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 And the Sun shall let you grow.

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PostSubject: And the Sun shall let you grow.   Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:24 pm

Name: Charles Brill
Age/Birthday: 15/ July 18th
Gender: Male
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Margaret Breckenridge
Years in Camp: 2
Brief History: Charles was born and raised on the coast of Southern Florida. His mother home-schooled Charles from a young age because he never really enjoyed or understood what was going on in public school. When Charles hit his 12th birthday he began to feel like he was missing something. Something he never really quite understood. The sun during the day made him feel energetic maybe even powerful, but at night everything changed.The moon seemed to take away all of the energy and he was never his over-confident self.  His mother alwalys seemed uneasy whenever he asked about it. On his 13th birthday, Charles decided he had to find out who or what he was. He ran away shortly after that and followed this tugging sensation in his gut. Two months later Charles wound up at Camp Half-Blood where he was claimed up Apollo a few weeks later.
Physical Appearance: Charles is rather short for a teenage guy, as he stands at only around 5'3. He has rather light skin for a kid who grew up in the sunny state of Florida. His blue eyes and dirty blonde hair fit his skin complexion to perfection. Charles tries to keep a bright smile on his face all day, he believes a smile can be contagious if you allow it to be. He lacks the strength needed to be a great archer but being the child of Apollo, he is naturally good at it.
Personality: Charles almost has a duel personality when it comes to day and night. During the day he is energetic, happy, and powerful. He also has the tendency to be a bit to over-confident and cocky. At night everything changes, Charles becomes tired, sore, and sometimes just a bear to be around. Charles is the most calm when he can be behind a musical instrument, controlling the flow of the song. When it comes to his Godly father, Charles is to pridefull for his own good. He would do anything to show his father that he is worthy of being his son.
Fatal Flaw: Being to Prideful
Pets: None
Talents: Charles is a decent but not great archer but he has the power to make his arrow tips boiling hot. Charles has a knack for playing any musical instrument that he desires.
Weapons: He wields a bow and arrow and a small knife that hangs off of his right hip for emergencies

Year-Round or Summer: Summer

Other: Even though he isnt great at it, Charles loves to play basketball in his free time from training.

OOC: Sorry if the pictures are to large. I just found them and thought they would be a nice touch.

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PostSubject: Re: And the Sun shall let you grow.   Wed Jun 12, 2013 5:17 am

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And the Sun shall let you grow.
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