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 Chardude's chracter

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PostSubject: Chardude's chracter   Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:12 pm

I'm use to only having one character unless they get killed of or i make a small one for a friend, so lets get this started.

Name: Jason Karis

Birthday-Age: November 6 1993. (so atm he's 19)

Gender-Race: Male, Half Blood

God parent: Ares.

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Rossa Karis. Alex Karis

Years in camp: 5

Brief History: Born in a city, and with a large temper. Jason learned basic fighting styles by his (mortal) father, who knew one day he would need them. though his mother was caring and kind, she did her best to teach the young demigod to keep his anger under control, that violence isn't always the first means of fixing a problem or getting what you want. with that in mind, the young man grew up peacefully, only fighting when it was needed or to defend a friend.
At the age of 14, he stayed at the camp for the fist time. learning who he was and where he was from. but each year, he chose to go back and stay with his family again. until this year. knowing that at this age, it would be safer to stay at the camp for both him and his family.

Physical Appearance:The young man is built slim, yet you can still easily see his muscles.  His hair is long, neck length and black the he keeps parted or pulled back in combat. He has a small cut scar on his left cheek form his first year at camp, and his forearms also have some scars form times he forgot his arm guards. his clothes are normally an unbuttoned dark blue tee-shirt with a grey "camp half-blood" tee under it, along with some faded jeans with a knee missing.

Personality: He is calm, and cool headed, but if pushed, can snap completely. he does his best to be kind to everyone and be friendly, but knows not every one will like him.  he does his best to live and let learn and to leave the past behind him. He's Very apologetic at time, saying 'sorry' for things that weren't even his fault at times.

Fatal flaw: his anger and caring nature. both play hand in hand. if his friends are hurt he is quick to anger, and if he snaps he losses his focus right away, going for an all out attack and not worrying if he seriously hurts or kills people

Pets: N/A

Talents: Sketch/ draw. Good sense of balance and light on his feet.

Weapons: two bracelets that if clanged together will form into two arm guards, and a key chain that if snapped of will form into a long sword.

Year-Round or Summer: Year round.

Other: How he looks.

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PostSubject: Re: Chardude's chracter   Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:25 pm

Happy roleplaying!
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Chardude's chracter
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