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 One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]

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lara croft
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PostSubject: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:28 pm


Its Summer. The time when people can do random stuff they wouldn't have been able to do during the school year. For me, it signals the end of my Junior Certificate. I've decided to make this new character topic, so that I can bring in some characters, get rid of others, and change themes and such. Some characters have grown out of their old theme songs, some aren't active anymore, I don't have some face claims anymore, and I've gotten different ones. I can say that one particular character, who has been put on the inactive list, is most likely coming back after the summer, cause I liked her. 

Welcome to the home of my characters. Here you can read about what makes them tick, and what makes them exactly who they are today. Be warned, however, that not all my characters are good.

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lara croft
Vampire Slayer

Posts : 2291
Join date : 2012-06-06
Age : 19
Location : ireland

PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:49 am



  • Kalina Nikolova; Daughter of Hyperion
  • Rana Jackson; Daughter of Eris
  • Aphrodite De LaMarco; Daughter of Hemera
  • Charlie Grandge; Daughter of Iris, Hunter of Artemis
  • Elijah Gray; Son of Psyche
  • Cole Notte; Daughter of Nyx
  • Ebony Knight; Daughter of Ares
  • Kathryn "Kitty" De Brùn; Daughter of Athena (Unclaimed)
  • Isabelle Carstairs; Daughter of Eleos

  • Artemis; Goddess of the Hunt, Maiden Girls, the Wilderness, Wild Beasts, Maiden Dances and Songs, Archery, Chastity, Childbirth, Plague and the Moon
  • Calypso; A Minor Goddess Nymph
  • Kayla Gilbert; Daughter of Apollo

  • Kendra Lehane; Daughter of Hecate
  • Kegan Lehane; Daughter of Nemesis
  • Grace Moon; Daughter of Aphrodite
  • Constance Newman; Daughter of Athena
  • Charity McKenna; Daughter of Nyx, Hunter of Artemis
  • Chantarelle Browne; Daughter of Aeolus
  • Kaida Lin Vargas; Daughter of Ouranos
  • Adara Lorelie; Daughter of Pontus
  • Aisline LaVarrney; Daughter of Melinoe
  • Jai Harris; Daughter of Chronos
  • Rook Harris; Son of Erebus
  • Willow Hale; A Wood Nymph
  • Thomas De la Cruz; Son of Dinlas
  • Serenity Arrington; Daughter of Macaria
  • Thalia Jenkins; Daughter of Thanatos
  • Curiosity "Zee" Temperance; Daughter of Aphrodite
  • Riley Jae Williams; Daughter of Hermes
  • Mikayla "Ace" Littner (Up for Adoption); Daughter of Eris
  • Vivien Emma Elizabeth; Daughter of Amphitrite
  • Auburn Spallin; Daughter of Iris
  • Skyla Stars; Daughter of Hecate
  • Leena Hale; Unclaimed Daughter of Chronos
  • Shayenne "Shay" Caulfield; Unclaimed Daughter of Athena
  • Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric; Daughter of Apollo
  • Buffy Summers; Daughter of Khione
  • Anyanka Harris; Daughter of Zeus

  • Lalaine Ann Vergara-Paras; Kaida Lin Vargas
  • Rachel Bilson; Adara Lorelie
  • * Berit Birkeland; Aphrodite De LaMarco
  • Sara Canning; Isabelle Carstairs
  • * Charisma Carpenter; Jai Harris
  • Collins, Lily; Kathryn De Brùn
  • * Nina Dobrev; Kalina Nikolova
  • * Sarah Michelle Gellar; Buffy Summers
  • Karen Gillan; Artemis
  • * Katerina Graham; Unused
  • Lucy Hale; Skyla Stars
  • Alyson Hannigan; Kendra Lehane
  • Claire Holt; Kayla Gilbert
  • * Jacqueline Jossa; Cole Notte
  • Mimi Keene; Unused
  • Anna Kendrick; Unused
  • Mary-Kate Olsen; Thalia Jenkins
  • Ashley Olsen; Serenity Arrington
  • * Kristen Stewart; Rana Jackson
  • * Michelle Tractenberg; Veronica Lyric
  • Emma Watson; Calypso
  • Hayley Williams; Ebony Knight
  • Nicholas Brendan; Rook Harris
  • * Robert Pattinson; Unused
  • * Taylor York; Elijah Gray

    * Those Marked with a Star, I will not share. All the others, I have no problem in sharing if you ask too (:
    Those which are crimson are already shared.

  • Kalina Nikolova; Let the Flames Begin by Paramore And Part ii by Paramore Youth by Daughter
  • Rana Jackson; Crazy Kids by Kesha Feat. Will.I.Am Give me Love by Ed Sheeran
  • Aphrodite De LaMarco; Misery Business by Paramore Or Galmorous by Fergie Feat. Ludacris
  • Charlie Grandge; Laura Palmer by Bastille
  • Elijah Gray; Last Hope by Paramore
  • Cole Notte; Can't Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Feat. Ray Dalton Ain't it Fun by Paramore
  • Ebony Knight; Teenagers by Hayley Williams
  • Kathryn "Kitty" De Brùn; Happiness is Overrated by Airborne Toxic Event
  • Isabelle Carstairs; Can't Remember to Forget You by Shakira Ft. Rhianna

  • Kalina Nikolova; Confused (Kamuel- Kalina x Samuel)
  • Rana Jackson; Unhappy
  • Aphrodite De LaMarco; Bouncing Back And Forth
  • Charlie Grandge; Forever Single Thanks Very Much
  • Elijah Gray; Single and Moderately Happy
  • Cole Notte; In Love (Chole- Chase x Cole)
  • Ebony Knight; Happily Single!
  • Kathryn "Kitty" De Brùn; Single, But a Player (Dibbed: Anryn- Andrew x Kathryn)

  • Isabelle Carstairs; Boys Are Icky 2014

    THE PERKS...
  • Mystery Box; Magical Necklace thing which was given to Kegan Lehane.
  • Extra Character Spot Won From Fanfic Contest; Used on Elijah Gray
  • Extra Character Spot (Value Pack); Used On Kalina Nikolova
  • Power Boost (Value Pack); Unused
  • Weapon Perk (Value Pack); Unused
  • Pet Perk (Value Pack); Unused
  • Extra BTC (Value Pack); Used on Kalina Nikolova
  • 500 Posts BTC; Unused

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lara croft
Vampire Slayer

Posts : 2291
Join date : 2012-06-06
Age : 19
Location : ireland

PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:15 am



Name: Калина Деянова Николова - Kalina Deyanova Nikolova
Name Meaning:
Kalina - Rowan Tree
Nicknames: Kali, Lina, Nikol
Age: 16 years old.
Date of Birth: 6th of June, 1997
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Hyperion, Lord of Light and Titan of the East
Claimed: Not by the light and symbol, but she is aware on who her father is.
Years at Camp: Four years, since she was 12 and a half.


Mortal Family:

• Mariana Dessislava Nikolova Neè Stoyanova (Mother): Mariana Nikolova was born in a small Bulgarian town. Her parents loved her very much, as she was an only child, and while they frowned upon some of her life choices, they wouldn't have dreamt of cutting ties with her. She was a very popular girl in her school, with her looks being admired by many men. However, she was quite shy about any male attention, and she had been forced to go to the dance where she met Deyan by all her friends, who'd set her up with a very athletic senior. And he bored her. When her eyes met Deyan's across the refreshments table, her life changed forever. The young couple married just out of school, and soon after baby Yana was born.
Her parents were heartbroken when they made the choice to move countries, but Mariana promised them they would visit as frequently as possible, and would send letters and pictures even more often. The simply holiday they took to see if they would be able to get a home easily in the new country changed everything for Mariana, when, in New York, she met Hyperion through her dreams. However, much later, when she explained to her unusual child what she was, she described it as "I fell in love with Deyan. With Hyperion, I simply fell in lust." But, not leaving it there, she continued, "Kalina, you were the greatest gift I could have been given. I have never, ever regretted meeting Hyperion, or having you."
A couple years after the move to Windsor, Canada, Mariana realized she wanted to provide for her family as well as Deyan providing. Seeking out a course in cookery, which had always been a talent of hers, she continued until she was working in a successful restaurant. Another few years meant she perfected her skill, and at this point in time she owns a small bakery, which has a good enough income.

• Deyan Stoyanov Nikolov (Step-Father): Deyan Nikolov had more of an average life than Mariana did. He wasn't popular in his school, and the best thing that ever happened to him was when he met Mariana. He never looked back. Deyan's parents had four children, but they financed the move the couple took. He felt... he felt like Mariana had betrayed him, when he first found out Kalina wasn't his child. But then he realized that some unknown man who is as old as time couldn't be more of a father to his middle child than he had been for her whole life. He would never wish for Kalina to not have been born, because he loves her as much as he loves his other children.

• Yana Deyanova Nikolova (Older Half-Sister): Yana was known as the smart child, and always made it her mission to outdo her younger sister. Probably because she was jealous of suddenly losing the attention. But she loves Kalina very much, and always will. She's there if her sister ever needs advice or help, and Kali would do the same for her.

• Petar Deyanov Nikolov (Younger Half-Brother): Petar is the youngest Nikolov child, thirteen years old right now. He's always felt his sisters get more attention, but in truth he loves them anyway. 

Born In; Sofia, Bulgaria
Living In; Windsor, Canada
Brief History:
Mariana Stoyanova met her future husband many years ago. Sixteen years old, popular, yet shy of the attention she received from the opposite gender, she'd grown up in a safe little bubble, ignoring those lesser than her and socializing with those at her level. She was a girl who had definite plans for her future, and was working towards them slowly but surely.
The night she met Deyan Nikolov, she had been forced by her friends to go with a senior. A super handsome senior, sure, but not really her type. He talked about nothing but himself, and the dates he'd been on, and the stuff he'd won, etc. As a last ditch effort type thing, Mariana excused herself, saying she was parched and needed a drink. He would have accompanied her, but she made a fuss, saying that he didn't deserve to miss out on dancing just because she needed a drink, and possibly the loo. Deyan's excuse to his date, a nerdy girl who had asked him rather than the other way around, was nearly the same. He insisted that she should find someone to dance with while he got some food and rested for a few moments. By chance, they ended up at the exact same refreshments table. She smiled at him across it, and he sort of nervously smoothed his hair, cause he knew who Mariana Stoyanova was and that he did not deserve to have gotten a smile from her. It was that night that shaped the rest of their lives, as they both took to the dancefloor together and never thought twice about the dates they had left behind. It might have been a romantic cliche, the meeting when you're already on a date, and then ignoring said dates, but it wasn't like it had been planned. It was spontaneous, with Mariana taking notice of a boy she wouldn't have given the time of day to before.
For the final two years of schooling, the two continued their relationship. It was seen as sweet, cute and cuddly, and Mariana's friends insisted that as soon as school was done the relationship would be too. Deyan's friends thought it was hilarious, sure that he was lying about who he was or something to keep such a beautiful and popular girl for so long. But the honest truth was that they were falling deeply in love. It was uncontrollable, and even if they had wanted things to be different they wouldn't have been able to stop it. However, while they would laugh at the remarks on how they wouldn't last after school, both were worried and frightened that all of them would come true. 
About a month after school ended, on a rainy day, Deyan arrived on Mariana's doorstep with a soggy bouquet of flowers, and one of his goofy smiles. She hurried him inside, as the rain lashed down, and told him that her parents had left for the weekend to an Aunt's house. She thought the reason he was there was completely different to the actual one. Imagine her shock when he knelt down in drenched pants and a coat, and fumbled in his pocket for a moment before producing a small little box. His nerves seemed to take over at this point, and his big long speech flew out the window. So he stuttered "Well.. w-we know there have been those p-people who thought we wouldn't last. And I-I don't want that to be true. I-I want to be with you for the rest of my life M-Mariana." At this point he grew more confident, sure of his words, "I didn't think I deserved you at all. But I realize now that if you hadn't wanted me then you wouldn't have taken me. I'm in love with you Mariana Stoyanova. But I want you to be more than Mariana Stoyanova, popular and pretty. I want you to be Mariana Nikolova, popular and beautiful. So... Mariana, I promise that if you say yes, I will always love you. I will honor you and obey you, because who are we kidding, you wear the pants in this relationship. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?' Need he have asked? Mariana didn't even need to think about her answer. Not even caring that he was so wet he was dripping on her parents carpet, she threw herself at him, saying yes, yes of course she'd marry him!
Her parents might not have approved of getting married straight out of school, and not continue to higher education, but they couldn't deny what had been in front of them for two years. They were pretty sure that Deyan loved Mariana more than anything else in the world, and though they wouldn't admit it, they were slightly taken by the young man. He was a gentleman, of course. They were happy to see her marry the man she loved eight months later. They were even happier when ten months after that, their first grandchild was born, Yana, named after her Mother's Mother. They doted upon little Yana, who was a beautiful baby. 
Now, it came time for the couple to make a move to a new hometown, as they started to feel that their child should grow up somewhere different to the town they and the rest of their families had grown up in. Making the move to the city of Sofia, they bought a small two bedroom home with funds saved during childhood years. And it was a happy existence. They both got jobs, Deyan in a small office, and Mariana in a restaurant. It was an even happier existence when Mariana's parents decided to move to be closer to their grandchild, and moved into a house just down the road. Deyan's parents, while delighted to have a Daughter-In-Law like Mariana and a Grandchild like Yana, couldn't upsticks and move because of their other children. They would visit once a week, on the Sunday, and would attend dinner with Deyan, Mariana, Yana and Mariana's parents. 
Soon, it was Yana's third birthday. A bright young child, she was the pride and joy of her young parents and her Grandparents. Being the first Grandchild ment she was given everything that it was possible to give her, and it made her slightly spoiled.
But suddenly, without much warning, Deyan had an idea. He had long grown tired of the same old towns and shops and such, feeling like he wasn't living his full life being stuck in the same place as his ancestors. That didn't mean he loved Mariana any less. She was the Mother of his child and the love of his life. He was just tired of living the same life his Great-Grandparents would have lived. And so, he sat down his wife and asked her, straight out. "Are you happy in this life? Or would you like something more?" He proceeded to explain how he was feeling, and how he felt Yana would gain so much more in another country, living a unique life. Mariana was confused at first, but as he explained, found herself enthralled. It appealed to her too, living a new life in a new country with new jobs and new everything.
It took little time to convince her, and then Deyan's only problem was that he had no money to fund a big move like they would be taking. So he did the only thing he knew to do: He approached his Father, and asked if he would fund the move. If he would give them enough money to buy a home, get them jobs and just get them over there. Now, Stoyan loved his son. He might have had two daughters and two sons, but he loved each equally. And he also loved his Daughter-In-Law and his Granddaughter. He saw that this was what they wanted, and sadly agreed to give them the money he was asking for, to give them the new life they wanted. He didn't want to say goodbye. Stoyan was a family man. But he couldn't stand by and watch his son get even more unhappy than he was already.
Mariana's parents had a similar reaction when she told them. They didn't want to lose Yana, or her, or the young man who had taken her heart. After making her promise to visit her homeland as often as possible, they grudgenly accepted it. And as a late wedding present to her, funded a three month trip for the couple, as a way to see where they would live and such. It was arranged that they would go and visit some well known American towns, and some little known, and also spend a week or two looking through some Canadian towns. The couple was adamant that they wanted a home within America, but they agreed to look at homes and job opportunity's in some towns near the border between Canada and America. For the three months, Yana would spend time with her Grandparents: Six weeks with the Stoyanov's and six weeks with the Nikolov's.
They left from Bulgaria when Yana was three and a half.
For about a two weeks they visited well known cities like Los Angeles and Chicago, spending a little time in each and realizing that none of them had exactly what they were looking for. And then, when they arrived in New York, everything changed. 
It was only the first of four nights they were staying in NY. The young couple had gone to sleep early, as they would need to be up early to view homes and look for the jobs they wanted within the city. Mariana wanted to cook, and Deyan wanted to go back to school and get a law degree. 
It was as she fell into a deep sleep that it happened.
Mariana described it later as if she had woken up inside a dream. Like she'd been asleep there too, and suddenly she was awake. The location was breathtaking. A massive white temple on top of a large hill. When she looked out the golden doors, she could see crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, and the sight of distant islands out to see. She couldn't remember ever seeing something so beautiful before, and when she turned to look inside the temple, found herself drawn inside. It was amazingly pretty, with large stained glass windows going up each side, depicting a sun rising. The window at the very back was the sun fully risen, and the light was always shining through it, which led her to believe wherever it was, the temple was facing east. At this point she had walked the full length of the temple style building, marveling at it. Then, she heard heavy footsteps behind her. When she turned, Mariana couldn't believe what she saw. Later, she couldn't fully describe what the man behind her looked like. All she could truly recall was that his eyes were like gold which was starting to cool. She could only describe what he looked like by saying that he was like every handsome man she had ever seen, ever, all rolled into one. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, etc. Naturally, she was kind of shocked, and asked the first thing that came to her mind "Whats your name? Who are you?". The man smiled at her, and he told her the answer in a way which clearly meant he thought she should already know this. "I am Hyperion." What happened after she had finished answering questions is something which doesn't need to be told. She was drawn to this man, and couldn't seem to stop herself.
As Mariana and Deyan continued around America, and eventually the Canadian towns and cities, she continued to have these dreams. Not every single night, but every few nights. At first she felt embarrassed, and like she was doing something wrong. But then she realized, its only a dream. A fantasy, nothing real. It was not wrong to have this fantasies, because at least she wasn't physically cheating on her husband. It was just a dream.
On the final night of their search, Mariana was visited by Hyperion once more. This time however, it was different. They spoke, and she was sure he was sounding like he was leaving. When she asked him, "Are you leaving me?", he smiled sadly. "Where you are going, I cannot follow." She asked why, why couldn't he follow, and Hyperion shook his head, "I am not permitted. It is beyond my strength." This hurt her, as she had been sure he would follow to Bulgaria. She found herself wanting him to come, but even as she started to beg, he lent down and kissed her forehead, and turned on his heel. However, as he turned and started to walk out the door, where the sun was for the first time since the dreams had started setting, he stopped and spoke his final sentences. "She will be gentle. But the gentle ones are the ones who contain the most potential for power, and in turn the most potential for hate."
Mariana had no idea what this meant, and as he walked out the door, she woke up, the alarm beside her beeping.
Back in Bulgaria, they had sorted out exactly where they were going to live. Yana had been happy to have her parents back, of course, and her Grandparents were terribly sad to know it was their final few weeks with her. And then Mariana found out that she was pregnant. And by doing the dates, and knowing she and her husband hadn't in weeks... well she realized that something unbelievable had happened. She realized that her dream lover had to be the one who had fathered her child. But how was that possible? It was just a dream after all.
Sitting Deyan down, she told him the good news, that she was pregnant. But before she could explain about her lover and how even if it seemed unbelievable it was the truth, he was jumping for joy, happy to know he was having another child. And she couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth, even if it would have been easier. He was so happy.
The couple decided together to postpone the move. Their parents knew she was pregnant, and instead of having their child born in another country and for her/his Grandparents to not be able to see her/him till she/he was able to travel, they decided to stay in Bulgaria. The home they were going to take was lost, unfortunately, but they had a back up.
Kalina Deyanova Nikolova was born on the sixth of June, 1997, to her mother Mariana and her Step-Father Deyan. The second child to them, and the second grandchild to her Grandparents. Her elder sister Yana was four and a bit. For a year and a half she grew up in the city Sofia, until Mariana and Deyan decided it was time to complete the move. 
Only a week later, they were painting their home in Windsor, Canada, and moving furniture into their little girls' rooms.
Kalina had a fairly stable home life. Her Mother adored her, her Step-Father (Or Father, as she thought of him) was proud of her. Her elder sister was there for her, even if she felt that her younger sister suddenly gained too much attention. Yana was immediately enrolled in Martial Arts classes, and was what many would call "The Smart Sister". Because Kalina was both younger and more naive than her, people never realized she was just as smart. Yana did Martial Arts, Piano, Language Classes and other extra-curricular activities. Kalina did the Martial Arts because she was made too by her parents, she did Languages because she liked them, and as she grew up she developed a love for dancing. When Kalina was only three, Mariana gave birth to Petar, the baby boy of the family, and fourth Grandchild (One of Deyan's sisters had given birth to a baby girl a few months before). The family was fairly happy. Kalina's only trouble in school was the fact she had Dyslexia and ADHD. It meant she was unable to concentrate as fully as others, but she tried. She honestly did try, and she managed to keep her grades up. She even managed to go to dance classes, and one of her biggest dreams was to be a cheerleader as soon as she got into High School. Every year the family would make one trip to Bulgaria to visit their family, and their Grandparents couldn't wait to lavish attention upon their Grandchildren.
Throughout the early years of Kalina's life, Mariana worked in a restaurant and worked to receive a proper cooking degree and as soon as she had saved enough money opened a small bakery of her own. Deyan worked until he achieved a law degree, and then began working in a small law firm. All in all, they provided everything they could for their family.
But when Kalina turned 12, the happy life which had been formed by her parents came crashing down within only a few minutes.
One day she was sitting in the living room, playing with Petar and trying to reach for something under the couch. It had fallen down, and too Kali it was a life or death situation. She needed it to continue with the game she was playing. When her hand closed around the small metal object, she pulled it out, and stared at the small thing. (It was in fact a thimble, which Mariana had dropped the day before. But she didn't know that). Now, the twelve year old girl found this little thing utterly fascinating. She had no idea what it was, and immediately left the living room and began walking towards the kitchen. The door was closed, which wasn't a rare occurance in the home. Her parents had a thing about heat and electricity, etc, and they made sure all of their children were aware of keeping heat in. They were encouraged to shut windows and doors behind them. Kalina wanted to show her Mother what she had found, but as she put her hand on the doorknob she heard her name being spoken. Naturally, she listened more carefully so that she could hear what was being said. A lot was being said between Mariana and Deyan, and most of it was in Bulgarian. But she was fluent in the language even then, and could understand most of it. And what she heard... the most poignant part said was from her Mother: "I tried to tell you Deyan! I tried! When I sat you down to tell you I was pregnant with her, I tried to tell you that Kalina couldn't have been yours! I know it seems hard to believe, I realize that, but I swear to you that I never physically cheated on you. I never thought anything of it. It was a fantasy. But you didn't listen! You believed that Kalina was your baby, your little girl, and how could I ruin that? How could I tell you I had an affair within a dream? You would never have believed me!"
Kalina was a smart girl. She wasn't just a pretty face. And she realized what her Mother was saying. Deyan wasn't her Father. Her Daddy wasn't her Daddy. Dropping the thimble, she raced out the front door, tears in her eyes.
She survived two days on her own. Two days where she didn't even leave the City. She knew it had been a dumb thing to do, but how could she go back when her life had been a lie? She wasn't Yana and Petar's sister. Only a half-sibling. And she didn't even know who her real Dad was. Kalina wanted to go home, she really did, but every time she turned around to make her way back she remembered that her Mother had lied to her, and let her grow up with someone who wasn't her Father. And it just made her turn around and continue walking away.
Its very possible she would have continued being a runaway, until the Cops came and picked her up, if what happened next hadn't happened. On the morning of the third day, she was sitting in an alley. It was dark and dank, but she was adamant she wouldn't budge until she had too.
That was when the cyclops found her. She didn't think she was seeing it right, because surely someone couldn't have one eye. But when it bellowed and swiped down at her, she knew that this was real, this wasn't a dream. Moving to the side, she wasn't quick enough. The cyclops hit her from the side into the brick wall beside her, and she felt her arm twisting unnaturally. She landed on broken glass, but unfortunately, she didn't black out. The pain didn't float away as she lost consciousness. Instead it was there, and she was crying for her Mother, and for her Father, and for anyone, just wanting help. She wanted to go home, she wished she'd never left, never heard what she had heard.
Then, suddenly, as the cyclops closed in on her, there was a flash of light. It would have blinded her, but some sense told her to squeeze her eyes shut. Even that didn't kill all the harsh glare, and after a moment, when it died down, she opened her eyes to someone standing over her. Kalina curled away, thinking it was the monster, and yelped in pain as she rolled onto her arm. But it wasn't the cyclops. A man who had heard her crying from the pavement at the top of the ally had rushed down to see what was going on to find her on the ground.
Thankfully, she managed to drift away as the man called the ambulance and they loaded her in. Not unconscious, or anything of the sort. She just managed to sort of drift, not really feeling anything, but knowing what was happening. As soon as she was in the ambulance and moving towards a hospital, she did however drift off into an uneasy sleep.
Kalina woke up in the hospital the next morning, with her arm in a heavy cast and little bandages wrapped around the worst of the glass wounds. Her Mother was sitting beside her, and Deyan was sitting on her other side, holding her good hand. She was instantly awake, and Mariana asked her daughter tearfully why she'd runaway. Kali simply replied "You said Daddy wasn't my Daddy. You had an affair. I wasn't wanted." And then Mariana burst into more tears and told her no, no she was wanted, she was. And then Deyan explained that he had always known there was something different about Kalina, something that Yana and Petar didn't have. But he said, it wasn't that she didn't have his genes. It was because she was just a little more special. He told her that she might be someone elses biological daughter, but he was her "Everything Daddy."
Mariana had to assure Kali that her and Deyan weren't going to get divorced. Deyan even had to promise he still loved Mariana as much as he ever had.
And once she was calmed down, Mariana explained to her Daughter everything which needed to be explained. That her real Dad was Hyperion, a Titan, and that she was magical in her own way. She was her gift.
When Kalina was able to leave hospital, her Mother came to pick her up, saying that Deyan was staying with Yana and Petar while she brought her to a place she needed to be brought too. Getting in the car, Kali was worried, thinking maybe her Mother was bringing her away, but she was soon given an answer. "I received a letter this morning Kalina, and it told me of a place where you would be safe. You're special, and being who you are, you're going to attract attention. The letter was an adress, and the few words "Now one monster has found her, others will. She will be safe here." I believe it Kali. Its time for you to go where you'll be safe, even if I don't understand it."
They arrived at Camp Half-Blood the next morning, although it was a wonder they even found the Pine tree. They walked up the hill and Kalina stood on top of it, looking down in awe at the Camp. It had everything. A Climbing Wall, Cabins, a Beach, a Strawberry Field. And suddenly a half-man half-horse guy was standing right there with her, smiling. 
Chiron explained everything about Camp to Kalina, and in turn to Mariana. He explained what it was, and that children of Gods were safe here. He told her Mother about how Demigods could choose to be Year Rounders or Summer Campers, and that they were claimed and put into the Cabin of their Parent. He then asked did Mariana know what her past lover had been called. When she told him, Chiron's smile fell ever so slightly, but only for a second, and then he was as normal. 
Kalina's choice was to stay as a Summer Camper.
The Hera Cabin was hard to get used too. She missed her Mother, her Step-Father, her Sister and her Brother. She just wanted to go home, really. And everytime she told someone the name of her father, her real father, they would instantly change and wouldn't act the same again. Because she wasn't well versed in Greek History she didn't realize why being the child of a Titan was frowned upon by many. But when she did realize, it hurt her a lot. That people would instantly think something because who her biological father was. 
However, the year she spent back home with her parents was spent constantly sighting monsters. Empousa, hellhounds, more cyclops. She couldn't deal with it anymore. They frightened her, and that was for sure.
So Kali has been a Year Rounder since she came back to Camp aged 13. 


