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 zans character topic!!!!!!

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PostSubject: zans character topic!!!!!!   Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:04 pm

all of my characters can be found here:

Name: Adam Charles Lewins, who goes by just Adam. 
Age/Birthday: Adam was born in 1900, but due to his past, he never aged in the Lotus Casino keeping him forever seventeen. His birthday is February 17th, 1901. In actuality, he's 113. 
Gender: Male.
God Parent: Morpheus.
Claimed: Yes. 
Mortal Family: 
Mary Lewins (Biological Mother) - Mary loved her son more than anything in the world and would do anything for him. When Adam wanted to go off to the war, she was extremely proud of his noble desires to fight for the cause. She was a little worried since he was underage, but Adam assured her that he'd be fine. Mary met Morpheus one day at the market while she was shopping for meats, since she didn't have her own farm, seeing how it was pretty difficult to have a farm New York. Morpheus appeared to her as a rich man who just wanted love. And that's what he got. Morpheus and Mary fell in love with each other. It tore the god apart to leave his wife and child but he left eventually, leaving his son and his wife all his money. 
Lucy Lewins (Biological Sister) - Adam and his sister were pretty distant for their time period. Most siblings then would have been best friends, or at least like each other. Lucy didn't appear to like Adam at all. She often seemed annoyed by his presence and rarely spoke to him. Except when Adam left for the Great War. When Adam announced that he was leaving, his mother broke down in tears and left the room leaving only Adam's younger sister to comfort him. Lucy ran up to Adam and threw her arms around his neck and cried. Surprised, Adam held her and rubbed her back, patting her gently. Turns out, Lucy could've been an oracle for Apollo. She was always given glimpses of the future, but never the actual visions. So when Adam announced that he was going to war, she was quiet because she'd been going through a sort of vision. The vision was of the horrors of the battlefield. For the last days, she pleaded with her brother not to go, but he didn't listen. 
Jane Lewins (Biological Sister) - Another daughter of Morpheus, Adam barely knew Jane before he went off to war. She was only three when he left home for the War. During the time they did know each other, Adam and Jane seemed to spend every waking moment with each other. They were always together, Jane would always chatter away to Adam, curling up on his chest while they slept. The two were practically inseparable. Adam never even got to see her fifth birthday. Adam's been told that she's still alive and he's been desperately trying to meet her. That's all he wants for the rest of his life, is to spend it with someone he can remember from his past. 
Years in Camp: Adam's been here for about three weeks. 
History: Adam was born and raised in New York of the early twentieth century. For the majority of his infant years, his mother didn't have a job, leaving them to the streets or to rent out expensive apartments for the night and only the night. The severity of the situation arose when Mary's possessions were stolen out of her bag one night in the winter, leaving her and her infant son without a blanket for the night. Right then and there, Mary made the decision to suck up her pride and talk to her parents again. Though her parents were disappointed in her for not marrying, they still loved her and took her and Adam into their home. That's where they lived for three years until Mary had enough money saved up for a house in Queens. Adam's grandparents were definitely sad to see their only grandson leave, but they let him go easily. After Adam and his mother left, they lived in a small house in Queens as planned.
After all the hardships in his early years, Adam had a relatively easy childhood. He didn't have school and he didn't have any siblings to compete with or fight with. Though he had an easy childhood, he was particularly lonely because of no siblings and no pets. Also, his mother was gone a lot. She was always working at that shoe factory. His mother worked from about five in the morning until ten at night most times. She'd come home and just flop down, dead tired. And when Adam was old enough, he got a job at the same shoe factory. He'd work the same amount of hours as his mother and soon enough they began pulling enough money for extra stuff at home. But, when Adam was eight, he got into a horrible accident at the factory that nearly killed him. He almost got caught in a press machine. From there, his mother made sure that he didn't continue work at the factory. He wasn't allowed. After the factory incident, Adam's father came around again only to knock up his mother. Mary had another baby when Adam was ten. Her name was Lucy. 
