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 coolgirl2123s people!

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Julanka Kassari

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PostSubject: coolgirl2123s people!   Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:38 pm

so i traveled back down that road
Name: Meagan Christie

Age/Birthday: 14 years old, day of birth, march 8th


God Parent: Hephaestus

Claimed: No

Mortal Family: Her mother, Tamra Christie, was a multimillionaire. She traveled the country buying plots of land, up-and-coming business, and basically anything that would and could bring in the money.

Years in Camp: Its been about two months since she arrived.

Brief History: She has moved at least 10 times around the country and is filthy, stinking rich because of it. Her mom was killed by a minator on her 12th birthday, leaving all that money to her. When she heard her moms last words (where to find Camp Half-blood), she promised her mom that she would be okay, that she could handle her self. She left her dying mother to get to safety, leaving her a mess of emotions to deal with later.when she got to Camp Half-blood, she could hardly think strait. She kept having flashbacks, and nightmares so bad she couldn't sleep. She was a wreak.(and still is...)

Physical Appearance: Despite who her dad is, Meagan is actually kinda pretty. She has dark greenish-blue eyes, long brown hair, and a nice tan complexion, but shes not perfect.  She has some acne, but not that much. She likes to wear a brown t-shirt and tan bell-bottoms, but doesn't care what she wears. Most people would call her a crime to fashion. But every so often, she magically puts on something nice.

Personality: She is kinda touchy about the subject of her father. An out-going friend, very brave, and extremely loyal. She is more of a morning person, also ADHD. She does NOT believe in Santa Claus. She doesn't like to brag, but if some one asks, she'll tell. Forgiveness, it depends on what you do. She wants to meet her father. lazy? Anything but! She loves any kind of 3D art. She is consistently having flashbacks, so if you catch her at just the right time, she is pretty easy to kill. But if you don't catch her at just the right time, get ready for a fight!

Fatal Flaw: The first one has a little more to do with the fact that her dad doesn't fight that much. No-mater what kind of fight, she always has a slow reaction time.

Pets: None yet, but she hopes to get one soon.

Talents: Good at making enemies, great at making friends. Fast reader (because she's not dyslexic). Amazing at sculpting. Whistles while working... and since she works a lot she's pretty good at it!

Weapons: A big, heavy hammer, a bow & some arrows, and a dagger for tight situations.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-round (shes got no family to live with, after all!)

Other: Loves donuts! Likes to go camping!!!
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Sardonic Twin

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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:47 am

Happy roleplaying!
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Julanka Kassari

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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:47 pm


Name: Jonathon Williams
   Gender: Male
   Age/Birthday: 16 / July 21, 1996

   God Parent: Apollo
   Claimed: Yes
   Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
   Years in Camp: 2

   Mortal Family:
   Stella Williams was 23 and just out of university before she met Apollo. She had graduated a year ago and had left her parents' house in the suburbs a few months earlier in order to try and live independently in New York City and find a job to support herself without her parents' help. Stella was failing. Nobody was willing to give her a job and she had to work as a waitress. But living in Manhattan was expensive and her savings were running out. She was falling into depression and dreaded having to go back to her controlling, strict, and old-fashioned parents.

   On one stormy day, she drove to Montauk and tried to walk out to sea. When she found that the water level was up to her shoulders, she found herself getting dragged back to the beach. Even though she fought and cried and begged the man to let her go, he didn't relent and sat her down on the sand and wrapped her firmly in a towel. She sobbed and hysterically told her story to the stranger who listened to everything that she said and offered a smile and a hand when she was done. They fell in love and a month later when he disappeared suddenly, she found out that she was pregnant.

   Although she was distraught at his disappearance, she also considered meeting him a stroke a luck, even though it did leave her with a child. Someone made a job offer to Stella a week after she started dating him. It was perfect, with good pay, flexible hours, and it was just the thing she was looking for. It did require some hard work, but Stella Williams was no stranger to hard work and didn't mind it. She had enough money to have a good start with her kid and was no longer worried.

   Her parents were less than overjoyed when they found out that Stella was pregnant. They told her to give the child up for adoption and when she refused, they disowned her - telling her not to come to them for help and try to contact them unless she got rid of the child.
   And everything was good for a while. Her relationship with Jonathon was great, her job was great, their house was a little small but cozy. She still missed Apollo and even her parents but it was easy enough to deal with those feelings.