Physical Appearance:
Kalina would be described in one word as pretty. On first glance, it seems that she would be very easy to lust after. But after a few seconds speaking to her, people tend to realize that she isn't just a pretty face.
Kali's hair is very long, falling well down her back when completely straight. She likes to wear it hanging loose and as straight as possible, or when she's incredibly lazy just down and in lots of little curls. When she comes in after a long day, her hair would be described as messy and windswept, with small strands hanging around her face randomly. In looks, her hair doesn't seem very thick when its straight. Even with layers, it looks rather thin, but in reality, its actually very thick. This can be seen when she wears it in little curls, and you'd almost swear she'd grown about seven inches more hair overnight. Many people think that it would bother her, always hanging down around her face, in her way when she's training or what have you. In complete honesty though, Kalina is used to it. She's not too bothered by her hair, and if she was, she'd tie it back.
Her eyes are the first thing which many people notice about her. They're a very warm brown color, with little lights sparkling within them. However, they don't remain the same shade of brown. Kali's eyes alternate between a rich, slightly-darker-than amber brown, and a dark, bottomless feeling brown. They don't seem to signify anything other than peculiar eyes, but in fairness, Kalina wouldn't know if there's a difference, because she can't see her eyes without a mirror. There's no pattern to it either: She doesn't wake up every second day with super dark eyes, or vice versa. Its random, and even her family wouldn't be able to tell you a system to it.
Kali is very tanned. Most would say its because she spends most of her time outdoors, because she doesn't want to be cooped up. But it also has to do with where in the world her mother was born and raised, and where her grandmother was born and raised, and etc. People in Bulgaria would be known to having slightly more tanned skin than people who live in say Ireland. Kalina has inherited her mother's genes, and has a slightly darker tint to her skin than others anyway. Couple that with the additional tanning she gets from being outside so much, then she has a very even, and very natural looking tan. Kali has very few major scars, and any blemishes and scars she does have are between small and medium size. However, she does have some scars on the back of her right arm, which would be described as major. And on her right leg, she has two long claw marks going from the top of her thigh to a little above her knee. These are from the monster attack which led to her coming to Camp. Kali rarely feels the need to hide these scars, seeing them as something normal and perfectly fine. Sometimes though, if she's doing something like going to a dance or whatever, she suddenly feels shy, not wanting to show these scars to anyone, in case they find them vulgar.
Kalina's face is actually the first indication that she's not a born and bred Canadian girl. Her tan could be passed off as excessive sunbathing, but her face tells you everything. She has softly pronounced cheekbones and an exotic facial shape. Her lips are a light pink color naturally, and her bottom lip is full. Her top lip, while in proportion to the bottom, seems a little too thin, but if she's noticed this flaw, it doesn't bother her too much. Her eyes, which are almond shaped, are usually outlined lightly in black eyeliner, mascara and sometimes eyeshadow. She doesn't feel the need to overdo it with makeup, and instead wears only a light layer, with pastel colored lipsticks. Her eyes have short, thick eyelashes outlining them, and her eyebrows are plucked in a neat, thin line.
Kalina isn't very tall. She would be called below average, and its a bit of a sore subject. She's always given the impression of being childlike, small and thin with few visible muscles. Many describe her as weak looking, but in reality she can handle herself. Her parents put all of their children into self-defense lessons, as soon as they were old enough. She's grown up to be skilled in Ju-Jitsu. This means that while she doesn't have the muscle upper hand, she does have the skill. 
Kalina's dressing style is comfortable yet stylish. She isn't incredibly vain, even if she does hold some value in her looks, but she isn't one to wear sweats all the time either. She loves leather jackets and jeans, cami's and shorts. She also loves plain old tracksuit bottoms, but she would wear a dress if the occasion arose. Kali likes converse sneakers, and her wardrobe practically consists of them. She has lots of different colors, and some have been doodled on so much its hard to know was there any sort of pattern on them before.
She likes to wear some jewelry, meaning silver hoop earrings and the occasional necklace. She doesn't own many rings or bracelets, but she does wear the latter when she's in the mood to wear one.
Face Claim: Nina Dobrev (<3)


Kalina is a very sweet, very underestimated girl, who many people get the wrong opinion on. They see her as one thing, and can go through their whole friendship believing that's how she is. However, most of the time, peoples first impressions are wrong, and only those who can read through the lines that see the true Kali.
She's quite sarcastic, in a dry sort of way. She doesn't aim to hurt with her quick fire answers, instead just aiming to get the final word in. She does however answer before she thinks things through fully. The result of this is that her answer either doesn't make sense, or is hurtful. Kalina isn't overly sarcastic, or obnoxiously sarcastic, but most of the time its more a joking sort of way, teasing while at the same time not teasing. Another aspect of this sarcasm is how witty she is. She's got a good sense of humor, for sure, and her answers can be both serious and funny.
She can be very, very blunt. Kali will give a straight answer to a question she's asked directly, and will always tell you the honest truth. She doesn't sugar coat what she tells you, and her way of thinking is "If everyone would just tell each other the truth, without hiding anything, then the world would be a much, much better place. Cause then you wouldn't have people hurt and stuff over something which has been put off and put off. They can get over it before the situation gets worse.". This doesn't mean she isn't understanding and kind, and she'll word it as nicely as possible. But she doesn't like to lie, even if it means protecting someone from the horrible truth. She simply thinks that everything would be so much better if people would tell what they know before it escalates.
Kalina is a very cunning, and she's perfectly capable of making a secretive, scheming plan. It would be called a flaw, that she feels the need to get involved in things which wouldn't usually concern her. She'll scheme and she'll work and at the end she'll have a Plan which might not be perfect, but one which she'll want to try anyway. She's always planning for the next problem, and in every situation life throws at her she manages to keep a cool head, because she's prepared. And she is very prepared. Nothing ever seems to truly panic her, and she's usually the one to openly work towards a solution, whereas others would be running around like headless chickens trying to calm down.
Sweet and kind, she's the one who will always be there for her friends. Nothing could pull her away from them, and she's there with some advice or some help, every single time. Her kindness knows no bounds, as said. 
This brings us to one of her many potentially fatal flaws, how loyal she is. She would never, ever abandon someone who has been granted her undying trust. Once she trusts someone, she trusts them until they do something directly harmful to her or her other friends. But up until that point, anyone who's gained her as a friend has a incredibly loyal and trusting ally by their side. Her friends lives mean so much to her, and Kalina would never hurt them with meaning, or leave them to be hurt. She'll stick with them until the moment she can't physically be there. She's compassionate enough that anyone in pain, anyone at all, will have her undivided attention. Kali's natural instinct is too help a person who needs help, and protect someone or something which needs protection. Its so bad that she would instantly throw herself into a fight for them, or throw herself into harms way, just to help.
Kali is a veyr loving person, who wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see. Because of this she gets hurt more times than people would believe possible, and yet she can't be careful. She's naive, and always thinks that things will change, or that people will be as kind to her as she is to them. That's not always the case though, and many end up hurting this kind soul who they don't realize is actually quite trusting. No one realizes just how soft she is, just how much she can be hurt by words and jabs. Its unfortunate, but there's nothing that can be done unless Kali learns to be more careful. 
Any joke which Kalina says can't be taken to heart. Anyone who becomes her friend realizes that, because honestly, Kali is as soft as a kitten. She says everything in good jest, and is ignorant to what others will feel and think after its been said. Her heart is always in the right place, even if people don't realize.
As well as being very trusting, Kalina is also a very forgiving person. Unless you've tried to kill her, or tried to kill someone she cares about, she won't think twice about letting you back into her good books once she's calmed down from what you have done. 
Kalina is very, very smart. Many thought that because of her ADHD, and because of her Dyslexia, she wouldn't be able to learn as much as others. She proved them wrong by becoming fluent in three different languages, Bulgarian, French and Romanian, and by learning the martial arts that her sister learned. She learnt them not by book learning, but by having the words spoken, and the moves shown to her. And she picked them up, even at her young age, because she wanted to prove that just because she had a reading disability, and a short attention span, she could do anything that others could do. She surpassed the boundary set by others, and to this day she has a competitive streak. She wants to win, and she wants to be the best she can possibly be. If she loses, she'll work harder than many others would work, just so that she can win the next time she does what it is she lost. Her competitive streak gets her into hard situations, and sometimes bad situations, because she wants to continue until she's won. 
Kali is a very confident young lady, and that shows after a few seconds speaking to her. She's not shy to speak whatevers on her mind, and once its said she won't say "Oh I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to blurt that out!". She thinks that whatever she says needed to be said, and doesn't always see how its going to affect others. Even the way Kali carries herself as she walks shows how confident she is, although in honesty she's probably a little too confident.
Kalina has a bit of a temper on her. Its funny really, when you think about it, because she seems to be a very sweet, gentle girl. But if you do something that she doesn't agree with, or that has gone against her, you'll soon know about it. Her anger is sort of like a storm, and it won't calm down until you can manage to get her too forgive you. Which, if what you've done isn't incredibly serious, shouldn't be too long. But at the time, it'll seem like a very big deal to her, and she'll not be calmed down until there's at least been an apology.
She's sort of manipulative. Not in a serious way, or in a way which could be seen as bad. Most of the time, Kali doesn't even realize she's doing what she's doing until its too late. She just wants what she wants, and when she wants it she wants it at that moment. If she can send a flirty smile towards someone, just to get what she wants, then she will. Its not a problem, and its not something that might get her in a load of trouble, its just something she does.
Kalina is a little too prideful. Anything which she has done, whether it be something small or something big, she's proud of. Too proud of, in honesty. And if anyone says something against her, its taken as a personal insult. She feels that she can do things better than anyone else would have been able too, which is a bad thing in many cases because she cannot accept someone's help. Kali would need to be coerced into accepting help from anyone, and even then she's like the nagging back seat driver, always telling you what you're doing wrong and how you could improve.
She also has a dark streak. Its the part of her that holds her temper, and holds her manipulative nature. Its not like Kalina realizes its there. Even she doesn't know she has it. Its just this part of her which is like the darkness to her peppy light. It balances her out. 

  • Winning. 
  • Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Languages
  • Cupcakes. Kalina has a weakness for these particular pastries.
  • Outdoors. She doesn't really like to be cooped up in one place.
  • People. She honestly does like people, and she likes to be in places where she can talk to people. Its people who seem to have a problem with her, because of who her Dad is.
  • Cheerleading
  • Training
  • Her Family
  • Hoop Earrings
  • Converse
  • Music


  • Plain and Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Monsters
  • Losing
  • Those that put Titan children under a certain heading.
  • Her family sometimes.
  • Cooking
  • Water.
  • Stereotypes

Fatal Flaw:
Kalina has a lot of potentially fatal flaws. She's prideful and naive, too trusting and too forgiving. She's over-confident and has a nasty temper. She thinks she can do anything better than what someone else could do, and that, unfortunately, is not the case. 
However, her main, "Fatal" flaw, is her intense personal loyalty. She loves everyone so much more than herself. Okay, so she can sometimes be shallow and self-centered, but that's not a key aspect of her personality. She isn't always like that. Most of the time she's a very sweet, very kind girl, who wants to protect her friends and her family as much as possible. Its serious enough that she'll throw herself in front of any trouble, just to save them. She doesn't think twice about it, and she'd willingly sacrifice her life for someone elses. Even if she barely knows the person, she'll protect them from harm. Because she values others in her life, and if they're okay, then she's okay. 



• Pyrokinesis: A power which comes from Hyperion, Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire and heat. It, like the other power of Photokinesis, is one which comes completely naturally to Kalina, like it would with most children of Hyperion. Kali is able to control a small amount of fire, and has developed over the years to being able to both create the flame and control a flame which has already been created, like that which would come from a lighter. She cannot however fully control any flame which she summons, and needs to be incredibly careful. She has to have complete concentration, because any lapse could result in either a minor or a major fire. Kali can create small fireballs, small flames on her palm and small flames which would be held on her finger. It is draining to create anything larger than what would fit in her palm, but if she loses her temper small eruptions of flames beside her could begin. Kalina also has a natural guard against fire and heat, which protects her from getting burned when manipulating flames. 

• Photokinesis: The ability to control light. Kalina has about the same control over this as she does with Pyrokinesis. She has the ability to bend light rays and other beams of light, like those that come from a lightbulb. This can take its toll on her if she does it too much, resulting in painful Migranes and the like. One thing she can do without much draining (Although it took a lot of practice and hard work) is make light in the certain area stronger, although she has yet to reach the point where she could actually blind a person. She can make the light bright enough that a person could have trouble focusing against the glare, but when it starts to pass this point her control diminishes and she starts to feel drained and tired. She also has a talent of lowering the light in one specific area, but like intensifying light it has its drawbacks. She is incapable of fully putting out natural or man made light, and the most she can do without draining is cast a few dark shadows. 

• Fighting Skills: Kalina is skilled in the Martial Art of Ju-Jitsu, a Japanese Martial Art and a method of close combat. She was enrolled in the lessons at an early age, and was made practice by her parents for hours each day. She also has skills learnt from training at Camp, and is an adept Sword Fighter. The fact she loves to dance means that she has a slightly dressy fighting style, but this also means shes agile and quick on her feet.

• Languages: Kalina is fluent in Bulgarian, French, Romanian and Greek. Of course, most Demititans and Demigods are fluent in Greek, but the others she has learnt in her younger years. Bulgarian, being her native language, is something she can speak without fault, and her family mix it with English when speaking in the home. She learned Romanian because it was something different, and is closely related to her native language. It was easy enough to pick up. French, on the other hand, took her the better part of seven childhood years to fully understand. She just couldn't get the hang of that language, and too this day has no confidence in her ability to speak it.
Kalina owns a retractable celestial bronze sword which comes from a bracelet worn around her left wrist. She called it източен, meaning "Eastern", due to her father being Titan of the East. It has been her trusty weapon of choice since she came to Camp, and she is rarely seen without it. (I'll continue this later. I'm lazy.)
Year Round or Summer Camper?: Year Round. 
Other?: Color is DodgerBlue. Approved through PM by Monica.

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Name: Rana Midnight Jackson
Name Meaning:
Rana - Behold, Nobility, Royal, To Gaze, Look Beautiful, Graceful
Midnight - Midnight
Jackson - God Has Been Gracious, Has Shown Favor
Nicknames: Ra, or Na
Age: 16 years young.
Date of Birth: 31st of October 1996
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Eris, Goddess of Chaos, Strife, Discord, Contention and Rivalry. Opposite of Harmonia, Daughter of Nyx [Or Zeus & Hera Depending On Legends], Mother of Dysnomia. 
Claimed: Yep.
Years at Camp: Four years, since she was 12 and a half.


Mortal Family:

• Bryan Jackson (Father): Bryan Jackson was one of the kindest men that you could meet. He'd had an average home life, and when he was 18, he decided to try his hand at living in Chicago, moving there and leaving his family behind. I say was, because Bryan Jackson has been dead for four years, due to... terrible circumstances. 
He loved his children more than words can say, including his rebellious Rana. Not many people would understand that love, considering how much she put him through. But if he could love Carmen: He could love his child.

• Carmen Jackson Née Shields (Step-Mother): Carmen Jackson was born into a world divided. Her Father had cheated on her Mother, and her Mother had cheated on her Father. The two split up when she was just a baby, and she opted to stay with her Dad. He doted on her, and she loved him, but when she turned 13, the abuse started. She was sexually abused by him until she got up the nerve to run away aged 16.
It left her with serious mental scars. She believed that everyone was there too hurt her, that everyone was going to leave her, and most of all that she was the only real person in the world. 
When she met Bryan, she was incredibly broken and isolated, and, call him sick in the head, but he loved her straight away. They dated on and off for months, unable to move past the "We're just friends" stage until she finally trusted him enough to love him back. She loved his little girl Rana, treating her like she was her daughter. In fact, she treated her better than that for a long time. 
They married, having two children: Robin and Pepper.
But Carmen couldn't get over her mental scars so easily...

• Robin Jackson (Half-Brother): Robin Jackson was the middle child, two years younger than Rana. Carmen was pregnant with him when the two married, and was born that Summer.
As her brother, Rana loved him. As her best friend, she bullied him a hell of a lot. But that's what siblings are for, right? It is unknown where Robin is right now, although it is assumed he was put into foster care.

• Pepper Jackson (Half-Sister): Pepper Jackson was the youngest child, the baby of the family. She was born when Rana was ten, and when Robin was eight. Her birth may have been the trigger for what happened to Carmen, although that has never been proven. Unlike Robin, Rana never felt the need to bully her baby sister. In fact she felt more like her mother than Carmen was acting, and cared for her even at her age. Pepper meant everything to Rana, along with her brother and father. Around her birth Ra started to suspect Carmen was doing something bad, which horribly, she was right about.

