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 KeyToSaraBe Characters <3 Dreams Meet Reality

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PostSubject: KeyToSaraBe Characters <3 Dreams Meet Reality   Thu May 23, 2013 10:53 pm

When Dreams and Reality Collide

Prince Dan We Never Know When Our Dreams End Or Begin Prince Dan

Embarassed Ava Embarassed


Name: Ava Flemming
Age/Birthday: 16/August 19, 1996
Gender: Female
God Parent: Boreas God of Winter
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Anna Flemming(mother)
Years In Camp: Since Birth

Brief History: I, Ava, was brought to camp halfblood by my mother who abandoned me out of fear. Since my father is a God she was scared of what power I could possess. She left me right in front of the entrance to the camp and another camper found me. All I know is her name, Anna. My father is the God of winter, which explains why I love the cold weather and why I am miserable when it is hot. I have a very warm heart which condradicts my love for the winter that runs through my veins.

Personality: I, Ava, am very shy and timid. I perfer to be alone but that doesn't mean I hate company. I have a big heart for people but all in the same it is very fragile. I am very friendly but that quickly fades away when I feel threatned or if a friend is in danger. I am a very good fighter when I know I'm fighting for what is right. I am longing to know my father because it feels like I have no one since my mother abandoned me.

Physical Apperance: I, Ava, have long, dark flowing brown hair. I have piercing blue eyes almost crystal blue. I am 5'6 and very thin and flexible but strong. I am a stong climber. I have a kind mystique about me, or so I've heard, but I appear lonely to many.

Fatal Flaw: My greatest weakness is Fire. The mere match is deadly to me. A normal small burn is minor to many but the burn is twice as severe to me. I can't get to close to fire it makes me weak. It's like the ice that runs through my veins is melting.

Talents: I can make a light snow in a small area and just my presense makes the room colder. I can make ice daggers but only in the fall and winter as the seasons get colder. I am an expert in knife and dagger fighting.

Weapons: Ice dagger during the fall and winter. A pure silver knife with a reindeer bone handle. Although it is useless on monsters it was the only thing I have that either belonged to my mother or Father because it was with me when I was found at the entrance of camp halfblood.

Year-round or Summer: Year-round. I live there.

Embarassed Prince Dan Embarassed

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PostSubject: Re: KeyToSaraBe Characters <3 Dreams Meet Reality   Thu May 23, 2013 11:54 pm

Ava is accepted.
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KeyToSaraBe Characters <3 Dreams Meet Reality
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