   But then, when Jonathon was 11, a larger, corporate business bought the company that she worked for and she was unemployed again. She found herself having to work as a waitress again and a few months later, her bank account was once running dangerously low. Appearing to have no more luck on her side, Stella sold the house, packed their things, and Jonathon and she went to a place she never thought she would see again. Her parents' house.

   Stella is a pretty woman, she's average height and has a slight tan. Her hair is dark brown with the occasional gray hair and she has brown eyes. She has a nice smile but nowadays, you won't see her smiling very much.

   Jonathon also has a two living grandparents and a step-father but he has nothing positive to say about any of them.
   (Read about his grandparents and step-father below)

   Brief History: Jonathon had a bit of an easy childhood, compared to most. His mother wasn't constantly going off to work and leaving him to fend for himself, so their relationship wasn't shot to dust from the very start. On the odd day every so often, he would come home to an empty house but he didn't mind since his mother took great care to constantly keep their fridge all stocked. He's always had this incredibly fast metabolism which resulted in him being able to consume massive amounts of food.

   While definitely not excelling in the academic area, Jonathon was very involved in sports, his main sport of interest being track and field. He also found that he was a mean archer at summer camp, as well as being pretty handy with plastic braiding (but he doesn't tell anyone that, being a skilled braider is not a manly talent). Of course, there was the occasional monster attack but Jonathon dismissed these events at bad luck, although his mother knew otherwise.

   And then came the hard year, the year where they were forced to go to live with his grandparents. Jonathon didn't know his grandparents. He had heard his mother talk about them once or twice but he had never met them. He was excited, but his mother had a grim look on her face the entire drive there. Jonathon later found out why. His grandparents were hardly the kind and welcoming kind that he saw often enough on TV. They were stern and extremely conservative. They both smiled when they saw his mother but when they set their eyes on him, all warmth disappeared and he shrunk back behind his mother instinctively.

   The months after they first arrived at his grandparents' house were hard. His mother was given her old room but Jonathon had to use the attic. Every night for the first two weeks, he could hear them scolding her as if she were a child and every day he saw them ordering her around. Stella fell into a depression harder than the first one and Jonathon suffered along with her. When his mother quieted and took to staying in her bed most of the time, Jonathon's grandparents turned their attention to him.

   He had to do most, if not all, the chores in the house and he had to do them silently, without a complaint. While he worked sometimes, he could hear his grandmother and grandfather talking about how his mother's life had been great before his lousy, irresponsible father had shown up and then left. He heard his grandmother sometimes mutter "Wicked child" under her breath and his grandfather grumble about how Stella should have listened to him and gotten an abortion.

   The first monster attack at his grandparents' house was the worst. It was a group of dracaenae that decided to go straight after him. The police were called and the dracaenae disappeared but his grandmother screamed at him and asked him what he was, even striking him on the face at one point.

   Jonathon threw himself into school after that, he wanted to be away from the house for as much as possible. He made as many friends as he could and would hang out with them whenever he could and attended as many after school activities as he could, even though it meant punishment from his grandparents. His home life didn't go without an impact on his social life, though. There were days were Jonathon would come to school angry and if a kid decided to be rude to him on one of those days, he would fight them. He was sent to the office, often suspended for a few days. He went home with a bloody nose and once, a broken arm - home to a house of angry grandparents who made him do his regular chores anyway and scolded and screamed at him for hours.The thought that carried his through most days was that he only had to endure a few more years and then he would be 18 and he could run away.

   His grandparents then decided to set up Stella and someone she had dated in high school. The man was selfish, apathetic, and all-around horrible. But he was good looking and he had plenty of money, which was enough for his grand parents to think that he would be a good match for Stella. They were married when Jonathon was 13. Jonathon could deal with his grandparents but three was too much for him. Six months after the marriage, he searched through his mother's things in order to find out at least something about his father. He hit the jackpot a few days after he first started searching. A box full of things that reminded his mother of his father, gifts that he had given her, and an address

   Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141
   Long Island, New York 11954

   The next day, Jonathon left his house and didn't look back. His journey to camp was hard and it took almost a month because a group of monsters started to follow him after his second day. He found a group of three other demigods and two satyrs on his third week and after that, things started to get a lot easier.