Hometown: Miami, USA
Brief History:
Rana Jackson was born on Halloween Night to Bryan and Eris. The two had been dating on and off for a few months, and Eris had never made a secret of what she was. Bryan thought it was amazing that they were having a child, and expected that his love was going to need to leave. So he wasn't too surprised when she left the baby at the hospital with no note goodbye, and he was left caring for the girl christened Rana. Also christened Midnight, for reasons unknown.
For a year Bryan was cautious, never leaving his special child alone, always caring for her. He knew the stories of Heracles and Perseus. He didn't want his girl to have to go through that. But soon he started leaving her at daycares. It was in one of these daycares that he met the love of his life, Carmen Shields. She was reclusive. She was all alone. The only thing she had was the job she barely held at a daycare, where she loved to care for children. In honesty, she knew Rana a lot more than she knew Bryan at first. But soon the two started dating.
They dated on and off for months, until she agreed to marry him. It was unknown at the time she was pregnant, and she only found out the week before her wedding, but they were madly in love, and a baby was welcome.
Rana loved her new little brother. If you associate love with tickling his feet and blaming him for everything. But hey, at least she had a friend.
Bryan and Carmen next took the choice to move to Miami, where they moved into a suburban house. It was a beautiful villa, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sitting room and a kitchen. Halls, a large back garden, a smaller front garden, and basically everything a family could need. They had a car big enough for all of them, and everything was happy and good for eight years.
Through eight years, Rana grew up. So did Robin. They became smart children, who liked school work and tried to obey rules. Ra had the most trouble obeying regulations and rules about how she should behave, but with help from the woman she called a mother, she was able to at least be civil.
When Pepper was born, everything started to change. Carmen started to leave the house more and more, staying out for hours without a phone call. Bryan had work, and Rana was left caring for her brother and sister, even though she was only a child herself. Then, Carmen went missing for four days. Four very long days, where a rescue squad was searching for her. She reappeared, saying she'd been to visit her father, and after that everything just got worse for the children. Rana started to see herself as a mother figure to Pepper, Robin started to hate his mother, and Bryan just started worrying in general.
When Rana turned eleven, she was already worrying about her mother. Her sister and brother too. She felt her father could take care of himself.
Gradually over the course of the year Rana started to deteriorate health wise. She grew weaker and weaker, had migranes, pains in her joints, and a terrible feeling that kept showing in her dreams. Something was going to happen.
In honesty, for Ra, the next few months were a blur to her. Her brother and sister had also got worse in health, and her father even worse than the children. Carmen was caring for them like any other mother.
Then Carmen left again. She didn't leave a note.
Bryan had thought this was behind her, and when she came back the two rowed the night away, screaming at each other until they sat down for dinner.
Bryan Jackson went to bed that night, on the 31st of October, and never woke up. He died on his eldest daughter’s birthday.
Carmen left again, leaving the children to discover their father’s body the next morning. Rana rang the hospital, but he was pronounced dead on the scene. 
The heartbroken children couldn't tell the doctors and police where they're mom had gone, and they were placed in temporary foster care. Until of course Ra fell of a swing set and was rushed to hospital with at worst a concussion. At worst?
Traces of a poison were found in her system, enough that she was lucky to be alive. There were no injection marks on her body, and so it was assumed that she had been ingesting it for what must have been months, in tiny doses. Out of worry, the other two children, the siblings, were brought in and tested. It was a wonder Pepper hadn't been killed weeks before from the amount in her system, and Robin wasn't much better. The body of their father was tested then, as they knew what they were looking for. The tests showed Bryan had died from the same poison as they had in their system, steadily being built up in his system through oral ingestion. But the tests also showed that he had been dosed enough in one sitting that it had killed him.
The children needed to spend weeks in hospital, they're systems being flushed out slowly, each of them getting better and better until they could leave. First Robin was well enough to leave, and Social Services took him away. Then Pepper, social services took the tiny child away to her own home. And then, finally, Rana, who'd had the most in her system. 
Only it wasn't Social Services that took her away.
It was a Satyr who had been in the hospital at the time. His name was Albert, and he had known from moment one she'd been a Demigod. Posing as a Social Services official, he managed to get a hold of her medical files, and Gods know how, the news on the case of the poisoning, as in suspect lists and etc.
Bringing her to Camp, he told her everything about what she was. They drove the whole way so she could throw questions at him, and he could answer. And answer he did.
When they arrived and she stepped across the border of Camp, Rana was almost immediately claimed. Her mother must have wanted to help her for once.
Chiron and Albert both took her into the Big House, and Albert explained that while she slept he'd rang Chiron and told him everything. And it was Ra's choice if she wanted to see the medical reports and the crime files.
A twelve year old child has a certain need to know everything, and have knowledge about every single thing going on. Of course she chose to look at them.
Most of it was general stuff, which she wouldn't be able to understand until years later. However, there was a suspect for the murder of Bryan Jackson and the attempted murder of Rana, Robin and Pepper Jackson. The name? Carmen Shields Jackson, who had turned up days before, admitting to the crime.
Rana couldn't believe it.
The one she called a Mother had tried to kill her and her siblings, and succeeded in killing her father...
And that was the moment Rana decided she wasn't going back. She wasn't going to try contact Robin or Pepper. She wasn't going to let someone do that to her ever again, have her trust violated. That's the meaning of the tattoo on her hip. The kind, thoughtful, compassionate Rana Jackson died that moment, to be replaced by Rana Midnight Jackson, the person everyone knew but no one got. The girl on a different wavelength to everyone else.

Four years is a really long time. Not long enough for Carmen to be convicted, and she's still undergoing mental analysis, the case suspended. Pepper is living with a family who have always tried to help her remember her real family, and surround her with items and pictures from that life. Robin is living with a family who don't try to help him remember, and has run away countless times to try get to Rana or Pepper. And Rana has been at Camp for all that time, slowly undergoing changes that have left her as different from the old her as a newly born, white, fluffy kitten would be too a fully grown, feral tiger. 


Physical Appearance:
Rana is an ironic, dark beauty. Only a person who values darkness and shadow could truly call her beautiful, but anyone else would have to grudgingly admit that she has a allure about her, a certain something that boosts their opinion from mere cute to a much nicer pretty. It isn't her looks that does it, but the way she stands, the way she moves, and the way she can look at you.
Ra's hair isn't what most classify as long. It falls a few inches below her shoulders when curly, longer when straight, but it doesn't fall to her waist. It’s a nice length, which she finds easiest to keep it at. She's tried short hair, she's tried super long hair, but the length it’s at now has been her usual length for a long time now. Rana doesn't wear her hair up often, preferring to keep it down, although she would make an exception when she's training. Her hair alternates from its natural dark brown streaked with light to near black, and only she knows why she tries to make her hair even darker than it is usually. more recently she's stopped dying it so much, although it’s always possible she'll turn up to a class with her hair darker. Ra's hair is in the middle of thick and thin, with layers cut into it that are usually thrown back. 
Rana's eyes are a dark, dark brown, which is closer to black than anything else. They used to be lit with a beautiful warmth and kindness, but since her problems in the past, they've become a lot colder. She always has a guarded look in them, no emotions coming through her eyes to catch her out and expose her secrets. Ra's eyes have however got these lights inside them, which have been described by people past as "crazy" lights, which flicker and flame, giving her a fire inside, a passage to her soul. Children of Hades have been described as having eyes like both a madman and a genius. Ra's eyes are the same, a genius' intellect and a madman's insanity all rolled into one. Her eyes also have an almost hypnotic effect on a person when she's speaking. Most find their own eyes drawn to hers, listening to what she says without meaning too. It’s a persuasive gaze, and one that only the strongest could ignore. Her eyes are usually heavily outlined in makeup, which some have speculated is to try divert someone's attention from those crazy lights and hypnotic glances to her face, to make people ignore her even though she doesn't want to just be "ignored". 
Rana has pale skin, which is odd in itself given the fact she's usually outside. She's never been one to tan easily, more often than not simply burning, but on occasion she can sport a tan. However, during the Winter she turns back to her pale, milky features, and it’s only during the Summer you might find her tanned. She doesn't have many major blemishes on her face and top body, other than a few pockmarks, spots, moles and scars from small scratches. On her lower body, stomach and legs, she has larger scars from larger injuries, most of which have happened in the last few years at Camp. If she points them out, you'll also notice the drip scars on her wrists, and the slightly raised marks from needles from her time in hospital. The only makeup you'll find her wearing is her usual mascara and eye shadow, occasionally her eyeliner. She doesn't wear foundation or blusher. Ra has three tattoos. One is on the back of her neck, running from about an inch and a half under her hairline to about five inches down. It says, in Chinese symbols, "Live Your Life". One of the other tattoos is on her wrist, a very simple black star, which was her first tattoo. The final one is on her hip, and is her newest. It’s from a song most know, but it’s also reminiscent of a promise she made herself a long time ago. "R.I.P. To The Girl You Used To See, Her Days Are Over." Its wrote in delicate script, pitch black. Not many people have seen this tattoo, the one hidden by her tops and pants, but it’s there, and the meaning is quite sad when thought about. Ra has always loved tattoos, and they aren't gonna be the last ones she gets. 
Rana has a delicate pixie feature face, which is largely dominated by her wide eyes and pale lips. Her nose is petite, and she's fortunate not to have broken it in the fights which she's thrown herself into. Her ears are slightly on the larger side, usually covered by her hair, and if she's noticed this flaw then she hasn't ever made anything of it. And other people of course haven't, given the fact that her "I'm gonna kill you dead" death stare isn't just an expression. It seems that her mouth has two default settings, scowl and smirk, although sometimes you'll find a smile, or something more. Most haven't seen that elusive smile, although they have seen her death stare coupled with the turn of her lips like she's smelled something disgusting. Basically everything about her contradicts everything else about her, and she seems to try to push everyone away before they've even met her.
Rana isn't tall, instead of average height, which doesn't bother her much. She will wear high heels for an important occasion, but other than that she's happy in pumps or converse. Being smaller than most guys isn't an issue for her since she doesn't get close to guys. She's quite thin, not model thin, but pretty good for her height. She does give a feeling of being small when she's not, and being weak when she's strong. It’s a natural part of her physique.
Her style of clothes is dark and almost dreary, blacks and greys, occasionally whites. She likes clothes that are what most would call shapeless, which is an unconscious effort to make sure boys don't bother her. She does have a certain leather jacket she was bought years ago, and has been wearing routinely since she came to Camp, which adds to her badgirl look. Couple it with the packet of cigarettes usually in her pocket and the cigarette that's usually in her hands, then you're only missing the motorbike from that image. And Rana's even saving her money to buy a motorbike for herself, so that won't be missing for long. She isn't really a jewellery wearer, although she has a small jewellery box that sits in her trunk in the Cabin that holds silver accessories from her past. There is one piece of jewellery, a small bracelet engraved with her name that was given to her by her Father that Rana hasn't worn since the day he died. She's tried to fool herself that keeping it outta sight will keep it out of mind, but that isn't always the case.
Ra wears converse most of the time, usually in faded colours, though she does have some new pairs. People wonder where she gets the money for her fashion (And for that matter her cigarettes), and the answer they won't get is that she is receiving money weekly into her bank account from her Father's will. When she turns 18 she'll receive all the money left for her, which comes in at a pretty sizable amount. Until then its interest she is allowed receive, and that keeps her happy. 
Face Claim: Kristen Stewart


Rana, in exactly one sentence, can be described as a rebellious girl who has nothing to lose.
She's incredibly sarcastic, with an answer for everything. With a lot of people, it takes a hell of a long time to catch the words they speak as sarcasm. With Rana, it’s quite obvious from moment one she's using her natural born affinity for sacasticness. If she doesn't know you then it it’s very rare that she will give you a straight, normal answer.
Rana is as blunt as a rusty old sword. She gets straight to her point, with no ifs, ands or buts’. She'll give you a very straight, and often a very hurtful answer too any direct question she's asked. The only times she would turn to lying or too her sarcasm is if you ask her about her past. It’s not that she hates to speak about it - It’s the fact it hurts her to think about it. About how great it was until everything collapsed. In fact, it will take a very special person to figure out the truth about her. Another thing that comes under "truth" is her incredible knowledge about the world and her place in it. She knows exactly what she is, a screwed up girl with no one left to love, and she doesn't even try to fool herself into thinking differently. If someone asks her, she'll give them the honest answer of what she is, and what she's like. She doesn't sugar coat anything about herself, which gives her an inner honesty.
This brings us to an important part of her personality. She's not exactly "Mysterious", but though everyone has seen her, not a lot of people get her. To Camp, she's a dark haired, dark eyed beauty who keeps quiet and expects everyone else to do the same. She has no problem with anyone who stays out of her business. Rana's problem is the people who try to reach her. Those annoying bugs who think they're doing a good deed talking to her. Needless to say, the older members of Camp learned the hard way to leave her alone. Rana is the only person who knows everything about herself. Others in Camp might think they know something about her, but it’s a lot more likely she spread a rumour for her own amusement. No one knows her past story, her true personality, or her family.
Rana has a very dark, sardonic sense of humour. While her mouth seems to be set permanently on smirk and scowl, she does have emotions. She laughs and jokes and smiles like most teenage girls. Her sense of humour might be warped, but hey! At least she seems a little normal when she does joke. Rana has plenty of smiles. Each one so obviously means something different, but there is one smile, a smile which is usually given with an apologetic look and sad, wide eyes. It isn't her "That was insanely fun and we should so do it again like right now" smile, or her "Are you serious you think that's a joke lol no" smile. It isn't even her "I'm mildly amused but seriously you're weird go away please" smile or her more widely known "I am the cat, you are the mouse, can you guess who's gonna win in this scenario?" smile. It’s a smile that plainly says to anyone that understands, "I'm the girl no one wants her daughter to hang with. This is pretty much my fate, and I'm unlucky. I might have a sad, sad life, but in honesty, you should get away before it affects you. Cause in the long run, I'll because you more pain than good. You'll understand that one day".
She'd be described as the "Troublemaker". She's that girl that teachers made sure got extra homework because she didn't look like the good girl. Bad to the bone, she doesn't care about what people think of her, as long as she gets the last laugh. And she will get the last laugh. If there's one thing everyone understands about her is that if you annoy her, she won't forget. It might be days, weeks or months later, but no matter what, she will get you back. She's been called a bad girl by many a person, because her paybacks... well let’s just say she does not get revenge by halves. 
Rana is a rebel. People are gonna be all "Well that goes under Bad Girl etc etc etc", but she's never been put under just one heading. She doesn't follow rules, unless she's made them. If you tell her not to do something, she will undoubtedly do it. If you try reverse psychology, and tell her to do something, she'll do it for the fun of doing it. In fact, she'll do anything as long as she sees something in it for her. If she doesn't see something in it for her? She'll just ignore you and send her kill you dead death stares your way. She's a prankster who if given the chance will make you break ribs in laughter, because she might be tough but she's also funny.
Rana is also slightly manipulative. She knows exactly what she wants. And she wants what she wants when she wants it. Confusing sentence but anyways, moving swiftly on. If she doesn't get it, you can be sure she will get it in the future. Ra knows just how to manipulate people to do what she wants, but more often than not she shuts up and doesn't acknowledge the world around her.
Rana's broody. Quiet doesn't describe her, because she isn't "quiet". She just doesn't pay a whole lot of attention, and she doesn't speak up when others would. When she does speak up, people are often shocked, until they see that yes, she is wearing her usual scowl, and no, she isn't gonna smile nicely anytime soon. People do however listen when she speaks, not because of shock, but because her gaze is quite persuasive. It would almost be described as hypnotic. People find themselves listening to her because that's what she wants. If she makes an effort to have herself heard, it’s for something.
Rana's also quite cranky. Her sarcasm is a whole big part of that, but she's naturally annoyed. She might ask you for a light, but once she's asked, she expects you to leave. She'll make a dismissive sound, a little dismissive hand gesture, and it’s very rare someone won't leave when she fixes her eyes on them. Of course, she gets the occasional person who wants to start a conversation. That's when she'll turn to her crankiness, telling them "I’m done with you now. Leave." Needless to say she gets even more cranky than usual when they don't leave.
Ra hates the world. She hates people. She hates having her quiet disturbed. She hates having her sleep disturbed, which happens more often than you'd believe. The world? Ra hates the world cause of how it’s treated her. She has a secret vendetta against it, and wants to make sure it'll stay quiet in her life. People? People annoy her in general, because they're so darn bugging. They speak to you, they smile, and they disturb you. Basically Ra wants people to look and not speak, which would be amazing. Quiet? she values quiet. She likes to sit in the quiet with her cigarette, and walk in the quiet, etc. But then annoying people walk over and disturb that quiet, and she's left riled. Sleep? Rana is an incredibly lazy person. So she might walk a whole lot, she might run and fight on occasion [okay more than on occasion but still], but if she gets the chance to drape herself onto a seat or couch, she'll take it. The girl can sleep anywhere, at anytime, and sill sleep a full twelve hours at night. It's not even funny how many times people have walked into the Amphitheatre to find her lying across four benches, her arm over her eyes, a scowl on her face, and a very instant "Disturb my sleep and die." Most would call this laziness, but taking into account that she still does all those other things girls should do, like running and training, she still keeps in perfect shape. And if you disturb her when she’s trying to take a mid-afternoon nap, then may the Gods be with you.
Rana is certainly brave, which shows in a fight, but a lot of people would call her reckless. She tends to throw herself into a situation without knowing the full story. Someone may have done her wrong and then turn out to be pretty much a friend. If she hasn't been told the last part, she'll dive for their jugular before she can be stopped. It’s a flaw that has got her into a whole lot of bad scenarios, because she doesn't listen even when she's told. If she has a bad feeling, or a certain idea about someone, then only the strongest can convince her differently. Ever after she will immediately jump to conclusions about that one person, and she will never fully trust the person.

  • Sleeping
  • Being Alone
  • Smudge... Most of the Time
  • Singing
  • Fighting
  • Smoking
  • The Occassional Drink


  • People
  • The World
  • Waking Up
  • Smudge. Sometimes.
  • Losing.
  • Taylor and Alex. Most of the Time.
  • Not Being Alone
  • People

Fatal Flaw:
Rana's flaws are numerous, and many are quiet obvious. Her inability to trust someone. Her instant dislike of people and the fact she pushes them away before knowing them. Her deathly fear, or more accurately, phobia of hospitals. Her crankiness. Her unspoken loyalty to those she does like, which is few.
The flaw people would call her fatal one however her recklessness is. She has no filter in her head that lets her know "That's dangerous, if you jump into that situation you aren't gonna come out alive." She jumps in regardless of the people around her, ignoring them completely as long as she gets the fight she's looking for. 


Rana does have a pet, which is quite unexpected, right? She doesn't strike anyone as the type to care for and even love an animal, but that perception is wrong. She does in fact own a cat named Smudge, who is more the owner of her than she's the owner of him. Actually, Ra admits that Smudge is the powerful one in their relationship.
Smudge found Ra when she arrived at Camp, and he was stuck in a tree. Yes, as in, he was yowling and every time someone got near he was an idiot and jumped higher up the branches of Thalia's Pine. He was and still is stupid. Rana had only been at Camp for about a week, and had been claimed from that first moment. This one kid thought he could get close to the cat and she was there watching, mostly hoping the cat would destroy his face for something he'd said to her that morning. As he got closer, Smudge jumped to try get to another branch obviously, but fell short... and fell out of the tree. Ra was right underneath him and yes, she got a face full of fur, and hissing, spitting cat. She didn't really like the cat. But the cat kind of liked her, and for days after he followed her until she finally paid it some attention. And she found that yes, she liked the cat. She named him Smudge because as she said to him "If my face hadn't been there you would have been a Smudge on the floor", but really it’s because his markings reminded her of smudge's of paint. 
Smudge is pretty much Rana in a male cat form. He's reclusive and can give death stares, and he doesn't let anyone but Rana come near him. She wouldn't call herself his pet owner cause he disappears for days on end doing whatever it is cats do in their spare time, but he always comes back and follows her around. He's even as lazy as her, and takes up three benches in the row behind her when she's sleeping in the amphitheatre. Not that he's big enough to take over three benches. He only takes up one, but others give him a berth of one on either side in case he decides to scratch at them. And he would scratch them. It isn't exaggerating the situation when I say Ra's the only one who can get close. If anyone else does, their lucky if they get away alive, what with Rana there to protect her kitty and her kitty there to protect his spot. Smudge is like Rana's early warning system when he's around, because as soon as someone gets close to her, he starts up this low growl which doesn't seem right coming out of his form at all, but still. And she'll hear this and know that someone is near, and then the sarcasm and growls mix amazingly well. If Ra ever was to date, the guy would have to survive a round with her cat before she'd so much as give him the time of day. 
Rana has a talent for singing, such as pop songs. She doesn't care much for the oldies, although she would admit they are pretty good. She can memorize music down to the very last note, and plays guitar in her spare time. But that's just a normal person talent. Not a "I'm a Greek Demigod with ADHD and Dyslexia" talent.

• Telekinesis: "Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye." Rana has the rare talent of Telekinesis, which she became aware of when she was annoyed in her first month at Camp. She was annoyed with everyone around her, who just kept on being nice when that wasn't what she wanted. So she was in Cabin 2 and just kicked her trunk for a while. When she was done she sat down at the end of her bed, glaring across the room at a cheerful pink lamp. And it literally flew across the room and hit the wall. Very suddenly, very loudly, and very destructively. She didn't know what the hell had happened, but the next day she tried it again. The same result with a dummy. It flew across the Arena, impaling itself on a sword. It took her a while to realize her talent, but she tried to perfect it. Every time she'd used it, her gift caused destruction, destroying a lamp, destroying a dummy. With a few months of training she was able to move things further, and without the automatic destruction. She gained the ability to hold them, keep them suspended. And she's had a whole lot more time to perfect this talent since then. She can move anything as heavy as a small car, although the bigger an object gets the harder it is to move. It doesn't mean she can't move things that are physically bigger than a car. But it would have to weigh less than it looked. Then of course her suspension has to do with weight as well, and that would also rely on the size of the object. Suspension would be on average 5 kilos and the size of a dining room table. Ra's range has never been tested before, but it would be about 22 meters from her, and even at that it’s pushing her strength. If she can get closer it will work better, etc.

• Pyrokinisis: When Rana gets angry, small fires tend to happen. It’s not like she means to do it, but discord is all about disruption of peace, etc, and well... Rana isn't able to manipulate fire, or create it, but if she loses her temper for even a second, and it goes too far, then a small fire could start beside her. It’s never been a serious thing, and she can keep herself calm enough most of the time, but sometimes... accidents do happen.

• Geokinisis: Not the control of earth, but the fact that like with fire, it’s a disruption of peace. She has on occasion created a mini earthquake when she lets her rage get the better of her. It only affects about three meters around her, a tremor that's created cracks in places around camp such as the woods and beside the lake. 

• Spontaneous Combustion: Not the human variety, but if she gets incredibly pissed, Rana unwillingly makes small objects explode in a fiery ball of well, fire. It’s happened maybe four times to her, and has left the items [A book, a hairclip, a mini radio, and a picture] charred and mostly ashes. It’s not like she wills them to explode, but nevertheless, they end up burned. 

• Chi: Needless to say that Chiron got a little annoyed at one point with the random acts of destruction Rana was committing. He recommended she try to focus her Chi, her life force, and gain better awareness and better reflexes, so as to stop the anger before it could get carried away. In fairness, it’s worked, and she's gained a better focus and awareness about herself. But it doesn't stop her anger taking over, unfortunately. 

