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 A Reckless Idiot {open}

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a. hams
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PostSubject: A Reckless Idiot {open}   Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:47 am

Jack Cyrus Byrne- Son of Apollo

Jack sat with his back leaning up against the smooth tree that faced the climbing wall. It'd been a while since he'd been out here. He was a trouble maker, and a good one at that. The whole time he had been at camp, Jack had managed to crush the strawberry plants, piss off the Demeter campers and the Hermes campers, and not to mention brake his arm. But it was worth it, because Jack liked the thrill of excitement, the rushing of adrenaline in his veins. It made him feel... Alive.

He felt the hot sun beat down on his face. His eyes were closed, and he soaked up the lazy warmth that spread through his body. His drumsticks, which was signed by the lead singer of Green Day, were in his pocket, his ever faithful companion.

And then Jack opened his eyes. Remembering the thrill of danger hadn't been enough to sustain the young man from doing something reckless. He looked up at the climbing wall, lava poured down the side, and dangerous obstacles were placed hazardously on it.

Should I or should I not? Jack wondered.

He shrugged and got up. No time like the present, eh? He thought.

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PostSubject: Re: A Reckless Idiot {open}   Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:56 am

Courtney May Dimond
Daughter of Athena

Have you done the Rock Wall before?” Courtney asked nonchalantly, book in hand, appearing behind the boy. “It’s dangerous. Super dangerous. Could get killed.

Without giving as much as a glance at his face, her nose was once again buried in the book. She casually flipped through, page by page; easy. It was one she’d read at least ten times before. There never seemed to be any new books lying around; she had borrowed every one of her siblings’ once, twice, thrice. It was almost beginning to get unbearable. So naturally, she slumped off to the rock wall, defeated. She hadn’t completed the obstacle herself, though it was definitely amusing to watch the foolish children (usually of Ares, in an attempt to look bold and courageous, she might add) try the wall and ultimately fail.

She took the smallest look from the words printed on the book. “I’m Courtney, by the way. Daughter of Athena.

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A Reckless Idiot {open}
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