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 Hello, name's Whisper!

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PostSubject: Hello, name's Whisper!   Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:14 pm

Hello, I am Whisper. I have been RPing for 1/2 years and I would like to show you part of an application from a Naruto RP! Tell me what you think, thanks!

Personality:  Rai Hyuuga is intelligent, cheerful[he always seems to be happy], thoughtful, kind and sometimes isn't quick to trust others. He is intelligent due to the extensive education he got, always a step ahead of his class-mates, clan-mates and friends, he was quickly shuffled off to top-tier Academy classes and after the academy he got private tutoring. His intelligence does have its limits though, his plans and ideas are usually overridden by his lack of confidence or the fact that he doesn't fully trust himself[the exact opposite of what you would expect from someone with a ridiculously happy attitude].

He is almost always cheerful, his happiness is so intoxicating that it is contagious and his smiles and laughter make others laugh and smile because they are so wonderful. He always seems to say the right thing, sacrifice things and just be nice period, this is the opposite of what you would expect of a Hyuuga; a thoughtful and kind personality that drives him to always want to help people, though the fact he isn't quick to trust others usually interferes with this. His thoughtfulness and kindness is as contagious as his laughter, driving others to be kinder and gentler than they were before they met him.
Now onto the last part; he isn't quick to trust others, this is a weakness on his part that drives him to be confused emotionally and pretty much just mope around making others wonder what is going on with him. Despite his intelligence he isn't a good liar and due to his innocence[regarding lies, everything else has kind of lost its innocence] he always tries to tell the truth and is blunt, this means that he will usually tell others if he doesn't trusts them, if he has a crush on them or really anything else which clashes with his lack of trust with others and causes him to be emotionally confused most of the time and, if it is bad, slightly psychologically imbalanced.

Expanding on Intelligence:
His intelligence is focused on the studies of puppets, engineering, designing puppets, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. Due to this he lacks information on most other things, but can learn quickly due to his Eidetic memory[an odd genetic side-effect of a Byakuugan that is just now forming], though even his eidetic memory has its faults and due to it just occurring it may fade occasionally, leaving him lost unless he has trained hard, which poses an embarrassing event that he really doesn't want to happen due to his shyness, which again interferes with his bluntness.

Overall he has a personality mixture that is a literal recipe for psychological disaster. Some aspects of his personality interfere with one another and affect him directly, the stress from this can even cause him to become physically ill. Due to the fact that he may become emotionally imbalanced he is always under watch and given medication and check ups occasionally. He is known for his unique combination of bluntness and his lack of trust, though once he gets past the second one he usually warms up to someone and becomes more thoughtful. When he is quick to anger really depends on all of these things, if he is hurt[mentally] his anger will usually flare faster. This is what makes Rai, well, Rai, slightly broken yet still held together by his insatiable curiosity and [seemingly] unending happiness, though when he isn't happy you'll know to help him through it if you know him well and if you don't, well, that would be bad for him since he is usually unaware of what consequences there may be for getting too angry. This is Rai, I hope you accept him as a friend and I bet he hopes so too, maybe some day he can achieve more than being just the nearly broken, but still held together Hyuuga that doesn't really fit in with his clan due to their total and utter psychological differences.

Early Life(0-8 Years old):

Pre-teen years(9-12 years old):

Teenage Life(13-15 years old):
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Hello, name's Whisper!
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