• Anything That Causes A Disruption of Harmony or Peace: As in, earth tremors, fires, making something explode, destroying something, anything that might cause a major disruption in the peace of a place could happen around Rana.

Rana has very few weapon based talents other than knife fighting, unless you count her talent with a longer type of weapon, a sword. She has her own retractable knife, in the form of a ring which she wears either on her right hand or on a silver chain around her neck. Her knife is named "Rivalry" and has a carving on the blade of a golden apple, which is one of Eris' symbols. It’s the only thing she would connect to her real mother. When in ring form, it retains the carving on a smaller scale, and has Greek letters around the band which spell the name of it. Ra has a habit of losing things as small as a ring, but the good news if she does lose it, Rivalry will appear back on her finger about five minutes later.
She also owns a standard sword which she trains with, although she doesn't use it a lot lately for reasons unknown. It’s totally normal, not retractable, and basically she stole it from the Arena, but whatever.
Year Round or Summer Camper?: Year Round. Where else would she go?
Other?: Color is SteelBlue

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You've gone by many names. Over the centuries you've lived, people have called you many different things, not all of them nice, but all of them wrong. Nobody knows your true name, but a few people along the way have learned what you prefer to go by- Kagami. A name of Japanese origin, just like you, it means mirror. How fitting, that the name you choose to go by is exactly what you are.
Unfortunately, it's been so long since your birth that you have long since forgotten your age. You were easily born over one thousand years ago, but the exact date is lost in the sands of time itself. However, that doesn't truly matter when you can appear as any age, or form that you wish. Likewise, your gender holds little meaning when you can appear as any. You were born female, not that it matters.
Once upon a time, there were many creatures like you. Now, however, after so many were killed by demigods and never made it from the depths of tartarus, you are one of a dying species. A kitsune, a creature popularized in Japanese folklore, you can shift between any form. Once a celestial kitsune, much like a guardian, you've become so much darker over time... a trickster, a devil. But who could truly blame you, after all you've seen and had done to you? Easily identified by your tails, which don't go away no matter what form you shift too, you have as many drawbacks as you do strengths... not that anyone gets close enough to discover either.
You were born near Greece, although you no longer remember your family or who you were born too. All that's positive within your mind is you began life as a guardian. After your first few centuries, however, a demigod child of Zeus discovered you, and not realizing your role as a guard, killed you- and your friends. Tartarus was where you ended up, and while you managed to crawl through the depths and be reborn, they did not. You passed it off, continued your life... but only a few short years later, you ended back in hell. It was an endless cycle, and eventually, you changed. You became darker, ruthless and pitiless. You swore revenge on the halfbloods which had ended your life, and ended the lives of your friends. For the first time in your life, you began to hunt- and you came across the camp of Kronos. He had never interested you, but his idea to destroy the gods and bring down Olympus was perfect for you, and you immediately joined his campaign. While in New York, just a few weeks after, you came across a halfblood... and unknowingly, she led you straight to her home. Somehow you managed to gain entrance- and now you're set on destroying as much as you can within the camp.
You can appear as anything you wish to appear as, however, one thing which remains the same is your personality. You're cold, regal, undeniably confident in your ways. You attempt to be as close to the person you are imitating personality wise, however, you slip up occassionally and suspicions are raised. But after so long being the victim, you have learned to be cunning, to survive. Your one true goal in this life now is too destroy the halfbloods which caused you so much pain and suffering- revenge.

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Name: Elijah Liam Gray
Name Meaning: Elijah means "The Lord is my God"
Nicknames: Eli
Age: 17 years young
Date of Birth: 6th of January
Gender: Obviously female. Snort.
Godly Parent: Psyche, Goddess of the Soul
Claimed: Yes
Years at Camp: Eli has been in Camp since the age of nine and a half, which puts him in Camp for roughly eight and a half years. Nearly half of his life.


Mortal Family:

  • Jared Gray (Father)

Hometown: Chicago
Jared Gray was born to upper class parents in Chicago, where they owned a small firm. It was a place that sold computer parts, shipped in from factories in japan and china, and sold on in bulk to retail stores. It had started out first as a small two room shop on the outskirts of Chicago. Jared's parents loved him, and that was for sure. Their only child, they doted on him, and they never really let their money go to their heads. They were down to earth good people and their son was raised to be kind and fair. By the time Jared turned 18 and left to go to College, their firm was a large warehouse on the outskirts of the City and a large shop in the center. They were on the up and up and nothing was gonna stop them.
However, tragedy struck in Jared's second year of college, when, a month back into his course he received a phone call from the police. His mother and father had been in a car crash. They'd been doing the speed limit along a road when a car came barreling down the other way. Like the good man he was, Jared's father had tried to swerve, tried to get out of the other cars way. Unfortunately, he'd drove straight through the fence on the side of the road and into a tree a couple meters down. The front of the car had been completely crushed and the police had to break the news to the only child of the Gray family that his parents hadn't survived the crash. Mercifully, it had been a fast enough death. But that didn't comfort him as he went back to the family home in Chicago to put his mother and fathers affairs in order.
Surprise surprise when their will was read it named Mr. Jared Gray as the receiptant of the money, the business, the home and all assets. If they had even had other people to consider for the estate, it would still have been their son who received it all. They had always said if something was to happen to them they would leave him with enough to keep his life moving forward and give him the best headstart.
At just age 20, Jared took over the family business and set about expanding and renovating.

Eventually, his grief passed. Never forgotten, of course. He had loved his parents dearly, as they were the only family he knew. But he couldn't spend the rest of his own life mourning. If anything, their deaths showed him that life was too short to waste. He needed to move on and the way to do that was to throw himself into the job at hand, and to work as hard as humanely possible seven days a week.
At age 25, he was successful and had made a name for himself in Chicago. The firm was earning more than it ever had, was close to doubling in size and he was talking of putting a business inside another City... maybe New York.
It was as he was sitting down in a local Starbucks to have a lunch time coffee before going back to work that he met the love of his life. Many say that. That the person they loved at a certain time or whatever was the love of their life. For a lot of people, they're just being over dramatic and etc. For Jared Gray, it was the truth. Psyche was this beautiful brown haired lady. Her eyes were a twinkling blue and her face was heart shaped, elegant and lovely. His eyes didn't leave her for the whole three-quarters of an hour he sat there, and she sat there. When his phone beeped for him to get back to work, it was like he'd woken up from a pleasant dream, and in truth he hadn't even noticed the time passing. Standing, he'd made his way slowly over to her seat, and, like you do, told that beautiful brunette he'd been watching her for quite some time. (If I was her I probably would have slapped him and ran out, cause you know, stalker). But she didn't react as anyone might think she would, instead smiling the most beatific smile he had ever seen and asking him "And what exactly were you thinking of while you were watching me?". He answered honestly, "I was thinking about how you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever set eyes upon. And how I would be honored to bring you to dinner tonight at a quaint little Italian Restaurant I've heard about." (Again, if I were her, I would have probably called the police by now). Psyche laughed a melodic laugh and agreed to go with him for a date. And that night went very well for them (Considering he was basically a stalker).
So came two months of bliss. For the first time since his parents death, Jared felt... peaceful. Like his soul had been weighed down for all those years and suddenly all the extra weight had been lifted, leaving him with this feeling of acceptance and love. Psyche was the most amazing woman he had ever met, and he enjoyed every moment they spent together. Laughing in the park, running to get some shelter as it rained, having a romantic dinner for two. For the employees in his firm, they noticed the difference in their boss. He was happier, cheerful, more inclined to stop and ask how they were.
However, like any Goddess who engages in relations with a Mortal, Psyche eventually had to leave. Telling Jared she was going back to her family, who needed her during a rough time, he nodded and let her go. Just like that. He might have felt the sting of tears in his eyes but he had to accept that anything which was perfect and beautiful and good couldn't be his.
Imagine his shock when, eight months later, after no word for months from Psyche, there was a knock on his door. And when he went out, there was a small little bundle resting on the steps. Taking it inside, its a wonder he didn't drop the bundle from shock as it let out a tiny little wail. Looking inside the blankets, he saw soulful brown eyes looking back at him.
A lot of men would have probably freaked out. Denied the child was theirs, at least until there was DNA evidence. Maybe brought it to the police station straight away and demanded it be taken into care. Jared, he couldn't even lie to himself. The brown hair was hers, the brown eyes his. The soulful, twinkling look in them was hers, the face was his. This baby was his and Psyche's, and even those she hadn't been able to come back she had gifted him with this baby.
So he took in the baby, naming him Elijah.

Elijah Gray was a curious young boy. He wanted to know who, what, when, where, why, how, and he wanted to know it all at the exact same time. He loved to explore, to make things, to be around people, and he loved to just spend time with his dad. They'd go fishing, go camping, go out hiking, and each time he'd have stories to look forward to, told by his dad.
Jared loved his son more than anything. He missed Psyche terribly, and he would have given anything but Elijah to see her one more time. But he had Eli. And his son was the greatest gift he could have been given.
For Elijah, the only trouble he really had was when he started going to school. It wasn't that he didn't like to learn, or that no one liked him. He just didn't.... fit. Everyone else was collected by a loving mum who would give them a hug and walk smiling to the car. Eli wasn't. He was collected by his dad, who would smile and grasp his shoulder and bring him to the car. When he asked his dad why he didn't have a mum like everyone else, his dad turned sad and just said she hadn't stayed. But that she had loved him deeply.
Meaner kids in his school would laugh, about how his mum hadn't wanted to stay because she didn't want him.The young boy wasn't able to stand that, being told the mother he didn't know hadn't wanted him.
But like many would, he was able to ignore that. He might have been hurt and upset by what was said, but any opinion which wasn't his didn't matter. The thing which really alienated him from the rest of his classmates was the strange things that would happen around him. Teachers would go insane and attack him, rooms would burn down, he would see things that the others didn't, like an old man standing at the end of the street smiling sadly. When Elijah told Jared, his father told him never to tell the other kids, never to tell the teachers, because that would just cause more trouble.
However, he didn't need to cause more trouble. Trouble was already on its way.
Aged 9, Elijah came home with his dad to find the place ransacked. Wallpaper hung in shreds, glass was shattered, the house looked like it was thirty years older than it actually was. And to top it all off, they only got a look at the sitting room and hallway before a massive dog came running from the kitchen. Like anyone would do in that situation, Jared and Elijah shouted and turned, running out the door to the car which was parked just at the bottom of the porch. Getting in, there was a moment of panic as they weren't able to find the keys. But then Jared had them, and he started the car. As the dog jumped from the front door to the end of the steps, they pulled away and drove as fast as possible.
Jared, of course, didn't understand it at all. Elijah wasn't much better. What had they done to provoke a big ugly dog? Jared seemed to think one of the neighbors had set them up. Eli seemed to think he was dreaming and spent a good ten minutes pinching himself before he had to admit that no, he wasn't dreaming and this was real and they were on the run from a dog.
Heading towards New York, Jared didn't plan on making any stops at all, unless they needed gas. They could rent a mortal in the city and stay there until it was all safe and everything would be okay like it usually was.
As the car turned a sharp corner, the left front wheel snagged on something in the road. It wasn't massive, but it was enough to send the car careening sideways through the metal guard at the side of the road and down the ravine it was weakly sheilding cars from. The car rolled, the people inside banged around, windows shattering and metal splintering. It came to a stop as it hit a tree heavily, shaking it violently and very nearly toppling it.
Elijah never forgot that fall. How he was hit around inside the car as it rolled, and how his seatbelt was the only thing stopping him coming free and being truly smashed. How the car came to a sudden stop and how he must have blacked out for a couple seconds because one minute there was the distinct sound of rushing smoke and then, like he'd just blinked, there was abruptly no sound at all but his own rushed breathing. He wasn't able to move, and so he had to sit there sideways, using all his strength to not close his eyes again. For a couple minutes, he forgot about his father in the front seat. Then, when he remembered, Eli strained his neck, trying to see his dad. Jared was slumped over, his seatbelt covered in blood, the rest of the front not much better.
Elijah watched for a while, and as his eyes closed, as he gave in to the darkness which was tinging his eyes, he saw something which made him fight back against his own weakness. His father was still slumped in the driving seat, but suddenly another person, one who was more opaque than his dad but who certainly looked like him, stepped out of the car and began walking forwards. Sure that his father was leaving without him, he managed to let out a faint little whimper, which was heard by the Jared-Spirit. He turned, smiled, and then there was a flash of light. Elijah went limp where he was suspended, and everything went suddenly black.
He woke up six days later inside a weird place that sure as hell didn't look like a hospital. Kids who looked no older than 19 were milling around, and there were other kids in beds all lounging, some with noticeable injuries and others with seemingly nothing wrong with them. He struggled to sit up, and gasped at the pain in his sides and head and pretty much everywhere. One person, a girl who looked about 12 came bouncing over and smiled, asking him how he was feeling and was he able to move his fingers and all that stuff.
Naturally he asked "Where the hell am I? Where's my Dad? Where's the car? Who are you? And what is going on?"
And of course, she answered, "You're at Camp Halfblood, I'm Natalie, the car is probably on its way to a scrape yard and well... Your other two questions sort of tie in together, I guess. Your dad... he.... didn't survive the crash. You were brought in and there was nothing that could be done about him. I'm sorry."

A week later Elijah was able to leave the Infirmary and move into the Hermes Cabin. He'd broken one arm, sprained one ankle, had a minor head injury and broken some ribs along with cuts and bruises. His father had died almost immediately after the crash. He eventually realized that what he saw, his father smiling, was his soul moving on.
It wasn't long after that realization that Psyche claimed him.
Elijah Gray was able to move on with his life, just like his father had done after the loss of his parents. He continued living within his new home, Camp Half-Blood, and he started to understand the whole thing. While he forgot some memories of his childhood as he matured, he always remembered the crash, and the pain, and the moment he saw his father.
And that's how the 17 year old arrived at Camp, and how he lost his father.


Physical Appearance:
Elijah is a handsome young man who sometimes looks a few years older than he actually is, and other times gives the impression of being younger. It mostly depends on what he's acting like, rather than what he looks like.
His dark brown hair is cut in a thin cap, which is always neat on his head even if he doesn't comb through it for two mornings straight. Its never really lightened, even if he spent hours outside in the sunlight and warm weather. A couple of years ago it was curly and long and... well, big. But eventually it got cut off and was replaced by his current style, which is undoubtedly nicer. Eli's hair doesn't really get the chance to get windswept or messy, because its so short, and any chance it would have is taken away by the light bit of hair gel he'll use to flatten it.
His eyes are a warm brown, filled with good humour and mischief. In some pictures of him, it almost looks like Elijah has hazel eyes, with flecks of green and lighter brown. However, in real life, when facing him, its plain to see that his eyes are a pure undistilled brown. His eyes are oval shaped, and are almost always reflecting a smile or half-smile. He has medium sized eyebrows, and just enough eyelashes to show their obvious brown colour.
Unlike a lot of American boys, Eli doesn't spend every part of the year with a tan. He can be quite pale, especially during the winter months, but as soon as Spring comes he's outside training every day and developing a natural tan. He has a few scars along the insides of his arms and a couple on his legs, from his childhood where he would fall off walls and bikes. One scar on the fleshy part of his thumb didn't actually come from a scratch, it came from a burn which he received from an ash that fell out of the fire. Its a pale circle, quite big considering it came from the burnt remains of coal. He also has a scar on lower back where he slid after falling from a wall and ended up breaking through the skin. There are also scars which he counts as separate to his other ones, along his arms and legs and back. None are too big, and each could be passed off as childhood injuries, but the truth is they came from the car accident.
Elijah's facial features aren't as obvious as other peoples, but he does have a strong nose and defined cheekbones. His lips are a light pink color. Eli's ears stick out slightly more than they probably should, but as a guy, why should he care? Not like most people look at ears. He usually has some stubble on his shin and jawline, that's usually kept tidy, and since he's started to get older its usually just left rather than be cut off and left grow again.
He's not massively tall, but he is of average height, and the word short would not apply to him. Elijah's never actually measured his height so he doesn't have an exact measurement, but he can stand eye to eye with other guys his age and tower over some girls. He gives the impression of being lanky, but he is in fact well muscled and quite strong, even if he doesn't exactly look it.
Eli's style of dress is a pair of jeans and a shirt, maybe checkered or maybe plain. He likes T-Shirts and jackets, and he'll dress casually if that's what he feels like. It doesn't really matter what color his outfit is, because he doesn't really care. He'll wear anything from jeans to tracksuit bottoms and he doesn't really care what others think. One thing which a lot of people have seen Elijah wearing is his red beanie hat, which he's had for a while and wouldn't like to part with.
Face Claim: Taylor York


In truth, Elijah could be described quite well with just a handful of words. He's got an amazing sense of humour and a fun loving personality. However, when has a handful of words ever really described one person?
He's got a very honest and truthful view on things. If he feels a certain way, then he'll tell you his opinion honestly, rather than hide it. If you ask him something, he'll be honest. However, he does have a slight tendency to dance around a subject he deems to be slightly offensive, or one which will hurt a lot of people. He doesn't want to be the cause for hurt so he'll um and ah about it until you force him to tell you or go away.
He's quite sarcastic and witty. Unlike some people *Cough*Rana*Cough*, who are very obviously and obnoxiously sarcastic and don't really give a damn, he doesn't actually realize what he's saying until he says it, and even at that he doesn't overdo it. Eli has an answer for everything, but sometimes, he'll be able to not say it outloud (That doesn't mean he won't say it to himself inside his head though).
Elijah is one of those people who says something without truly thinking that he's gonna say it. He gets a message to his brain saying "Hm, maybe I should say this" and then there's no more thought. Its just blurted out and he's left apologizing for something he's said accidentally that hurt someone.
He's got a very trustworthy air about him. In fact, people would find it a little difficult not to trust him. Tell Eli a secret and he'll keep it to himself till he goes to his grave, because he won't want to lose the trust of even one person. However, if this secret is something which will cause a lot of pain and suffering if its withheld from someone, and someone who holds a key part within the secret asks about it, then its more than likely he will tell them truthfully.
Only a handful of people actually know what brought him to Camp, and about the car accident. It isn't cause he doesn't like anyone enough to tell them or that he doesn't want to tell anyone, its simply because he doesn't think its a very good thing to do to go up to someone, start talking and then say in whatever tone of voice "I came to Camp after a car accident which killed my Father and nearly killed me. What about you?". Doesn't sound that great, does it. So only those few he really calls friends and who have outright asked him actually know.
One word which you can not describe Eli as is quiet. On the contrary, he's the opposite. He's loud and will speak to anyone at all, even if he's only know them a while. He's adventurous and ambitious and that's plain for anyone to see.
He's funloving, and is out to have the best time he can in life. Unlike others who would have become withdrawn and sullen after their father died, Elijah saw it as how life was too short and he couldn't sit around and waste it. He has a great sense of humour and loves to play around, just generally having fun.
Because of that funloving personality, Eli has sometimes given the impression of being an overgrown child. It isn't even that he's childish, its just that he loves to joke and mess around.
He's a bit of a rebel, someone who likes the break the rules and boundaries set by other people. Its something which got him into a lot of trouble in the past, but he has never learned and just loves to do what others don't want him to do.
He's kind and nice and understanding and all of those things, even if many don't see that side to him straight away. If his friends need him, then he'll be there for them, and he'd go to the end of the earth to get them what they need.
Elijah is brave, which shows in a fight, and he'll use every ounce of his strength and energy if it means he'll have the upper hand in a fight and eventually win.
However, he's quite reckless in fights, and  he takes risks which probably shouldn't be taken.
Eli hides all of his own feelings from the rest of the world. Having a better understanding of what others are feeling came at a price, and that price is he doesn't feel that his own emotions are worth all that much. If he's sad, he'll put on a happy face and continue as normal. If he's angry, he does the exact same. Its rare for him to show any sort of negative emotion, and even when he does its in the privacy of his own company, where no one can see him. He's never truly gotten over the death of his father because of the fact he doesn't want to show the hurt that he feels when he thinks about him.

  • Music has always been a passion for Elijah, to the point where he learned to play musical instruments to pass the time.
  • Swordfighting
  • Earning other peoples trust
  • Socializing
  • On occasion, Eli has been known to flirt
  • Running
  • Food


  • Cars. He hates them.
  • Large animals, like horses and some dogs, and smaller ones too.
  • Unwanted thoughts that some day he will also die.
  • Labels
  • Losing

Fatal Flaw:
At first, many would think that Elijah's fatal flaw is Personal Loyalty. After all, he is loyal to the point that he would throw himself in harms way if it was necessary to save a person he loved.
However, Eli's fatal flaw is his inability to see danger, or the bad within other people. With other people, all he sees (And all he wants to see, truth be told) is the goodness and light. He wants to see the very best of everyone, and he expects to see it. When people turn out to be the opposite, bad and dark, he is always shocked. Even though he has spent years seeing himself be wrong in his opinions of someone, he never learns, and each new betrayal hurts just as much as the ones before.
His inability to see danger is something which Elijah has always had. He would think that he could do anything, that if he jumped off a wall there was little too no chance he would get hurt, that if he threw himself into oncoming danger his own confidence would be enough to save him. Many would call this reckless, and in truth, it is.


None, and he has never particularly wanted one either. A lot of animals make him uneasy.

  • Soul Seeing: Elijah sees the souls of those spirits who are restless upon the earth, or do not want to pass to the Underworld. Its something which started happening at a young age, although he didn't understand what it was until after the car crash. Unlike Hades kids and other Underworld God/Goddess Children, he cannot see every single spirit or soul that wanders the earth. Instead, he sees only those which want to be seen, mainly lonely souls who miss being one of the living and just want to talk to someone who understands them. This is a blessing in many ways, because seeing souls everywhere would be a tad bit freaky, don't ya think.
  • Aura Seeing: The Aura is essentially an outside the body reflection of the soul within. It ranges in color and type, with black being the worst a person could have and white being the best. The Aura is not always one color alone, and sometimes holds a shade of up to three different colors, but the meanings never change.
    Since the accident and his claiming, Elijah has been able to see the Aura of those around him when he concentrates just enough. He needs to reach a certain level of concentration before he'll see someones Aura, and it is physically and mentally draining. It requires him to give some of his own energy to see others, and while he may not notice it while he is looking, once he drops that concentration he will feel the full effects of what he had just done.
  • Soul Reading: This is something which Elijah has had for as long as he can remember, much like the soul seeing. Without wanting too, Eli is tapped into peoples emotions and feelings more than others. He can unconsciously sense if a persons soul is heavy with some emotion, like sadness.
    Tying in with this, he is capable of granting a soul some measure of peace, if for example they were under an immense amount of pain. For this he needs both concentration and his own energy, and if he breaks that concentration for even a second it will never work. Eli rarely comes across the need for granting a soul some temporary peace, and so its not something which he is incredibly skilled at doing.
  • Reading People: Because of his connection the the soul, Elijah has always been a little better at reading people. This could be their expressions, their moods or just the way they act around him, but it has something he has always had a slight talent for. It isn't even anything supernatural. He just has a better sense of what a person is feeling and if they are hiding something.