After Lucy was born, Adam spent most of his time taking care of her when their mother was away. Adam was a good brother to her even though she seemed to hate him. Other than Lucy, Adam spent most of his teen years alone, just reading or practicing his writing skills. Adam was never any good with reading or writing, but his mother taught him since he never went to school to actually learn. He had always wanted to go to school, too. Mary had always told Adam that they couldn't afford it. And now that Adam couldn't work anymore, they sure as heck couldn't afford it. When Lucy was three, Adam started looking for a job again. He needed money for his sister. As if he didn't have enough pressure on him, war broke out in 1914 and all the men disappeared from the factories. Well, not all the men. Just quite a few of them. So, Adam got a job and was payed well. A year later, his baby sister, Jane, was born. Two years after Jane was born, America entered into the Great War and Adam signed up for the cause. 
He came home one day after work to find his mother sitting at the table, crying. She yelled at him and screamed at him not to leave her. The war was an awful idea. But Adam didn't listen. He wanted to be worth something for once in his life. He wanted to feel like an American hero. He wanted to be great. Mary pleaded with him and begged him to stay, but Adam wouldn't listen. He had his heart set on going to war. When Adam arrived in basic training a few days later, the camp was in a hurry to get the men ready for war. It was a six week program. Six weeks of hell on his muscles. Adam's hair was shaved, he was given a gun, taught how to shoot, and they basically shipped him off to war. On the boat to Europe, Adam made some great friends. He spoke to a boy about his age of the same situation. The boy's name was Sam. Sam was from Pennsylvania, but had signed up in the New York Regiment. Adam and Sam bonded over boy things for a while on the boat. 
However, when the two boys were deployed onto the Western Front, their world changed forever. The ride there in the back of the truck was silent. Bombs were going off in the distance, occasional booms and sounding like thunder. A few of the boys were praying to themselves. Adam and Sam were blissfully unaware of the impending horrors that awaited them on the Western Front. As the boys got off the truck, they were told to make themselves look small and move quickly to the trenches. Each of the boys did and they made it there alive. In the trenches, the boys were given guns and retaught how to shoot them. The guns they were given in the trenches were slightly different than the ones back in America. They were foreign almost. When Adam asked an older soldier about it, the soldier replied that they were French and the only available weapons. Their weapons had either been badly damaged or lost. Still confused, Adam went along with it.
That first night was pure terror for the new boys in the trench. Bombs went off over head, occasional shrapnel flying into the trenches. The other men slept fitfully while Adam and Sam stayed up all night whispering back and forth. They were too nervous and too upset to sleep. They'd been lied to. The Western Front was nothing like the way it was on the propaganda posters. Nothing. The posters had told them that the war was going to be easy and quick and from looking the way it was, nothing was looking easy or quick. All night Adam stayed up and prayed to every god he'd ever heard of. There were points where he was so nervous he'd have to get up and relieve himself. By the time morning rolled around, each of the boys were given a briefing on how the whole thing would work. They were told the ins and outs of bombings and all the slang and just everything. Within fifteen minutes of waking up, the men lined up against the trench wall waiting for the sound of the whistle to blow. Adam crossed himself and then the whistle blew. 
Suddenly it was chaos and anarchy and hectic all at once as the men clambered out of the trench. A few were shot before the could even climb. Terrified, Adam forgot everything he knew about and just ran. He ran like hell. Along the way he was shot at. Bombs and bullets rained down mercilessly overhead, kicking up mud, blood, and water from the ground. Adam ran with Sam and Sam was doing okay. Until they ran into a German soldier. The German garbled at them in some ugly language and suddenly skewered Sam through the chest. He yanked the end of gun out Sam and Sam fell to the ground twitching in pain. Adam's eyes were huge and he barely thought about what he did next. He stabbed the soldier through the lower abdomen. The man fell to the ground, writhing in the mud. His blood spilled out of his body, a strangely beautiful scarlet color. From there, Adam used his gun he was given. He shot as many bullets as he could and avoided getting shot. Adam didn't think as he moved. He just kept moving. 
