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 Regrets collect like old Friends.{private}

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Beautiful Chaos


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PostSubject: Regrets collect like old Friends.{private}   Wed May 01, 2013 9:39 pm

Ridely "Rid" Carson Nevada Floye Daughter of Ares

I stab the dummy on the side of the rib and do it to the other side. I wanted to actually fight someone, but no one wanted to. Sooner or later someone will come by, even my ow siblings and lets hope they will battle. I swing at the dummy's head my blonde hair getting in my eyes. I had my battle gear. I grabbed both y swords out and used both of them on the dummies. I swung at a dummy hitting it's head. I stop at take a break breathing hard. I see a girl walk over here and it was Paige. The daughter of Aphrodite. I smile as she nods to me and she pulls out her two daggers. She held onto one, and put her fingers in the other. I smile and she does the same.

She swung at my face hitting my cheek. I swung at her head as she ducks jabbing at my leg. I dodged her jab kicking up. I heard her grunt as I hit her face. I look at her as he nose bleeds. She slashes at me. I move back, but she only gets one hit on me on my land. I slash one sword at her barley hitting her leg. I look in the corner of my eyes seeing my hair ed. The blood had gotten on my hair from my cheek. Paige looks at me and slashes at my leg getting it. I grab her arm as she tries aging. I pull her towards me, but she dives down and gets out of my grip. I turn around as she jumps up swinging at my face. I duck and drop kick her. I get up and so does Paige "Nice job." I say as she gives me a hug. I hated hugs and she walks away. I wipe the blood off of my cheek. I knew someone was watching. I look and see a shadow.
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Sardonic Twin

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PostSubject: Re: Regrets collect like old Friends.{private}   Fri May 31, 2013 11:49 am

Ready. The bowstring grew taut, struggling against her fingers.

Aim. She leveled the arrow with her target, a red-ringed circle about forty yards away. Struck by a sudden thought, she rubbed her thumb against the arrow's tail. Flames flickered to life and consumed the arrowhead at once. Smirking, she watched out of the corner of her eye some kids backing away. No doubt they were scared of the fire. What, did they think she would miss and hit them instead?

Fire, and she let the arrow fly. It sailed through the air, finding its mark in the first ring of her wooden target. It burst into flame upon contact with the weapon, fire taking charge and sending the younger campers scurrying away. Meanwhile, she turned away from the sight, the smirk still plastered on her face. She was Raziel Swift, and Raziel Swift did not miss her targets.

Then a swift movement caught her eye and her head quickly snapped to the source, only to see a dark shadow vanishing out of sight. Her smirk faded a little. Shadow travel, perhaps?

Hisses from behind told her that the someone had managed to douse the fire she had started. Untroubled by this, Raziel started to strut away from the archery range. Disdainful glares were cast in her direction but she took it in her stride, hardly giving a care. Shouldering her bow, she gulped down mouthfuls of fresh water when another shadow caught her eye, followed by the sounds of heavy shuffling. When she turned, she saw instead a girl with blood dripping from her cheek, no doubt from a sparring match, her eyes set on the same shadow she had seen earlier.

A little intrigued by these shadows, Raziel slipped the now empty water bottle in her bag. Her serious eyes met the girl's as she spoke. Her tone wasn't exactly friendly. "So you saw it too."
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Regrets collect like old Friends.{private}
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