Elijah's weapon of choice is something which took him nearly a year to find. At first, he practiced with a Bow and Arrow, thinking that it would be an easy thing to pick up. It also had the added benefit of being used at long distances, so he didn't have to get close to the monsters which, for a while, frightened him. But he never really got the knack of shooting the bow, and spent a time testing many different weapons, ranging from knives and daggers to a crossbow. Eventually, he gave up, and went back to his bow and arrow.
However, just after his 10th birthday, Elijah came back to the Hera Cabin and plopped down on his bed. It would have been very comfortable lying there, had it not been for the small (But marginally heavy) box which he had accidentally thrown himself onto. Turning onto his side and pulling it out, he found a rather normal looking wristwatch inside. He put it on, and, like he'd saw his father do before, went to turn the tiny dial like thing on the side. When he pushed it in, the wristwatch changed until he was holding a celestial bronze sword in his hands. It felt right to him, and as Eli examined it he saw some ancient Greek symbols on the hilt. They translated to "Soul".
As soon as Elijah started to train with the sword he knew that it was the right weapon for him. Since then he has always used it, and practiced with it, and has become adept at swordfighting.
Year Round or Summer Camper?: Elijah is a year round Camper, considering how he has nothing to leave for.
Other?: Color is Firebrick

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Everyone knows your name. Strangely enough, considering that everything else with you is a mystery, your name is common knowledge. Karma. Like bad karma, good karma. Sometimes, people will raise an eyebrow when you introduce yourself. Ask you if it's a nickname... maybe for Carmen? But no, you tend to shake your head, laugh a little, tell them that on your birth certificate you're down as Karma so it must be true. It means destiney, people often tell you. Your surname is the thing that no one but yourself knows. And me. Alexander. Karma Alexander. You were born in 1998. The 20th of December. A really crap birthday, in your eyes, since the people who remembered it would often try mix it with Christmas. But the one thing this sucky birthday does it put you on this crappy earth for fifteen incredibly long years. You've spent two and a half of these years going to and from camp, often times disappearing for weeks on end. For no reason, really, just to escape. You don't have family or friends to stay with- instead, you just travel as far as you can before making your way back. Sometimes, you like to imagine it's because of your mother, Hecate, that you always find your way back. You know it's not really all that possible, since she doesn't really care for her children, but you can't help but dream.


Not much is known about your early life. Some people make guesses, but none of them even touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to you. How your father, once a loving man, deterorated after the violent death of his brother and sister-in-law. How he became abusive after one too many drinks, bruising your skin and hurting your heart with cruel words. For a long time, you felt like it was your fault, but as you matured into your own mind you realized he was just a misguided man with broken dreams and a equally broken heart. Soon after the realization, he raised his hand once more to you... and you sent him across the room, knocking him unconscious. Scared, but equally thrilled by the surge of power you felt rushing through your veins, you packed a tiny bag and ran, exploring towns and places you'd only ever dreamed of. No one could touch you- and when they tried, when people tried to corner you in ally's or police officers attempted to drag you to the station, you did what you did to your father. The adreneline rush was.. amazing, and the strength you held made it easy to make quick escapes. Until, one day, you were cornered by the wrong person. Someone who insisted they knew where you had to go, who you were. Your curiosity won out, and you ended up within Camp Half-Blood, surrounded by kids exactly the same as you.


People tend to underestimate you from your looks. Mainly because, despite what you'd consider a "mature" age, you have the looks of someone younger, someone innocent and young. Your features are open, easily read, and you tend to have a grin on your face which no one can really understand. Your hair falls down your back, your curls large and bouncy. Chestnut brown, it tends to lighten during the summer, giving you free highlights. It's almost always hanging down around your face, and when it isn't, its up in a loose bun. You stand below the average height, which only helps with peoples opinions of you being younger than you actually are. But what you lack in height you make up for in personality. Your face is slightly oval shaped, your features fitting nicely and your dimples always showing. Mainly, people notice your eyes, which fill with emotion often. Blue, but it seems to alternate between that and a pretty green. Your style of clothing is casual, the colors often vibrant and alive. You don't tend to wear dresses much, but when you do they are rarely short. For shoes, you choose comfortable over pretty.


People often describe you by looks only, when they first meet you. An innocent, beautific girl with a wide smile and emotion-filled eyes. What they don't see is the turmoil inside of you, the difference between their assumed personality and your actual persona.
You radiate self-confidence. That's one thing everyone can say about you. You rarely doubt yourself or your abilities, and you are definitely not afraid to voice your own opinions. This has been called blunt by most people, and really, it is, but you like to label it as being honest. What's the point in lying, ya know? It's pointless. Unfortunately, there's only a small line between being confident and being arrogant, and you regularly toe it- and sometimes, fall over into the other side. You have too much pride, seeing others as tools and inferior to yourself. And, given your brutally honest way of stating things, you tend to be ignorant to other peoples feelings until it's too late.
A quick thinker, you have a lot of knowledge on various subjects for someone so young. But, the subject has to interest you. If you have even the slightest disliking towards a topic within a subject, you tend to become distant and uninterested, itching to get your hands on a book of a different subject which you like more. You're curious and intellectual, and your mild dyslexia never really held you back, unlike your excessive ADHD. You're also sort of a... dabbler in different subjects and abilities, but a master of none. Throughout your short life you have pushed yourself to your limits, in both schooling and outside of school activities, and more recently in your weapon handling and powers. However, you've never really stuck to a hobby or anything, tending to drift from one thing to another.
Independant, you refuse to allow other people to make your decisions or choices. If they try, you become cold and ruthless, doing whatever you can to overturn their decision and follow your own. This shows your determined side, and how hard-working you can be if you put your mind too it. Hard-working, and strategic. You have an imagination, an amazing one at that, often coming up with situations and stories, helping you when it comes to planning ahead for camp games or simply helping when trying to think up what the consequences of an action may be.
You're a very judgemental person, reaching conclusions quickly and sticking to them because of your stubborn nature.
Naive, you rarely see other people for how they might truly be, instead seeing only what they seem to be on the surface. You find it hard to see past that, often being hurt by people when you realize their true colors.
Emotions often get the better of you, causing you to lash out or lose control due to being unable to keep them in check. You feel a burst of anger, and you indulge in it. Same with other emotions, such as sadness or frustration.
Bottom line is, you aren't an open book. There are layers to you which only you know... some are ones even you don't realize you have. Only time will show them all.


Pets have never really been an option for you. Mainly out of fear of large animals, and aprehension when it comes to smaller animals. It's been your experience that animals which are smaller than the norm tend to be a lot more... well, tend to bite or scratch a lot more. But when it comes to special talents, you've got enough to make up for your lack of body strength and weaopns training. Your powers were discovered at an early age, so you've had oppurtinity and time to become skilled in using them. The strongest of your gifts, in your opinion, is your ability to move objects with just a single thought in your mind. A flick of your finger can send a person toppling backwards, a concentrated thought can bend metal. But, you can only do so much with this power before you begin to suffer migraines, and more common, nosebleeds. Once upon a time, you even knocked yourself unconcious trying to push something above your boundaries. You're also gifted with control over the elements of nature, including the four known ones, fire, water, air and earth. However, this gift is rocky and unstable, and you lose control when you become angry, frustrated or scared. The one element you seem to have a level of control over is fire, and even that can be dangerous at best. Like with telekinesis, you suffer nosebleeds if you use this too much. Thanks to your mother, you have also inherited the gifts of speaking to her sacred animals, commanding magic, and reading tarot cards with a level of skill no mortal tarot card reader has mastered. However, the major drawbacks of all of your gifts is your complete lack of control. With a single burst of anger, you can knock people meters away from you. A bout of frustration could mean setting the nearest objects aflame. Fear can cause you to lash out, with any of your gifts, and can cause people pain... or worse. You're young age and naivety to all things which magic entails is dangerous for both you and those around you. Yet, you pus your boundaries, explore territories which should be left unexplored, and take no action to control yourself when you feel your powers itching to lash out.
Weapons are unimportant to you, given your gifts, but you do carry a weapon on you at all times. Your mother gifted you with a necklace, a polished obsidian pendant hanging from a thick, unbreakable silver chain. When touched, it summons a dagger, a rather small, polished dagger which seems more ornamental than anything else. However, you are adept at using it in fights.

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Most people know you as Kitty. Like what a four year old calls a cat. But, see, most people aren't your birth cert. On that, your name is Kathryn. Kathryn De Brùn... A family name. It comes from the greek word "pure". Ha. If only they knew how wrong it was. You were born in 1998. 17th of July to be exact, putting you on this dismal earth for 16 long years. And, for three of them, you've been living in Camp. Unfortunate that in all that time, you haven't been claimed as the Daughter of Athena you are. Mommy doesn't like her children like you, does she?


Once upon a time, a long time ago, your family was incredibly different to how it is now. For one, you had a Daddy. Peter De Brùn. And, you had cousins and Aunts and Uncles who didn’t really mind you all that much. Now, your Daddy’s dead, your cousins and Aunts and Uncles hate your guts, and it’s just you. Or, well, not just you really. Back in Ireland, your Nan is alive and kicking, and you call her a lot during the week and write to her every so often.

Daddy never got to tell you the story of meeting Mommy, so it’s been left up to others for your whole life. But, now you’ve known the truth a little while, you realize the differences. See, he met Mommy after moving to England to find work in London. She helped him through his troubles, his best friend, and it had started to develop into something more when- she disappeared. leaving your Dad alone. He carried on, and imagine his shock when he opened his apartment door one night to find you on his doorstep. A tiny baby girl, in a golden cradle with the tiniest pieces of paper on top of your blanket. The words wrote on that piece of paper were simple… “Take care.” No goodbye, no explanation. Just take care. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out all that great. Six months after your birth (Or appearance- appearance works better), Daddy was involved in a tragic accident. He was making his way back to the apartment after collecting you from your “Nanny”, pushing you in your push chair when suddenly a car came from nowhere. You were on the pavement- he wasn’t. Need I explain what happened? Daddy died, baby was left with no Mom or Dad. But, too young to have any impact, you grew up with only one thought in your mind. “Why do none of my relations care?”. Because, see, none of them wanted you. There was a family rumor about your Dad’s girl, and the rumor went along the lines that she got herself knocked up, and your Dad being the good man he was took you in even though you weren’t his. The rumor continued to say she had run away from him, dumping you on poor Peter. Because of this, you see, none of them were attached to you. None of them really wanted anything to do with you, because you weren’t one of them. So, for the first six years of your life you bounced from house to house, relation to relation, staying nowhere for too long. All too soon however, there was no-one left to take you in… and your Aunt, your Daddy’s sister, shipped you off to Ireland. Namely, a small farm outside of Wexford, which your Nan ran without the help of your deceased Grandpa or her estranged children. Nan was a tough woman, which you knew as soon as you walked into her kitchen. But she also saw what others did not- your strong resemblance to her youngest son. She accepted you in a way no one else had, made you feel like you finally belonged in your home, and for that you made sure to give her a gift too. The gift of youth. Sure, as you went through the Irish school system you got in more and more trouble. Sure, you ended up in the wrong crowd and in a Garda station every other night by the time you were twelve. But you taught her how to be young again, and relations saw the difference. They still couldn’t stand you, the rebellious, outspoken young girl you had become, but they saw the difference in their militaristic mother, and put it down to old age. Soon however, you ended up in secondary school, and it was in your first year here that you found out what you were. A woman walked into your class, walked straight down to your desk and started to grow claws. Suddenly, a girl in the front row tackled the woman from behind and told you to run. She found you later in the 2nd year bathrooms, and insisted you come with her to your Nan’s home. From there it was a whirlwind of color and sound, and then you were on a plane, flying to New York City. And from there, the rest is history lost in the sands of time. You ended up in camp half-blood, a place for kids like you, and you have been there ever since.


People don’t really describe you as much of anything, to be honest. Your features, while attractive in one sense, are rather plain in the other. Hair falling down your back, curling all the way. Light brown and streaks running through it, alternating between an almost red color, darker brown, and your natural. Always hanging down, rarely tied back since it never truly annoys you. You stand below the average- a sore subject for you since it became apparent you were not going to grow much taller. To counter it, you make an effort with your massive personality- it doesn’t matter if you’re small, as long as you’re loud and proud and don’t back down. Your face is oval, your features fitting well together. However, it is your eyes which many notices first. Intelligent eyes, they say. Deep brown, which seems to shift with different emotions. People have complimented them before. Your style of clothing is rather casual, your artiness coming through in the colors and styles you choose. Your shoes, always comfortable, never stray from the style you’ve gone for. Some have even said you look like Lily Collins.


Personality wise, they call you a firecracker. Unpredictable, wild, reckless and dangerous. Uncontrollable in every way. You stand for yourself and no one else- and everyone else be damned if they expect you to be a good little girl. Your own rules are the only ones which matter, no one elses. You’ve openly defied authority before, why should Camp be any different? But people should realize that you don’t back down. You don’t follow the socially acceptable stereotype they want to see. If a fight starts out, you will be the one to enter and break it up… or, if the case comes around, you will be the one to take over and fight until the very end. Never give up, never give in. It’s your motto, and you live by it very closely. However, you also live by carpe dium. And, unfortunately for you, that means being as reckless and carefree as possible. You put yourself at incredible risk every day, just by doing that. Couple it with your extreme naivety and innocence, it’s not a good combo. See, you think the best of everyone. Literally, everyone. You don’t see the bad which others see, making you easily led. This could, unfortunately, be the death of you. Your fatal flaw is your trust in other people. And you’re shameless. Literally, shameless. There is no guilt, no regret for anything which you do- hell, the only thing stopping you from strutting around in your birthday suit every day is the fact you’d end up in a jail cell.


No pets or special talents for you- why would you need them, really? Pets are a hassle no one needs, and as for special talents, you've got your genius level intellect rocking for you. What more do you need? As for weapons, you’re a very talented archer. You train at least once a day, just to make sure you’re always ready… always.

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Name: Isabelle Raven Carstairs (Her surname was actually Windsor, until her mother married Daniel Carstairs and changed her daughters name. It was a change that was welcome however- something about Windsor seemed very uh... posh)
Name Meaning: God is my Oath
Nicknames: Izzy, Belle/a, Raven, Carstairs for all those enemies she seems to collect.
Age: 17 years old.
Date of Birth: 31st of December
Gender: Female.
Godly Parent: Eleos, Spirit of Mercy, Pity and Compassion
Claimed: As of right now, no. (Although I plan on having her claimed in some way or another at some point.)
Years at Camp: Literally been here a couple days.


Mortal Family:

  • Eleanor Carstairs Neè Windsor (Mother)
  • Daniel Carstairs (Step Father)
  • Skyler Carstairs (Step Brother)
  • Jeremiah Carstairs (Half Brother)
  • Blythe Carstairs (Half Sister)
  • Alex Carstairs (Half Brother)

Born In; Brixton, London, England.
Living In; New York City, America
Eleanor Windsor was one of those people who just didn't have the greatest of luck in life. Her family had never been rich- in fact, they weren't even in the middle of the money spectrum. They were more on the poor side, and it was unfortunate to say the least. Her father worked hard, her mother worked hard, but they just never had enough. Never enough to send all their children to all their school years, never enough to feed them every day of their lives. Eleanor herself was the only one of her five siblings to go on to sixth form after her fifth year- the rest of the Windsor children all left and got hard working jobs to try help out their parents in the life they led.
But none of them were ever unhappy. That was the odd thing. The children would go hungry for days on end, the adults sacrificed too much for them, but none of them ever lost their smile. It wasn't much of a living, but they were alive. That was something to celebrate, according to their mother and father. As long as they were alive and kicking, then they could go on.
Now, as stated only a few sentences ago, Eleanor was the only one to continue onto sixth form, and get her higher education. This didn't work out for the best. She believed it would help her get a better job, with better income to support her mother and father and siblings. At the end of the day, supporting her family was all she had. But when she finally left school and got a job in a rich firm, it wasn't... right. She was constantly worn down, she couldn't keep that smile on her face anymore, and she felt jealous of her brothers and sisters who, even though they didn't have as much money as she suddenly had, were still smiling. It was an odd situation. She had finally gotton out of the life her family had been stuck in, and she wasn't happy about it. For five years she stuck in that job, and she was led to believe she'd become a needed member of staff, even though her heart was never really in the job. And then, that lovely firm decided to fire her out of the blue, leaving her with nothing. She'd had a company car, she'd had a house which she couldn't pay for without her firm income.
Eleanor was straight back in with her family in the rough end of town. Until her family had to evacuate their home because of unstable supporting pillars.
I said she wasn't lucky in life, didn't I? If I haven't, then I'm saying it now for sure.
The family divided immediately. Her father disappeared, never to be seen again. Apparently there was only so much he could take before he abandoned his family and went back to his home land, Ireland. Her mother disappeared too- later to be found dead from an overdose. A broken heart was the cause, they said. Eleanor didn't believe it for a second. As for her siblings, the three girls and two boys who she had done everything for. The eldest two went to Manchester together, and she didn't hear a word from them again. As for the remaining three, one of the girls and the two boys, they kept in touch with Eleanor for a few months until they all migrated to Ireland, gone to live at an address in Dublin. The family which had been unbreakable was broken, the smiles finally wiped off their faces.
And Eleanor got left in the streets of London, with nothing but the clothes on her back.
Months living like that. No food, no money, no roof over her head. She camped out in store doorways, until the police moved her along and she needed to find a new spot.
That was how Eleos found her. Broken and close to a breakdown. He offered her something she hadn't been offered for what felt like a lifetime- hope. There was nothing she could do, not really. It was go with him or stay in the streets and eventually die. She took the smart option, going back to his south London flat with him, expecting to have to pay him back in the obvious way. But he wanted nothing from her, only to help. He took pity on the broken woman he met, and showed her unbelievable mercy. He took care of her, helped her heal, and eventually, months later, she realized she'd fallen deeply and madly in love with the stranger who showed her compassion when he could have left her to die. It wasn't long after that Isabelle was conceived.
The pregnancy was so easy, such a breeze compared to the hardships she had endured living in the streets. And she had someone she loved by her side, someone who took care of her, who didn't let her sink. When Isabelle was born, her parents spent hours just ogling their miracle, their special gift.
Until Eleos left her. However, he didn't leave her alone. He knew what would happen if he just left. Instead he left his flat in her name, left her all the money he had left, left her with more hope. Everything she needed to take care of their baby girl.
It took a long time for Eleanor to love again. But she did. Maybe that was one of her mistakes, truth be told. If she hadn't loved again, she wouldn't have been thrown straight back into her old lifestyle.
She met Daniel Carstairs at the park, funnily enough. Such a romantic place to meet, right? Isabelle, who was only three years old, had had a hard time learning to speak. In fact, she hadn't started speaking until she was months away from being three. She was barely speaking in sentences, but she was definitely able to play. She was running around the playground, and when she returned to her mum, she found said mum speaking to a strange new man, who's son was sitting on his lap. Little Izzy instantly wanted to play with the boy, but was quickly told by her mother that he was too young.
Well, that was the first meeting of Eleanor Windsor and Daniel Carstairs. Funny how only a time later they were married, and Eleanor was pregnant with their first child.
Isabelle found it hard to adjust to her new life, after her mother married Daniel. They lived in the same home, she had a brother and another sibling on the way... it was too odd. Her mother's attention was no longer on her all the time.
Eventually, the family lost all their money. Izzy was young, but not young enough to understand the reason they left London when she was 10. It was because they were broke and needed to find a new life so they could have money again. If she'd found it had to adjust before, it was harder in New York City.
Isabelle was fourteen years old when her mother and step father realized they couldn't afford to eat anymore. And she understood exactly what happened next, when her step brother (Who she had learned to love- eventually) was basically kicked out. She didn't know where he went, but she understood why he'd had too go.
She was only fourteen, but Izzy was disgusted with her mother and step father. For weeks, she barely said two words to them, until she realized that things had gotten better. With the departure of Skyler, things had gotten that little bit better for Alex and Jeremiah and Blythe. And her family was all she cared about, so Isabelle learned the art of deception- she pushed the fact Skyler had been forced out of the family out of her mind. Made herself believe it had been a voluntary thing, that he was happy where he was.
Now, the family eventually afforded a new home, and Isabelle got to continue in her schooling in a New York High School. Years passed, and she turned 17. Started driving lessons, got some boyfriends (Stories for another day), got friends who didn't give a crap about her not so great upbringing. She was actually quite happy.
And then, not even a few days ago, Isabelle was sitting in history class. Doodling a picture of a weird little blue creature who had some other little creature friends in various felt tip colors. Normal teenage girl pictures, you know. Actually, she had just sent her reply note to a friend about a party at the weekend. "I'd love to go Sarah, but you know, its called babysitting. I have babysitting duty". That was when the very large dog burst through the door and Isabelle found herself screaming and falling backwards off her chair, knocking into a table.
Call it luck, call it whatever. But it just so happened a Satyr was in the school on the trail of a demigod scent. And the satyr just so happened to be in her class, as the new guy. She was saved, and instantly dragged home to pack her bags and get on her way too camp. Hell, her mom was gobsmacked. But she couldn't deny the facts. She hugged her daughter goodbye and left her with these chilling words- "Look out for Skyler while you're there, honey. He might need his big sister after so long." So casual. Like she hadn't just revealed the location of Isabelle's step brother after years of silence.
Not much of an explanation was given until they were in the car and on their way to Camp Half-Blood, when the satyr (Named Luca, fun fact) explained where they were going, what had happened.
And that is exactly how Isabelle Carstairs arrived at Camp Half-Blood.