Suddenly, an explosion happened nearby him sending Adam flying through the air. The son of Morpheus hit the ground hard landing on his arm in an old crater filled with water. The water was tinted red from blood. Not his own, though. Adam glanced around and steadied himself by putting his hand on what he thought was the ground. He glanced down, but his hand was resting on a random body part that he had no idea how to identify. Adam let out a choking noise and keeled over, vomiting in the water. As he finished vomiting, a fellow soldier pulled him out of the water and they kept moving across No Man's Land. Just as a grenade exploded over head, they dove into a new trench better than the last one. It had shelves and a wood floor. It was deep, too. Adam just lay there on the floor muttering incoherent words. He was speaking half in English and half in Greek making him totally incomprehensible to the other boys. The other men just looked at Adam like he was insane. Some of the older soldiers took one look at Adam and said, "He's shell-shocked." And that's exactly what he was. For the next twelve hours after that, Adam didn't sleep, eat, or drink. He sat in a corner and mumbled to himself. When he finally snapped out of it, the men were ordered to move forward. Adam was barely able to cross No Man's Land once before, how could he do it again? With grenades.
His commanding officer gave Adam a handful of grenades and told him to throw as hard and fast as he could. Adam had been noticed for having a ridiculously good aim. When the whistle blew, Adam shut down. He stopped thinking, he stopped talking, he stopped all but moving. He was a machine out there on that decimated landscape. He was a true machine. Adam skewered men left and right, tossed grenades into the distance, blew stuff up. All within a two minute time period. This time when he crossed No Man's Land, Adam didn't make the same mistake as last time. Last time he spent too much time standing around. This time the only goal in his mind was to live long enough to see that trench wall. And that was what happened. Adam made it to the trench again. This time, he stopped speaking to the other men all together. He just stopped. He was done. 
Later that same week, they had been in the same trench for a week and Adam was completely done. He went into a quiet part of the trench and held a gun to his arm. He knew that if he got badly injured, they'd send him to a hospital. They wouldn't keep him on the war front. And that's what he did. Adam pressed the nozzle of the revolver against his arm and pulled the trigger. At the last second, though, Adam panicked and the bullet only grazed the side of his arm. As punishment, Adam was to stay on the line with the other men. During the rest of his time with the other men, Adam felt himself slowly going insane. He began to have hallucinations and flashbacks to the first time he crossed No Man's Land with Sam. He'd dream about Sam being blown up right in front of his very eyes. Adam was becoming mentally unstable. He lost over twenty pounds in the war. By the time someone realized what was happening to Adam, he was a gaunt skeleton who was sitting the trench, hugging a shotgun and whispering to himself. 
There was a point when food had to be forced down the boy's throat. He couldn't even eat by himself. The lowest point that Adam hit during the war was the point where he was fully ready to die. He stood up in the middle of the night and climbed over the top of the trench. He held his arms out and called, "I'm ready!" Just as bullet flew past his head, his friends grabbed him and held him down while writhed and screamed in pain. He wasn't screaming about physical pain, either. He was screaming about the mental pain. Shortly after the Regiment made it to the forest, an ambulance was sent for Adam. He was hauled away to a mental hospital in Europe. Adam spent his Christmas and his 17th birthday in a mental hospital in France. But, on the bright side, Adam learned French while he was in the asylum. Shortly after his birthday, the veteran was released from the hospital and sent home with honors from his commander. 
As soon as he got home back in America, his mother wanted to take him and his sisters to a hotel in Las Vegas to help him unwind from the war. During the entirety of the trip, Adam was quiet and merely stared out the window of the train. He didn't say a word to anyone. He kept his mouth shut, which made his mother cry while he was asleep. He'll never know that, either. When they arrived in Las Vegas, they headed straight to the Lotus Casino for some relaxation time. The Lotus flowers that Adam ate while he was there made him completely forget about everything he'd just witnessed and experienced. He was happy for once in a long time. 
Until that satyr found him and rescued him. The satyr brought him Camp a short while ago and he's been here for a few weeks now. 
Physical Appearance: Adam stands at the height of five foot seven inches tall. He's always been an average sized guy, well, in his own time he was. The average height size was a lot smaller than it is in current times. Adam has a bad stature, but impressive posture. He always stands like a soldier, since his training will always stay with him. With his light frame and small bones, Adam could easily be perceived as a male nymph--that is, if he stood with bad posture. Adam makes himself look about three inches taller, normally. His legs and arms are slim, but toned. Adam has relatively small hands and feet for a boy. On his arm, Adam's got a massive scar from where he shot himself. At the last second, Adam pulled the gun away, causing the bullet to only graze his arm. 