   Physical Appearance: Jonathon is 5'11" tall and has a more lanky and wiry build. He has dark brown hair and nice blue eyes (although you can't see how PURDY they are in the picture above). He still has that boyish look about him, as he is not quite at the age where he can be considered an adult. He tends to wears plain jeans, sneakers, and a shirt rather than sashaying about shirtless and flexing his (kind of scrawny-ish) muscles for all the ladies of camp to ooh and aah (laugh) at. He has one scar on his back from a run-in with a monster and another on his hand from a rather embarrassing experience that he tries to avoid talking about at all costs.

   Personality: Jonathon is a playful guy, often teasing and poking fun at friends. He's quite friendly and not afraid to act like himself even around strangers. He often makes up names that he considers EPIC (but are most likely just really weird) for anything that he thinks could do with a name. Jonathon is a nice enough guy, although he can be a bit devious at times, prone to playing pranks and jokes on people. He does not have an artistic bone in his body, and he most likely won't even attempt to do things that require artistic talent. His past has taken its toll on him so that Jonathon now unconsciously believes that he has to prove himself to everyone and anyone, usually doing dangerous and incredibly stupid things. He hates bullies and is likely to get into fights. When it comes to dares, he'll do them all.

   He's proud and headstrong, Jonathon usually takes on others without thinking of the ramifications of doing so. He finds it hard to control his emotions, often acting on anger or despair. Anybody who values their own neck would not follow any of the plans that he concocts because they're crazy, dangerous, and seriously unlikely to work - although he never seems to realize it. Jonathon is fearless, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. He doesn't know what's good for himself and does not hesitate to face impossible danger. Thoughts of what he's going to do or what's going to happen afterward do not enter his thoughts and he gets to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie in the heat of the moment.
   Fatal Flaw: He doesn't know his own limits and feels a need to prove himself.

   Pets: His mother got him a dog on his 10th birthday, but it was more for her than him anyway. The dog stayed back home with his mother and grandparents.

   Talents: Jonathon is pretty slick with a bow and arrow like most other children of Apollo and he is also a fast runner. He knows the basics of using a sword, but he shouldn't use a sword unless he has no other choice.
   Weapons: A bow of EXTREME MONSTER DEADMAKINGHOOD (Yeah, just a regular bow).
   Other: Face claim is Michael Christopher Bolten. He is adopted from starry.

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Ninja Poet


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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Sat Sep 07, 2013 12:18 pm


brilliant character :3

ty cookie

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Julanka Kassari

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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:34 pm



Full Name:
"Luke Patterson."
Luke Rayleigh Patterson.

Nick Names:
"Luke's kinda short already..."

"Demigod, Half-Blood, whatever you wanna call it."


"I'm seventeen."
Luke is seventeen, born January first.

Birth Place:
"Motor City. Detriot."
Detriot, Michigan. Nicknamed Motor City because of its exceptional ammount or car business and the GM towers.

"I'm straight, why?"

Years at Camp:
"Since I was a baby."
16 years, 5 months. He started training at age 7.

Mortal Family:
"My mom, I don't remember her all that much."
Cassidy worked as an engineer for GM until they started to lay people off. She got layed off and soon after, opened up her own repair garage. She was quite sucessful. There was a reason she lived in Detroit. Motor City right? She has a knack for cars. Cassidy met Hephaestus when she was 25. She gave birth to Luke 1 year later. Hephaestus left 1 month after that. Cassidy died 7 months later. One of the cars in her shop fell on her.

Immortal Family:
Hephaestus, God of fire and blacksmiths

Demi-god Family:
"None, that I know of."
Luke has no demigod siblings.

"My dog, Terror."
Terrence. Luke calls him Terror though. Terrence is a 6 month old Rottweiler/Pitbull/Shepherd mix. Luke calls Terrence, Terror because he tends to get in trouble a lot. When Luke takes him to the forge, he knocks everything over. If he brings Terrence to the mess hall, Terrence knocks the food off the table.

"A sword and sheild..."
Luke has a 3 ft long celestial bronze sword. The hilt is black leather. He also has a sheild that is celestial bronze. On the front it shows a hammer on fire.