Physical Appearance:
Isabelle has very cute features, if your being honest. The sort of cute which while being cute, is honest. You know by looking at her she's in her late teens, you know that she should be quite mature, even if she isn't.
Her hair is probably the most unusual thing about her at first glance. Its a weird cross between lots of different colors, including blonde, red and bronze/brown. It often glints a lighter color in direct sunlight, which is odd, don't ya think? Its super thick, which actually annoys her a load, because it takes ages to dry right after she's washed it. Isabelle has a few layers cut into it in an attempt to thin it out, however, that didn't work out in her favor and now its left her with large curls that just won't go away. Her hair is always cut neatly, and it falls at a medium length which is always clear because her hair is always falling around her face and tumbling down her shoulders. She doesn't like to tie her hair back all the time- it actually gives her a headache to have it tied to her head for too long.
Her eyes are a sparkling dark blue, which have flecks of silver and grey dotting them. The problem with her eyes however is that they always have this kindness in them. Even when she's sad, or angry, her eyes have that kind look to them, that compassionate look her father once gave her mother in the streets. She tried to cloud that kindness before, tried to rid it from her eyes completely, but there's just something about the shape of her eyes, the color of them, the depth in them. No matter what she does, she has it. Now, that doesn't mean her eyes can't show other emotions too. Piss her off enough, and that compassion can actually be quite scary. I mean, having someone look at you with compassion, but with a stormy sort of flash going through them would be scary, am I right? Terrifying. Its like she's gonna kill you with kindness or something idk. Anywho, lets continue cause otherwise I'll need to elaborate on killing you with kindness and I don't wanna do that. Isabelle's eyes are oval shaped, with thick, light lashes outlining them. She favors mascara and bronzing eyeshadow when applying makeup, although she never really over does it with eyemakeup cause she doesn't really wanna look like a compassionate slash terrifying scary angry panda. She has thin, carefully sculpted eyebrows, which are actually a shade or so darker than the darkest streaks in her hair.
Not really that tanned, its something of a sore subject for the girl. She's got that annoying british skin type, which just doesn't like to tan. Instead she gets burned badly and ends up needing to apply loads of suncream just so that she doesn't burn to a crisp (Damn that british skin type. Its even worse with the irish one though, let me tell you). Even though she's spent the majority of her childhood and teenagerhood (Is that a word) out playing sports, Izzy is cursed with burning in the sun like a gremlin on a summer day, rather than tanning. She has lots of little marks on her arms and legs, but thankfully her freckles cleared up within the last few years. Inside Izzy's makeup bag, you'll find a lot of blusher and bronzing powder, some lipgloss and eyeshadow and mascara. But you won't find things like lipstick or foundation cause she doesn't actually believe in any of that stuff. Plus she has fab facial skin, why would she wanna cover that up? Anyway. Isabelle has few actual scars on her skin, except for one going along her knee in a sort of swirly pattern. She was actually pretty stupid in how she got that. Left the drawer open to her wardrobe years ago, and hit it full force, the edge of the wardrobe dragging along her skin and leaving her with this fabulous swirly scar which she's weirdly proud of. All her scars are worn with pride- with every one of them, she can say that she has lived through one more hardship and pain.
Izzy has one of those cute little round faces which is proportioned in just the right way that it makes it attractive. Her chin is slightly rounded, her dimples obvious as soon as she smiles. Actually, her dimples are always there. Always obvious. (Lucky girl.) Her nose is a little button nose, and her lips are curvy in a way which makes her overall look more mature.
She's a little below average in the height department, and that is something which she is not happy about. At all. Simply because of her little height problems (See what I did there? She's below average? "Little" height problems? Gettit? Oh whatever, lets go back to the app), she loves to wear wedges and heels. It helps her get that little bit taller. Now, while she's one of those delicate lil cuties in looks, you cannot actually apply that phrase to Isabelle. Because while she has very little training in camp so far, it doesn't mean she doesn't have the natural instincts of a halfblood. She's actually quite, uh, strong. At least in the way where she knows exactly where to kick a male opponent. But no, the reason she'd quite talented so far is that she's as stubborn as a bull. She won't give in, even when her strength is gone and she can't fight anymore- she'll keep on trying. Its possible she'll improve even more, if she remains at Camp.
She wears fashionable clothes, in mainly light colors. It doesn't matter the shape or style of the outfit, hell, it doesn't matter what color, if she likes it, she'll wear it. Her outfits are classy and mature while still managing to flatter her figure and give off the impression of pure and simple cuteness. She's always been practical in the outfits she chooses, making sure their clothes which will last for however long they need to last for, not wearing jewelry incase it gets broken or lost, not wearing heels in everyday situations. Overall, she's a stylish person who's got a unique sort of look about her.
Face Claim: Sara Canning (She's really cute omg I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use her as a FC)


Isabelle can pretty much be described in a sentence; "Small girls with dimples who likes to have fun and is way too playful." Tada. That is a sentence. Yay. Cough. Let us continue. She's just one of those people who seems really easy to sum up. You look at her, and you kind of know, just by looking at her, if you get me. But you don't know? No one can really be described in a couple words, and the same goes for Izzy. She's not an open book, despite what people might think.
The first thing which needs to be established is that she is possibly the gentlest soul you'll come across. Okay, you can piss her off pretty easily if you're being a jerk. Actually, she has a lot of peeves, so you can piss her off pretty easily without even trying. And I would honestly pity you if you got on her bad side. But when she's happy, when she's in a good mood, which is nearly all the time, Isabelle is just gentle. She's not got a purposefully horrible bone in her body. Sure, sometimes she can be unintentionally mean or terrible, but that's not how she usually is. Usually, she's quite... soft. Like a little kitten. ("ew animals why you describe me like an animal".). However, while being gentle, while seeming quite soft hearted, she can be quite fierce. If she has a reason too, then you'll see quite a drastic change in the little kitten. She can actually seem tough, believe it or not. Seem strong and untouchable, become someone you don't want to mess with because somehow or another you know she'll be the one to come out on top.
She's one of those very strong willed and ambitious people. If she sets out to get something, then she'll get it, putting it in simple terms. It doesn't matter what the cost is, she'll do whatever it takes. She learns from the mistakes she makes, and works through the problem to come out the winner.
However, Isabelle insists on sticking to rules and regulations, making it a fair fight- unless you start playing dirty of course. She won't be the one to turn it to playing dirty, but if you do? Then be sure that she'll play the game just as good as you do.
One good thing to note about Izzy is that she's always running late. Always. She runs around like a headless chicken half the time, trying to work out where she's supposed to be. Don't give her a deadline, cause she more than likely won't make it. Hell, the girl would be late to her own funeral.
Now, this gentle person isn't always the greatest at that thing called "tact". She's quite blunt, actually. She'll tell you truthfully and honestly the first time round, and she'll expect you to be the same way with her. If she can be honest with you, then you could at least be the same with her. Because she'd prefer to be told the truth than be lied too for months or weeks about something.
Fun fact; Isabelle is probably the most stubborn person you'll ever meet. Make a decision for her, and she'll rip your throat out regardless of how much she loves you or how gentle she is. She wants to make her decisions, and make her mistakes and learn from them. Even if she realizes halfway through something won't work out well for her, she'll follow it through, because she has too. Its a major part of her personality.
This leads to the incredible recklessness which is associated with Miss. Isabelle Carstairs. She rushes into things without really thinking them through all the way, and it kind of ends badly most of the time. She's stubborn and over-confident and that isn't a good mix. Sometimes... well, she has a sort of superhero complex where she's positive she'll save the person she cares about, when really its obvious to everyone she won't.
For someone who's gentle and all superheroey (Look at me making up words), Izzy can be pretty sarcastic in her own way. Its tough for people to know she's being sarcastic, but she is. However, just like with the whole sometimes being mean thing and not meaning it, sometimes she can go a little too far and she's left apologizing because she hates when she's said something which isn't considered socially acceptable.

(main parts of her personality covered- I'm lazy ok. I'll develop her more through RP and then type up more. I mean I have all this fab boys have cooties thing to develop yet mwhahaha)

  • Sleeping cause wow sleep omg
  • Heels cause height yay
  • Boys are very handsome she can admire from a distance yes even though she hates them all cause cooties
  • The teacup rides at fairgrounds lmao
  • Having fun isn't hard if you've got a library card
  • Drinking yay whats the harm in some underage drinking once in a while I do not condone underage drinking ok please understand that
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Birthdays
  • Every holiday ok
  • Snow cause she's weird she likes snow but hates ice
  • Eating give her food and you've got like a life time friend
  • Making her own choices thnx
  • Stars. Ok so for once I'll give a nice description. From the time she was a little girl, Izzy has had an obbession with the sky. Mainly, the night sky. She can tell you every constellation, she can point them all out. She owns a telescope, which took her mother two years to save up and buy for her. There's something magical about the stars and the moon, about the world really. One of the reasons why she had such a hard time believing the whole Gods thing- how could anything like the world, which is this big mass of rock in space, be controlled by all powerful and all knowing beings? Its not logical.
  • Life, love, living. Etc.
  • This will sound so weird but like kids. She likes to take care of little children. Actually, if she gets to have a normal life she'd love to settle down (when she gets over the whole boys = cooties thing) and have kids with someone she loves and maybe own a playschool, cause she likes to take care of children. Maybe its cause she's such a kid herself, lmfao
  • Music is her life. Honestly. It doesn't matter what kind of music it is, be it Paramore, Spice Girls, Mumford & Sons or the Dubliners. She loves all kinds of music and can spend hours sitting and simply listening to music.


  • America
  • Her sucky new years birthday
  • Dimples
  • Horses and pretty much every large animal actually lets rephrase that to every animal ever she's not really an animal person ok
  • Fish you can't class fish as animals but she dislikes them the exact same as she dislikes animals
  • Being small it sucks
  • Boys ew cooties
  • Ice (not good news for the khione kids whoops)
  • Heights put her on a high rollarcoaster ride or something at your own discretion its more than likely she will puke all over you there's your warning
  • Sleeping cause she misses like half the day when she could be doing nice things
  • At this moment in time, her mother and her step father because they've kept a lot from her and like dude don't keep stuff from the eldest it'll come back to bite you in the ass
  • boys have I mentioned boys yet
  • being told what too do hello it is her life not yours go away shoo

Fatal Flaw:
Isabelle's fatal flaw is her stubbornness. She can't take no for an answer- if she wants to do something, then she'll do it. Doesn't matter who you are, what you are, she'll follow her own rules and hope it turns out for the best.


Pets: snort none I doubt she could willingly care for one tbh
Talents: Undiscovered as of yet.
Weapons: As soon as she settles in, Izzy will begin her training with a bow and arrow, while taking sword lessons at the same time. What can I say? The girl is smart. Long range weapon, and a short range weapon. Go Isabelle yay!
Year Round or Summer Camper?: Undecided.
Other?: Color is ForestGreen. Made in collaboration with Bean cause Skyler needed his beloved older sis snort.

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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:22 am



Name: Ebony Knight
Name Meaning: The meaning of Ebony is black.
Nicknames: Short Stuff, Hobbit, Elf, Bonnie, Bon, etc.
Age: 16 years young.
Date of Birth: Ebony actually... doesn't remember her birthday. Her real birthday was never revealed, as her birth cert was never handed to her adopted father and mother. And, after everything, and after she moved into a new home, it didn't really change. She'd celebrated her birthday on the 6th of September for as long as she can remember, since that's the day she arrived at her new, permanent home.
Gender: She is obviously male. Lmfao.
Godly Lineage: Ares, God of War
Claimed: Ever since she walked past the Cabin on her first tour around camp. Needless to say, a lot of people were shocked.
Years at Camp:  Two years. Which puts her in a good enough position, don't ya think? She knows all about camp, all the rules and stuff, but still has enough memory of living in the mortal world that she hasn't become Campized.


Mortal Family: In truth, Ebony doesn't know her real mothers name. And, since they never played a large role in her life, she hasn't counted Elizabeth and Samson Bennett as her family for a long time. She has also never counted Spencer Knight as any sort of family member, however, Nora Knight can be considered her mother for all intensive purposes. Another family member who she has all but forgotten about since their separation is her non-identical twin sister, Ivory.
Hometown: New York, USA, but lived in Boston.
Brief History: Ebony Knight's history is rather strange, even for a Demigod. I don't say this just because of the events which happened before her arrival at Camp Half-Blood. I say it for many reasons, but one of the ones right up there at the top? This girl has had three surnames before she turned ten years old.
I supposed I should start at the beginning, really. That's always the best place to start a story. If you start in the middle, people often miss the lead up to the climax. If you begin at the end, then the story might as well not have been told. And this story is one which deserves to be told.
Clarissa Hallow had been born privileged. Her father was a rich lawyer in the heart of New York City, and her mother was a woman known for her voice. The two had met at the restaurant one night, and well... seven years later, Clarissa was born. But, don't think for a second any of them ever let money or power go to their heads. The Hallow's were down to earth people who just so happened to live a life different to others.
For the majority of her childhood, Clarissa lived with her mother and father in a penthouse near Central Park. This provided her with countless hours of enjoyment- whenever she was bored, she would simply hop over to the Park and find something to do. Not that she was bored often. From the earliest of ages, her mother taught her to sing, to control her voice and use it to convey emotions. Not only that, but she was given lessons in both piano and saxophone. This was never odd for her. Other children went to ballet lessons, she stayed in her home and was taught by her mother and her mothers friends.
When she finally reached high school, she was the trophy girl of her year. High grades, amazing at singing and music, and a talent for sports to boot. She was too good to be true. Everyone wanted to have her on their arm going to dances- but she never went. See, no one is ever perfect. Clarissa's problem was she identified more with music and academics then people. She was happier alone with books or the piano, than she was socializing and making friends. It left her alone, with only a handful of friends, and even at that she wouldn't have called them so.
She graduated high school with fantastic grades of course. But it left her with no chance of finding friends, finding a life other than her music. She was so focused on her future as a musician though, it hardly mattered.
Now, I won't bore you with the facts or the years in between. But eventually, Clarissa Hallow turned 20. And that was when her life finally took a dive from perfection.
She was fast becoming known. Her CD's were selling in shops, and she'd been signed to a record label who had other aspiring musicians releasing music under their name. She was happy, in one sense of the word. But she was lonely. Music could only bring you so far. After that, you needed people. And Clarissa, in all her perfection, had forgotten people.
Craving attention, she went out all dressed up one night with a girl from her old high school that she'd been on good terms with. Unfortunately, they ended up getting split up. But it didn't matter, because within hours, Clarissa had caught the eye of a ragged, tough man who made her heart beat faster then a hummingbirds. He gave her attention, made her feel wanted and needed, made her feel something which wasn't connected with tunes and notes, and that's why she gave in and ended up in bed with him.
The next few weeks were a blur, as she met up secretly with the man who told her his name was Cain. Perfection only lasts so long though. Everyone knows that.
Clarissa ended up pregnant. That's how these stories go, isn't it?
Except, her pregnancy was shocking in two ways- one, since it was a pregnancy. She was pregnant. And two, since she wasn't expecting one baby, she was expecting two.
Now, she was already having doubts as soon as she found out. Those doubts increased when Cain disappeared without a trace, leaving her all alone to pick up the pieces. Clarissa was weak. She didn't have the willpower to get rid of her babies. So she carried them too term.
But she never told a soul. Ashamed, see, of what she'd done. She couldn't bear to tell her mother and father that she'd been sleeping with a man who was practically a stranger. However, worse then that was the fact she had a good chance of losing everything she had built up for herself. So in the hopes of retaining her music future, she told no one, and gave birth to her babies in a public New York Hospital.
Then, after writing a false name on the birth certificate, she fled.
This is where the real story starts. You've guessed correctly, if you guessed that these babies were Ebony and her five minutes younger sibling, Ivory. The doctors were baffled as to why the young woman had fled. All she had stayed for was too write her name down as Clarissa Brown, and to insist her childrens names were Ebony and Ivory (After both the song, and the fact piano was her whole world). Then she had disappeared. Like her lost love, without a trace.
Ebony and Ivory were beautiful babies... albeit, on the small side. For days the doctors felt the need to monitor them, just in case, but they were strong. Small, but strong. And it wasn't long before the doctors passed Ebony and Ivory Brown onto an adoption agency, who didn't have much work to do. Couples which were coming in were looking for children, because of reasons- and the couple who arrived on the 5th of June were especially distraught because of their reasons.
Elizabeth and Samson Bennett were a married couple in their early 30's. Madly in love, as they had been since they were high school sweethearts. But... Elizabeth was unable to conceive children. She'd been stabbed in the stomach area as a late teenager in a robbery gone wrong, and it messed up her future. She didn't even qualify for IVF- it was a lost cause, everyone said. So the couple had turned to their last resort, which was adoption.
Almost immediately after meeting Ebony and Ivory, they were in love. People who ran the agency watched on as Elizabeth held one of the twins carefully, muttering sweet little nothings in her ear while Samson held the other, humming the song Ebony & Ivory under his breath. It was a match made in heaven, so there was no surprise when the couple adopted the twins and moved them into their suburban home.
It was a good life for the twins, who had had such an unlucky start in life. Both of them were loved dearly. Elizabeth adored dressing them in clothes which, while they didn't match (She found matching outfits for twins ridiculous), were color co-ordinated. And Samson loved to play with them, show them how to do new things. Adopting so young had its perks too- as soon as the twins were able to speak (They began speaking the exact same day, fun fact. And walking. And running.), they called the Bennett's their mommy and daddy. Because they were. The second they were adopted, Ebony and Ivory became Bennett's.
I have said it before, and I'll say it again. Perfection only lasts so long.
It was in the summer of the twins sixth year of life when everything came crashing down around their little shoulders. They were left with their adopted grandparents overnight while Elizabeth and Samson traveled to visit a neighbor on the other side of the city. The twins fell asleep quickly with their nanny and granddad. They were however awoken when Elizabeth's mother screamed in grief.
As the couple had been travelling home to their daughters (They had left early so as to check on them), the car had had a malfunction. The brakes stopped working. And the car went spiraling into a wall, instantly killed the driver, and Samson, who had been sitting in the front seat to direct the driver to the house. Elizabeth died from blood-loss before paramedics could arrive.
The children were whisked almost immediately back into the adoption center. Their grandparents, both sets, were deemed incapable of taking care of them due to grief, and that was that. Thankfully, they didn't need to stay long in care. Two beautiful young girls, the stereotype for little blondes? How could they have stayed that long in care?
But... their adoptions weren't the same. Not many could deal with two twins. So, one family adopted Ivory. And a week or so later, another family adopted Ebony.
Ebony was bewildered to say the least. Her new family consisted of just a mom, and a dad. Not a sister. And Ebony had been incredibly close to her twin, so the change was... heartbreaking. She retreated into a shell for months, and her new mother and father, Nora and Spencer Knight, didn't know how to deal with her. They let her be, and eventually, Ebony came out, only to find the perfect life she had deserved wasn't meant to be.
Her new mother and father first made the choice to move the newly coping girl closer to Nora's family, in Boston. This disrupted a lot of Ebony's life. She now lived in a new city, which she was unfamiliar with. This caused many problems- she refused to sleep without the light on, she had horrible nightmares anyway, she found it difficult to make friends as soon as she joined a school. But also, her new mother and father weren't as close knit as Samson and Elizabeth. They fought constantly, shouting matches which she could hear from her room and which would leave the young girl crying and confused. They sometimes got violent- occassionally, when she would come down to breakfast in the morning, Nora would have a new bruise around one eye or down one side of her face.
It became normal however, as she lived with it for a while longer. Soon it was difficult for her to remember a time when she hadn't lived with the Knight's. Even more difficult to remember was the face of her sister- so unlike her own. Non-identical twins you see. All she could remember was Ivory's eyes, and her smile. And eventually, they began to fade too.
The little girl had a difficult time in school. Soon after she joined, it was discovered that she had ADHD and Dyslexia, which made learning hard. People would bully her, mainly about her tiny size. No matter how much she tried to sink into the shadows and hide however, it didn't work. People always noticed her. The taunts got worse and worse, and all Ebony could do was take it because she didn't know what other option she had.
Ten years old. And everything changed. Nora and Spencer had never been violent towards her- it was themselves they battered. But the abuse finally came round to Ebony. Spencer, in a fit of anger, slapped the girl around the face. In pain, bruised and confused, she ran to her room sobbing, where she managed to lock herself in. When she emerged, she was hit again. It continued like that for months- he would hit her if she did anything he didn't agree with. It hurt less each time, as Ebony grew used too it and developed a mental block to the pain.
Two years later. She was twelve years old when she came home in time to witness Spencer slapping Nora. And, the little girl had had enough. She was braver then anyone gave her credit for- she took the phone, rang the police, and reported the domestic abuse happening inside the home. Police came and took Spencer away, and Nora, the only one who had really seemed to care about Ebony, was more grateful than she would ever let on.
Life improved so much within the next few weeks that it was unbelievable. Nora became a normal mom, one who would praise her daughter and laugh at her jokes, who cooked with her and allowed her to do things. And Ebony found her thing. With her mother's help, she dyed her blonde hair a deep red. That was it. The thing she'd been looking for to stop the bullying? She diverted their attention to her hair, which made everyone notice her as her, and not the small girl.
Years passed like that. A happy bubble built up around them, which Spencer never came to burst. Ebony even made a friend- a boy named Damien who walked with crutches and made her smile.
Ebony arrived home a month after her fourteenth birthday to find police tape everywhere. Police officers were surrounding her home, sirens wailing. The girl ignored the shouts warning her not to enter and ran into her house, calling out for Nora. Damien had walked her home after basketball practice, and he tried to follow her, but they caught him. Others ran to try stop Ebony, but she made it into the house and into the sitting room...
The sight which was in there has haunted Ebony ever since. I won't go into the gory details. If I did, I might give you nightmares like Ebony has had. And we wouldn't want that, would we? The gist of it is, there was blood. Everywhere. And Nora was never going to call back Ebony's name.
The girl needed to be physically dragged from that home. She was distraught, like Elizabeth Bennett's mother had been that night so many years ago. She was screaming her head off, screaming about Spencer and murder and blood and Nora's name, over and over and over.
And then nothing.
She woke up to the sound of a purring car engine, and her face pressed against the cold window pane of a car. When she looked to see the driver, she was shocked to see Damien behind the wheel. That nearly set her off screaming again, since he was obviously too young to be driving and she was positive she was going to die, but he told her to shut up and listen. The next few moments of conversation went down kinda like this;

Damien: They found you.
Ebony: The FBI?
Damien: No. Them. The monsters.
Ebony: So the FBI, right?
Damien: No Ebony. The monsters. Proper monsters.
Ebony: Like the bogeyman?
Damien: Like the bogeyman. That's what happened at your house-
Ebony: NO! Spencer killed Nora!
Damien: No. Monsters did.

