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 Mr.B 's creation

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PostSubject: Mr.B 's creation    Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:35 pm

        * birth certificate

          Name: Brian Edward Jackson
          Nicknames: Solomon, Jack, Ed
          Age: 16
          Place of Birth: Virginia
          Godly Parent: Ares
          Mortal Family: Janic Jackson (mother) and Alex Jackson (step-father)
          Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

        * camp life

          Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-rounder
          Years at Camp: none this is the first
          History: Before he came to camp half-blood Brian was a semi-normal boy living in the slums of New York. Since he was born he has always been a temperamental child. Everyday he fought other children and was always nasty toward any adult other then his mother. Though like his mother he was intelligent he never payed attention in class due to his dyslexia. Once he turned his 9 his mother got married to a man named Alex Jackson. This man became a father figure to Brian. He helped Brian learn how to read a bit better and write better even though he had dyslexia. He made Brian learn martial arts in order to concentrate his temper and teach him patience, and most importantly Alex taught Brian how to be a man. He was the man Brian respected most and taught him the most on who to be until he died a week after Brian turned 16. A week later Brian was attacked at his school by a harpy. Somehow by the skin of his teeth Brian was able to escape the harpy and get his mother. His mother explained that Brian was a demigod and that the reason he hadn't been attacked until now was that Alex was a demigod himself, a son of Athena and protected Brian for 3 years. A few minutes later a satyr appeared and told Brian that he was going to take him to Camp Halfblood. Knowing that if he stayed his mother would be in danger so he went with the satyr to camp halfblood.

        * the psyche

          Personality: Like most children of Ares, Brian is a competitive boy with one or two anger issues. Though it is slightly harder to make him mad then a regular child of ares it is still relatively easy. Brian has an immense amount of loyalty and kindness to people who he deems as comrades but he can be very spiteful to those he deems as enemy. Brian dislikes things that are the same, he loves the feeling of adapting to new things and likes to struggle when it comes to new things and because of this Brian likes to test himself. Though Brian likes to test himself he is no fool, Brian is fully capable of using a strategy to defeat an opponent when it gets too hard for him. Due to this Brian is not afraid to strike when his opponent is weakened to strike a blow and finish off his opponent. Brian also has a great dislike of ares, for not really being a father to him, and hates to consider himself the son of Ares.
          Fatal Flaw: Impatience
          Likes: Food, Friends, and women
          Dislikes: Annoying people, Idiots, Liars

        * the appearance

          Physical Description: Brian is a boy with cocoa brown skin and black hair. He wears a comfortable white jacket over his chest with a small silver chain on his neck with dark blue jeans and black dress shoes when he is not wearing his school uniform. Brian also wears black glasses over his clear chocolate brown eyes. Brian being the size he is stands at an unimpressive height of 5'9" and weights around 150lbs and 16 ounces.
          Dressing Style: Optional

        * the defensive system

          Demigod Talents: Brian is able to use any and all weapons proficiently. He also has a faster reaction time then a normal demigod.
          Weapons: sword and shield
          Pets: N/A

        * the puppet master
        (for new members only)

          Name/Alias: Mr.B
          Interests: Ummm..... games, food, water, and everything else a person needs to survive
          How you found this site: Google

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PostSubject: Re: Mr.B 's creation    Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:14 pm

I approve.
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PostSubject: Re: Mr.B 's creation    Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:51 pm

* birth certificate

    Name: Ahab Jacabobi Jr.

    Nicknames: Abraham

    Age: 17

    Place of Birth: Pensylvania

    Godly Parent: Demeter

    Mortal Family: Father (Ahab Sr.)

    Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed

* camp life

    Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year rounder

    Years at Camp: 2

    History: Ahab Jacabobi Jr. was born in Amish Country in Pensylvania. He lived with his father and his adopted sister. Growing up he learned the value of hard work, the feeling of sweat on his brow and the feeling of working with one’s hands. Since the day he was born his father always told him that he was great and helped him learn about his powers. Ahab’s power was that he could control plants, whether big or small , seed or fledgling he could make any plant grow. When he was 13 a monster attacked his home. His father tried to fend them off with a scythe used for reaping the field. Using his powers Ahab was able to defeat the monsters by sending seeds inside of the monster’s body and forced the seeds to grow from the inside out. Then at the age of 15 he was found by a satyr and sent to camp halfblood

* the psyche

    Personality: Ahab is calm, collective, and polite. He has never been one to raise his voice or give in to anger and appears to be determined to make his goals a reality. He keeps his beliefs close to heart, such as duty to his home or cheering up a girl when she's sad. He is a true farmer at heart and loves everything to do with the farm. He is shown to be level headed and easy going in his free time and has a desire to be useful to his friends. Ahab also has a tendency to over exaggerate things and usually causes alot of drama because of it. He doesn't like to talk about his life in the Amish country.

    Fatal Flaw: Completely ignorant of anything and everything outside of camp halfblood and the amish country

    Likes: Women, farming, New things

    Dislikes: Technology, Conflict, Killing

* the appearance

    Physical Description: Strangely Ahab has dark skin and is mixed though most Amish are white. He usually carries a scythe over his shoulder and usually wears sandals wherever he goes if not bear foot. He also wears a straw hat when its hot outside. Whenever it's not hot he wears a teeshirt and blue jeans with black sneakers. Ahab also has long brown hair that goes to the bottom of his ears and no beard.

    Dressing Style: Optional

* the defensive system

    Demigod Talents: Control over all plants

    Weapons: A scythe
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PostSubject: Re: Mr.B 's creation    Sat Jun 22, 2013 2:07 am

Although, I'm still a little iffy about the extent of his powers. Just make sure he has limits. Happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: Mr.B 's creation    

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Mr.B 's creation
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