Physcial Appearence:
"Well, the first thing that comes to mind is: Freckles."
Luke is a cute boy. He has shaggy, brown hair. His roots are darker and his tips, lighter. Luke's bright blue eyes are hypnotizing, almost melting your insides. He has freckles. They're dark brown, standing out against his tan skin. You can often find his face covered in soot, from working in the armory all day. His hands are average sized, but have calsuses from working. He has large muscles, which you will often notice, even with a quick glance. Down Luke's back, there are 3, 6 inch scars lining up horizantally. They are 2 inches in width. Luke is taller than average, standing at 6"3". His weight matches up at 200 lbs, most being his muscle. He has a six pack, from constant training.

"Well, you could call me...things."
Luke is sweet and caring to the people he trusts. He's protective and short-tempered. Luke has a hard shell around him, when you first meet him. Eventually, and this takes time, he comes out of his shell. Luke is funny and is a complete joker. You can never take him seriously. He's very prideful and often boasts about victories and accomplishments. Luke gets really angry, really fast. If you insult him or annoy him, you'll soon be missing a tooth. Or possibly have a broken nose. Luke has to take pills for his anger management issues. When depressed, Luke drinks and smokes. He's not a regular smoker though. It's very odd. He's very odd.

Luke has a passion for fixing things. He's also a pyromaniac. Luke enjoys: Fire, building, fixing cars, horror movie marathons, metal music, writing, routine, skateboarding, surfing.

"Other things, that just plain annoy me."
Luke doesn't hate a lot of things. He has a certain few that he would like to list off: Lizards, Volleyball, the color purple, the smell of Windex, Pop & Rap, Polka dots, curfews, Hera, Aphrodite.

"Oh gods..."
Luke has a fear of---this may sound stupid but,---lizards. He keeps on thinking their Dracnae or dinosaurs. Luke also has a fear of planes. He pukes, or, even once, he pulled the emergency lever just to get off.

Luke is skilled with his forgery tools. He makes any type of weapon you could ask for. He also has knack for fixing things. He used to work with his mother at her repair shop.

Powers (Optional):
Luke has the same power Leo does. He can manipulate fire. Luke can make orbs of fire in his hands. He fights with fire. He can do this twice a day and it makes him tired. Sometimes, nauseous.

"Okay, am I on punk'd or something?"
Luke's flaws are pretty straight forward. He has a short-temper, tends to flirt with every girl he meets(most of the time, failing), drinks when he is depressed, has an unbelievable amount of pride, and, last but not least, Luke is extremely violent when he is in a bad mood.

"I don't have much of one..."
Luke grew up in camp, though he was born in Detroit. Luke's mother, Cassidy Patterson, died 7 months after he was born. He was taken to camp as a baby by an elder Satyr. Luke grew up around all the Demigods. He came to call Chiron his father instead of Hephaestus. There was one time when Luke began to think about siding with Kronos because he took hate on his father for never talking to Luke. Luke hasn't done anything real exciting. Just normal demigod stuff. Almost get killed by various monsters, break a couple bones, make enemies. Same old, same old.


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Julanka Kassari

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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:01 am


name -- "Dalton. Just Dalton" Dalton Malcolm King

age/birthday -- "I'm sixteen, ok?" 16, October 16th, 1997

gender -- "What are you, stupid?" male

god parent -- "Hecate. Why?" Hecate, Goddess of magic, crossroads and ghosts

claimed -- "No, no I'm not. You got a problem with that?" No

mortal family -- "I don't want to talk about them..."
(father) David King. He loved and cared for Dalton all he could, but he still had to work so he didn't get to see Dalton a lot.
(step-mother) Emily King. She tried to be the caring mother Dalton wanted but felt like she failed him all the time.

years in camp -- "None so far." zero... He just got here.

brief history -- "It's kinda long..." David was just out of college when he met Hecate. He was young and in love. He hadn't seen Hecate in awhile when he heard his doorbell ring. He opened the door and on the porch in front of him, was a basket with a baby and a note in it. He looked up to see who had left it, but all he saw was a woman running down the street that he later realized was Hecate. he looked down and picked up the note. It said,  
"I'm sorry I couldn't be there to see him grow up. When he turns 16, send him to  

      Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141
                Long  Island, New York 11954
                       forever yours,
he looked a little more closely at the baby. He could recognize some Hecate in him. He instantly fell in love with the little boy. So he did he's best raising him.
Six years past with no sign of Hecate. Then, on Dalton's birthday, a letter came. It was from his work. David was overcome with joy. It had to be a response to his request for a raise! It had to! Until he read it. It said,  
  "Dear David King,
I'm sorry to say that your request has been denied. But I DO have some good news. A position in Texas has opened up and we think you are the man for the job. Your pay will raise $5, you'll get a nice office, and a nice house in Houston.
Best of wishes,
Donald Wright
Stunned, David did what the letter told him. He moved to Houston, Texas. A year later, a package came, on Dalton's birthday, for Dalton. It was a chain bracelet with a charm latch that the Greek omega on it. Dalton was puzzled. His dad NEVER gave him anything that couldn't be used for something practical. But he didn't care. He liked it!
A week later, David met Emily. He instantly felt something with her. And luckily, so did she. Within a year, they were marred. The transaction was difficult for Dalton. He started going to the towns graveyard a lot more often. Then, the ghosts started coming. David tried getting Dalton to some consoling but Dalton said he liked the ghosts and refused to go. But the ghosts kept coming. Overtime, Dalton learned to keep quiet about the ghosts, but he still saw them. Then, he started HEARING them, too. Finely, he told his dad all about it and agreed to go to consoling. It went on like that for the next seven years until his sixteenth birthday. Most kids get there drivers licenses at sixteen, but Dalton got the gift of finding out who his mom is, then getting shipped of to New York with his step-mom to be dumped. At lest, that's how it felt.

physical appearance -- "What's there to describe?" He's at the shorter end of the spectrum at 5'7. He has short black/brown hair that's long enough that he can change its stile with ease. Has a nice tanish complexion, with a few blemishes here and there. Beautiful golden brown eyes and a nice smile to go with them. He usually wares darker clothes, but sometime wares a sky blue shirt and gray pants.

personality -- "Short-tempered, so I'm told..." Like his mom, he is cunning and crafty. He is kinda reclusive to some extent, but can be pretty short-tempered. He feels like he has been burned one too many times. All-in-all, he's not a people person. He prefers the ghosts he's grown so used to seeing. But if you can get past his semi-hard shell, you'll find a great friend!

fatal flaw -- "Your kidding, right? No? Great..." His trust issues. He doesn't trust people so easily. He wants to, but feels like he cant.

pets -- "My dog, Titan." He has a dog named Titan.

talents -- He can do mild magic. Oh! And did I mention the ghosts?! He can see and talk to ghosts, hence his liking of graveyards. (he says that ghosts are more to his liking...)

weapons -- He has a wicked awesome sword that he uses all the time. When not in use, its the bracelet he got for his seventh birthday.

year-round or summer -- "Year-round... I think..." undecided

other -- He loves graveyards.
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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:45 pm

Happy roleplaying!
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Julanka Kassari

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PostSubject: Rangers apprentice's charicters! [READY]   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:09 pm

If you gotta start somewhere
why not here?
If you gotta start sometime why not now?

Name: Braxton Beau
Age/Birthday: 16, November 27, 1997
Gender: Male
God Parent: Athena
Claimed: Just did...
Mortal Family: Dax Beau, his father, was a collage teacher.
Years in Camp: One month
Brief History: Braxton always loved school. All though elementary school, he was always at the top. During middle school, he took as many classes as possible. It didn't mater what it was, he liked learning about it. He spent a lot of time at the library researching things. All things! Anything! Then he found a book on Greek mythology. He loved it! Soon, all he got were books on Greek mythology. His dad started to worry. He'd never seen his son act like this! All Braxton ever did any more was ask more questions about Greek mythology and get more books to get more answers! What was wrong with him!?
One night, when Dax was on his way home, a drunk driver crashed into him. It was the next day at school before Braxton found out what had happened. He ran home, balling, and went into his room, picked up a fantasy book, and read his troubles away. He read the whole book in 2 hours, with no breaks at all. He had NEVER read a fantasy book before, so he was sucked into it instantly. When he finely finished the book, he thought he heard someone knocking on the front door. When he got up and answered the door, he was face to face with a guy waring baggy pants, an orange t-shirt and a navy green hat. "Hi. You REALLY need to come with me!" he said, more then a little out of breath. Then there was a monsters roar from behind the guy. He flinched and, with wide eyes, said "NOW!" The guy ran down the steps and got into a car. "What about my stuff?" Braxton yelled from the front door. "No time! Come on!" So Braxton slammed the front door shut and ran to the car. "GET IN!" yelled the stranger. "I don't even know you!" Braxton yelled back. Then the monster roared again, this time closer. "Now will you?!" he yelled. "Oh, heck yeah!" Braxton replied. Braxton jumped into the car as the guy turned it on. "Hold on tight!" and off they went.
Physical Appearance: Braxton has long dark brown, almost black, hair. He has grayish-blue eyes and he sometimes wears his glasses. He is 5'10. He likes to wear somewhat fancy clothes.
Personality: He has this air about him that you can't ignore, like he KNOWS he's smarter then you. Yet despite this, he is really kind if you can get him out of what ever book he is reading. He really likes to read! Before he came to camp, he had read ALL the non-fiction books in his local library more then once. He even had ordered some from the other librarys!
Fatal Flaw: He tends to be oblivious to the real world ever since he got addicted to fantasy novels.
Pets: none
Talents: He can store knowledge for later use, so he can tell you almost any fact you could want to know. He can also read both English and ancient Greek extremely fast because he only has a miner case of dyslexia and he has worked really hard at it.
Weapons: He has a sword and sorta knows how to use it. He's read about how to sword-fight, though.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: His faceclame is Asa Butterfield. His color is #999999 or #CCCCCC. He has a strange liking to owls...