Adam has very fair skin with a few moles and beauty marks dotting his skin here and there. Due to his Irish ancestry, his skin tends to get burned a lot, so Adam is frequently wearing sunblock. Along with his skin tone, Adam has a very good complexion, generally. He doesn't get that much acne anymore since he's nearly an adult, but he still gets the occasional zit near his jawline. Adam's frequently touching his jaw. The son of Morpheus has a very soft face with gentle features. His features and bone structure isn't hard and prominent like most guys his age. He has a rounded chin with a bit of an indent in the middle. Adam's lips and mouth are rather small and pink. Above Adam's mouth is his nose. Adam has a small nose that slops gently down his face. His nostrils flare out when he's angry and he's been told that it's a rather cute trait. The base of his nose is a bit wider than he likes it to be. The most distinguishing mark on Adam's face would have to be the scar on the side of his face, by his ear. It's a scar from being hit with shrapnel. 
The most prominent feature of Adam's entire body would have to be his eyes. He has very average shaped eyes that are started to develop crinkles at the corners. His actual eye color is what's most surprising. Adam has a vibrant blue eyes with hints of green and golden, brown flecks thrown in. Around his pupils is a ring of straight teal green which gives his eyes a popping color. Framing his beautiful eyes is an average set of blonde, short eyelashes. Since he's a guy, he never wears mascara. Well, except for this one time... Anyways, above Adam's eyes are his eyebrows. He has nicely sculpted, well-kept blonde eyebrows. They're hardly noticeable, really. 
On of top of Adam's head sits a full head of hair. Adam has very thick, dark-brown hair. Or, at least he thought it was brown. Adam is naturally a brunette but for some reason, when he came out of the Lotus Casino he found that his hair was blonde. The satyr told him that it had been bleached while he was in there and that he must've done it himself. Currently Adam has very light, bleached blonde hair. His roots are starting to grow back and currently just the tips of his hair are blonde. He's not sure if he's going to keep it bleached or not, though. He rather likes it this way. His hair is a bit longer than most guys, going past his ears if he does nothing with it but he usually keeps it styled with a bit of Axe styling gel. Since the turn of the century, he's really discovered hair products. His hair generally is found standing up in a voluminous fashion. 
Adam has a very nice style. He stays dressed in nice clothes most of the time, still stuck in his early twentieth century mindset that he has to look nice. He generally wears a clean, crisp button down shirt tucked into a pair of tight slacks with a pair of oxfords and a jacket over it. If he really has to dress up, Adam goes for the bow ties versus the ties. As he grows more into the current styles, Adam is slowly becoming a bit more lax with what he wears. He'll occasionally wear a v-neck t-shirt with a pair of nice, dark jeans and a pair of white hi-top shoes. He's found that this combination looks rather nice together. Since he's come out of the Lotus Casino, Adam has really taken a liking to sunglasses. Especially Ray-bans. 
As for Adam's aura, he has an aura of calmness. Despite the insanity that runs rampant through Adam's mind, he has a very calming aura. It's one of the gifts from his father. His father is the god of dreams and so Adam has a calming, almost sleepy aura. Being around him makes you want to take a nap and have good dreams. Usually his aura isn't as strong as the way it's being described but if he's used his powers a lot during the day, his aura tends to get stronger and stronger. 
Personality: Adam suffers from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder that he received during WWI when stationed in the Western Front in Europe. His disorder affects his life in many, many ways. Often Adam will have full mental breakdowns if something reminds him of the Western Front. He thinks about it too much, often flooding his way of normal thought. Adam indeed went absolutely insane during his time in the war. When he's not losing his mind, Adam's a quiet eighteen year old boy who enjoys spending his time alone. He's a true introvert, often spending all of his time reading in the library or curled up beside a fireplace with a notebook and a pencil. 
