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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Looks like Hell {Sammeh}

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Beautiful Chaos


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PostSubject: Looks like Hell {Sammeh}   Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:59 pm

Drew Jana Lila
Daughter of ATHENA

I walk around the the water and start to hear screams of campers. I look behind me and see zombies coming from the Lake. I start to run and something grabs me. I look down seeing a zombies and grab my necklace. It grows and I stab it in the head five times. I stand up and start running out of the Lake. I loo around and start helping people [color:d46e=#9966ff}"Run Get out of here!"
I yell at younger campers.  I start to chop heads off of zombies and they start to run after me. I ket fighting, but one got me. I fell to the ground

[color:d46e=#9966ff} "Help! Someone!" I scream my head off. I reach for my sword and kick away the zombie making it fall. I keep kicking it in the face and I look seeing  more zombies coming after me. I look at scream "Help!!!!" i yell again and close my eyes. I feel a tear fall from my face. I keep trying to reach for my sword trying not to die.

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PostSubject: Re: Looks like Hell {Sammeh}   Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:56 am

Here I stand beneath the warm and soothing rain
The droplets falling gently down on the terrain
Wash away the sorrow, all the stains of time
But there's no memory, it's only dry inside
In the mud, it's sinking deeper

Atticus was not exactly a man of action. Sure, he knew how to fight, but he was known to fight for survival. Most of the time, he would talk his way out of any situation. However, zombies didn't really understand English or Greek. So when the undead brigade showed up, he learned some new tricks.

Atticus heard the commotion down by the lake when he reached behind himself, ripped off a satchel hanging from his small backpack, and reached inside it. He pulled out a can with blades, nails, and other pieces of shrapnel inside of it. In the middle of the can was an explosive with a fuse that stuck out the top. He grabbed his lighter, lit the fuse, and hurled it toward a large group of zombies. After stalling only a second to see what the object was, it exploded, and shredded nearly all of the zombies in the horde.

Atticus fell to his knees, whipped out his bow and began to pick out the zombies one by one, taking out the horde headed for a single camper. Finally, he saw the camper with a zombie around her foot and ran to her. He slid down, grabbing the sword she was reaching for, and stabbed the zombie straight in the face. He jerked the sword out of it and stood up, helping the girl to her feet and handing her sword back to her.

"You all right?" He asked before strapping the satchel back onto his backpack and situating his bow onto it as well.

Before they were able to introduce themselves, another horde of zombies began crawling out of the lake, a thick fog covering the area around it. Atticus pulled his backpack on tight, looked over to a large shack about a thirty meters to their right, and grabbed at the camper.

"Head for the shack! Let's go!"

Into a peaceful life
And it will flow, like a flood of rain, pouring down on me
And it will not let up until the end is here
And it will go, through the darkest day, in the final hour
And it will never rest until the clouds are clear
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Looks like Hell {Sammeh}
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