coded by sapphire

P.S he just got claimed.... Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:42 pm

Braxton Beau is Approved!
Happy Roleplaying!
Nice character!

steal your freedom
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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:44 pm

Sly you suck I was just about to do that.

ACCEPTED again, just to one up the sly.

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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PostSubject: Re: coolgirl2123s people!   Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:45 pm

/squee! thanks guys!!!
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PostSubject: Sean Colby   Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:11 pm

Name: Sean Colby
Age/Birthday: 19. December 21, 1994
Gender: male
God Parent: Nyx, Goddess of night
Claimed: Yes, of course!
Mortal Family: Tristan Colby (father)
Years in Camp: 16 years
Brief History:
Tristan was a collage drop-out. His life was dark and useless. Until, that is, he met Nyx.
His life was finely complete! He and Nyx were an item for 9 months, long enough for Nyx to have a child.
On the 23 of December, wile Tristan was on a date with her, Nyx pulled a baby out of her coat. She gave the baby to Tristan and said,
"If anything happens to him or you, send him to Camp Half-Blood. He will be safe there." and just like that, she was gone.
Tristan did his best at raising Sean, but it was hard to keep track of someone who disappeared at night or when in shadows.
When Sean was 3, his father dropped him of at Camp. Really, who can blame him. The neighbors suspected him of
child abuse (because they hardly saw Sean), unworthy of having a child. Twice, the neighbors had called
Child Services on him. Sean has lived here at camp ever since, wondering why his father left him here.
Physical Appearance: Sean is 6 feet and 5 inches tall, and weighs about 255 lbs.
He has blue-black hair. One could actually call it "black as night".
He tends to ware grays and blacks, and every once and a wile, he wares some dark, dark blue.
His eyes are dark blue, but they turn pitch black when he gets angry.
And right above his left eye is a scar from when he was younger. It curves with his eyebrow, so you can't always see it.
Personality: Sean can be awkward to be around at times, but once you get to know him, he's a really nice guy.
Even before you get to know him, Sean is actually a pretty nice guy.
Sure, he can be dark and unsettling, but he is actually a really, extremely, nice guy!
Sean doesn't talk much.
But you should be warned that when he is upset, hurt, tired, angry, or excited, he talks like it's going out of style!
Fatal Flaw: His kindness. He will give someone his own jacket in a snowstorm if he thinks they need it more. (Which they probably would...)
Pets: He has a black pug named Midnight.
Talents: He can become almost completely invisible at night. The key word is almost!
You can still see him, but only just. You might mistake him for a shadow if you're not looking closely. He is also pretty good with his sword.
Weapons: He has a dark blue sword that kills almost anything. Even mold. But not germs, sadly.
Year-Round or Summer: Year
Other: His color is #333366. He is also a camp counselor.

