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 the world is ugly [open]

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out of town girl

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PostSubject: the world is ugly [open]   Fri May 24, 2013 6:33 pm

see me standing
So there was never really a nice side to Charley; although he could have moments in which he wouldn't be too mean to you, he still wouldn't be kind to you either. He was an overall jerk, and the people that stayed in cabin two with him had learnt this, although having been at camp for only a matter of months actually meant that he still had a lot of prey left to hunt. You only had to really pass him and look at him to see that he wasn't a great guy on the outside; the body covered in tattoos, the nearly-always present sneer, the posture. He was really looking for any possible opportunity to cause trouble, and he wouldn't hesitate on starting on something even if they breathed the wrong way, if it is even possible to breathe incorrectly.

But Charley today, dressed in shorts that were hanging so low on his hips that it revealed most of his boxers at the back and a plain black shirt, was really just looking for more trouble. He was honestly considering somehow getting and throwing eggs at Aphrodite kids as they passed or pushing an Ares kid and sprinting away just for the fun of it. But he had to think through his options on how he was going to kill time by getting an adrenaline rush from messing someone around, stopping abruptly in the middle on the path he had been walking down so he could light the cigarette that was between his lips. Maybe Charley had stopped so suddenly whomever was behind him didn't have a brain and couldn't see that they had to walk around, because the next thing he knew he was being shoved forward a little bit and his lighter was falling on the ground in front of it. He snatched it back up quickly, whirling around viciously and taking his cigarette between his first two fingers, "Watch where you're going, moron!" He spat.

ooc; bad start but come and join me and nasty little charley

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PostSubject: Re: the world is ugly [open]   Fri May 24, 2013 9:20 pm

"What a nice day to do the same boring thing we've been doing since we got here, huh Kaia." Colby spoke with unenthusiastic sarcasm while leaning over to pet her dogs head. Kaia's reddish orange eyes followed her master well aware of the plan. Already a year old Kaia was about as big as she was going get, because of this she was made to accompany her master on they semi-daily running trips. Didn't want her getting fat and lazy. Colby had predecided they would take the East woods path next to the fields! And while the walk from her cabin to there was enough to tire a novice, the duo was anything but unaccustomed. Colby had been following a strict work out schedule that frankly she hated, but with nothing else to do she needed a distraction. So the night child typically tried to stay on empty paths when she went for her runs. It was just easier that way, no body in her way... like this annoying brute in front of her taking his time. Huffing in annoyance Colby was catching up to him; however, this wasn't anything unusual and she planned to pass him by like any other person. Still jogging at a steady pace she was just about to change directions when her canine partner decided to shoot by in a black blur after god know what. Distracted the daughter of Nyx found herself colliding into the kid. Well really it was more of a rough shoulder bump. Throwing her off balance more the him Colby was forced to stop and regain her composure. "Sor-" ''moron?'

Standing up straight again but obviously breathless, Colby glance at his hand and rolled her eyes at the lit stick in his fingers. "Ha, I'm not the one who just stopped in the middle of a trail" regaining her breath the small women rubbed her flushed cheek and looked back up at him. Any who, kid, sorry your brooding was interrupted" It was no means polite but not as snappy as it could be. Having strangers yell in her face wasn't ideal by any means but she knew better to encourage something like that by biting back. And she had a different problem. Turning away she stood her ground and placed her hands around her mouth giving a shrill echoing whistle. Cutting a sharp glance at the smoker with her deep green eyes and a passive-aggressive smirk. She wouldn't start anything, no, but that doesn't mean she would ignore any attempts made. In fact even a few seconds of distraction would be seized. The brute would probably go on soon anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: the world is ugly [open]   Sun Jun 16, 2013 6:20 pm

Kamille Lynn West
Daughter of Aphrodite

Though many seemed to think otherwise, Kamille enjoyed seclusion. You may not think so, as her siblings often sat in large groups, ogling over their “awesome new perfume” and “adorable jeans”. Don’t misunderstand, here; Kamille loved a good-smelling body spray and a brand new pair of shorts just as much as the next guy, but what was the point of gawking over it? She had yet to understand. After the years of being an Aphrodite child, there were still so many things that still left her absolutely flabbergasted. For instance, how could so few of the kids not choke up on the strong, thick mist of perfume and cologne that remained in the cabin twenty four hours per day? Every morning she, expecting to feel the warm morning breeze in her lungs, as if she were at a real summer camp, was left coughing over the pungent concoction of strange smells. 

Naturally, in order to escape the harshness of her ever-so-glamorous Aphrodite life, she dragged herself to the Strawberry Field. They were something she loved, and it felt amazing to sit in the cold grass, picking strawberries off bushes and downing them without a care in the world. 

That is until today, when she saw a very strange mix of two people, whom she hadn’t expected to see together. She recognized Charley immediately; the rude prat who was always pushing people around, shoving them off. What was he doing?

Kamille stepped in closer, where she knew she was in his possible eye-radius, though she didn’t mind, as she was also in ear-radius. 

What on earth could he be bothering the girl about? she wondered, leaning casually against a tree.

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PostSubject: Re: the world is ugly [open]   

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the world is ugly [open]
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