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 Seeking the right one {Bean}

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PostSubject: Seeking the right one {Bean}   Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:07 am

Jace Howards- Son of Dionysus 
Jace walked next to Livia, the girl who was so graciously escorting him to the big house to figure out who his parent was. The ambrosia he had drunk earlier had healed him almost completely, letting him walk with only a very slight limp.
The camp seemed nice enough, kids were running around, screaming and yelling. Some even had spears and bow and arrows. Jace figured he would steer clear of those campers. He didn't feel like getting his hand cut off in the middle of capture the flag or canoeing. 
From what Livia had explained to Jace, he knew it wouldn't be like a normal summer camp like he'd hoped. Apparently he has half god, half human. All the kids here were. That explained why his friend, Ethan, wasn't here. Ethan had the perfect mixture between his parents, there was no doubt that he was their kid.
Jace didn't really care who his parent was. Sure, he had a few picked out in his mind on who his parent would be. Maybe Ares or Apollo. Possibly Hermes. But his parent had never got into contact with him, never sent him a sign, never given him a birthday present. Did the god or goddess really even know that Jace existed? 
They had to! Jace scolded himself in his mind. I'm amazing, no one could forget the wonderful Jace Thomas Howards! 

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Seeking the right one {Bean}
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