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 testing out my contacts (Moon)

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PostSubject: testing out my contacts (Moon)   Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:33 pm

Anna Tyler Belaire
n n n Daughter of Athena
Anna finished eating her breakfast of pancakes, bacon and coffee. Anna rarely had coffee considering she read in a book that it was bad for her teeth. She read books about everything you know being a daughter of Athena and all. When she finished eating, she walked back to her cabin.

When she eventually got there she brushed her teeth and showered. She got dressed in her Paris tank top and blue tie dye shorts. She braided her hair in a cattail braid and put a matching bow at the end of the braid. She slipped on her black boots. Then she saw a package on her bed. She walked over to her bed and saw contacts. It was from her dad, he got her contacts. Anna wasn't really a fan of contacts, but she decided to test them out today. She took off her contacts and put them on. Everything was sort of clear, but also blurry. She would just have to get used to them. Then she remembered she had to go get more books from the library. An opportunity to test out her contacts.

Anna walked to the library and went in. No one was really there like always. Anna walked up to a shelf and squinted to see the title's of the books. She picked out a couple of books and turned around. She rammed into what she thought was a table, but turned out to be a person. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I was just testing out my contacts today." She said.
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testing out my contacts (Moon)
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