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 Young and Stupid — Open to all!

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PostSubject: Young and Stupid — Open to all!   Sun May 05, 2013 10:23 am


Caz stepped out of the cab, tipping the bearded driver two bucks. He seemed to stoked about it, but accepted nonetheless. He popped the trunk of the car just as she was outside, a cool breeze stirring invitingly pleasant smells. As Caz came around the back, she noticed in the distance a few small structures—cabins. What had her father said? You'll learn the truth about your mom at... That's the part that she zoned out. Now, however, she wished she hadn't. Was her mom some camp counselor or something? Caz sure hoped not. Having Bigfoot as her mother would've been much cooler. Her mildly anxious thoughts swirling, the teenager—clad in a loose-fitting Blink-182 shirt and ripped skinny jeans— unloaded her few belongings. A black duffel bag of clothes, a portable 30-watt amp,, and her guitar case.

Slamming the trunk, she began walking forward toward the hill that loomed before her. She gave a slight wave to the driver: Stan, and half-dragged her things up the slope. Her heart clench suddenly. What would she find out about her mom? What secrets did her birth hold? A series of worst-case scenarios played in her mind. Her mother: a kidnapper who resides as a summer camp counselor; her mother: a 'lady of the evening' who lived in the nearby woods. Worst of all: a super peppy, happy-go-lucky plump woman who came there to talk to the other kids about changing bodies. The thought sickened poor Caz as she reached the top.

Whatever she may be, I sure hope it won't be something bad enough for me to want to stab my genes out. Caz thought warily. She looked down at the cabins, each one seemingly themed for a specific group. Shuddering at an über girly one, she shook head. Memories of her strange childhood came back for some reason, jolting her out of reality. At the same time, she felt that this camp meant something more than a year of roasting marshmallows and singing. She knew deep inside that it connected to her past, perhaps the past of others like her, if any. The girl shook her head once more. She wasn't used to all this thinking.

" I just want answers. I want my mom. "
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PostSubject: Re: Young and Stupid — Open to all!   Tue May 07, 2013 9:34 am

.:Ivory Springfield:.

The day had dragged on past afternoon, and it was time for her, and her sister's, patrol. It wasn't a particularly hot day to say, but she had just had her lunch so all she wanted to do was to lie down and be lazy. Not much happened on afternoon patrols, and she was itching for it to be over already so she could go and play basketball or something alike. "Hey Eb, you okay?" Ivory twisted her shoulders slightly so she could take a glance at her twin. She's not your twin, it's not possible. And for what seemed like the hundredth time, had to remind herself that she had not really come from the same mother as her tw- sister had.

Any bystander wouldn't even venture to think that these two girls were twins. Sisters? Perhaps, but never twins. The two girls had the same height and facial shape, but that was where the similarities ended. Their colourings were vastly different, as well as their demeanor and shape. While Ivory possessed a toned and supple figure from years of training, her sister Ebony had more ah, gentle curves, if any at all. "You didn't have to go on patrol with me, you know, but I appreciate it."

Ebony was a daughter of Apollo, but she seemed different from the other kids there. Ebony usually spent most of her time in the library or around the lake only, but Ebony had- in her own silent way, insisted to come with her sister. What for, Ivory had no idea at all. Most people would think that the energetic and likable teen would have a better grasp of what went inside Ebony's head, but she didn't. Just because Ebony actually talked to Ivory didn't mean she knew what the girl was thinking about.

.:Ebony Springfield:.

Ebony trudged on after her sister, one hand on her forehead to shield her eyes against the bright sunlight. As the black haired girl in front of her continued to talk on, she found herself giving a shrugging in response to Ivory's statement. Coming with her sister was better than being holed up in a room where hardly anyone talked to her. Not that it was from lack of trying- oh no, but Ebony just couldn't seem to make herself answer them, and eventually they stopped trying.

Not for the last or first time, Ebony wondered why. Beautiful, charismatic Ivory made friends easily and could talk the ears off a stranger if she wished to. And herself, Ebony, the silent twin. She was the shadow, the one that was there yet not there. It seemed so much like yet another urban fairy-tale, one with the two contrasting twins and their story. Amused, Ebony shook her head before hurrying slightly to match pace.

Ahead in the distance, something yellow- a cab, pulled up and a figure (quite obviously a girl) stepped out. A summer camper? Doubtful, they usually came later. A new camper? They hadn't had a peaceful arrival in ages. This new girl didn't know how lucky she was. I wonder, who told her about this? That was something she would hear later on. Talk spread quickly through the campers, and almost everyone knew anything about anyone. Lifting a hand, she tugged on her sister's sleeve before pointing the girl out to Ivory. With her sister by her side, Ebony shuffled forward, her curious eyes studying the newcomer. "Hey," Ivory called from behind her, "you wouldn't happen to be a new camper, would you?" A quick glance from Ebony revealed that her sister was smiling widely, as if she was excited by the prospect.
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Young and Stupid — Open to all!
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