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 Reunion of the Spirit

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PostSubject: Reunion of the Spirit   Sun May 12, 2013 1:34 am

It was an especially bright and sunny day in camp and a certain daughter of Nyx was not very happy about it. Colby was back in the shadier part of the of the training arena. Although it was much cooler here the late day heat had gotten to her. It wasn't even summer yet and she had already become quite irritable and drained. It felt like it only got worse each year. 'it's mostly just because you get stressed out so much lately'the thought stuck to her. It's true she has gotten progressively more sensitive to summer and her own emotions. 'least don't faint like Sevy'Colby's lips twitched at the thought before quickly moving on.
Colby had been pushing herself just as hard as usual, already she had a layer of sweat covering her and a vague ache in between her shoulders. But she wasn't through yet so the perspiring teenager picked her sword back up and continued her routine. Arch sweep, kick, duck, spin, behead. Rinse and repeat.
Colby had decided such repetitive actions where boring and lame about a week into sword training; however, it was basics and basics build.
When working on the standard procedure for "5 easy tricks to unarm your opponent" Colby was finally interrupted by something interesting. Where her left foot had been moments before a knife stood gleaming point first it the dirt. Although startled, Colby keep her composure, dark green eyes gave a cold glare at the newcomer. He was tall, which , wasn't saying much for her, but he was easily over 6 feet. Also quite broadly built, strong jawed, and muscular. In fact this man looked years older then her. Colby quickly concluded if it came to a fight she would need tricks.
"Careful where you put your toys" Colby couldn't hold back the condescending tone as she crouched down and picked up the dagger. When she stood back up she went so far as to lean into her hip, brush dirt off the end of blade then look back at his dirt streaked face. "Might lose them." Final touch to slip his dagger into her weapons belt. DirtFace merely smiled and bowed his head a little where his dirty brown hair fell in deeper into his face obscuring his eyes. "Sorry I was simply giving my opinion on your performance." Undoubtably spiting a comeback. He slipped a replacement knife from his belt and gave her a startling white smile "It sucked."

Colby and DirtFace were fighting before they knew it. She would swip high he would duck and jab. Knives vs a sword it filled the arena with the sound of clanging metal and curses. Somehow this had escalated from a mere spar to an all out search for blood. Colby could feel her emotions rising everything that had weighed oh her mind was fueling her anger and she quickly realized that her opponent wasn't giving his all. He was merely toying with her, taking all she could physically hit him with, albeit not unharmed, and only fighting back enough to keep her going. She had managed to slice his arm and when she seen a red spot form on his shirt she hesitated, she didn't have anything against him. She never hurt other campers intentionally for no reason. And being bated was not a reason. But.
Colby kicked the man in the chest taking him off-guard and sending him to the ground. Not before he kicked her knee out from under her. Colby was unable to hold on to her sword leaving her weapon-less as she tumbled beside him. She started to get up but was stopped by a strong arm across her shoulders. Holding her down. "Let me up!" The black haired girl was furious again, how dare he. But instead of listening, or hurting her, DirtFace merely laughed, a deep hearty, cracked voice laugh. Colby turned her head to glare at him, but even if he could feel her frustration he didn't seem to care. Instead he just faced her and smiled that white smile again. "My gods Colby, have you gone crazy, your trying to kill me." He fringed a hurt expression and pouted "and her I thought it was just Likos."

Colby froze, her breathing deeper and mind racing. "Arron?" Hardly possible, although she was one of the few who knew he never actually died, the idea of him showing up again after 3 years was. "What happened to you, you look like someone dragged you through a landfill." Arron swept his hair out of his eyes and chuckled, before nuzzling his dirty face on his shoulder. "Oh Colbs, your so worried about your memory of our reunion, and here I am like a muddy pig." Colby pulled away from the sudden intrusion of space and attempted to clean her face. Of course she only smeared the dirt and sweat farther. Then a mild panic seized her, "Your arm!" Colby scrambled up and Arron followed suit "Yes my arm hurts, you just sliced it, stuff happens." He rolled his eyes but held his arm nevertheless. Frowning Colby reached over an pulled up his sleeve and examined the cut. It was still bleeding but it wasn't very deep.

"I am really sorry, I'm not sure what got into me" and other apologizes fell out of her mouth as she fretted over his injury. One of her closet friends shows up and she slice him up, although she didn't even recognize him, hardly now even. "Colby. Colbs, chill out your wound up to much. I can fix it myself." Arron wiped his arm with his shirt clearing the blood out of the way.] "Now back up just a bit, I'm a bit warm." Arron winked and placed his hand over his wound and Colby could tell he was doing one of his older tricks. As a child of Apollo there was really so many different skills he could of been lucky enough to inherent: sing voice, musical talent, poetry, archery, some cool light affects. But he gets to heat up like his daddy's sun car and bake anything that gets close when in this state. Arron was thankful for his mediocre ability to heal minor physical injuries. After a few quite moments he removed his hand. The skin where his gash had been was a rough pink strip of skin about three inches long. The scar looked like it had been glued together, no evidence of the heat having a role. "Why'd you burn then?" Colby inquired whilst standing up and retrieving her sword. "Kill germs, no infections if your burn it away." Arron seemed very pleased with himself like he had discovered a revaluation. "congrats you realized something in the three years you were gone." sassy remarks had returned to Colby. "Hey you asked." Arron picked himself up and retrieved his daggers from the ground counting four, looking over Colby once more he smiled. "You grew up some," he made a point to step closer and look down at her, "but not much." Colby rolled her eyes at him and scrunched her nose. "Oh shut up you big oven, lets go find you a shower. You smell." Arron huffed but fell into step beside her as she left. They walked arm around each other. Although the closeness was unfamiliar after so long it was comfortable. Neither looked or smelled good but at this moment neither really cared. Silence had fallen, both teens obviously thinking about the past years together and apart from each other. With out looking at her Arron talked a bit more seriously, calmer,softer. "I've Missed you." He meant all of them, her, Destiny, Treston. Colby didn't look either. "Me too." So did she.
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Reunion of the Spirit
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