Right off the bat, Adam could easily be described as introverted and quiet. He spends almost all of his time isolated and alone. He's a very quiet child and rarely speaks up. That pretty much stops him from speaking up and vocalizing his opinion. Adam's almost afraid to speak about his opinion which would make him the worst leader ever, by the way. He tends to keep things bottled up inside him as well. Adam very rarely is vocal about anything, actually. If he has something to say, he won't say it unless it's a life threatening situation. 
As stated previously, Adam's a ruined soul. He's tormented, tortured, and destroyed. Tortured by his own demons and fears and memories. While he was in the Lotus, his memories were suppressed by the chemical makeup of the flowers and the effects they had on his brain but now that he's out after nearly a century in the Casino, his memories are nearly crystal clear. Adam never, ever talks about these memories but as stated before, he's clearly mentally unstable. He can hold his emotions well on a good day but on a bad day... it's bad. Adam's been so horribly affected by the carnage of WWI that he'll often have hallucinations and flashbacks. Sometimes he'll have hallucinations within the flashbacks. It's truly awful. Adam has hit that point where he's sat in his cabin all day and thought he was back in the trenches again. He honestly thought that's what was happening. He's become so deteriorated that he can hardly tell reality from hallucination anymore. 
And on top of that, Adam's awkward and hesitant. Even for a teenager. He's awkward with girls and he's very awkward with other boys. Adam doesn't have many friends and he's not sure how to make them. He can hardly talk to people. Adam tends to befriend more animals than people because of this. He's a very hesitant boy. He's hesitant with doing things and he tends to over-think them a lot. He can't actually do something without thinking about it. Due to the war incidents, he's gotten better at just going with it, though.
If you were to hand Adam a gun and tell him to go kill people, he'd do it without question. One of Adam's greatest assets is that his kills and fights without question even if he doesn't like it. He hates fighting and he hates training, but he's naturally good at it. If his friends are in trouble and they're being killed, Adam will fight without question and he'll turn into a machine. 
Adam's a very loyal person. Once he makes a friend, you can count on him for basically the rest of your life. Adam sticks with people until the very end and even after. He's the guy that girls go to talk to about their feelings. Since he's so quiet, Adam really knows how to listen and that's what makes him such a good guy. He knows how to listen and respond at the right parts. He's a great friend to guys and girls alike, he just doesn't have very many. He'll give a smile to practically anyone who wants it. He's super nice in general and would've been very popular except for his damage to his brain. 
Despite never going to school, Adam's extremely intelligent. He could've skipped a grade in school if he had gone. Adam has a natural aptitude for learning and he loves reading and writing. He was never diagnosed with dyslexia or ADHD--technically because of his time period--mostly because he doesn't have dyslexia. He does have ADD, though. He has a natural curiosity for things he doesn't know and things that are restricted towards him. If you tell Adam that he's going to not be allowed to have knowledge, he's automatically going to learn it anyways. 
Fatal Flaw: Adam's has many flaws, but his biggest flaw is his disability to distinguish reality from hallucinations. His hallucinations have often put him in a bad spot and will continue to do this throughout the rest of his life. They come at random times and he never knows when they're going to happen. He can remember that he has them afterwards, but he can't do anything to stop them and while he's in them, he doesn't realize it. 
Another fatal flaw is his obedience and the way he'll fight without questioning it. The solider buried in his subconscious just automatically reacts to the weapon in his hand and it's almost like he becomes a different person with a weapon in his hand. He'll kill you if he's told to do it and it won't matter who you are. 
Dream Walking: The son of Morpheus has perfected his ability to walk through the dreams of others and of his own without become tired. The only downside of this power is that Adam can only do it with one other person and he has to be in physical contact with the person. This talent was a talent shown to him by his baby sister, Jane. He can stay in a dream unnoticed and be completely aware of his surroundings. However, if he's killed in a dream, he's killed in reality, too. Sort of like Inception.
Beauty Rest: Adam has the capability of not needing much sleep at all--which really helped him on the war-front many years ago. Adam could sleep for maybe two or three hours and he was good to go. He'd be plenty well-rested and rearing for action. 
Illusions: That's right. Adam's able to create small illusions within dreams. Now this is a power that Adam has not quite perfected or messed around with since it requires other people to do it with. If he did it to himself, it'd be just classified as Lucid Dreaming. 