Imagine a lot more vulgar words and screaming and noises of anger and such in there, and that's what the conversation was like. Damien proceeded to explain that he hadn't thought they would find her so soon, how he was bringing her away to Camp Half-Blood, whatever that was, and how she needed to take a chill pill before she got there.
The rest is, how you say, history. Along with hilarious stories which shall be added as I feel like it, and of course- the future. Who knows what the future will bring for Ebony Knight? I do mwhahahahahaha


Physical Appearance: Ebony would be described in a couple words as a very daring, very pretty girl. First opinions often pin her as a small, sweet girl with peculiar choices in fashion. Once someone has spent a second talking to her, they realize she's a lot more than that. And she wouldn't be called sweet by everyone.
Ebony's hair isn't very long. It doesn't pass her shoulders once its been given a "Proper" haircut. She wears it straight as a ruler, hanging around her face, and occasionally pulled back in a small ponytail. Her hair would be described by everyone has windswept and random, her bangs looking all flyaway, her layers jagged but at the same time complimenting her features. Ebony's hair is just messy, but she's not bothered by it at all. In looks, her hair is very thin. Even with her layers cut into it. But its not a major flaw in her eyes. Sure, lots of people have thick hair that falls long and such, but in honesty, if she wanted long hair, she'd have it. She's quite happy with her length and the amount of hair she has. The most unusual thing about Ebony's hair, the thing which many would call the first thing they notice about her, is the color. Since she's been old enough to dye her hair, she's had it shades of orange, red, blonde, and occasionally even pinks. Its never know what color her hair will be when she turns up to see you: She loves colors. The brighter the better in her eyes. Many think Bonnie's hair would bother her, being how it is, always down and around her eyes, but she's not too annoyed. She's used to it, and if she really wants to she'll tie it back.
Bonnie is incredibly pale. Its hilarious when you think about it, given how American's have amazing weather all year round and she was always outside. Always going on adventures as a child, playing football, that sort of a thing. But if she did anything, Ebony burned. She never tanned, so she's just remained this real pale creamy color through her whole life. She has a few minor scars and blemishes, and a couple major ones. Her back has a scar about four inches long, running from her left shoulder in a jagged line. This was from an accident, when she was only around eleven. Ebony also has quite a few tattoos, each of them meaning something too her. She's been getting them since she was around sixteen, using her old fake ID. On her right thigh she has a hand holding an envelope, done in the traditional style in black and red inks, and surrounded by leaves and ribbons for decoration. On Ebony's left elbow, she has a tattoo of a lightning bolt with the letters "TCB" for "Takin' Care of Business". This was the motto of Elvis Presley, one of her singing idols, and his backing band was named the TCB band. Another tattoo on her left arm is the quote on her forearm, which says "Accentuate the Positive / Eliminate the Negative", written in caps in an uneven script. Her fourth tattoo is the largest one she has so far, and is a sidepiece of flowers done in a brightly colored traditional style. Another on her left arm is a simple black rectangle with three white bars. The third tattoo that Ebony ever got was a tiny outline of a heart on her wrist. On her right thigh she's got a solid black cross, and behind her left ear she's got a cloud and lightning bolt with "WARPED!" written above it. The last two, but the first two that Bonnie ever got, are a pink razor with a banner that says "Shave Me", and a heart with patches right below and behind the razor, and above the heart are the letters "HHT" standing for "Hurtin' Hearts Tour", and both tattoo's are on her right ankle.
Ebony's face is thin and angular, with very subtle features. She has softly pronounced cheekbones, which occasionally have blusher on them. Her lips are a light pink naturally, and while they are rather thin, she's not too bothered by the flaw. Bonnie usually coats them in lip gloss or lipstick. Ebony's eyes are green with slight speckles in them. The speckles range in color from brown, to blue, to a golden color. Her eyes are rather small, but in proportion to the rest of her face, and usually given a coat of mascara. Bonnie has thin, neat eyebrows, plucked to perfection. She has a lot of small eyelashes surrounding them. Her nose is one of those small but slightly pointy noses, and her ears are usually hidden by her hair. Ebony's height has been a very sore subject for her since the beginning of High School. She never really grew, and that made it hard for her to do a lot of sports, like Basketball. She's a small 1.57 meters, although she often acts like she's a lot taller. Small frame, lean. Ebony has a thin waist, even though she really loves to eat. And she doesn't really care what she eats. She'd eat sweet things and cakes all day if she had the chance. Its funny really how she eats so much and doesn't gain a pound.
Bonnie's dressing style contrasts with her hair perfectly. She's the farthest from vain someone could get, and throws on the first outfit she spies inside her wardrobe, and most of the outfits inside her wardrobe are odd in their own right. She loves clothes she can be comfortable in, and that does not include dresses. Bonnie also loves converse, in every color, and every design.
Ebony wears jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and of course her piercings.
Face Claim: Hayley Williams (Saph said we could share. You got a problem with that, huh? Do ya?)


Personality: Ebony Knight can be described by most as a girl of many words. Literally.
She loves to talk. She starts conversations easily and keeps them going easily, and basically, if you need a person to talk to you can come too her. She'll babble and she'll ramble and she'll keep on going until you tell her to stop, basically. That doesn't mean she's without that thing called tact, however. She knows when to shut up. And she knows when a good time to start talking is, and when a bad time to start talking is. She can just as easily be the friend who doesn't say anything, just hugs you when you need it. But mainly, Ebony can be described as a talkative girl who loves a chat.
Now, Ebony has a teeny tiny problem with sarcasm. Ok, maybe a big massive problem with sarcasm. She loves it, see, and she has a real talent for it. Now, she isn't one of those painfully obvious sarcastic people. She's more the subtle, "Can ya catch me?" sort of sarcasm, which takes a while to weed out. And occassionally, she can be offensive. But its never a purposeful offensive. Its more of an accident when it happens, really.
Now, she's also one of those people who sort of says what she thinks. She describes it to people as some sort of terrible problem with her mouth. Sometimes, she can't shut up in time and something comes out which is a little too honest. She doesn't usually attempt to be blunt, as she's more the type to sugar coat everything, but yeah. Occasionally, Ebony says exactly what she's thinking- without editing.
One of her strongest traits is her sense of humor, to be honest. She has a sense of humor that's very uh... warped. As in, she can laugh at anything, if she takes it the right way. She's been described as slightly morbid and more than a little sardonic in her lifetime, which doesn't really bother her that much. In her opinion, its better to have any sense of humor at all then none at all.
Also something which should be addressed; Ebony is undoubtedly the troublemaker. But the troublemaker who doesn't actually mean to be the troublemaker. She's got a rebellious streak which try as she might, she just can't shake, and its gotten her into a hell of a lot of trouble. She tries to do the moral thing, or do the thing others would do, but the truth is, deep down she prefers to be the one who makes her own rules and regulations. The one who can't be chained up. Because she can't. Try all you want, but you can't douse the fire inside of her. The beautiful, vibrant light which lights her from within and gives her this pulsating energy that's almost touchable. Cause that's what it is. Its like this light which you can see behind her eyes and behind her skin. It lights her up and makes her.... brighter, in a way.
Something many people see in her though is her cockiness. She literally doesn't have any idea of her own limits, because she doesn't think she has any. She's invincible, for all she knows. Nothing can bring her down. It gives her this obvious confidence when she walks, which once upon a time she didn't have. maybe this whole confidence thing is to do with hair color, hm? She has a high opinion of herself and her abilities, and so help you if you don't think the same.
Ebony is artistic. Its something which not that many people will know about her. But she loves to sing, and loves to dance, and she especially loves to draw. The thing is, she has a talent for it. She loves to sit and doodle, since that's what she'd do in school when she was unable to learn. Sit and doodle in all of her schoolbooks. She doesn't paint on large canvas' or anything. Her art is usually done in small little notebooks, meaning that they can be packed away easily- as in, packed into the trunk at the end of her bed in the Ares Cabin, and locked up tight so no one can see it. The thing about her art is, however, that it shows her real emotions for everything where she can't express them. The only other times she gets close to as much honesty that goes into her art is when she's writing, or singing. Its the only place she can truly be honest with herself and about everything.
A side effect of her ADHD, Ebony has a hard time staying still. She'd rather be up and going something, whether that something be creating something or practicing fighting or running or whatever. As long as she's moving and keeping herself busy. A bit of a habit she has is keeping a pen behind her ear, because when she gets bored she tends to draw along her arms and legs and such, little doodles of birds or whatever. Its something she's convinced everyone must have seen at least once- but it doesn't matter to her that its slightly... ah, crazy.
Her wisdom is beyond her years, in truth. Ebony knows quite a lot for someone who isn't an Athena Camper. She's lived a lot and seen a lot, seen more than any girl should have to see. And it makes her wise. Okay, so she's a funloving, talkative teen. She's exactly like everyone else. But sometimes, if you're just lucky enough, you might get a glimpse at the girl inside who's smart and wise and knows things which people double her age could never imagine.
Now, Ebony has never been an openly violent person. She stuck up for herself if she felt the need, but usually she allowed herself to lay down and take whatever abuse was thrown at her. That was what was the huge shock when she was claimed by Ares, God of War. She's not openly violent, she doesn't express her anger physically all of the time. However, she does have a temper. And that temper is a dangerous thing. Its like a fire. A contained fire is safe, yes? A fire which is allowed to burn in a controlled manner, that's fine too, right? Mildly safe, with the hint of danger. That's how Ebony is on a normal day. A fire allowed to burn in a controlled manner. However, sometimes she boils over. And that is something which everyone must be careful of. Because while she's small, while she's not the strongest, her anger is like a flaming inferno. Just remember I warned you, yeah?
Now, many would call this girl stubborn. Because she is. She won't be told what to do or how to live her life. And so help you if you attempt to. She'll chew you up and spit you out, as they say.
But while being stubborn, she is wonderfully loyal, and brave. This girl would rush into a stormy sea even if she couldn't swim to save a friend. And she faces every new evil with a newfound strength now. After everything she's been through, she's developed a sense of bravery which is unbelievable.
All in all, she's a complex person. One who should not be underestimated. Perhaps more personality traits are waiting just below her surface, awaiting discovery?
Likes: I'm too lazy to do this ok
Dislikes: Too lazy ja
Fatal Flaw: Ebony's fatal flaw is actually a joint flaw- not only personal loyalty, but how goddamn loyal she is. I say that in the nicest possible way, of course. But she's too loyal for her own good, and she's way too stubborn. If a friend is in danger, then she'll sacrifice everything she has to save them. And if you try to rule her decisions? She'll tell you exactly where to stick your dictation. These two are a dangerous, and deadly, mix. Both will more than likely play a part in this girls downfall.


Pets: None.

  • Ebony is incredibly skilled with any weapon she touches- as she possesses advanced weapon knowledge which surpasses her time at Camp. Since she's a daughter of Ares, its a natural sort of gift, I suppose. But she's intimately familiar with weapons which she really shouldn't be familiar with.
  • She's a lot stronger then she looks, put it that way. And she can withstand quite a lot of wounds until she feels pain. But the truth of the matter is, Ebony isn't actually all that tough. She has these strengths and talents, but she rarely puts them to use.

Weapons: Ebony's weapon just so happens to be the weapon which does the least damage in a fight, if you don't put much strength behind it. Not that that's a problem. She's been trained to fight with her dagger, which turns into a bracelet worn around her right wrist. She's had it for a long time now, so its become second nature for her. Actually, Ebony couldn't imagine fighting without it. Good job that it can never get lost, right?
Year Round or Summer Camper?: Undecided, but probably going to be year round.
Other?: I don't know her color but omg Ebony yay <3 My twin is gonna make her sister, k?

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Tell Me Where Our Time Went
And If It Was Time Well Spent
Just Don't Let Me Fall Asleep
Feeling Empty Again
Cause I Fear I Might Break
And I Fear I Can't Take It
Tonight I'll Lie Awake
Feeling Empty Again
I Can Feel The Pressure
Its Getting Closer Now
We're Better Off Without You....
- Pressure, Paramore

What is your name?:
I don't know, what's your name? Fine... Kayla Gilbert. Though I prefer Kay.

Describe yourself in five words or less:
Hm. Sarcastic probably. Blunt. Tough, ambitious and... reckless.

What is something most people don't know about you?:
Well a thing which absolutely no one knows about me is the drinking problem which I had in my very early teens. Something some people might know but others will probably not is that I have a very strong fear of the dark.

How do you feel about Camp Half-Blood?:
Its okay I guess. Well, its obviously a little better than okay. Its a home, and that's something. I mean, it is basically my only home now, so I sort of have to have a liking for it if you get me. But I don't have any actual problem with it. Demigods get to train and live and all that stuff, with the occasional fight. It helps us all to survive so its doing some good.

Where would you go on a first date?:
That's a simple question! If, which I doubt, I were ever to have a first date, I would go to the beach. There's a nice view out there when the sun is rising, and when its setting, so I'd probably go out there as its setting and we could spread out a picnic blanket. Have a picnic and maybe smuggle in some Coca-Cola. It would be really nice out there.

What is your favourite season? Why?:
Spring. Surprised? Well, people mostly assume Summer, cause of sunlight and all that stuff. But Spring is just as nice, if not nicer. Its when the heat is starting to rise and the sun is starting to come out more after Winter, and well, flowers and all start to grow again. Its like when the world starts to wake up again, and I don't know... its just my favourite season.

If you were stuck on an island with three objects that could not be used to transport you back to main land, what would they be?:
Hm... let me think for a second. A lighter, because I could use it to start a fire if there were sticks or something. Food, so that I could like survive until someone saved me, and probably water, cause water surrounding an island is usually saltwater. Like in most cases. So it would be undrinkable.

If you could meet anyone in the world for lunch (living or deceased), who would it be and what would you talk about?:
I'd like to meet Hayley Williams. As in, from the band. Cause she's just really inspirational, and has the best quotes and the most amazing voice when she's singing. We could talk about random stuff, like food and whatever, and I wouldn't bug her about her achievements or anything. It would just be awesome to have her company for lunch.

You just won the lottery! What is the first thing that you do?:
Put it in a bank. So that it wouldn't be stolen. And I wouldn't actually bother spending much of it. Why would I spend money needlessly without thinking about what I actually wanted? If I still had it when I left Camp and I needed a house and a car or whatever, I'd have the money to buy them. Instead of wasting the money on something stupid now, I'd have it accumulating interest so when I really needed it I'd have it.

Quick! You are looking for a box of tampons at the drug store when you hear a CRASH and a shrill SCREECH and someone screaming. You run over to investigate and find that a dracana is terrorizing the hair supply aisle. What do you do?:
Well at first I'd probably be wondering what the hell was going on? Like "Has someone just dropped a shelf on the ground or something?". But curiosity would probably win out and I'd go see what was going on. Then I'd probably have to take out a weapon wouldn't I. Can't have monsters terrorizing the hair supply aisle, even if its only looking for a remedy to its bad hair day. The next part is easy. I'd either triumph over the monster or I'd be killed in a hair supply aisle. If I'm being honest I prefer the first possibility. Dying in a hair supply aisle is not number one on my "Top Places To Die" list.

Now That I'm Losing Hope
And There's Nothing Else To Show
For All Of The Days That We Spent
Carried Away From Home
Somethings I'll Never know
And I Had To Let Them Go
I'm Sitting All Alone
Feeling Empty
I Can Feel The Pressure
Its Getting Closer Now
We're Better Off Without You...
- Pressure, Paramore

Name: Kayla Gilbert
Nicknames: Kay
Meaning: Kayla means Laurel in Arabic, which also happens to be her Fathers symbol
Date of Birth: 4th of July 1997, making her 16 years old
Godly Parent: Apollo, God of Prophecy, Healing, Music, Poetry, Archery and the Sun.
Kayla's Mother, Miranda Gilbert, met the God Apollo in a seedy singles bar in downtown New York. Her life had never been all that great. Abused as a child, unable to find a job, living in an apartment which she only barely afforded. Kay's Mom had suffered from mental illness and problems, taking multiple pills and when they didn't work, turning to the manufactured happiness that was achieved by drinking alcohol. She could find no other solace, and for a long time she continued to get worse and worse. That's how the amazing sun God Apollo found her, slumped over the bar, drowning her troubles with another glass of Vodka and a cigarette. She might not have had that much money, but if she had anything, it was spent on booze and cigarettes. Its unknown what he saw in her to be honest, since at the time she was just another lady with a hell load of problems. But he happily funded her drinking that night. And the next. And the next. It continued every few days for a couple weeks, where some nights he would be there and other nights he wouldn't. On the final night, one thing led to another and when she woke up... he was just gone.
That was of course the night that Kayla was conceived, to a long broken mother and a God who couldn't- and wouldn't- stay.
If Miranda had been called bad before, then she was much worse during the course of her pregnancy. She was much too proud, not wanting to accept help from anyone, and she certainly didn't want to give up her addictions. It took a very stern talking too from her Doctor and about three Nurses for her to actually give a damn about the life she would ruin if she abused substances while pregnant. It didn't stop the occasional slip up, but really, Miranda had never cared that much.
Nine long months later, Kayla was born in a New York hospital, and Miranda now had two options. She could keep her child, try to care for her and turn over a new leaf. Or, she could do the easier thing, the nicer thing, and give her up for adoption. Let another family give her a happy life and she'd never have to see her again. Unfortunately for Kay, her Mother thought that giving her up would be a personal defeat, and however unhappy she was, however much she hated her daughter, she took her home to her apartment a couple days later.
Babyhood was probably the one thing which annoyed Miranda more than having to give up alcohol and cigarettes for the duration of her pregnancy. Having to listen to her cry, give her food every few hours, burp her and change her... she couldn't stand it. She started to neglect Kayla early on in her life, leaving her crying until she shut herself up, forgetting feedings. While in the sitting room she had returned to alcohol and was drinking a hell of a lot during each day.
Eventually, babyhood passed. Kay became a toddler. But her Mother wasn't that much better at caring for her then than she had been before. She would smile woodenly at her daughters first couple steps, say well done when she spoke her first few words, but a few minutes after she would turn her back and walk away. Then of course Kay would follow her, walking on shaky legs, but that never regained her Mother's attention. Maybe what happened during this part of her life was the reason behind Kayla's later actions and reactions. Or maybe it was simply the beginning, and things would get a whole lot worse.
Childhood was where Kayla began to develop her more independent persona. She was sent to a small public school, where she met a lot of new people. A few of them were from the same type of background as her (Without the whole being a Child of a Greek God thing), whereas the majority were quite better off. It was here that she realized boys were much better company to keep. In her class, the amount of girls out did the amount of boys, and she was assigned to sit beside a girl named Laura. She had doll-like features, with long brunette hair, and she instantly struck up a conversation with Kay. However, when Kayla told her the name of her street, Laura immediately finished the conversation. It turned out that her parents had said things before about different parts of the city, and that was one of the street names. Ever after, Laura and her new friends would tease Kayla, calling her names, pushing her books, making her feel generally unwanted. Eventually she was moved to beside a boy named Shane, and that was when she started hanging around with boys. He invited her to play with him and his other friends at lunch, and the rest is all history. Ever after, she preferred to play with those of the opposite gender. She found that where the girls in her class were bullies and would constantly have something horrible to say, the boys were more accepting and just got on with things.
Her childhood was more than a little unhappy however. Miranda continued to drink, and many a day Kay would come home to find her Mother slumped on the couch or in bed, and she had to learn to fend for herself. She would cook, clean as best she could and take care of her Mom whenever she could.
By the time she had turned twelve, Kayla had to become the official adult in her household. She handled everything singlehandedly while her Mom drank and smoked her days away, while still having to go to school. Its not wonder than one day, when she was hanging around down by the Basketball Courts, she had no problem with taking a long, deep swig of the bottle of Vodka one of the elder kids had brought. And another. And after a few weeks, she was routinely taking drinks from under Miranda's nose, smuggling one of her bottles out and drinking it before returning home. She didn't understand the full magnitude of what she was doing, and just continued doing it. It became her coping mechanism for when her Mom was being obnoxious and insulting her.
It was when she was thirteen and a half that her school realized something was wrong. They searched her schoolbag and found the bottle which had been stuffed inside, halfempty. Assuming it was for others and not just her, they brought the boys she hung around with into the Head's Office, under the impression that they had been the ones drinking it and that Kayla had simply been minding the bottle until break. She tried to tell them on the way there, obviously, but no one would listen. They only listened when she started talking in the Head's Office. And it all came out. She blurted how her Mom drank as well, about how she cared for herself mostly and that she had been cooking for herself since she was eight years old.
Obviously, Social Services had to step in immediately. They collected her from the school and brought her to a Children's Home, while officials went to her house to pack a few bags and look at the conditions she was living in. They found Miranda Gilbert in one of her alcohol slumbers, bottles in the kitchen, the smell of cigarettes everywhere. They woke her up and told her that they would be taking full custody of Kayla from that moment forward. You'd think she'd be a little bothered, right? Wrong. She simply pointed them to her room and told them to take whatever she would want.
For days, and then weeks, after, Kayla had to be monitored. She'd developed an alcohol addiction, and they weren't going to have her relapse while in their care. When she was finally took off 24 hour supervision, she was only a month away from her 14th birthday.
Great timing then, when the Satyr found her. He'd known there was a halfblood in the Children's Home, and when she arrived back he knew it was her straightaway. He got Chiron to make a few calls, and soon enough the young Kayla was moved again, to Camp Half-Blood.
Now, she had no idea what was going on. So when she stepped over the boarder to Camp and the symbol of Apollo appeared over her head she needed to have it explained to her. All about the Gods and Camp and Half-Blood and everything.
Kay's been at Camp Half-Blood since, and she's never visited her Mother again.

