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 Gone (A self para, involving Nolan Lewis)

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PostSubject: Gone (A self para, involving Nolan Lewis)   Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:04 am

Nolan sits on his bed and lets out a loud sigh. Looking around his room he can't help but feel a bit sad. He's honestly not sure why. Maybe it's the fact that he'll miss his room. It is a pretty cool room after all. Though that's not important right now. What he should do is start packing. After all, the room won't be his pretty soon. He knows that he's not running for cabin leader again. Heck he's not even staying at camp. He's just tired of everything, he's staying a week at the most. Then he's gone.

Where he'll go? Nolan doesn't know that. Maybe he'll just travel around the world. He can start by hitch-hiking across the U.S. He's always wanted to go to California. After that he'll go south, to Mexico, and then to South America. After that he'll go home to England. Then he'll travel through Europe, then to Africa and Asia. Maybe Nolan will even go to Australia, he's always wanted to see the OZ. He doesn't really care where he goes, he's just tired of staying here, at this camp.

Standing up, Nolan walks over to his closet. He pulls out a large cardboard box, and drags it across the room to his dresser. He scoops all the junk off the top, and places it in a pile on the floor. Sitting down, Nolan begins to go through the stuff. One of the first things he comes across is a picture of him and Kate. Biting his lip, Nolan looks at the picture. Kate, he'd loved being with her, but then she'd broken his heart. Nolan tosses the picture into the trash pile. 

Nolan then picks up another picture. This one, is of him and his half-brother Vinnie. Vinnie is his favorite sibling, and his co-cabin leader. They'd gotten closer over their term as cabin leaders. Nolan would miss him at first, but he'd eventually get over it. Maybe before he leaves he'll nominate Vinnie for leader, he'd make a good leader. Sighing, Nolan gently sets the picture in the keep pile. Nolan picks up a stack of papers, and reads through them. Most of them are old reports, and cabin inspections, just a bunch of junk. He adds those to the trash pile. 

Nolan then moves to his desk, and sits down on the chair. He scoops up the various pens and pencils and tosses them into the trash. He'll have no use for those, once he's gone. He picks up a notebook and flips through the pages. Just a bunch of notes about the cabin. The next leader might use those, he adds them to a new pile, stuff to give to others. Nolan picks up a pad of sticky notes, and holds them above his head. He watches as they stretch out, kind of like a slinky before adding them to the trash pile. 

Coming across his laptop, Nolan opens it up and presses the power button. He then sits there, tapping his foot as he waits for the computer to turn on. Once it's on, the boy goes to the Microsoft word program. He stares at the top of the page, before starting to type. Biting his lip, he types I'm leaving at the top of the page. After that he types up a brief explanation of why he's leaving. Checking it over, Nolan clicks print. Shutting his laptop he picks up the letter, and sets it on the desk. He then takes his laptop, and adds it to the keep pile. 

For the next couple of hours, Nolan spends his time clearing out his room. When he's nearly done, Nolan picks up the trash pile. He shoves it in a trash bag, and drags it across the room. Opening his door, he tosses the bag into the hall. Shutting his door, he looks around his room. It looks exactly like it did, before he came her. The only trace of his ever being here, was his pile of stuff. And the letter on the desk. The letter, the stupid letter, full of stupid reasons for leaving.

Sitting down at his desk, Nolan picks up the letter. He bites his lip, this time drawing blood. Wiping up his blood with his sleeve, he turns his attention back to the letter.

I'm Leaving. I honestly doubt anyone will care enough about me leaving. Most of you will forget that I ever existed. That's great, just forget about me. Well, I guess I should give a reason for leaving? 

I'm tired. There that's my reason. I know it doesn't really sound like a reason, but trust me it is. I'm just tired of everything at this camp. I've been here for a few years. Now I'm an adult, and I see no point in staying. I can take care of myself, I can fight monsters. So I'm leaving, staying is just pointless. I'm planning on traveling the world. Maybe I'll send some post cards. I doubt I will. 

My plan is to just forget about camp. Sure I have good memories, but there are also those bad memories. I feel that forgetting is just the best solution. So goodbye, after this week. Chances are I won't ever think about you again. Goodbye.

To the next cabin leader, good luck. This cabin is full of the most annoying, and stubborn people you'll ever meet, you'll need the luck. I've left a folder of notes and suggestions in the top left drawer of my desk. I suggest that you read it, it will help. 

Well I guess that's all. Goodbye.

Nolan sets the letter back down in the center of his desk. He then pushes the chair back, and stands up. Pushing the chair back in, he walks over to his stuff. Grabbing his bags, he walks out of his room, and out of the cabin. The cabin will be at lessons, he won't be disturbed. He walks through the camp, not bothering to look back. He makes his way over the crest of the hill, and into the mortal world. He walks to his car, a navy Chevy Malibu. Pulling out his keys, he unlocks his car. Opening the back door, Nolan shoves his bags into the back seat.

Slamming the door shut, Nolan walks around the car. Climbing into the drivers seat, he puts the keys into the ignition. Turning the key, the car comes to life. He turns on the radio, and changes the channel to a country station. The song, Free by the Zac Brown band comes on. Then without looking back, Nolan drives away. Knowing that he will never see this place again.

"yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away"
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Gone (A self para, involving Nolan Lewis)
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