Hypnokinesis: Adam has a slight ability to manipulate someone into feeling tired. He doesn't practice this power a lot, though. He doesn't like it. 
Weapons: Adam has a simple light wood bow and a set of arrows to go with it. He has one of the best shots next to the Apollo kids but he really doesn't ever use this bow because, to be perfectly honest, he prefers any kind of gun to a weapon of Camp's caliber. 
Year-Round or Summer: All year. 
Other: His color is gray and the total word count of this app is: 4755. His faceclaim is also Niall Horan.  HE IS ALSO INACTIVE!!!!
Pets: Adam has a Husky puppy. The dog's name is Hercules.

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PostSubject: Re: zans character topic!!!!!!   Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:10 pm

Name: Iris Louise Carmichael
Age/Birthday: 16 & April 12th 1997
Gender: female
God Parent: Hades
Claimed: yes
Mortal family: Mother - Jade Carmichael, millionaire CEO of a toy franchise in LA. 
Stepfather - Dylan Remington, millionaire CEO of an unknown franchise in LA. Main caretaker of Iris. 
Years in camp: 6
Brief History: Iris isn’t your typical princess of the dead. She was raised to be a little lady and she loved the color pink and she loved to play with dolls, but she had a quirky, very strange way of doing it. Instead of the typical fashion show that most two year olds would have their dolls put on, Iris had her dolls lining up to have their souls collected. Although she was a strange child, she wasn’t the same as the rest of her siblings. Iris loved dressing up in her mother’s clothes, she loved the color pink, she didn’t eat her greens, and she even entered into a few pageants. It was the girl’s stepfather who kept her as normal as possible, though. Dylan Carmichael, who was supposedly the girl’s stepfather, was actually her uncle in disguise. He cared for the girl while Jade was away being a big important CEO. Dylan had a job, too, but family came before work for him. Dylan knew about Jade’s affair with Hades and since he was a son of Zeus, he knew damn well how rough Iris was going to have it. Instead of sending her to school right away, Dylan hired private tutors to come in and teach the girl how to read and write. Dylan refused to send her away to a school where she could possibly be attacked. As Iris grew older, she discovered the internet and began to question why she wasn’t being sent to a normal school like a regular girl. Dylan always said because she was special—as he couldn’t tell her the truth right away. However, when Iris was ten years of age, Dylan told her the truth and he plopped the ten year old on a plane with him and they flew to NYC to pop into camp for a while. During her first few years at Camp, Iris found it hard to adjust to other kids around her 24/7 but she found refuge in archery. Archery just came very naturally to her.. almost like she’d been an archer in a past life. 
Physical Appearance: Iris is a petite girl who stands at a small height of five foot four inches. Her body type is thin, lithe and petite, making her perfect for archery. She has long, dark brown hair which is usually left down and wavy. Her hair is naturally wavy and she hates to do anything with it. The daughter of Hades has a pretty heart shaped face with very dark, dramatic features. Her eyebrows are the most prominent feature in her face as they are dark, thick and sculpted. Iris has dark, brown eyes and is most commonly found wearing loads of mascara with a bit of brown eyeliner and occasionally some lip balm. As for Iris’ style, she tends to rock a more girly look with hints of grunge and vintage thrown in. She uses a lot of lace, pink, girly, classic pieces with signature grunge pieces such as heavy boots or clunky jewelry. 
Personality: Iris always had a bit of a quirky personality. But as she got older, she became less quirky and more mean. She’s impatient, stubborn, spoiled, high maintenance, but mostly just kind of mean. She never intends to be mean, sometimes the things she say come out harsher than intended. Iris is really blunt and so when she says something, it comes out blunt and often sounds really mean. She just doesn’t like to beat around the bush. While she’s spoiled and impatient, at most she’ll just pout if she doesn’t get something. Not for long either, she moves on very quickly. At first, she seems a bit intimidating to most people, but once you get to know Iris, you’ll find that she’s a fiercely loyal, witty and clever, happy, protective, and intelligent girl.
Fatal Flaw: As previously stated, Iris is incredibly loyal. However, she doesn’t trust just anyone. You have to be a friend of hers to gain her loyalty. Once you do that, you’re home free. So her fatal is, in fact, loyalty. 
