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 Too Late To Go Back [foar Sammeh.]

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PostSubject: Too Late To Go Back [foar Sammeh.]   Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:33 pm

Courtney May Dimond
Daughter of Athena

Courtney strode towards the Athena cabin, perspiration fresh on her skin. She had just gotten through a day of target practice and rock wall climbing, and she was more than ready to scrub the odor fresh from her body.  She hitched the quiver further onto her shoulder and continued walking, reading a brand new book as she went. That was until she noticed the sun going down, and quickened her pace; her cabin would be wondering where she was. 

Courtney stopped short at the sound of rustling behind her. Then a soft groan. She had assumed it was a sick camper, perhaps pierced by a stray arrow. So she backtracked until she saw the silhouette of a person inching towards her, seemingly with a limp in their left leg. 

Courtney slowly made her way towards the being, whispering softly, “
Hey, are you alright?

That was until the camper finally came into focus, and she realized it wasn’t a camper after all. The skin was grayed, peeling from the skull to reveal disgusting, bloody, dirty flesh, clothes tattered and torn. 

Courtney’s breath hitched in her throat. Immediately, she nocked an arrow in the quiver, letting it fly at the monster’s head. She had read enough novels to know that this creature was a zombie, killed only by a blow to the head. 

She stood still for a few more moments, careful not to make any sudden movements. By then, the sun had gone down completely. Suddenly, she heard more moans and groans, as if it were a group coming for her. Courtney glanced around; she was nowhere near her cabin, but she figured she might be able to make it if she sprinted as quickly as she possibly could. She couldn’t leave her siblings, could she? That was until a group of the undead creatures poured out just beyond her cabin. She tore the arrow from the zombies head, leaping into the nearest cabin and slamming the door closed. The Hades Cabin.

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Too Late To Go Back [foar Sammeh.]
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