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Happy Roleplaying!
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Name: Heather Coty (Co-tea)
Age/Birthday: 15
God Parent:Asclepius, Greek god of healing.
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Jean Coty (foster mom; deceased), James Coty (foster dad; deceased), Adam Coty (foster brother; son of Jean and James), Sarah Coty (foster sister), Peter Coty (foster brother), Claire Coty (younger half sister), Isaac Coty (foster brother) Billie White (birth mother; deceased)
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: The med school student Billie White was participating in her weekly routine of drinking and partying at some party. Everyone needed a way to relax. After several minutes of dancing, and a few to many drinks, another med school student approached her. He was a tall handsome looking man, with a very defined jaw and cheek bones. The two talked for a while before heading back to her place. Nine months later, Heather was born. Heather was about eighteen months old when her younger sister Claire was born. Shortly after Heather's second birthday, her mother grew very ill. Billie was hospitalized all most full time, and eventually the sisters were moved into foster care. The two girls were very young, and for the longest time didn't even realize that Jean and James weren't their parents. Sarah was brought into the family when Heather was about four. Sarah was several years older than Heather, and was a good role model, and older sister. Peter was brought in shortly after, and then Issac. Issac was younger than Claire. He was also the quietest. Life was normal for Heather between her sixth and tenth birthday. Apart from the fact that she was never sick she was just as normal as her foster siblings. Eventually the Cotys got a call, and they took the sisters to see their mother. Still undiagnosed, Billie was dying slowly. Claire was shaken up by the ordeal, but Heather was very stand offish. Billie may have given birth to her, but the Cotys were her real parents. They were always there when she needed them. The sisters said goodbye in time for their mother to pass away. Heather spent that night looking at her ceiling regretting her decision to not forgive her mother. Now Billie was dead, and she could never be forgiven. There were two blood curdling screams about two AM, and all the foster kids rushed down stairs to see their parents, dead on their bed. The kids looked from one to the other. One of them was guilty of killing them, but no one knew who. Everyone was basically in tears when Adam ordered them all out of the house. The foster siblings quickly packed their bags and ran outside. They had every intention to stick together, but that clearly became impossible when they had to make their first decision. Everyone wanted to head south to Florida, but something told Heather to go North. So then it was Heather and Claire, until they were outside New York. Claire insisted on going to an orphanage where they would be cared for, but Heather refused. She was determined that shelter was just around the corner. Claire left to find help, while Heather wandered around on a gut feeling. Eventually Heather was found by a satyr and was escorted to camp, where her god parent quickly named her.
Physical Appearance: Heather, even in elementary school, always turned heads. She has straight brown hair, that in the right lighting appears golden. Her eyes were a beautiful dark blue unlike the light blue most people sported. She was never tall though. Full grown she would be about 5'4", but right now she was around 5'3". She spent most of her time outside, but the pale skin didn't show it. Despite all the combat exercises, she still looked quite petite and fragile. She looked like someone people wanted to protect. She didn't really have any sword scaring, but there was a scar extending from her left hip, to her belly button. Also according to history books in camp, she kept the symbol of her father (staff with a snake wrapped around) painted on the back of her hand. She knew it did nothing, but she convinced herself having her dad with her at all times would help her keep people alive. She also has a gold necklace with the letters " Αποθήκευση σε όλους" connected to a gold chain. It means "Save Everyone"
Personality: Heather is very independent, and hopes other people wouldn't help her. Even when she knows she needs help she feels the need to handle herself. She really is a nice girl though. Rarely does she leave campus, just because it's the rules. She often lends a hand in the infirmary, and she helps people out when she can. Ever since her mother's death she's made a habit of forgiving and trusting people to her greatest extent. Some times to a far to great of an extent. She'll try to forgive people no mater what they did, and she trusts people regardless of what they've done. She does have a temper, and if you manage to make her mad it won't end well for you. However within the hour you'll be forgiven.
Fatal Flaw: Too forgiving.
Pets: She has a peregrine falcon that she has been training to help her find injured demigods on the battle field. It's also a good friend.
Talents: She's an excellent combat field medic, and is proud of that fact. She can stitch up anyone in a split second. Also because of her father she has an outstanding understanding of human anatomy, and is able to strike the weak points on the body with surgical precision. Other than that she can usually talk her way into things, but it's not exactly fool proof.
Weapons: She has her med kit, and set of throwing knives. And don't forget her falcon!
Year-Round or Summer: Year round
Other: color=#ff3333, face claim, Hayley McFarland...

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Heather Coty is Accepted

Happy Roleplaying!

My best friends name is Heather. Weird...

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coolgirl2123s people!
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