Talents/Powers: Necromancy - not exactly her best ability, but she’s working on it. With the help of incantations, books, herbs and candles, Iris can summon spirits, but she hasn’t successfully raised an undead army yet.
Umbrakinesis - this is Iris’ favorite power and the one she uses most often. She’s the best at it. Iris has the ability to bend shadows and use them to her will. Of course there’s a limit to what she can do, she just hasn’t found it out yet. 
Shadow Travel - Her second best talent. Iris can travel the length of the camp, but she’ll need sustenance and a 12 hour nap afterwards. 
Aura - Like her father, Iris’ aura is one of fear and death but this isn’t so much a power as it is a physical trait. 
Sensitivity to death - Iris is sensitive to recent deaths and deaths about to occur. Almost like a medium. 
Weapons: Unlike her siblings, Iris uses archery and she is very good at it. Her uncle sent over a set of beautiful, black tipped arrows. She found the arrowheads where dipped in poison when she pricked her finger and wound up in the Infirmary for four days. Her bow is a compound bow with nothing too special on it. 
Pets: none lol
Other:  yes, Iris is a reincarnate of Anne Berkenhouser. Anne chose to be reborn so she could try for the Isles of Blessed and this is Anne’s second life. she’ll eventually remember upon meeting whathisface the reincarnate of Hale Drem
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PostSubject: Re: zans character topic!!!!!!   Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:47 pm

Lucifer Dalton Montgomery

Name: Lucifer Dalton Montgomery
Age/Birthday: 18 | February 17th
Gender: Male
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Mother - Kristina Montgomery, lawyer.
Years in Camp: four years.
Brief History: Lucifer was born in Brooklyn, New York City but when his mother got a job with a firm of lawyers, they moved to a high class apartment in Manhattan. Lucifer had a relatively normal life before he found out what he was and who his father really was. He grew up without his father and only his mother. The closest thing he had to a father was his Uncle Dalton, whom he was named for. Dalton would try and help his nephew as much as he could, but when he died in a car accident when Lucifer was 8, he couldn’t help any longer. Lu was wrecked by the death of his Uncle, but he quickly moved on. In his schooling years, Lu was a popular young boy. He was handsome, smart, musically inclined and charming. He had a sort of suave demeanor. All his teachers loved him. He was the boy who had six girlfriends at once in middle school. By the time he got to high school, Lu had monsters on his ass 24/7 and a satyr rescued him, taking him to Camp. Lucifer struggled to adjust to the Camp lifestyle but once he was claimed at the age of 16, everything became easier. Not easy, but easier
Physical Appearance: Lucifer stands at an average height of five feet and ten inches. He has a well built body and toned muscles from four years of training at camp. He has light brown hair with splashes of blonde through in here and there. Lu’s hair is styled in a very modern, hip cut. He has a slightly pointed chin with a heart shaped face. Under his chin he has a birthmark on his neck shaped like a heart. Overall, Lucifer’s always been an attractive light haired dark-eyed boy. His eyes are a normal, chocolatey brown color.
Personality: Growing up with a name like his was a curse to the poor boy. He worked very hard to prove he was nothing like the figure who shared his name. Lucifer is confident, outgoing, kind, and energetic. He’s the kind of person that once you start talking, you’ll never be able to get them to stop. He seemingly never tires or if he is tired, you’ll never know because Lu doesn’t like to complain. He wouldn’t even complain about a broken bone. He likes to be able to do things on his own and he hates when people help him. He can’t accept things from others due to his pride issues and he’s incredibly stubborn. Lu can never admit when he’s wrong.
Fatal Flaw: Lucifer is incredibly proud. He refuses to take help or take donations from others, as he thinks it’s charity.
Pets: no
Talents: Musical Inclinations - Like his father, Lucifer is musically gifted in the form of singing and playing instruments like the piano and guitar. He can also naturally read music.
Healing - If Lucifer sings a prayer to his father, he can heal cuts, wounds, bruises, contusions, burns, and other minor injuries. However, he cannot heal major injuries.
