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 life can do terrible things. [alerena]

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PostSubject: life can do terrible things. [alerena]   Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:05 am

    Four months. It has been four months, two weeks, and a day since Alec Sanford has stepped into the borders of Camp Half-Blood. It's been four months, two weeks, and a day since he has last seen his half-siblings and friends, which included a certain spunky daughter of Nyx named Nerezza Ricci. It's been four months, two weeks, and a day since he had trained with Chiron and sat in class attempting to learn Ancient Greek. But most of all, it has been four months, two weeks, and a day since Alec has seen Serena Vaille.

    As much as he tried not to, Alec couldn't help but let the thought of a golden-eyed daughter of Apollo linger in his mind. He couldn't quite make out what he felt towards her; there is definitely chemistry between the two. That fact scared him. Even with his ex-girlfriend, Kate, he hasn't felt this way with anybody else. It didn't quite help that there were a few complications between the two. First of all, there was the age gap. Alec could go to jail if he was with a minor. Second, there was that stupid son of Aphrodite--Clyde Lyle--who constantly got in the way of their trust. He was the reason why Serena has been doubting Alec all this time. Third, it just wasn't going to happen.

    Serena was the reason why he left Long Island. After returning home safely from the quest, Alec encountered a rush of emotions, from joy, pride, and . . . hope. He had hoped that he would be able to keep his companions safe throughout their journey and--thank the gods--he was able to. Perhaps the reason was also because during their adventure, he hoped that Serena felt something for him. His wishful thinking had led him to doing something impulsive; Alec had kissed her.

    When she ran away, he immediately knew what he did was a mistake. Embarrassed by his actions, he fled the state before dinnertime. He packed his bags and used his credit card to return home to London. He wanted to patch things up with his family.

    Luckily, his parents took him in willingly. They started out fresh--like a real family. Although there were some awkward moments here and there, Alec was still happy to be with his siblings who treated him as if he never left. He told them stories about his training at Camp, saving the quest for last. He presented himself as the hero of the story, but there was no damsel in distress. No. Serena and Nezza were definitely the ones who saved him.

    Surprisingly, it was his step-mom who advised him to return back to America. He and Priscilla never got along, which is why her gesture astounded him. Nevertheless, it was a huge wake up call. One week later, he was on a plane back home.

    Now, as he sits in the driver's seat of his silver Audi, he wonders what's going to happen once he enters camp. Should he find Serena or act as if nothing has ever happened between the both of them? Apologize. He should definitely apologize. He would be stupid not to.

    But once he's nearing the intersection to Long Island, he realizes how unprepared he is. Taking a sharp left, he barely misses grazing against another car whose driver shouts profanities of the window at him. Rolling his azure eyes, Alec ignores the driver and drives back to Manhattan. He needs a little more time to come up with a speech that will please Serena.

    When he arrives at Central Park, he parks his car and exits the vehicle, inhaling the distinct odor that New York has. Who was he kidding? London wasn't home anymore. That stupid saying home is where the heart is is true. The girl Alec loves isn't back in England. She's right here in New York and he definitely wasn't going to lose her again.

    "Serena," he mutters to himself, hoping that he won't look stupid to passersby. It was a Wednesday afternoon, therefore there weren't that much people at the park. "Please forgive me. I don't know what I was thinking."

    He takes a left, waking in the direction of the Bethesda fountain. "It was stupid," he practices, "I shouldn't have done that without your permission. I'm stupid."

    Walking towards the large fountain, he sits on the edge of it, his back turned against the terrace. He gathers his thoughts, trying to think of what he should say next.

    "Next time, I won't force you to do it--wait, sorry. There won't be a next time, right? Yeah, I thought so," he continues to talk to himself, fiddling idly with his pale fingers. "Anyway, yeah. Sorry. Hope you forgive me and we can go back to normal."

    That sounds good, right?

    Sighing, Alec gets to his feet. He couldn't hide from camp forever. When he turns around to gaze at the terrace, he is taken aback by the sight before him. His jaw drops to the ground and he has to pinch himself to make sure he isn't hallucinating. But, he knows better. For the past four months, it's as if he's been under a trance and now he's finally waking up.
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PostSubject: Re: life can do terrible things. [alerena]   Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:36 am

Countless thoughts and unidentified feelings were swimming through her mind. Not much people surprised Serena for they found them all quite predictable. But he in the other hand was something else. Sometimes he'd be cold like his element, like she had done something that could've potentially offended him. In other occasions he was warm and genuine when he shouldn't have been.   Alec's face appeared in her mind so vividly, like she had it all memorized; with this she flinched and tossed her position in the other side of her humble bed. "Damn it." 

  Unfortunately the daughter of Apollo had a good memory. Good enough to reminiscence the taste and texture of his lips that gently pressed against hers. The thought of this immensely embarrassing event caused the brunette to attempt to pull out her hair. Like it wasn't awkward enough, the boy ran off away camp which until now is nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was better this way, so they would never have to reconcile and try to make things seem normal ever again. 

  But what exactly was normal?

  The moonlight seeped through the cabin windows and her mind unconsciously skimmed through the whole quest. There were times when her heart felt unexplainably heavy but now Serena might have realized why. She liked Alec in a way she would never admit that she ever did. Not ever again since the son of Aphrodite played around with her and started messing with her emotions. Never again.

  Serena was convinced Alec might just be the same. He never explained why and it was still pretty much vague to her. Her eyebrows knit together and she hugged her pillow tight, finally deciding what to feel about this situation. Indifferent.

   Despite what happened, she still valued the son of Khione's friendship. Maybe he had his reasons and maybe the kiss was intended for the thought of someone else. Besides, when were they going to see each other? Serena doubted it would be soon. The demigod denied any possible possibilities that it was ever for her. After all what would she know? She hasn't been with anyone officially... But then again there was one fact she missed out on, Alec got the very best of her.

The first kiss.

     The various choices of movies this week was something that Serena didn't want to miss. Even if her friend, Nezza, couldn't tag along to watch with her, she still went head on. Fast and the Furious 6 was astounding and the teenager wished someone would film her previous quest. Definitely no special effects would be needed. She smiled to herself as she fixed herself on the terrace at the park, carefully balancing her weight so she could get a better view. She loved watching the sunsets, as cliche as that sounds. The poor girl can't help it, she was naturally drawn to the sun. She popped a sour green lollipop in her mouth as her liquid gold eyes eyed the traces of sunlight that outlined the silhouette of the trees.

    But there was something else she could feel other than the sun's energy, it was the weight of the stare that burned on the side of her face. She whipped her head to the side, seeing the person she was least expecting to see. 

                                                      Alec Sanford has gone home.
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life can do terrible things. [alerena]
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