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 Anna's Characters

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PostSubject: Anna's Characters    Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:27 pm


Name: Audrey Rose
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Years at Camp: 1
Brief History: Audrey Rose's story started out in the hands of a family, just like her. They lived happily together for a whole 8 years, until it came. The thing that would take her family, forever. The family, the field they lived in, everything was destroyed. Luckily, Audrey found the nymphs of the trees, who took her in after hearing what had happened. After living with the tree nymphs for a good 5 years, until the age of 13. The tree nymphs had moved on, forgetting to tell Audrey. Which had been predictable since there were only few that took attention to her. Audrey followed the nymphs up a hill with a beautiful tree on top. It was Camp Halfblood, where she has been living ever since, with the flowers of course.
Dwelling: Anthousai (flowers)
Physical appearance: Audrey has long, red/orange hair, with brown eyes. She isn't very tall being only 5'6''. She has pale skin, due to being a ginger nymph. Audrey looks much older than she really is. (Faceclaim: Bella Thorne)
Personality: Audrey is sweet, gentle, and enjoyable to be around. But, due to her troubled childhood, Audrey is very anxious. Panic attacks are a common thing in Audrey's life.She is very protective over the flowers. She can be her own person, if she chooses.
Talents: One of her biggest talents is being able to control the flowers, and she can make butterflies fly out of her hands.
Weapons: Small pocket knife she keeps in her back pocket.
Other: Not that I can think of.

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PostSubject: Re: Anna's Characters    Tue Jun 25, 2013 8:57 pm

Happy roleplaying!

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Anna's Characters
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