Aura - As most of his siblings, Lucifer has a certain aura around him. It’s almost like a personality feature but it’s a demigod thing. Lucifer has a bright, sunny, cheery aura as his father is the sun god.
Weapons: Since his father is also the god of archery, Lucifer uses a slim, oak, simple bow with a set of matching arrows. The arrows are nothing special but the heads are made of celestial bronze. The arrow contracts into a small keychain that he keeps in his pocket.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-rounder
Other: none except accept!! my character!!!!!!

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Name: Florence "Flossie" Montgomery
Age/Birthday: She's 17 and her birthday is 19 June 1996
Gender: Female
God Parent: Demeter
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Matt Montgomery (father, florist, 38, alive), Clara Montgomery (biological sister, demigod, 13, alive)
Years in Camp: She's been in camp since she was fourteen. So about three summers
Brief History: Flossie grew up in a little town just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. It was one of those small towns with people that knew everything about each other and it had old ladies that gossiped about you behind your back. Flossie and her father were always totally oblivious to hate and secrecy in their town. Of course, it was easy to be oblivious when it wasn't about you. Flossie and her family was adored by the town for their flower arrangements and the quality of their herbs. Not only did her father own a small florist shop, but he also ran an herb store. When Flossie was about ten, she started to help out more in the herb store than the other shop. Flossie was always a quiet, obdediant child. She never sassed her father, she was always a good girl. She stayed out of trouble and kept her nose clean. Her sister however, was a different deal completely. Her sister, Clara, was usually the one that was dragging Flossie into her messes to help her clean up. Clara was the one who accidentally got them attacked by a monster for the first time. It happened on a sunny summer day while Flossie was watering the hydrangeas. Clara came flying in through the door screaming about a winged bird lady and it all went down hill from there. The shop was destroyed, the flowers were murdered and Clara had a broken arm. Their father wasn't too angry as he'd been told this was going to happen soon. So, he called the satyr he'd kept in contact with for the last few weeks and had him take the girls to camp.
Physical Appearance: Florence is of average height with shoulder length, wavy, dark brown hair. She has dark brown eyes to match with a pretty, heart shaped face. Unlike a lot of girls her age, Flossie keeps makeup off of her face to keep away the acne.  Her body type is straight with few curves and she hardly accentuates them at all. She has delicate features and she's often told that she looks like a nymph rather than a demigod. You can usually find Flossie wearing the camp's bright orange shirt with her beaded necklace and a pair of shorts with some sneakers.
Personality: Flossie's very easy to get along with, she's kind, patient, diligent, sweet, somewhat stubborn and loyal. Flossie is the girl that has so much patience. She's been growing plants and flowers for entire life so she had to be patient. Flossie is also maternal. She has the tendency to take care of everyone in her life, especially her little sister, Clara. She's not maternal in overly annoying way. Even though Flossie takes care of everyone else, she'll never admit that needs to be taken care of herself. In that way, she's stubborn, however, in most other ways Flossie is a complete pushover. She does almost anything you ask of her and won't complain. She never complains. Even when she broke her arm when she was nine, she didn't complain. As the oldest girl in her family and because her dad was a bit childlike, Flossie was forced to grow up quickly which left her very mature and it left her mature. It's difficult for Flossie to have a good time sometimes. It's also difficult for her to let loose and enjoy herself without worrying about everyone.
Fatal Flaw: Her compulsive need to put everyone else before herself.
Pets: Flossie never had pets before camp, but when she first arrived to camp, a little beagle followed her into the borders and she kept the animal for herself, naming the little girl dog Lavender.
Talents: Flossie doesn't have any specific talents, but she is an excellent cook and she has natural knowledge of plants and flowers and how to grow them. She's also very good with herbs. She only has one power and that's the power to grow plants faster and when under her care, flowers and plants and herbs and crops just flourish completely.
Weapons: Flossie doesn't like to fight which is why she carries a small dagger around. It's incredibly sharp and small which makes it hard to use, but she's good with it. It doesn't have a name.
Year-rounded or Summer Only?: Summer only
Other: none!!

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sorry for the wait p3p

ty cookie

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if micheal needs to be accepted he is :D
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yes thank you moon!!!!
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zans character topic!!!!!!
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