Physical Appearance:
Kayla Gilbert is actually quite a pretty young teenager. She was always told by her Mother that she was unattractive, and that she had gained no looks from her Father, but that was just a bitter womens opinion. She had lost everything a long time ago in her life, and hurting Kay was just something that passed the time. Of course, being bullied by your own Mom justifies any confidence problems or whatever, but she grew up ignoring it. If her Mom was drunk, then she knew that she couldn't hold her accountable for that was said. After all, her opinion was worth more than a depressed drunks. Kayla has always given the opinion of being much older than her actual age of 16, due in large to her mannerisms.
Her hair is a golden blonde color, with streaks of light brown running through it rather evenly. It gives the opinion of being much thicker than it actually is in reality, mostly because of the layers she has cut into it whenever she gets her hair cut. It doesn't actually grow thick, which is something she's always been a little annoyed about. Kay's hair is almost always cut neatly, and hangs around her face neatly either straight or in very large curls. It falls past her shoulders, because she has always disliked short hair.
Her eyes are a dark, almost dreary steel blue, with flecks of silver around her pupil and stormy grey dotting them. Since Kayla has grown good at clouding all emotions she's feeling at a time, her eyes rarely convey any emotion that she does not want shown. Of course, even someone with as much practice as she's had cannot hold back every emotion, and when she feels an incredibly strong emotion such as anger, her eyes might suddenly flash, or with an emotion such as happiness, might gain an inner warmth. Her wide eyes are oval shaped, and are surrounded by remarkably long, dark eyelashes. She usually coats them in mascara and eyeliner, and likes to have a shadowy shade of eyeshadow on as well. Kay has thin, sculpted eyebrows which are the same light brown color of the streaks running through her hair.
Kayla has a light, even tan, which has been gained over many days outside. She never really burned, even at her palest, and instead would darken. After a couple days, that dark tan would lighten into the one which she usually sports. However, during the Winter months, she has very pale skin, a cream color. She has a few blemishes on her face which have never really bothered her too much, and a very light sprinkling of freckles across her nose or cheeks. She likes makeup, and owns a rather large variety of beauty products, but she doesn't cover her face in foundation because the blemishes bover her. Kay has quite a few little marks on her arms and legs, and a few scars. One of her more serious scars is on her side/stomach, running for a couple inchs before stopping.
Kayla has what many would describe as an angular face, with a slightly pointed chin and pronounced cheekbones. She has two small dimples, and very full light pink lips. Her nose is one of those button noses, but in proportion to the rest of her facial features.
She's of average height, not an inch above or an inch below. Her love of heels and boots means that she has always been that bit taller, but even that doesn't make her tower over others. Kayla doesn't give the opinion of being weak at first glance. Without even speaking to her people realize that she is strong in both spirit and body, and she doesn't hold back in any fight. She grew up in a rough environment and that gave her a very tough exterior. Kay uses every single resource she has, and even if she's on the brink of losing she will continue to fight to the best of her abilities.
Kayla wears comfortable yet fashionable clothes, in any color which appeals to her. Be them light or dark, peppy or bland, she'll wear it. Her outfits are rather classy and more than a little unique, but never overdone so that people find reason to insult her. She chooses outfits which are practical and will withstand any fights that she throws herself into. Her favourtie accessories would be jewelry and heels, but she does love bags as well, in any color or design.

Kayla has always been surrounded by contradictions. She has always been sort of underestimated by those around her, and not many ever see her true self. If they do they pass it off as “out-of-character”, never really admitting that yes, Kay has a much softer side to her.
She is incredibly tough on the outside. Her whole persona gives off this air of being strong, untouchable, someone who you should not mess with. She’s strong-willed and ambitious, and if she wants something she will set out with the intent to get it no matter the cost. To her, if she sets her heart and mind on something, she will achieve it at some point in the foreseeable future, because there is no other choice. She will not give up or do things by halves, and if you beat her in something, be sure that she will come back prepared to win. Kay doesn’t learn from each mistake she makes, but she attempts to become stronger, faster, better, whatever it is that meant she slipped up the first time she will work to rectify so that she will not slip up again.
Whatever she does, Kay does it with the intention of winning or doing the best she can. She will not hold back, even if that means fighting dirty against the other person or persons.
Kay is a… very conniving, cunning teenager. She’s perfectly capable of formulating a plan which will meddle in peoples decisions and plans, and she always feels the need to be involved in everything. She’ll manipulate and scheme and at some point in the future she could well have a plan fit for the purposes she wants to use it for. However, she is never prepared. Ever. In fact, Kayla is usually the one to be late and rushing around trying to find some time to do what needs to be done. You cannot give her a deadline for something, or put her under pressure, because she gets all flustered and forgets to do some essential part and then oops she’s accidentally wreaked everything… again.
Kayla is probably a little more than aggressive at first glance. It isn’t that she has a short fuse, its just that she protects herself from anything which might be a cause of hurt and pain and suffering for her. She doesn’t want to grow close to anyone who might pose some sort of friendship for her, because for her whole life she’s been around someone who doesn’t let anyone inside the barrier of their mind.
She is also a very blunt person, as in, rusty-knife-that’s-been-left-in-the-rain-for-months blunt. She’ll give you a very straight and direct answer that gets right to the point to anything which she is asked, telling the very honest truth to everyone. A problem however is that she doesn’t have a filter in her brain which might try tell her be nice about it, and so she doesn’t sugar-coat anything. She gets straight to her point, in as little words as possible, because at the end of the day, she doesn't like to keep people in suspense unless she's created the suspense.
She also has a slight tendency to blurt things out. If you tell her too keep your secret, one of two things might happen. The first that might happen is the one you would want, for her too keep her big mouth shut and not tell anyone. The second is she could very well tell every single person she sees because she thinks of it as very good gossip. You never really know really, just what Kay will do.
A very big part of her personality is how incredibly stubborn she is. Kayla doesn’t let anyone make a decision on her part, and may the Gods help you if you even try. She needs to make her own decisions, her own mistakes, and she will nearly always follow them right until the end. If she decides that she wants to side with someone you don’t wanna side with? Too bad. There’s little too no chance you will ever convince her to do the opposite, so the best thing to do is let her continue on doing what she’s doing and let her realize that she’s doing the wrong thing. Her choices are her choices, her life is her life, and she will not let anyone else control it after having it controlled for so long. Basically, she’s as stubborn as a bull and she won’t be swayed from any decision she’s made unless she changes her mind.
Kayla is a very reckless person. She rushes into a situation without knowing all the details and afterwards she has to deal with an all manner of problems. That doesn’t make any difference though, and she does it again and again. Its just wired into her brain and she will come out on top. Over-confidence is one her many potentially fatal flaws, and its not an easy one to simply ignore.
Kay is also quite sarcastic, in that “I’m not being sarcastic, what are you talking about” sort of way. Its hard for anyone to actually realize that yeah, she’s being sarcastic as hell, because it just seems so natural coming from her. She’s got an answer to everything, and everything has an answer. Although, like how she will accidentally be too blunt, Kayla will also accidentally be too sarcastic. She doesn’t aim to hurt anyone when she’s using words as her sword, cause in her head, she’s only using them to spar. She’s not deliberately aiming to be hurtful. Just, sometimes… she is.
An aspect of this is how witty she can be. Her sarcasm will blend with her natural wit and cunning and sometimes you might get a very serious answer from her but other times it’s a very comical one.
Kayla has always been a bit of the troublemaker. She’s the girl who was labelled a rebel almost instantly, and afterwards it just stuck. She loved to play pranks, mess around, not do what she was supposed to do. Whatever Kay could do for a laugh she would do, and it didn’t matter what the repercussions where because afterwards she would be satisfied.
If she was told to do something by an adult of an authority figure or anyone, Kayla would not do it. She still doesn’t do anything which she’s supposed too, if it involves following rules. Tell her not to do something, she’ll do it. Tell her to do something, she’ll either do it or not, whatever she’s in the mood for really. Of course, since coming to Camp, she’s had to learn to be more of a pushover, listen to the adults and all that. And in fairness too her, she will. But only if she sees a reason too. If she sees no reason, then she’ll just lay back and refuse to move because why would she do something pointless?
Kay is as manipulative as she needs to be. That’s not saying she is manipulative, or that she isn’t. Its saying if she needs to manipulate someone, if she needs something and only that person can give it too her, she will not think twice about manipulating until she gets it. She doesn’t have much experience with it, but she’s learned just enough that if she’s really setting her mind on something then she will eventually get it.
Moving on from the more negative aspects of her personality, she changes quite drastically. This is the girl who people have glimpsed but not really thought was real.
Kayla is actually, under her tough exterior and sarcasm, a sweet, kind young girl. She will always be there for her friends, and nothing could pull her away from them. If they need help, she will immediately offer, and if they need advice, she pulls through. That has led to her being used in the past, when people have realized that if they get her as a friend she will do anything for them. Unfortunately, she’s never learned from these mistakes.
Along with recklessness and over-confidence, loyalty is something which could very well be Kayla’s downfall. She holds every person who works their way past her protective barrier dear to her heart, and even if they annoy her or whatever, she would never wish harm upon them. She’s that person who will give a person she thinks of as a friend her undying trust, and once she trusts them, she will do anything to keep them away from harm. Kay instinctively jumps in to protect those people around her from harm and danger, without fully thinking about what she’s doing. She’s loyal, and just compassionate enough to draw away from her naturally rebellious nature. If you need help, she’ll be at your side instantly, offering you everything you might need.
As well as being very loving and loyal with the right people, Kayla is very easy to hurt. Work your way through that barrier to the girl who just wants to be noticed and appreciated rather than pushed away, you see that she wears her heart on her sleeve and if you get close enough to it, you can break it too easily. She’s covered it in a see-through case, but you can see it, and if you hurt it in just the right way, it can shatter into a million pieces.
Funny though, how the girl who doesn’t like to let people get too close, and who wears her heart for the world to see, should throw herself at people the way she does. She’s a very, very flirty person, and she always will be. As a child, the only people who understood her were boys, since most girls were much too girly. If she could send a flirty smile their way to get exactly what she wanted, then she would without second thoughts. Her slightly manipulative nature is mostly seen this way, rather than openly manipulating.
Now, like most Demigods, Kayla has ADHD and Dyslexia. But that does not mean she is not smart. Her IQ might not be above average or at genius level, but she isn’t stupid and she notices those little details many don’t think are that important. A slight twitch of your hand, not looking her in the eye. She’s always learned to listen rather than speak, and pay attention to those around her. That way, she learned a lot more than others would. Her style of cloths and her appearance have often made people underestimate her brains. But you can’t judge a book by its cover.
Kay is a brave person, but she also suffers from recklessness. She will always jump into a fight or say the wrong thing, and that’s not a good thing. She ends up getting hurt because she just can’t stop herself.
Kayla is… not a punctual person, as mentioned above. She is always running late, or rushing to do something she forgot earlier. They day she turns up early or even at the time she was supposed to come at is the day that Hellhounds grow wings. Funnily, she never actually admits she’s late, and will simple make an excuse or say she wasn’t supposed to meet at that time, but at the time she came at.


  • Archery: Kayla owns a gold colored Bow which she has had since she arrived at Camp. She also owns a variety of arrows which are carried in a matching quiver on her back,. She is rather skilled with a Bow and Arrow, given her heritage, and has never practiced with another weapon.
  • Healing: By singing a hymn to her Father in Ancient Greek, Kay is occassionally capable of healing wounds. It is draining, and she would never consider using it on a wound such as a papercut or a cut gotten from a fall. In the case of broken bones, the best she can do is speed up the early stages of the healing process. It is only with wounds that have drawn blood that she can heal fully, and even that is only if her Father is in the mood to listen.
  • Music: Kay is a natural musician, and has learned how to play guitar since coming to Camp. She has always preferred singing however, and loves to just sit and hum or strum her guitar and sing.
  • ADHD: Because of her ADHD, Kay has better reflexes during battles and fights.
  • Dyslexia: Her brain is hardwired for Ancient Greek, meaning she is capable of reading it instantaneously and speak it fluently.


  • ADHD: While ADHD is a gift to Demigods, due to how they have better reflexes during battle and such, Kayla is unable to pay attention to anything which doesn't interest her for any length of time. It takes a lot for her to sit and simply listen.
  • Dyslexia: She suffers from Dyslexia, and while this is because her brain is hardwired to read Ancient Greek. It means she has a very hard time trying to read normal English.

Sample Roleplay:

‘You know you weren’t wanted,’ her mother slurred on the couch, the bottle of Vodka clutched within her left hand as she made dramatic shapes with her spare hand, probably thinking that she was emphasizing her point.
Too Kayla, her Mother was just doing what she did every few nights. Speaking words which she would no doubt say she regretted later, but still would not stop saying. The twelve year old had just returned from another disappearing act, where she’d hung out with a couple of her friends at the Basketball Court. She had been dreading coming home, and now she knew she shouldn’t have. Twelve years old, and she had to deal with her alcoholic mother. No wonder Kay had long since began drinking herself, if not in the quantities her Mother did.
‘Yes Mom. You’ve said this before,’ she muttered, turning on her heel to go to the kitchen.
When her Mother had been drinking too much, she often forgot to take food out of the freezer to defrost. Miranda would go out to the kitchen with the thought in her head, but as soon as she began to search she would find one of those bottles of drink and begin her binge. It was an endless cycle, which usually ended with Kay having to call for a takeout, or make something that would be at least edible. She would also need to cook for her Mom, even if she wasn’t grateful.
‘Don't you walk away from me,’ Miranda shouted from the sitting room, and Kayla turned to look at her, ‘Walking away from your own mother. Ignorance!’
A long time ago, Kayla would have found the look on her Mom’s face comical. She would have laughed a little, made a couple jokes and then left the room, thinking that maybe when she came back her Mom would have sorted herself out. Of course, she had long since grown up. Grown up and had to spend a good part of her time caring for that “Mother” who thought it was ignorant to walk away when you were being told once more you weren’t wanted. Now, everytime she saw that expression on her Mother’s once pretty features, she was forced to be told the same thing, over and over. She tried to stay calm, and tried not to rise to her Mother’s level…
‘Yeah, you weren’t wanted. I didn’t want you. Your good for nothing father didn’t even want you. Why’d you think he left, Kayla?’
‘Mom, you’ve said before you didn’t even know my Dad that well. So don’t try tell me he didn’t want me. You probably didn’t even tell him, did you? Or did he see what a pathetic lump of a woman he had tried to romance was and leave without a goodbye?’ But sometimes things just blurted out, and Kay was left regretting the words she said.
Naturally, Miranda was too far gone in the haze of alcohol to realize her Daughter had just insulted her. Instead she took another long swig of her Vodka and pointed at Kayla again.
‘Handsome man he was. Goodlooking. You don’t look a bit like him,’ she cackled at this, thinking words would be enough to hurt Kay now, ‘Nooo, not one bit like him. You’ve got all your looks of your dear old Mom.’
Yeah… same old insults. Obviously she doesn’t have the brain cells to think of something a little more original.
Course, she knew she’d need to wait until the end of her Mom’s speech to leave. The great Miranda needed her audience. But the same old words could still cut deep, however much she tried to pretend they didn’t.
‘Mom, I’m just gonna go cook foo-‘
‘That’s the only thing you got from me though,’ Miranda continued, and in spite of herself Kayla leant forward.
This isn’t the same old…
‘Your father had an air about him. Something dangerous. But also very… bright. Good. He had power,’ she smiled wistfully and hiccuped a little, before moving back to the original subject, ‘Not like the other men in there. No, he was different. You’re different too. Too different. Unnaturally different. You aren’t normal.’
Of course. Should have know she would turn the whole thing into a way to insult me some more.
This time, Kayla didn’t bother turning back to her Mom’s shouts. She didn’t even stay in the kitchen. Spending just enough time in there too root out all four of the bottles of Vodka, she stuffed them in her rucksack and left the apartment, ignoring the sounds of Miranda trying to get up, trying to shout at her to come back.
Get your own food, you lazy old woman.

She had every intention of just dumping the Vodka. Getting rid of this batch and cooling down somewhere before returning to her Mom. But by the time she had reached her favourite hangout, the Basketball Court, she had already pulled out one of the bottles and was taking swigs from it.

Hours later, when she returned to her home, slightly tipsy, the sun was only a little while away. The door was still on the latch, as she’d left it so she could come back in, telling her that Miranda hadn’t even bothered to go into the hallway after her.
Yeah, cause she probably had more bottles stashed away somewhere else.
None of the lights were on inside, so Kayla had to be careful dropping the bag at the door to her room (Now devoid the bottles.), and walking through. If she tripped and fell… the noise would probably wake her.
The kitchen showed a common story. The drunk had tried to make food, and all that had been produced were burnt remnants. One of the pans had no bottom anymore, and a teatowel had been chucked into the waterfilled sink.
At this point however, Kay was far from done. Her head was sore and she was tired of being insulted everytime she came home to a drunken Mom. She wasn’t going to stand there and clean her mess as well, because that was just too much.
Instead, she found a clean glass in one of the cupboards and ran the cold tap for a few moments before filling it. Then, she took out some paracetamol and downed them with the water, making a face as she swallowed.
Finally, she turned and walked through to the sitting room, where, in the dim light coming from outside, she could see the slumped figure of Miranda on the couch, another near-empty bottle stood on the table, with about a centimeter left inside. Picking up the few things which surrounded her Mother, including the ashtray filled with cigarette butts and the empty pack, she carried them through to the kitchen, leaving them all on the top. Before she left the wreaked room, Kayla drank the dregs of the Vodka bottle, leaving it empty on the sideboard of the sink.

Kay’s room was probably the only place that her Mother hadn’t defiled, in years of drunken antics. She seemed to respect her child's space, for the most part, and only the smell of smoke ever reminded her that yes, she still lived with Miranda. But that was easily got rid of with a few airfreshioners.
The room had never been girly. In fact, it had never had much of a theme at all. The walls had originally been painted a purpley colour, and they had remained that way. However, Kay had added to it throughout her life, and there were doodles, unfinished paintings, posters and the like stuck all over. The only thing which didn’t feature on any walls were actual photographs, of Kayla or her friends or anything. She didn’t see much of a reason to stick them up, so she just hadn’t.
The bed was pushed up against the wall opposite the window, and the curtains were nearly always pulled shut. There was a desk right beside the window, with a broken swivel chair, and a wardrobe on the other side. No bookshelves, since Kayla had too much trouble reading to even bother. Schoolbooks were littered around the place though, and there were also some sad looking teddy bears lying on the ground at the foot of the bed. The floor was relatively clean, and even though there was a carpet on the ground she had a rug laid flat in the middle of the room.
All in all, it was her space. Her own little retreat, that she often ignored for places further away.
Obviously, since her Mother didn’t do anything motherly, her lamp wasn’t on. Kayla had always had an irrational fear of the dark, and so she had to leave the bedrooms main light on as she quickly crossed to the bedside table and switched it on. Then, she quickly moved around, finding an old pair of shorts and a too big T-Shirt to wear as pyjamas. As soon as she had them on, Kay turned the light off and moved to her bed, sliding under the cold covers quickly, before any monster which could lurk under her bed could grab her.
She didn’t turn to face the wall, instead looking straight ahead, able to make out the picture on the wall directly facing her. Just a normal picture really, a sunlight on the beach scene. Something made a couple months ago, but never finished. The sea was supposed to have more texture, and the sunlight didn’t extend as far as she had wanted. But that was often the case. Kayla would simply lose all inspiration for a picture she was working on, because of one problem or another, and then she would just never go back to it.
It didn’t take long for Kayla’s eyes to flutter shut, and for her breathing to slow. It didn’t take long for her to forget her pounding headache, or that fact she was growing increasingly worried for her Mother’s health, even if she didn’t want too.

Why do you deserve this character?
Well Kayla appealed to me months and months ago as a canon, for many different reasons. One of the main ones is that she is a mention. Kayla didn’t have a backstory, a given appearance, nothing. She was like an after-thought in The Last Olympian, with literally a line. “I’ve got Kayla and Austin setting traps further down the bridge”. I love minor characters. With majors, you need to stick to one very strict personality, but with minors, so much more depth can be given. The fact that Kayla was so minor, such a tiny person in the Percy Jackson world, that made her interesting to me. I wanted to give one of Rick’s creations, who hadn’t been given much at all, something more, a little more of a life.
Another reason she appeals to me is that I already have canons. But Artemis and Calypso are both very restricted. Both are Immortal, for one, and won’t ever age. Artemis is a Goddess of Olympus, and so she has some restrictions placed on where and how she can roleplay. Calypso is stuck on her Island, and can only roleplay with Gods and Goddess’ who visit. I wanted to create a half-blood canon who would be able to roleplay within Camp Half-Blood and the Demigod world. Kay’s the right Demigod Canon for me :3
Also, given how I have a Demigod kid of Apollo whose pretty crap at being a Demigod kid of Apollo, Kayla makes a nice change. (I have permission from Bren to share his claim over Claire Holt for Kayla.)

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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:42 am


Shayenne Caulfield has been placed on the inactive list and in her place I have created Mr. Elijah Gray, Son of Psyche.
No dibs please.

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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Sat Aug 03, 2013 12:48 pm

Even though he doesn't really need accepting seeing as you're a mod rofl. Happy roleplaying!

Behold, Vina made a male character.
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lara croft
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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Thu Sep 12, 2013 2:28 pm


I added Kayla's application to the second last post on Page 1, but as far as I know the coding has screwed up on me so don't mind that. I'll fix it when I can see it properly. Anyways, yeah. Added.

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lara croft
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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:08 pm


Yeah, another update within 24 hours of the last one. Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric is now officially inactive, even though I am really lazy and I'm not updating the first post and such just yet. She'll probably be back at some point, since I just can't live without my dose of Ronnie cuteness, but yeah. For now she's gone poof. In her place, I am creating an unnamed female who has a Kat Graham FC, so yay for Kat Graham :D
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lara croft
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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:09 pm


Ok its been a long time coming. And today, when I was still undecided, someone said something to me; "We've all got to move on sometimes", or along those lines, and that sort of decided it. Buffy Summers and Anyanka Harris are now officially inactive, and Veronica Lyric has come back. I just... I can't roleplay them anymore. They have no point. And its like not worth my time keeping them active and hoping that one day they'll be of some interest to me again. I'd rather they go inactive now, and get saved a worse fate later when all I can think of is a plot which will destroy them. I'm attached to both of them and I just don't want to hurt them like that in the future, and the only way I know that I won't is by... inactivating them.
Thanks for being awesome characters Anya and B. You helped me a lot in the past, but now its your time.
And well, as hard as it is to say it just after inactivating them, their replacements are gonna be a Lily Collins FC and that Kat Graham FC. So expect two characters soonish :D
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lara croft
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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:34 am


Isabelle Carstairs has been added to the eighth post and is ready for approval. I am like 99% sure you can see my descent into insaneness and tiredness in her app lmfao.
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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:07 am

Isabelle Carstairs is beautiful and accepted and I love how you credited me for doing nothing

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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lara croft
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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:25 am


Ebony Knight has been added to the Ninth Post and is patiently waiting approval. She's my new baby so be nice okay<3
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An Okay Side Effect

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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:09 pm

-------Ebony Knight is,


Her story is a lot more tragic then you let on----------
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lara croft
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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:36 am


Making it official- Veronica Lyric is now inactive.. That doesn't mean she's not coming back though because I love Ronnie and JonRon, but its just right now I can't see what to do with her?
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PostSubject: Re: One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]   

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One Of Those Misguided Ghosts [WIP]
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