention span. You've just ran into another person! And its night! So it means you've just... ran into another one.
I didn't waste anymore of my time then, tapping the bracelet on my left wrist and standing as Eastern appeared. Seeing as though I was now not running and no longer had the risk of killing myself with my sword, it seemed a good enough time to get my weapon.
It wasn't so dark that I couldn't see a little in front of me, but I had no idea where the other Zombie was. Thankfully, I hadn't fallen too far. If we'd collided, it had probably been knocked the opposite direction to me.
Little clumsy for an Undead monster if you think about it. Its already died once. Surely it would be a little more careful so that it wouldn't be in danger of dying a second death?
Not giving myself too much time to dwell on it, I stepped forward gingerly, waiting for the sound of the approaching chasers while still waiting to see some sort of hint of the third one.
'Here, little Zombie Zombie. Come face your final death so I don't need to worry about you please,' I said softly, unsure if it would even be able to hear me.

OOC: It really is
Clothes: I didn't think to make one. I will soonish.
Theme: Idk
RP Partner/s: Summer <3

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: SOS [Private]   

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SOS [Private]
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