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Welcome to CHB!
Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 oh hai look a crap form by meeeeee DONE YAY

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PostSubject: oh hai look a crap form by meeeeee DONE YAY   Sun May 12, 2013 6:28 pm

Name: Elise Elkwood is today's charrie!
Age/Birthday: Elise was born on May 1, 1996, therefore being 17 years old, and was born in Los Angeles, California.
Gender: Female!
God Parent: Aphrodite
Claimed: Yes or No
Mortal Family: Kevin Elkwood
Years in Camp: Four
Brief History: Elise grew up in LA with her father, Kevin. She was a mediocre student with grades that barely passed her through. Elise was the kind of stereotyped girl that acted like a tomboy while they secretly were very girlish. But she had no taste or desire for boys or romance. She was well liked in school because she was so pretty. She was kidnapped by a Cyclops and was stranded in some woods. Aphrodite guided her to CHB, where she was claimed.
Physical Appearance: Elise has straight red-brown hair that is always up in a ponytail. She has olive skin and light freckles dotting below her eyes and on her nose. Her eyes are pale olive-green and are a bit slanted. Elise is a bit self-centered and likes to wear flashy, flowery clothes.
Personality: Elise is not a loyal friend. She will betray anyone if she has to, and she will do it without a blink. She is self-centered and thinks the world revolves around her. She has a short temper and will beat you up if provoked. But she does have a good sense of humor.
Fatal Flaw: Elise will always put herself and her safety in front. If she could give up her life for someone else, she wouldn't.
Pets: Elise has a white kitten named Mascara.
Talents: Elise is quick. She is very good with animals and her daggers.
Weapons: She has two matching CB daggers.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round, but sometimes she takes trips to see her father.
Powers: None :)
Other: No, not really!
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PostSubject: Re: oh hai look a crap form by meeeeee DONE YAY   Thu May 16, 2013 10:21 am

Can you please clarify how Aphrodite guided her to CHB? Keep in mind that godly parents cannot have physical contact with their children.
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oh hai look a crap form by meeeeee DONE YAY
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